Miss Burch’s year 10 Porphyria’s Lover slides

Porphyria_s lover

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Year 12 Yellow Wallpaper Extension Reading

Dear Year 12,

here are some places that might start some AO3/ 5 reading for your NEA if you are using The Yellow Wallpaper:

Extension Reading for The Yellow Wallpaper

Wear-and-Tear-Hints for Overworked second paragraph on page 33,httpswww.nlm.nih.govexhibitionliteratureofprescriptioneducationc2HighSchoolEnglish.html


Ms Murphy

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7E TED Talk

Dear 7E,

here is the link to your TED talk for your home learning.  https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_shapes_who_you_are

Watch it and then compile your top 5 tips for good body language when delivering a speech. We will then use this in our lesson on Friday.


Ms Murphy

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Y12: The Yellow Wallaper

Dear Y12

Please ensure that notes are kept up to date. Here are slides from today’s lesson.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan

NEA PLC slides

The Yellow Wallpaper AO2 and discusison points

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Y9/10 When We Two Parted (lessons slides)

Dear Y9/10

Please print and stick to keep notes up to date and organised.

Thank you

Mrs Morgan


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Miss Burch’s year 9 sonnet 29 slides

Sonnet 29

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Mrs Taylor’s Y7 Macbeth slides

Macbeth assessment extract

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Year 13 Paper 2 exam tomorrow – urgent reminders

Dear all, what weather for revision! Crikey, it is so hot – hope you are enjoying some chilled mocktails as you revise.

See you tomorrow for the exam. Please remember your clean copies of the texts: Top Girls / Handmaid’s Tale / Feminine Gospels. Plus any Othello texts please 🙂

Remember to have another look at the full specimen paper on the aqa website .We have prepared you for Option 2 where Section A is the drama text (Top Girls) and Section B is the unseen prose and the comparison HMT and FG. Don’t be thrown by the other options available. Familiarise yourself again now so you are ready to find your questions in the question booklet.


Sleep well tonight in spite of the heat

Mrs Taylor


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Year 12 The Yellow Wallpaper Afterword

Dear Year 12,

Here is the scan of the Afterword. Please print this off, read it and bring it to our lesson on Thursday.

The Yellow Wallpaper After Word

See you there and then!

Ms Murphy

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Mrs Taylor’s Y10 Pride and Prejudice revision

Tonight we are revising the theme of marriage – I have the resource for this.

Please can you print these slides (can reduce quite small to save on printing)  Pride and prejudice A02 revision which we will use for our next session.

See you later,

Mrs Taylor x

p.s why has no one won my treasure hunt yet???!!!

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