Books, film, tv and theatre – what have you been reading and watching?

I had to miss work earlier in the week due to illness which was very frustrating (you know how I am about keeping to my teaching schedule – control freak, me?) but the time spent shivering under the duvet did mean ….I could have a sneaky read!

My mum had leant me  ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls which I tore through without much effort and plenty of enjoyment. Mrs Salkeld gave me one of his other novels a few years ago called ‘Started for Ten’ which I also enojyed ( film adaptation was on telly not that long ago). I know several people have recommended One Day already on the blog and I think I would too… as an easy, funny and at other times poignant read. I love the premise for the novel – following the lives of two characters on the same day every year from the day they met at university. The author cites Thomas Hardy and our own ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’ as his inspiration – and there is a epigraph inserted towards the end of the novel (always enjoy some accidental link to the course). Has anyone seen the film?

I also went to the Theatre Royal (or Royale as we say in our house to increase the pomp and ceremony of a theatre visit) (have to add – once the shivers had passed; I’m no skiver, me) with our very own literary scientist, Dr. Little, to see ‘One man Two Guvnors’ with James Corden. I will see if Dr. Little will oblige with a review for the blog. All I will say is that there were a healthy number of DHS theatre babes in attendance from all year groups – much awkward smiling and pretending not to have seen us from about 90%. Did you go to see it?

As for TV – highlights for me were the Great British Bake-Off Final (I try and drop ‘good bake’ into conversation as often as I can – not very) and of course Downton Abbey (Liam Connor in charge of Downton?!). Haven’t seen any films this week but we did watch Submarine recently (written and directed by Richard Ayoade nerdy Moss in The IT Crowd) which was a very engaging, beautifully shot dark coming-of-age comedy. There’s a good chance you will like it.

Anyway if anyone can comment on any of my culture vulturing as described above, do comment! Esp. if you want to discuss the Bake-Off … Other than that, what have you been reading and watching?

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28 Responses to Books, film, tv and theatre – what have you been reading and watching?

  1. Georgina Beechey says:

    Although the theatre would be fun, especially with the fact James Corden will be performing to. My sweet, sweet sofa is nice and comfortable. Other, than reading the good old Tess of the D’urbervilles book (i’ve vowed to finish it by monday! yikes) and a snippet of Heat magazine today no reading at all is going down with me, other than reading the label on my water bottle when I’m bored in some of my classes. I did see the Great British Bake Off whilst flicking through the Tv channels, The Big Bang Theory was on E4 and that seemed a much better option than a programme reminding me of my awfull dinner cooking! Although I have just finished my psychology essay for tomorrow – so i have done something of use today!!

    • Alex Snell says:

      I had the same approach Gina! I hadn’t read this when I posted it, so that I’m glad that I’m not the only one that turned it off in shame! The Big Bang Theory is great isn’t it? Apparantly I resemble Leonard a little bit…but the Sad Kitty song has to be one of my favourites!

    • Sophie Borbon says:

      That actually made me chuckle Gina! Love how completly honest you are! As a handy little tip to progress from reading the water bottles label, why not try start reading a novella or something more light hearted? I know youre not a fan of the whole ‘heavy’ books, so if you fancy venturing into the more ‘girly’ approach to the literary library, read confessions of a shopaholic! Not as deep as what were doing at the moment, and may not get the same response as books such as Pride and Prejudice, but its great! Oh I also agree about the baking comment. ( bar my coffee cake) 🙂

      • Dena Bahiraey says:

        I agree with Sophie about your honesty my dearest colby (gina :D)… I think that it would be a good idea to start off reading more light-hearted literature 🙂

  2. Becky Lam says:

    I absolutely love the Great British Bake off! I’ve been glued to the telly every week to watch it 🙂 The only problem is I get really hungry after having watched it, and I always crave cake! I’m really glad Jo won, although I think Holly’s neopolitan ice-cream cake looked really yummy! I also found (loser that I am) the educational sections of the programme really interesting – I never knew that croissants were made with layers of butter! That was an alarming discovery, and I’m going to lay off the croissants for a while! I don’t know what I’m going to watch now 😦 What’s not to love about a programme about biscuits, cakes and macaroons? 🙂

  3. Mia Delve says:

    I love Submarine! Three years ago, I saw the author of the novel (that the film was adapted from), Joe Dunthorne, at Port Elliot Festival and he was brilliant – wickedly funny and totally engaging; I went home and ordered the book straight away!

    Though I enjoyed the book, Dunthorne had read aloud the funniest sections at Port Elliot so I forgot all about it until a year or two later when I heard it was going to be adapted for the big screen. Not only that but my favourite front man, Alex Turner, was writing the soundtrack (which is definitely worth a listen by the way).

    When Submarine finally came out, I discovered that it was far too good for Plymouth (Vue chose not to put on any showings!) and had to wait even longer until I found the cinema tent at Glastonbury to watch the film. I think this is one of the only occasions on which I can say the film was actually better than the book; it’s funny, dark, entertaining and relatable. I thoroughly recommend it! And I’m sorry for ranting, i really didn’t mean to write that much!

  4. Alex Snell says:

    Yesterday I also went to see One Man, Two Guvnors in the Theatre (where I saw Mrs Braide and Mrs Salkeld! Hi!) and needless to say I think it was brilliant. James Corden, as my future husband, I feel was very funny, especially with the ad-libbing with the studio audience! The whole cast was just brilliant. If I had the money I would go again!
    I think that my extent of TV watching at the moment is Glee and How I Met Your Mother! I watched the Great British Bake Off once, but it just made me feel bad about how much of an awful baker I am, and how the judges were telling those amazing people what they had done wrong, so I turned it off in shame!

  5. ygregory says:

    Went to see the Woody Allen film ‘Midnight in Paris’ and I would recommend that anyone who is reading ‘Gatsby’ should get down and see Owen Wilson being an American in Paris who is magically transported back to Paris in the Twenties.
    Gil (Wilson) meets some people you will know – you meet the character who was probably the inspiration for Daisy. Hemingway is very funny…The film’s parties are fun, whereas the parties described in ‘Gatsby’ no longer seemed so funny at all to Fitzgerald, but from the film you can see that as a younger writer than the man who came up with ‘Gatsby’, he would have loved parties like these.

    And as for Wilson’s fiancee, well post your thoughts about her. I’d be interested.

    • Mrs Taylor says:

      Sold! Will be putting that on our Lovefilm rental list – alongside Russ’ action films 😉

      • Alex Snell says:

        I will attempt to strive through Owen Wilson’s very monotone voice to link anything to Gatsby! Midnight in Paris you say? Perhaps Beth can lend me her free ticket…

  6. Georgina Welsh says:

    SUBMARINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POSSIBLY THE BEST FILM EVER!!!! I actually loved it! Me, Mia and Jess watched it in a tent at Glastonbury 🙂 I love little independent movies, they are so much more thought-provoking than these big Hollywood Blockbusters! And the soundtrack is by Alex Turner who is a god x x x

  7. Beth Smith says:

    Alex Snell and I went to see One Day during the summer holidays, and I loved it, although it did bring many tears to my eyes. I am now slowly working my way through the book!
    I have also been to see Jane Eyre this weekend. I was a bit sceptical about it before I went as I’d heard mixed reviews about it, but I am very glad that I went to see it (especially as I saw it for free!) Mia Wasikowska portrayed Jane very well and Michael Fassbender was a rather fierce Rochester. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, even if you haven’t read the book before (:

  8. Mrs Taylor says:

    Saw it for free Beth? who are your connections in the film world?!

    • Alex Snell says:

      Beth is everyones new best friend when it comes to cinema! She has a 3 month free pass for her and a friend! I feel an English cinema trip on Beth coming on!

      • Beth Smith says:

        An English cinema trip would be a lot of fun, not sure I could get away with getting everyone in though! As for Midnight In Paris, yes we should go and see it!

    • Beth Smith says:

      As much as I would like to say that I have a really interesting connection with someone, I cannot, the real reason is because I entered a competition and I won, so yes, everyone has become my new best friend until the 31st December!

  9. Jess Burrell says:

    Despite considering myself a fully committed culture vulture, I have never felt so out of touch! No idea who or what this British Bake Off is and am gutted to have just discovered my own mum went to see One Man Two Guvs without me. Cracking.
    All I can report is managing about two minutes of the film adaptation of Ian McEwan’s The Cement Garden before collapsing with the old sixth form plague. Upon recovery I have decided to go for the book first, roll on incest and hidden corpses, gulp.

  10. Alex Snell says:

    The Lion King in 3D! I am watching this tonight purely because its based on Hamlet of course, not because I want to sing Hakuna Matata at the top of my voice.

    • Dr Little says:

      Not to mention a very good representation of a savannah ecosystem. Behavioural ecology, kin selection, handicap hypothesis relating to sexual selection…I could go on. Truly the film with something for everyone!

      • Alex Snell says:

        Dr Little, these were my sentiments exactly! It links to everything to do with school, so really, when I was devastated at Mufasas death, it was for educational purposes!

  11. Dr Little says:

    One man two governors=one soup tureen and two swing doors.
    I’m sure for a small fee we could stage an interdepartmental recreation of the production, editted to an appropriate length, as the National seemed to have overlooked the fact that it was half an hour too long. Added to that that I have a panto audience participation almost-phobia, it was quite a traumatic show in parts. But I did laugh out loud, especially liked the characters that weren’t corden, and had a fun evening out!
    Two big plymouth venues in 1 week?! on Friday I was backstage at the Pavillions, oh yes, in my role as roady for the headline act, Fine Whines Jazz*. I made a special trip to go into the dressing room (lights round mirrors!) just in case it was the same one that JLS or One direction had used. A forensic sweep revealed nothing that could be sold on ebay.

    *well, its all good publicity. find them on google!

  12. Rachel Sparrow says:

    A quick comment to prove that Ms Gregory and Mrs Salkeld’s class isn’t useless- I personally have no probelm with Liam Connor taking charge of Dowton! Yummy.

  13. Alex Snell says:

    The Phantom of the Opera is coming to the Theatre Royal! I think this is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a while!

  14. Dena Bahiraey says:

    The Phantom of the opera IS COMING TO PLYMOUTH?!!! WOWWWWZA! I cannot express how much I love the story and themes within the it! The time I saw it was in an actuak opera-house and one of the most culturally enlightening moments of my life. I don’t know how the production in Plymouth would compare to it, but I will definitely try and get some tickets- thank you Alex 🙂

  15. Dena Bahiraey says:

    The Phantom of the opera IS COMING TO PLYMOUTH?!!! WOWWWWZA! I cannot express how much I love the story and themes within it! The last time I saw it, it was in an actual opera-house and one of the most culturally enlightening moments of my life. I don’t know how the production in Plymouth would compare to it, but I will definitely try and get some tickets- thank you Alex 🙂

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