Ms Murphy Year 13

Dear Year 13,

here are the resources to help you prepare for the mock:

Y13 Jan 2018 mock overview


Ms Murphy

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8H Book reviews

Need a good book to tuck into over the festive season? Well look no further as 8H are here with their recommendations.

Merry Christmas!

Mrs Macey and 8H

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Ms Murphy’s Year 11 class

Dear Year 11,

Here are the resources for your Romeo and Juliet mock DIT essay: DIT extract and Fate DIT essay

The deadline is next Tuesday, our final lesson of term!

Ms Murphy

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Mrs Taylor’s Y11 R&J mock DIT feedback

Image result for shakespeare christmas

Dear all,

When you get your essay back, you need to reflect on how your mark compares to the one in the mock. The DIT essay was more independent but still not quite the full experience of a ‘cold write’ that you will experience in the real exam. Did your mark dip? Did it sustain the same grade? Did it improve? If it was below target, take action to get it to target. To help you , you need to complete these three tasks by January 8th (this means you can leave it until after the holiday if you want an uninterrupted break from work)  FATE essay DITs.

However, firstly, read the following:

General feedback:

  1. Paragraphs lacked discourse markers to link ideas and show a developing line of argument ( earlier in the play / this is later developed when / in Act 1… etc)
  2. Over reliance on fricatives (!) (which by the way should be accompanied by /f/ when named in your analysis)
  3. Why didn’t you use your exam technique notes on to write an introduction?
  4. All practice questions not done in timed conditions should be attempted using all resources available: class notes from Y10 / Y10 SQIs / previous essays / study guides – sparknotes/ cliffnotes/ lit charts. As each new practice paper is still exploring new ideas (fate) you will have to prepare accordingly. These are not ‘revision’ essays . Know your texts before you write. If I have put the annotation ‘misreading’ in your essay, you need to research that quote and find out its meaning.

Well done for your huge effort and commitment this term. Your focus, positive attitude and good humour is much appreciated. Wishing you a happy holiday!

Mrs Taylor xxx

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Y11 – Sonnet 29 and the R&J h/w slides

Dear Y11

Add these slides to your notes/anthology. Please remember R&J essay due in tomorrow.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Fate DIT essay

DIT extract



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13A Mrs Taylor’s Top Girls mock guidance slides

Hello everyone,

Here are three new slides 13,14 & 15 to print (full pages) for Thursday’s lesson  (1-12 you already have) Mock preparation

There will be no scaffold or exam technique suggested other than on slides 13-15. This will give you freedom and teach you the confidence needed in the exam to plan a line of argument and work with the text in a flexible way.

We will look at an exemplar essay for another Top Girls question on Thursday and identify what skills / content makes it a strong answer. This is the essay: presentation of men Top Girls essay

See you Thursday for the ‘folder/ book look’ plus work on Marlene for the mock

Mrs Taylor


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Ms Murphy Year 11 poetry home learning

Dear Year 11,

here is the template for the Poetry revision flash cards- don’t forget to place your top 4 or 5 quotes on the other side of them: blank revision flashcards. Please make one for: Porphyria’s Lover, When We Two Parted, Sonnet 29 and one other of your choice. These are to be handed to me on Wednesday p.5.

Ms Murphy

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Ms Murphy Year 10 class

Dear Year 10,

here are the slides for 0ur lesson on Monday, please print them out for the lesson.

Act 3 Scene 2 Juliet waits for Romeo

Ms Murphy

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Miss Burch’s year 10 night quotes

Quote analysis

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y13 – Tall slides

Dear Y13

Here are slides for your folder – please print and read.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Tall – conflict and control2

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