Mrs Taylor’s Y7 Macbeth slides

Macbeth assessment extract

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Year 13 Paper 2 exam tomorrow – urgent reminders

Dear all, what weather for revision! Crikey, it is so hot – hope you are enjoying some chilled mocktails as you revise.

See you tomorrow for the exam. Please remember your clean copies of the texts: Top Girls / Handmaid’s Tale / Feminine Gospels. Plus any Othello texts please 🙂

Remember to have another look at the full specimen paper on the aqa website .We have prepared you for Option 2 where Section A is the drama text (Top Girls) and Section B is the unseen prose and the comparison HMT and FG. Don’t be thrown by the other options available. Familiarise yourself again now so you are ready to find your questions in the question booklet.

Sleep well tonight in spite of the heat

Mrs Taylor


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Year 12 The Yellow Wallpaper Afterword

Dear Year 12,

Here is the scan of the Afterword. Please print this off, read it and bring it to our lesson on Thursday.

The Yellow Wallpaper After Word

See you there and then!

Ms Murphy

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Mrs Taylor’s Y10 Pride and Prejudice revision

Tonight we are revising the theme of marriage – I have the resource for this.

Please can you print these slides (can reduce quite small to save on printing)  Pride and prejudice A02 revision which we will use for our next session.

See you later,

Mrs Taylor x

p.s why has no one won my treasure hunt yet???!!!

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Year 12 Research methods & referencing workshop

Today you will be familiarising yourself with the three main types of secondary reading you will use for your NEA . This will support your A05 – alternative interpretations. The three types are: books / magazines / online. You will also learn about Harvard referencing.


Here is a useful guide to Harvard referencing. Read it and then complete the tasks below: 

Task 1 – in text referencing (sources with one author)

Imagine, you have read an interesting article on The Great Gatsby and Wuthering Heights  entitled “Asking Questions and telling Tales” .

It was written in 2010 and authored by Sue Hemming. It was published in Oxford by Philip Allan.

You have written in your notes the critical quote “Nick can swallow Gatsby’s large crimes because they are inspired by romantic hope.”

Write a sentence embedding the quote and the correct referencing to answer the question ‘ Is Nick a reliable and neutral narrator?’ 


Task 2 – Bibliography: sources with one author

Every source you read, even if you don’t refer to it in your NEA, must be included in the bibliography at the end of your essay. This is how you do it:

Author, Initials., Year. Title of book. Edition. (only include this if not the first edition) Place of publication (this must be a town or city, not a country): Publisher.

Write the bibliography entry for the source in Task 1. 



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Mrs Taylor’s Year 10 spoken language assessment slides

Spoken Language Assessment _

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Porphyria’s Lover extension task – treasure hunt!

In the library at the far end on the right, there is a section containing magazines. If you can locate the English Review Vol. 20 Number 4 April 2010 (p.21) , you will find an article about this poem. This will give you a taste of A-level critical study.

I will give a chocolate bar to the person who can post a comment with the answers to the following:

  1. What does it say about the line in the poem ‘I found a thing to do’ (p.23)
  2. What happens to the pace and rhythm in lines 50-1 (p.23) and what is its effect
  3. What point is made about the cheerless grate (p.22)

Mrs Taylor


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Year 13 NEA proposals – initial idea homework

For this week’s NEA homework, every Y13 (was 12) student has to post a comment . There are three parts to it.

  1. Please comment on what you were inspired to read following our departmental text launch last Thursday – we would like to hear if our enthusiasm translated and what you have added to your reading list! Thank you for your positive feedback and enthusiastic book conversations with us since. The texts you name don’t have to be ones you will use for the NEA (though they can be)- just one or two you thought sounded interesting.
  2. Which student in your class inspired you in their book suggestion or enthusiasm during the individual presentations? Name the book they spoke about that sounded interesting.

3. What are your initial ideas about your two NEA texts and possible question? Please comment on this. However rough your ideas …no matter at this stage, but sharing them here on the blog will be useful to the community/cohort . We are looking to “cap” text coverage so that there is sufficient diversity/independence and so don’t really want to see any second text duplicated more than 2/3 times.  Speak to your class teacher if you have a question and to get ideas on comparisons/questions as early as possible. The sooner we can sign off your question the better!

Thank you and happy reading,

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Morgan, Miss Burch, Mr Lintell, Ms Murphy

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Mrs Taylor’s Y9/10 When We Two Parted

key quotes

Create your own flashcard and stick into your anthology – annotate like we did with Porphyria’s Lover.

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NEA text launch & first deadline

Here are some questions linking to texts suggested today 2nd text guidance launch lesson

Ms Murphy’s suggestions in detail Ms Murphy’s second text info

Mrs Taylor’s suggestions in detail Mrs Taylor’s suggestions

Mrs Morgan’s suggestions in detail Mrs Morgan second text options

Further documents to be added, watch this space.

Remember to prepare your mini presentation for Monday (Miss Burch’s group) and Tuesday (Mrs Taylor’s group) – we look forward to hearing from you.

Remember to look at the previous post with the exemplar detailed plans to give you an idea of how to approach the study.

Your first deadline is 10th July when you will need to submit your text choices and question. This will then be discussed and approved in lesson time.

Mrs Taylor


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