8H Collaborative Writing Project 3

We are onto Part 3 of the stories. Good luck this week’s six authors 🙂


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  1. Mrs Taylor says:

    Chloe’s story

    Part One – Chloe

    I am Ember Brown. I am 16 years old. I know what my job is. When I was 1, someone killed my twin sister. My job is to kill someone else’s sister. I am a killing machine. I was raised that way, instead of having a rattle to play with, I had a gun. Someone broke my concentration and brought me back to reality. “Class, this is our newest student, Ember Brown” the Teacher explained “Just go and sit next to Rowan over there.” Rowan smirked at me and I gave him a friendly grin although I had the urge to cut that grin off his face with the knife that I kept in my sock. “Hi” Rowan said as he flashed me a smile that was obviously meant to make my knees weak but instead it did absolutely nothing. The seat next to Rowan was at the back so the rest of the class had to turn around to stare at me. Well, why wouldn’t they? My hair is dark red like dried blood and I am a tanned brown, those colours did not mix well. “Well, aren’t you gonna answer me?” asked Rowan
    “Hi” I replied
    “Well you aren’t very sociable” He said
    “I know” I answered “Who’s that girl over there? The one that looks a bit like me? Is she Ruby Brown?”
    “Yeah” He answered “It sounds like a colour chart, not a name, doesn’t it?”
    “I like it” I defended “It’s ……. Unusual.”
    “Well so is she” He commented “I don’t think she’s alright in the head”
    At this moment in time the teacher, Mr Jenks, called on him for an answer he didn’t have and he got sent out for not listening. Fortunately this gave me some time with my thoughts. So she looked a bit like me, It’s no big deal, she probably just looks like me from a difference but I bet up close she looks nothing like me. Then I got a text on the phone MI5 provided for me on this mission. It said
    Have u met her yet? Dont forget to make friends with her to gain her trust and when u r alone. Kill her.
    Not the most cheerful text to get on my first day but what can you expect?
    This the first part of my story!

    Part Two – Casey……

    • Beth H (year 8) says:

      Chloe, no offence but in the last two paragraphs you seemed to have forgotten your spelling…….’u met her yet’ ….’when u r alone’ Just to say.

      • Chloe Mace (8H) says:

        It’s text speak because thats a text that she got from another agent in MI5!

    • Alice McCleary (Year 8) says:

      This one is so good, love the humour :D, and it’s not too long so you don’t get bored

    • Rosa 8H says:

      I thought for a couple of minutes and I decided that I should follow up on what he had said. I did know that it wasn’t very professional of me, as an MI5 agent I shouldn’t be running after boys, but I couldn’t help myself. I caught up with him; there was something intriguing about those few words he had said. He wasn’t messing around.
      “Took you a while to catch up huh?” he whispered once again intending to be threatening. I totally ignored his obnoxious comment and asked the question I really wanted to know. I though once again this wasn’t very professional and just made me seem stupid, but it just had to be done.
      “What did you mean by the way I looked at Ruby?” I said hastily.
      “Exactly what I say, your eyes went straight to hers and they were fixed as if she was a diamond you’d been longing to find. What is it with her, why is she so special?” he had dived in with this so fast, as if he had been practicing it. My answer was ready to come straight out, and I had to think again before I realised what I was about to say. I really didn’t know what it was with Rowan, I always felt like I could talk about anything; MI5, my mission and even about my complicated past life. It was annoying, and I couldn’t figure out why.
      “I don’t think you could ever understand, and even if you did I would get in so much trouble,” I said cautiously “you see I just don’t get it with you, I always want to speak and let it all out but I’m not sure I should.” And that was it, however cautiously I was treading I went too far.
      “I think I do though, I know who you belong to and what you need. Ember Brown you need Ruby so that you can destroy her and get your revenge,” at this moment I could feel blood roaring in my ears and my hand slowly creeping down my leg to where sock was and where my sharp knife was. It was a shame really that Rowan had come so clean and forward about what he understood. He had no idea that the cap positioned so stylishly over his head would fall to the ground with a few tragic tears upon his neck. The warm summer air would carry his screams and fearful whispers across the allotments and far into the distance.
      He carried on “I know that you want kill her and I know that MI5 are backing you one hundred per cent. And so am I.”

      • Rosa 8H says:

        this is followed on from caseys which is on the collabertive writing project 2

      • Chloe Mace (8H) says:


      • Imogen says:

        Wow, this whole story is really good so far! It’s a nice, original idea which is refreshing and it is very well written, and it’s good that Casey and Rosa have continued the writing style that Chloe used 🙂

    • Sophie Brotherton says:

      I really like the start of this chloe it could develop into a really good story and i am liking the text speak 😉

  2. Mrs Taylor says:

    Hannah’s Story
    Chapter 1 —- Kidnap
    That day changed my life, I had a choice and I chose wrong. It all started when a strange boy appeared at our door one afternoon. Mum, my little sister Maddy, and I were relaxing outside in the sun each drinking a nice cool glass of lemonade when the doorbell rang. I said that I would get it, so I went back inside, through the house and opened it. As soon as I saw him I knew something was wrong. He looked frantic and terrified.
    ‘Tonight, they’re going to come, take you away’ he said, although he was talking so fast I couldn’t quite catch everything he was saying, ‘You must run away, take your family and leg-it, you have to out of here and quick.’ And then he himself started running away, sprinting down our road at top speed.
    ‘STOP’ I called after him ‘What do you mean….Who are you?’ He looked around but all he said was ‘Sorry, I have to go now, they already have their suspicions and they already hate me, they’ll kill me if they find out that I’ve come to warn you.’ Then he was gone…out of sight.
    I walked slowly back out into the garden, thinking about what he had said – what does he mean, that we should run away, and he wouldn’t even explain it to me. By the time I had returned back outside I had decided that the strange boy had been either just completely mad and out of his mind or making the whole thing up to try and scare me – probably a dare or just a practical joke.
    ‘Who was that,’ Mum asked ‘Oh, just some advertising person – you know the usual type’ I lied, feeling slightly bad but reckoning it was for the best. There was no point in worrying Mum over someone that was most probably untrue.
    When I went to bed that night I couldn’t help being a bit scared, remembering what the boy had said, ‘tonight, they’re going to come, take you away,’ but I told myself there was no need to worry it was just some stupid boy… That was when the screaming started…
    I woke up, wondering where on earth I was, before the events of last night flooded back to me, the screaming, the intoxicating gas and the bag being pulled over my head, but not before I got a glimpse of my attacker. He was a man dressed completely in black with a hood casting a shadow over his face; I saw no more.
    Sitting huddled in the cell I felt dreadful, like my lungs were on fire. I stood up, looking around for any clues of my whereabouts. Then I remembered my family; they had been asleep in the house when the attackers came as well. The scream! It had been one of them, it must have been – they had been the only other people there. Noooooo, where were they now, had they been hurt, I hoped not, after all if what the boy had said was true then it was clearly me that they wanted, if only I had listened to him…
    My thoughts were then interrupted when I heard the unmistakable sound of quick, sharp footsteps. I sat in the dark corner, as quietly as I could, hoping they would leave me alone. I saw the shadow emerge out of the darkness but nothing could have prepared me for what happened next…
    Part Two- Megan
     They burst in through the iron door, guns loaded, pointing directly at my heart! Men, all in black suits with dark glasses over their eyes. My first thought, men in black, I had seen it once when I was younger, I didnt remember much about it exept they were undercover cops. Two of them stepped forwards and hauled me up by my arms, i shrieked and lashed out at them with my feet managing to get on of them in the face. He dropped me and fell backwards moaning, I didn’t know i could kick that hard! Two more men came forwards and wrestled me to the ground before i could try to stop them. Their hands pinned me to the ground while the other one jabbed a needle into my arm. The pain shot through my body and before i knew what was happening everything started to go blurry, their voices echoed in the back of my head. I tried once more to wrestle myself free but it was like all the strength had seeped out of me. Then blackness.
    Beep beep beep beep. I woke to the sound of beeping in my ear, as my eyes started to adjust i saw that i was floating on a cloud. I was lying down in bed with a machine to my right, i stared at the machine before i realised that it was a drinks machine. “would you like a drink?” the machine asked, without even having to say yes the machine started whirring and a can of coke dropped onto my bed. “thanks!” i said. I opened it and froths of coke seemed to pour out of the top. Gallons of it gushed out and soon i was swimming in it. I tried to sit up to get to the surface but something was holding my hands down, straps. The coke got higher and higher and i started gasping for air, coke filled my lungs and i was choking. Just before i thought i was going to pass out i heard a voice, it was faint but i knew what they said, “millie” they cooed, i felt hands on my shoulders carefully shaking me “millie” they said louder this time. Suddenly i was falling, falling, falling. It felt like it would never end when my eyes opened. Then i felt blind, and shut my eyes very tight so as not to let the bright, white light in. Slowly i opened them again letting in cracks of light. Eventually i opened them fully and noticed i was staring straight into someone elses eyes. I fell backwards in shock letting out a little whimper. I focussed on their face, they looked like a nurse. I looked around and noticed that i was in hospital, at least it looked like one. The nurse started talking then but my mind was full of confused information i couldnt concentrate on what she was saying. Everything came back to me then, the men in suits and the needle and the guns. Then the coke and the clouds and i was falling, no wait that was a dream, i’m posotive that was a dream. I looked back at the nurse as her lips moved really fast, interupting her i said “where am i? Wheres my family? Who are you?” my voice was croaky and my mouth parched, she handed me a drink from my bedside table. I peered down into the water suspecting something but it looked safe so i gulped down the whole glass. RUMBLE RUMBLE. I shyed away from the noise and then noticed it was my belly making that noise. The nurse clapped her hands and called something out to another nurse further away, the nurse dissapeared before reappearing again with a trolly, the smell of food filled my nostrils. i gobbled down what was on my plate greedily before vomiting it all back up again.
    After the nurses had cleaned me up a tall man walked briskly into the room. He came and sat in a chair next to my bed and started talking, he got straight to the point. “now, yesterday afternoon there was a car crash, you and your family were in it.” i started listening then when he mentioned my family. “i’m sorry to say but your family didnt survive the crash.”

    • Beth H (year 8) says:

      Detailed or what??? You guys are amazing writers and I think you could make Jacqueline Wilson quake in her boots, and you could give J.K.Rowling a run for her money.

    • Alice McCleary (Year 8) says:

      The detail in this one is so good, and it doesn’t bore you – which detailed stuff normally does – the next part should be really intersesting!

    • Michaela says:

      Part three-Michaela
      It could not be true, my family…gone. Suddenly I felt alone as if my life had finished right here in this stiff bed. I looked more closely at the man whose eyes seemed tormented; something about his demeanour seemed false. I started then to search deeper in to what he had just revealed, questions began to swarm my mind, I wasn’t brought here by car, so why would they be in a car?, I’ve been here for a few days, why would they want to take away my family from this place? Nothing about this seemed to make sense…he lied.
      “You liar! “I screamed in his face. I never meant the words to escape from my mouth, but my adrenaline had been pumping so I couldn’t control myself.
      “I can understand the confusion sweetheart, this must be terrible for you; I’m so sorry “he said this with such kindness it was hard not to believe him.
      “Don’t call me sweetheart, we both know that you’re lying through your rotten teeth! I can sense in your deep dark eyes that you are not telling me the truth!” I replied with such vengeance in my voice. Immense fury filled my body to breaking point. I ripped the cords from my body that were connected to the machine and squirmed with all of my might to get out of the metal brace which held me to the bed. Surprisingly, I squeezed through. The man ran out of the room to get help. I saw this as an opportunity and I ran out of the door and sprinted to the left. I skidded to a halt at the corner and looked over my shoulder I saw men with black uniforms and dark sunglasses run into my vacant room. It would only take them seconds to realise I was gone so I ran to the nearest door. It was locked. I pushed and pushed. Nothing. I could hear them coming now, heavy footsteps pounding on the polished floor. Nothing to do but run for my life. My adrenaline must have boosted me considerably because after half a minute couldn’t hear the soldiers anymore. Suddenly I saw a door which said “staff only”. I rammed my body against it, to my surprise it wasn’t locked so I stumbled into the room, luckily no one was here. I scrambled to my feet and slammed the door shut and engaged all of the high tech locks. There was a small window on the door so I cautiously peeped through. Seconds past before I saw the men in black stampede around the corner, I immediately ducked praying that they hadn’t seen me. Minutes went by.
      I was safe. For now…

      • Rosa 8H says:

        I agree with Maddy; Megan you bought a real funny side to the story with the dreams, but it still remained with a slightly scary atmosphere. Hannah the opening was also very intriguing with sudden turns. Michaela you carried on with what i found the same level of fun and really enjoyed reading it all!

    • maddy says:

      i love this guys, megan you did an amazing job of carrying it on, and hannah i loved the opening, especially the great name choices!!!

      • Sophie w 8H says:

        Hannah your start is very good and detailed. I like where Megan has carried on and I agree with Rosa who agreed with Maddy that it was good you found a humorous side to it, yet it is still quite scary. Good job guys 🙂

  3. Mrs Taylor says:

    Ellie’s Story
    Part One

    Everyone knew the end of the world would come eventually. The reason behind it, nobody could guess, but people had their theories: necessaties like water would run out and Earth would be destroyed by the weapons used in the wars caused, the Sun would die out, or Climate Change would become too much for our little planet to handle. So many different ideas formulated in the minds of those who thought that far ahead. Too many to count. Some even made films about it, wrote books, making people believe that it was so far off, it was laughable.
    Out of the 7 billion people on Earth, not one of them guessed correctly.
    Wait. That’s not true. The two who caused so much death, they knew. They knew before they even did it, but they went ahead anyway. They were arrogant and stupid. Too proud to accept that Earth probably wouldn’t survive their little ‘experiment’. Their refusal to admit that weakness, that flaw, in their mad plan led to the destruction of life in our Solar System.
    “Twenty seconds!” Dr. Thomas had called to his collegue, moment before his life would end. But he hadn’t known that.
    “Coming!” Ewan had replied. Dr. Thomas’ co-worker had been an ambitious little man, but always held up by the fact that he couldn’t walk across a flat surface without finding something to trip over. As soon as he had toppled over the pipe by his feet with a dazed “Oomph”, Dr. Thomas had leapt out of his chair and screamed, “You idiot! You could’ve broken it before it even had a chance to prove itself!”
    Mumbling apologies, Ewan had hauled himself over to the control panel and made some last-minute adjustments to the dials. Dr. Thomas had joined his collegue and looked at his creation for the last time. If all had gone according to plan, Dr. Thomas would’ve been an insanely rich man.
    Ewan had gulped and asked, “What happens if—”
    But Dr. Thomas had fixed him with a hard stare and cut him off. “It won’t.”
    Except it did.
    Together, the two scientists had counted down, and on “Now!”, had pushed the button that would destroy the Earth.
    Had any of us been alive to see it, and if it hadn’t have been our beloved planet, we would’ve marvelled at the beauty that erupted from our dying world. The colours would’ve been unrecognizable to our human eyes, and the light was so bright it lit up the entire galaxy, all for a matter of seconds.
    But it was not over yet.
    Thanks to Dr. Thomas Ettison, this explosion contained something more. It had an edge to it. An edge that ripped the fabric of the universe like human hands would paper. An edge that meant he had acheived his goal, even if he had died for it.
    An edge that tore a hole in the heavens and created The Crossing.
    Part Two – Bethany
    I think I had better start with the beginning; the bit where my life was a bit of a drivel. I was the manager of the firm called ‘The Earths helper’ which in my opinion I a bit rubbish but never mind. My name is Richard Bush and I am 37 years old….. but my life is shambolic. First there was my mother committing suicide after my birth and my dad couldn’t take care of me, so I went to a childrens home called Springfield Child Care. I quickly advanced through school in Business Studies, Maths and English and taking the GCSE’s 2 years early but I have always struggled in Science; getting an F.
    At the age of 21 I had completed university and decided to start my own business with my friend Thomas Ettison who excelled in subjects that I failed in and vise versa. We were both millionaires at the age of 32 years but recently Thomas has been doing this project that I had never knew about until know and I don’t think that it is a good idea but it is a good investment with a good profit for me. That is what matters. But sometimes I doubt my friend, but sometimes it is better just to go along with it.
    But back to the present, I was counting our losses and realised that this new project was costing me a fortune but I just need to be patient and wait for the profits to come rolling in, I will just have to wait….

    • bethosaurus says:

      Now, the thing is, I never had a clue what was going on in Thomas’s head. One day would be perfectly normal and then BAM, next day he’d have come up with some crazy idea that we didn’t have a hope of ever achieving. Sometimes I wondered how on earth we ever managed to get anything done; me with my easily provoked temper and him with his weird strokes of “genius”, during which he wouldn’t let anybody tell him anything other than what he was doing was perfect. People would compare us to Mr & Mrs, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee, Laurel & Hardy, Morecambe & Wise, or most commonly, Ant & Dec. Of course, all of these duos were around way before my time, so I didn’t have a clue who any of them were, but I gather that our comparison to some ancient comedians or double acts wasn’t exactly a compliment. I guess if there was a fat one in the duo, that would usually be me, and he’d be the tall thin one. He always reminded me of the classic old professors you see in kids’ picture books – the ones with the mad hair, leaning over frothing test tubes and beakers with loads of peculiar coloured liquids in; frequently he would forget to eat. If I had to compare us to a famous duo, I’d use Sherlock Holmes & John Watson.
      Although technically, I wasn’t his right hand man. Ewan was his annoying little assistant, running around after him and going, “Yes, doctor,” “No, doctor,” in his stupid simpering voice. God, how I hate that man. But more on him later.
      Most people wouldn’t know how to contact Thomas Ettison; he just sort of vanished. People who lived in other countries, like the UK or France or Spain (countries that had long since faded away into insignificance) called him “The Phantom Doctor”, wondering whether or not he did in fact exist in the first place. But if anyone else did survive the worst chemical reaction ever, and you’re reading this, I can confirm that he really did exist, and that I am real too. At least I was. For all I know, you could be reading this thousands of millennia after this terrible, sorry occurrence, having found water on a nearby planet.
      Although the chances of that having happened are pretty slim. I mean, Thomas blew up the entire planet, ripping the entire fabric of the universe. Perhaps even now, the rip is turning into a massive black hole, sucking everything into it. Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination. I don’t even know where or what I am at the minute. I can’t see anything, just black; occasionally bits of dark grey will flick in and out of my vision. This is probably what it’s like to be dead. Doomed to nothing for eternity. God, I hope not. How long is eternity anyway?
      But now it’s changing. A slight beeping noise is entering my ears. My arm’s starting to ache, like something’s being filtered into it. And now the dark grey is being replaced by light grey, and even whites. And now…
      “Hurlgh!” Out of all the noises I’ve made in my life, that is by far the worst. But I guess you haven’t much choice when you wake up out of nothingness and you can’t breathe. I feel like a fish out of water. The beeping is coming from some monitors on my left, and I can hear muttering from my right. I try to move my eyes but I can’t. I can’t move anything. I want to die now. Oh God, anything but this. Please. This white room takes me back to a place that I left, or thought I’d left, a long time ago. Please God, get me out of here.

      • Daisy! - year 8 says:

        I really like the wy that the story flows seamlessly through, even though their is quite a big jump in the plot. It took me a few reads through to understand who “richard bush” is and i am still not really sure. I am still waiting for the world to actually explode, because I would like to \know what the relavence is of the charactors (if there is one!) really good though, I think it would make a great book!

      • Jess 8H says:

        I agree with daisy, but this story is so cool, i like the way that the first bit is explaining everything, but then it goes on to say the person’s point of view. it’s really clever and if i saw it in a bookshop i would definetly buy it! 🙂

      • Sophie w 8H says:

        I also like this story and it is really good how the story flows. However, I agree with daisy that there is a big jump in the plot.

  4. Mrs Taylor says:

    Jess’s Story
    Chapter 1- Stepping Right in it.

    “I haven’t done anything all day, but I still feel I deserve a drink.” Billy Bob huffed. Billy Bob and the boys were the most simpleton cowboys in the Wild West. Clint was Billy Bob’s second-hand man, and the most responsible of the boys. Earlier on when Gee and Howard were screaming “because they saw a rattlesnake”, Clint had leaned forward and driven the screaming boys away from the serpent.
    “But Billy Bob!” Clint sighed “you don’t deserve a drink, if you ain’t earned it.”
    “That may be true,” Billy Bob complained, “BUT, I—-DON’T—-CARE!” he bellowed slowly right in Clint’s ear.
    “He’s as drunk as a hippo in Vegas, I’m telling you!” announced Gee. Luckily for him, Billy Bob was too drunk to notice.
    Billy Bob staggered toward the tavern, his only remote source of happiness for 200 miles.
    “Careful now,” Clint warned “you don’t wanna trip up out in the heat.”
    Billy Bob didn’t reply, he was too intent on watching the meteor that soared through the baked sky.
    “What….” Billy Bob couldn’t finish, the other boys watched with him, mesmerized by the giant lump of rock that hurtled through the sky towards them, at light speed. Howard reacted at the last second, “MOVE!” he bawled, “RUN!” together, he and Clint managed to move the struck cowboys before the comet demolished the tavern at exactly the same spot they had been standing on 5 seconds ago.
    A shroud of mist enveloped the crash site, covering the tavern and space rock completely. It’s purple haze smoked its way toward the cowboys. Billy Bob had sobered up slightly at the sight of the meteor, and so was the first to move, he inhaled one sharp gust of breath, reaching out to touch the mist.
    “No Billy Bob, it ain’t safe.” Clint pleaded with his friend, “Don’t enter the…” he seemed at a loss for words. Billy Bob was smiling now, his hand coated with purple.
    “But it’s so…” he didn’t finish his sentence. The rest of the gang had approached the haze with curiosity; the tips of their toes were shrouded with the purple patch.
    “Whoa…” one of the boys was now entirely covered in the mist. Before anyone could gasp from shock, the boy was sucked into the mist, like water going down the plughole. One by one, Billy Bob’s boys were pulled into the mist, until only he and Clint were left.
    “So…” Clint began, “what do we do now?”
    “Well, I know what we can’t do. We’re in for life; Blood in, blood out.”
    Clint nodded solemnly, and they stepped into the unknown shroud of colour.
    Part Two – Maddy
    Chapter 2- the purple haven
    As Billy Bob was sucked into the mist, he took in his surroundings; the visibility was actually all right. The mist was hot and humid, and no sooner had he noticed this he had a sweat on his forehead. Deciding it was a clever idea; he took off his shirt and used it to wipe his brow, but the heat soon got to his chest and back as well. The humidity hurt. Billy Bob should have known this ‘purple mist’ wasn’t normal- it was full of acid.
    Meanwhile Clint, as the sensible one, was trying to figure out what this mysterious cloud was. The comet must have come from another planet, but how did this explain the mist? Maybe it was the atmosphere there, like we have air, they could have this- well that at least explained how the men could breathe; there must be an oxygen content.
    Whilst the leading two boys of the group were wandering about helplessly, Gee and Howard had stuck together and started exploring. They walked to the centre of the haze where they found what seemed to be a passage- a thinner bit of mist that seemed surprisingly tempting. As they stepped in, the world seemed to transform- the mist thinned out and they were engulfed in a new life- an undeveloped town lay ahead of them, what seemed to be humane creatures scuttled about, just like average humans- small huts were scattered around, simple but functional. As they wandered around, something caught Gee’s eye. In the corner of the street two men were fighting, as a crowd gathered, so did Gee and Howard. The two men had always loved fights, and never wanted to miss out!
    Chapter 3- arrival of the supreme ninjas
    Out of the blue arrived two figures dressed in black, carrying what seemed like umbrellas- which seemed useless to Gee and Howard. The figures looked like ninjas, but why did they have umbrellas, it wasn’t raining or anything. As Gee and Howard wondered about the appearance of the Ninjas, the explosion came- as the two ninjas pressed the button to ‘pop’ the umbrella up, flames burst from the rim and spread across what would be the waterproof parts surface. Sparks flew everywhere, dispersing the crowds, and eventually stopping the fights. Curious about the figures, and wanting to find out more, the two men stepped out into the open and approached the ninjas. As the first ninja took a flying hook at Gee which (to everyone’s surprise) he deflected easily, the two pairs warmed to each other’s company and introduced themselves. The taller ninja with the blue eyes was called Lilo, and the shorter, but broader one was called Milo. As the four started talking, Howard decided that he should ask what this mysterious land was, and where it came from. At first the ninjas looked at him with questioning expressions, but then they realised that the cowboys must come from Earth.

    • Beth H (year 8) says:

      Maddy and Jess, you are amazing writers…. If you produced a book I would definitely buy it. This is really detailed and the next person who does your story has a lot to live up to to try to make this better than it already is!!!!!!! A M A Z I N G!!!!!

    • Chloe Mace (8H) says:

      I LOVE IT! Right now my favorite Cowboy is Billy-Bob and my favourite ninja is Milo!

    • Alice McCleary (Year 8) says:

      Love the names, it makes it funny, which keeps people (like me) entertained 😀

    • Ellie F says:

      You are all amazing! I mean, supreme ninjas and cowboys… what more could a girl ask for?! And the way you all bring your own style to it as well! Well done, guys. Really fab story so far!xxx

    • Sophie Brotherton says:

      Guys this story is super duper:) i am loving the names and the detail is really good, it gives me the clear picture 🙂

    • Imogen says:

      It’s nice to read something that isn’t usual ‘teen fiction’, it’s very well written and I love the characters!

  5. Mrs Taylor says:

    Alys’s Story
    Part One ‘The Forbidden Path’

    “Hello my name is Catherine but my friends call me Cathy and I will be your guide and friendly face throughout your time here at Maple Grove High School. I am simply here to watch out for you and to make sure that you get to your classes on time and in the correct manor!” Said this rather tall looking girl who sounds extremely posh.
    Oh right well nice to meet ya my name is Isabella but my friends call me Bella! So where is room, if I have one that is?
    “Of course you have a room everyone needs somewhere to sleep; it is right this way follow me.” Explained Cathy
    So what is it like here at Maple Grove High? I mean I have heard so many good things about the place but a few bad things to.
    “I can assure you that Maple Grove High School performs to the upmost standard and is in no way bad! Anyway this is your room along with Annabel’s she is a lovely girl and I am sure that you two will get on just fine.”
    Oh that’s good I am so excited about going to boarding school I have always wanted to. Well I’ll see you later when it’s time for tea you can introduce me to everyone.
    “Yes see you later then.”
    Uhhh, sorry you gave me a fright, where did you come from?
    “Uh well umm you see.” Stumbled the girl who looked as shocked as me.
    Wait what is that? Where does it go?
    “Can you keep a secret?”
    I nodded but wasn’t sure if I was going to like the answer.
    “It leads into a parallel world one the exact same as ours only different!”
    Pull the other like anything like that really exists.
    “It does honest look I will show you, take my hand…. Look you will find out one way or another.”
    Okay, okay I will go with you but when nothing happens you have to clean the room from top to bottom, deal.
    “Okay deal but when I am right you will have to do the same.”
    Ok come on then what you waiting for? Let’s do it.
    “I told you it really did exist now who is going to be the one to clean the room from top to bottom not me! Lol.”
    But how can this really exist I mean this is a dream isn’t it? I t must be?
    Part Two – Imogen
     I looked around this room, trying to be amazed but it was quite difficult. It looked exactly the same; we were stood in a room just like the one that I was in a moment ago, but it seemed to be spooky and dark.
    “Why is it so dark, Annabel…” I muttered, pulling on my sleeves.
    She laughed at me, throwing her head back slightly. I crinkled my nose, I didn’t see what was so funny, and I seemed quite small and pathetic in her presence.
    “You idiot, do you not know what a parallel world is?” She laughed, and I didn’t know whether she was joking or not.
    “Well, are you going to answer my question, I’m curious!” I whined.
    “Fine, well, everything looks the same here, but it is quite the opposite. This room is basically a mirror image of ours, like the rest of this place. It is the same, but flipped, so the answer to your question is that when it is day, it is night here. Do you understand?”
    I had to stop myself from saying “Yes Miss”. She seemed like some kind of teacher, but to be fair I did need to learn.
    We started to chat away about this strange world, and once I continued to talk to her, I felt less patronized and more calm and confident. But mid-sentence, I stopped speaking, and I paled slightly. Annabel looked concerned and held my shoulders.
    “Bella? Are you okay‽”
    “I can hear… footsteps…”
    Her eyes widened. “This… this has never happened before. Quick, duck, or something-“
    Two figures walked into the room, with scared faces. My eyes widened; this was the weirdest thing I’d ever witnessed. These two girls looked exactly like Annabel and I but they were walking on their hands. It was kind of frightening, so I let off a huge shriek as soon as I entered the room.
    “What on earth are you? They’re clones… they’re monsters!” The one that looked like me shrieked.
    “Shut up, Alleb.”
    Thoughts processed through my mind. Alleb? Wasn’t that Bella, backwards? I got even more terrified.
    “Annabel, let’s go. Now.” I shrieked, scrambling to get to the portal.
    “Annabel? That’s my name backwards. They’re imposters. I need to call someone…” the strange girl muttered.
    Annabel looked beyond curious. “So, your name’s Lebanna?”
    Annabel looked at me with wide eyes.

    • Romani, year 8 says:

      Step after step.
      I gradually ran faster and faster until, bam! I tripped on the hard wooden fall, my knees were scrapped and bleeding; the pain made my eyes water with tears.
      “Annabel!”I cried.
      She grabbed my hand and dragged me, eventually I got onto my feet but it was too late, they were about a metre behind us and curiously running backwards. There was no denying it, we were scared, really scared but it was obvious they were really fast! Not only were they too fast but so was the huge crowd behind them- I recognised some of them from the walk to my room with Cathy when I had a chance to glimpse quickly behind my shoulder. The corners of the corridor were tight but that didn’t stop us, we didn’t stop until eventually we couldn’t see them so we turned left into a dark smoky room. We turned on the light, the brightness wasn’t the same as the recent rooms we’d pass the room was unfamiliar to me but obviously different to Annabel.
      “Do you know where we are?!” Annabel gasped.
      I looked from the corner of my eye and gasped at the sign on the door “The Head teacher” and immediately slammed the door shut.
      “Shhh! Do you want to get us into trouble?!”
      I apologised and drawn the lock on the door. I slowly slid myself behind the door where I sat for a couple minutes drying my tears while Annabel was looking through all the files she found in the cracked drawers of the old dusty desk.

      Then, totally unexpected, boom! I jerked forward into my knees; my heart was racing as I rubbed my chin hoping to relieve the pain from the earlier hit on my knees. The lock was broke and I scrambled to Annabel when I turned and seen them Alleb and Lebanna they drawn closer to us closing us into the corner where we knocked off the dusty globe off of the cabinet to create room for us both.
      “What are you doing?” demanded Annabel
      “You will see…” replied Alleb whilst Lebanna grabbed my perfectly creased collar and led us both to the corridor leading to a dark room.

    • Alice McCleary (Year 8) says:

      Imogen’s bit really changes the flow of the story, it’s kinda unexpected – again entertainment 😀

  6. Mrs Taylor says:

    Kez’s Story
    Part One
    “Lucy! Wake up! It’s time for school! Today’s an important day! ” I groaned and rolled over in bed. I am not a morning person. Even so, today was an important day.
    I got out of bed and stepped into my zoid and and a second later I came out fully dressed and ready for the day, I Clattered down the stairs and my dat met me at the bottom crying to be let out, isn’t it weird that over 2000 years ago there were plain dogs and plain cats?
    Mum was giving me one of her looks that plainly said, why are you looking so guilty. She must never know where I was last night.
    “hurry up Lucy you’ll miss the aerobus and you don’t want to miss school today do you?” she was right, I had been counting down to this day ever since I joined secondary school and saw the date written above the time capsule that was going to be dug up! Today!
    I left my house and closed the door behind me.
    When I got to the aerobus I was disappointed with the atmosphere inside. Nobody was excited!!!! I felt it had taken Forever to get to this day and now it was here everything was normal, there was no buzz of excitement filling the air. I wanted to scream.
    Part Two – Izzy
    “Why are you grinning so much?” sneered a voice from behind me. My heart sank – Ricky Banks. Why, why me? It was a well known fact that you should try and avoid being noticed by Ricky; usually I spent the journey to school keeping a neutral expression on my face and avoiding making eye-contact with him or any of his cronies. But today he had noticed me and I was in for a far from splendid journey to school.
    I said nothing, hoping he would forget me in the seconds that followed – no such luck.
    “I asked you a question, meathead!” I held my breath, the silence that followed was dreadful, every pair of eyes were on me; some pitiful, some obviously waiting eagerly to see if a fight would break out, and one defiant. I exhaled in relief, Maya, the one person I could always rely on – she wouldn’t sit in the corner and watch like the others.
    As if waiting for me to see her first, she acted. She pressed the bell, and the bus came to a sudden halt before the jingly, metallic tune had even stopped playing. Aero-buses didn’t have set stops like buses in the olden days, but if you were awkward and pressed the bell at a different time to everyone else Ernie, the old bus driver who was about to retire and seemed to get crankier everyday would explode with rage.
    Today his face was almost purple as he turned around in his seat. The whole bus went silent as we waited for the oncoming storm about to explode from Ernie’s rather puddingy face – but it didn’t come. He just sat their glaring at each and every one of us; I could read his thoughts from the expression he was wearing – young ruffians.
    Eventually he turned back around, but those moments of tension were enough to stun us into silence. Maya’s plan had worked – The oncoming fight had been forgotten, I made a mental note to thank her later.
    The rest of the bus journey dragged, even though it probably only took two minutes thanks to the quadruple turbo engines. The boys left first then eventually we arrived at our school.
    To my surprise, Mr Marnett was standing at the gate, he was my favourite teacher, this was probably because history was my favourite subject, but it was hard not to like Mr Marnett, even Trish, my best friend thought so and she hated almost all the teachers.
    It was a nice day, the weather makers must have been in a good mood when programming the bio-dome this morning. I wondered secretly if the history teachers had sent them a basket of muffins or something as a small bribe as they knew they were going to be outside digging a lot today. That still didn’t explain why Mr Marnett was standing at the school gate beaming around like a lunatic, we weren’t digging up the time capsule until lunch. I didn’t have time to ponder this anymore because the answer came shortly afterwards.
    “Morning everyone,” he declared ecstatically, finally someone else excited about the time capsule, “Who’s excited about the time capsule?”
    Then it happened, and I knew my life was over. I didn’t mean to it just slipped out. I yelled. Shouted for everyone to see – “MEEEEEEEE!”.
    I’d expected everyone to do the same, the atmosphere on the bus should have been a warning. No one else shouted and then the mystery to why no one was excited became clear to me, the answer hit me like a mallet around the head – no one else cared. No one else cared about our history.

    • Vicky 8H says:

      My cheeks rouged, I could feel my whole face burning up – to my surprise with anger and relish not embarrassment, and how could nobody care? This was extremely important, a breakthrough in history. Not to mention a connection to our possible ancestors! I glared around at everyone, they seemed half confused and half stunned as I broke out in a loud rage.
      “How could none of you care?” I yelled, “you all should be ashamed in yourselves have you no curiosity whatsoever?”
      I stormed off down the escalator to the viewing room, I sat there half listening to my teacher talking about science or something, whilst the other half of me was pure annoyance. Perhaps yes I might have been over reacting, but then and there I thought I was the sanest person living, at least I cared about the past and didn’t always thing about getting home putting on my gaming suit and kicking a virtual football around my room until I sat down at the kitchen hover table to eat tea. Just the thought of doing that every single night seemed- absolutely ridiculous! Pointless even, I wanted to do something meaningful.
      I was biting at the bit to dig up the time capsule, and make the most amazing discovery our generation has learnt, even though it should be shockingly unreal to suddenly find out something stupid like the fact television wasn’t always projected wherever and whenever we wanted it to be, or maybe even perhaps in the olden days they actually had to make the food themselves! Crazy thinking I know.
      Finally class was over the seats all tilted for us to stand up and the blind to the viewing room was closed, I didn’t rush up the escalator like everyone else I just stood, I could feel the cool breeze of the fan against my face as I rose to the main floor of school.
      The rest of the day seemed to trudge on, I did not feel in any mood to be working, I was too – what’s the word – heartbroken I guess you could say. I was feeling let down, upset that nobody else shared my passion for history, well except my teacher but that wouldn’t look too good being all buddy buddy with my teacher, I can hear the chanting now, “TEACHERS PET!, TEACHERS PET!” kids can be absolutely vile.
      It was only 30 minutes until lunch I could barely wait, at least I would cheer up a bit from sheer enthusiasm, wow this was going to be exciting, hopefully everyone would have forgotten by then about my scene in the morning (even if it was on of good cause).
      Counting down the minutes, looking up at the clock every 5 minutes tapping my foot on the floor, reminded me of that ancient movie what was it called? High musical? Something like that anyway and I really felt like chanting “summer, summer, summer, summer” but I resisted, thinking to myself you’ve already made yourself look like a fool once today let’s not make it twice.
      The music sounded for lunch and everyone’s seats tilted, I jumped up excitedly, it was time.

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