Y10 (Mrs Morgan’s class) – Your presentations and extracts

Dear Y10

Well done – great work from all.

Please print and stick all of the slides and extracts for next week – book check before end of term.

Thank you

y10How does Austen present contemporary societal beliefs of marriage in this extract (2)

y10Extract For Group Task March 2018

y10pride and prejudice task- chapter 22 23 (1)

y10Group 3 presentation chapter 28 or 29 (1)

y10Chapter 30-33 (1)

y10Pride and Prejudice Powerpoint

y10Extract (1)

y10Chapter 24-27 (1

) y10Chapter 24-27 (1)

y10Pride and Prejudice extract and word wall

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Mrs Taylor’s Year 9: “Dystopian reading challenge” reviews

Dear all,

thank you so much for your engagement this term. I loved your presentations and the invention, intelligence and commitment you showed in the development of your own dystopian novel ideas.

Attached are the slides for the final outcomes. Dystopian writing assessment

Please write a review following the prompts on slide 5 / below. I recommend that you write it on a word doc and copy/paste here. Deadline: 19th April.

Mrs Taylor x

  • Type of reader: reluctant/ dutiful / keen / voracious (choose as appropriate)
  • Number of books I have read so far in 2018:
  • How I felt when I heard I had to undertake this challenge:
  • Title/ author/ date published of the dystopian novel I read:
  • My 50-100 word outline of the dystopian world featured in the novel :
  • My review of the novel ( no more than 100 words):
  • My next reading for pleasure book:
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Y13 NEA – Final Proof Read

Dear Y13

As explained in lessons this week – it is essential that your proof read NEA is with me (by hand or in blue folder in office) by end of lunch on Friday 23rd March. Nothing will be accepted after this time/date. If there are no errors ect./refs to be added/altered then no need to print another version; your original will be moderated on Monday.

NEA final proof read

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

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Year 12 Beautiful

Beautiful_ by Carol Ann Duffy

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Y10 – Chapter 34 – Darcy’s Proposal

Dear Y10

Please print and have ready in books for next lesson – essential.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

Pride and Prejudice chapter 34 Darcys proposal

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Y12 – NEA question idea and possible YWP link texts

Dear Y12

Have a look at the questions on the grid and the text suggestions to link with YWP in case further ideas needed. The question grid may help you consider themes/idea/approaches/phrasing of questions.

It is essential that you have read your text(s) by first lesson after Easter and that you have either a question or an idea for a question. You will have a 1to1 meeting with your teacher to agree exact wording of question.

Year 12 title ideas for NEA 2019 entry

The Yellow Wallpaper comparison suggestions

Thank you – enjoy reading your texts.

Mrs Morgan

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Year 12 useful links

linking ao3 and ao2

Dear Year 12,

Above is the powerpoint we looked at today in class with the relevant research links for you to refer to.

Good luck with your research!

Mrs Macey

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Year 9 DIT A06 spag & vocab tasks

Dear Year 9,

You are working on your assigned writing next step from your Question 5 setting piece. Please complete all the activities below for your next steps . Most activities involve  learning (read/listen/complete) before then applying this learning in a paragraph for your dystopian creative writing task.

Write the title: ‘Writing Assessment Directed Improvement Task ‘ in your book and today’s date.

  1. Next step: varying sentence structure/ using more complex sentence structures. Read the two sided sheet and print (2 sheets to a page) and stick in . Write a paragraph for your dystopian extract demonstrating sentence variety.

Grammar & Writing Book — Varying Sentence

2. Next step: more ambitious vocabulary / more extensive use of ambitious vocabulary. Read this 9 sided list of vocab and their meanings. Copy and paste 10 words and their definitions onto a word doc / print/ stick in. Write one or two paragraphs of your dystopian extract incorporating 3 of these words effectively. If you next step was ‘extensive use’, then use 5.


3. Next Step: accurate spelling . Print p.1-7 back to back and I will staple and poly pocket for you. Do your spelling corrections on p.3 for this piece and any others in your exercise books. Complete p.5 with any words you are aware you struggle with in any other subject.

Spelling Journal

4. Next step: use the full range of punctuation correctly. Print off the punctuation test (1-18) and complete it in pencil. Then self-mark with the answers in a different colour. Then write a paragraph for your dystopian extract demonstrating accurate use of a semi-colon and a dash (or two dashes used around a clause).


5. Next step: vary sentence length. Read the resource from BBC Bitesize and listen to the Mr Bruff podcast. Make bullet pointed notes on how to vary and why.  Then write a paragraph of your dystopian extract demonstrating effective variation of sentence length ( best to choose an action scene – internal or external)


6. Using a full range of punctuation

Make notes from this link:


7. Apostrophes


Once you have completed your DIT tasks (one or two), you need to write the opening 100 words of your dystopian extract (500 words) . I will take in this 100 words and give feedback. Remember you need to show evidence of your DIT progress in this 100 words. Use the ‘toolkit’ to make sure your whole extract structure works.

Here are a range of extracts from dystopian fiction to give you ideas for how you might go about writing your own 500 word extract. dystopia_extracts-(1)


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Year 13 Othello sheets you made in class this week

Class collaboration revision sheets

I have copied one per table of these for the rest of our lessons this term. They are a useful resource to have when planning practice papers. You may wish to have your own copy as a quick overview of the play’s key quotes and critics/context/A02.

Great work this week everyone – it’s really coming together now. Keep focussed and positive. Top Girls DIT due in next Thursday. Will try and mark remaining Gatsby-poetry essays by next Thursday. Bring your Othello homework on Thursday and be prepared to explain your line of argument for the question we started on prejudice/opportunistic deceit.

Here is the Othello questions for next week including the one for h/w in case you were away Revision lesson one

Mrs Taylor


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Y11 Paper 1 Language DIT/Easter revision

Dear Y11

In class you will complete 1 paper  reading question and 1 paper 2 reading question (lowest scored in mock). You will also complete a Q5 in class (lowest from either paper 1 or 2). The English Department recommend that you complete the other questions independently as part of your revision (there are resources to enable you to self assess).

Here are the paper 1 DIT papers for this process.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

1984 walk talk DIT paper 1

1984 insert and questions DIT


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