Ms Murphy Year 13 Top Girls

Dear Year 13,

here are the introduction tasks for Top Girls to be completed over the holiday:

  1. finish watching the BBC TopGirls adaptation on youtube
  2. complete the Top Girls vocabulary sheet: top-girls-vocabulary-list
  3. As you read the play, complete the context sheet so that you are starting to familiarise yourself with key contextual concepts: context-top-girls-grid

Ms Murphy

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Y11 – The Woman in Black (support slides)

Dear Y11

Please print and stick all slides. Complete Q3 and finish your Q4 – self assess using the mark scheme grids (highlight the ‘purple skills’).

Use these slides opt help you revise the skills/timings for mocks. You have the extra extract and questions to complete for practice (the ‘drowning’ one).

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

y11 Curve Paper 1 Woman in Black walk talk slides


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8E book reviews for Mrs Macey and Mr Lockley

8E have been busy reading a variety of texts this term.
Here is a selection of their reviews to inspire other KS3 (and beyond?!) readers.
Thanks 8E,
Mrs Macey and Mr Lockley

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Year 13 Top Girls 16/10/17

Print slides  Top Girls

Work through tasks as labelled on slide 2 (outcomes 1-4)

You will also need to print this context-top-girls-grid

and this top-girls-vocabulary-list

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Mrs Macey Year 12 discussion questions from today

Discussion questions THCM CM

Dear all,
Please refer to the following questions we looked at today in class to help you complete your annotations of THCM. We will go through this and the answers to the context questions on Monday.
Mrs Macey

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Y10 – Test Skills Support

Dear Y10

Please print/stick the slides. Check your SWAN and look at the coloured skills on slides to help you make progress toward your Next Step.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan


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Mrs Macey: Year 12 Home Learning task.

40 minute Homework prep for THCM

Here are the questions I referred to in today’s lesson.

Thank you for all your hard work so far!

Mrs Macey

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Mrs Taylor’s Year 11 social class revision Weds 11th October

This afternoon’s slides revising exam technique and social class theme v2

Social class revision resources:

Social class cheat sheet

The resource we completed at the revision session in July Social class essay

Social class quotes

social class revision

This is an annotated copy of the text

List of flashcards you need ( I start you off with theme of marriage quotes) Flashcard revision

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Year 10 A Family Supper Top Quotes

Dear Year 10,

here are OUR CLASS TOP TEN QUOTES for Family Supper and the dominant theme of complex family relationships.

Ms Murphy

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Year 7 reading list

Hi 7K,

Here’s the list of the books you chose for your presentations. Please have a look through them and choose one to read.

Year 7 reading list

Miss Burch

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