Best book blogs

Please add comments reviewing any of the blogs suggested.

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4 Responses to Best book blogs

  1. Alice says:

    I read GreenBeanTeenQueen’s blog and it was really good. There are lots of book reviews and recomended books to look at. Also she does a thing called ‘tween tuesday’ when each tuesday she posts a reccomemnded tween book up. She reviews books of all different genres so everyone can find something to read!

  2. Holly Peters says:

    I also looked at the GreenBeanTeenQueen’s blog and I believe it’s really good and useful. It was very easy to find a good book recommendation. I really liked the idea of Tween Tuesday and have already found a book that I want to read; Mr and Mrs Bunnny – Detectives extraordinaire by Polly Horvarth.

  3. Emma says:

    i also looked at the GreenBeanTeenQueen’s blog and it has really good layout, and recomendations. it explains about the book too which would encourage people to read more. 🙂

  4. lucy selley says:

    i looked at this one too and there are absoloutly LOADS of books on here, all of which look really really good and i think i definetley know which books i want to read soon. it had a really good layout and was easy to use and it’s really quick and easy to find a book which you may be interested in 🙂 x

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