Podcasts for A-level English students

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University Lectures for A-level Students With funding from JISC (part of the Higher Education Funding Council of England) and the cooperation of the major exam boards (AQA, Edexcel and OCR), The Faculties has been building a library of free, short films of university lecturers speaking on topics directly from the A-level curriculum. This is a large, new stretch and challenge resource intended to help students excel in their assessments, to inspire deeper learning and smooth the transition from school to university. There are also resources to help students chose a university programme and think about the careers might follow their degree. We now have approximately 200 podcasts across our six websites:


At least 75 new podcasts be added in the coming weeks. All the material is completely free to the end user. Please encourage your colleagues and students to bookmark the sites and follow us on Twitter. Your comments and suggestions are important to us and we will incorporate them in producing our forthcoming video podcasts. Complete our survey and you will be automatically entered into a draw for an iPad 2. For more information, contact Dr. James Harris, Project Manager, The Faculties. E-mail: james@thefaculties.org

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