Y11 – Unit 2 Poetry: Relationships. Improve your AO3…

To achieve an A you need to make an analytical comparison of ideas and meanings and writers’ use of devices. The following is an extract from an A grade essay for the question: ‘How is love presented by the writers of Hour and Quickdraw?’

Love is shown very differently in these two poems, perhaps reflecting different stages of a relationship. In ‘Quickdraw’ the other person is full of aggression and armed conflict; her voice fires ‘a pellet in my ear’, for instance. In ‘Hour’ the two seem united throughout: the poem is dominated by ‘we’ rather than ‘you’ and ‘I’ – ‘we are millionaires’. Time seems to behave differently in each poem, too, ‘Quickdraw’ moves quickly, sometimes with the speed of a bullet or ‘pellet”, perhaps reflecting a relationship out of control, whereas in ‘Hour’ they can ‘backhand the night’ into arriving more slowly. The titles show the same thing: ‘Hour’ suggests a length of time, whereas ‘Quickdraw’ not only suggests something quick, but two words are speedily jammed together into one.

Now try this question – comparing writers’ devices:

Compare the ways in which the writers use metaphors in ”Nettles’ and ‘Quickdraw’  (200 words)


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