Year 8 Gothic Writing Competition

Here’s a spine-chilling task for you all.  As part of our unit on ‘The Gothic’, you need to produce a piece of writing that uses the conventions of this blood-chilling literary genre, such as a powerful atmosphere of suspense; a rich combination of frightening adjectives and adverbs; not to mention (but I will) a combination of sentence lengths to provide changes in pace and rhythm.  The catch is that you must establish a gothic scene within 200 words.  Your offering must be completed and uploaded onto the blog by Friday 13th December –  the one day when Santa would not dare give his sleigh a test flight!  Remember, this is a deadline.

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78 Responses to Year 8 Gothic Writing Competition

  1. Vicky :D says:

    My Gothic Writing Piece:

    Touching the iron handle on the door, I felt a chill draw up my spine. It instantly froze my hand, however I couldn’t let go. My curiosity was urging me to pull open the door and it wouldn’t let me turn back.

    The eerie ‘creeak’ of the door seemed like a disturbed unwelcoming. Pulling the door open I never realised the sheer scale of the deserted house. A gust of cold wind caught my face and I cringed at the smell of the dust. Looking round, it seemed like none of the furniture had been touched in years. Everything was draped in long, thick cobwebs and dense layers of black dust.
    All of a sudden from behind me, came cold gusts of wind, I looked back. The towering, ancient door slammed shut and through the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of black. My heart pounding, I looked around scared as ever. I heard a scape from the stairs and what followed seemed to be a long groan. I followed the sounds into a reception room, but found out that it was a bad move. I could hear the banging of doors and knew that there was no way of escaping.

    I don’t know what it was, but it was tracking me down…
    Was I an unwanted visitor?

  2. meredith!!!! says:

    I placed my shivering pale hand onto his moss covered gravestone. Flowers were place all around it but just left there to die. The roses were shrivelled like raisons and the lilies were dry like the dessert. As I crouched down next to his crumbling grave I wished he was still here with me. A sudden chill crawled across my weak shoulders and I felt like a helpless butterfly.
    I heard footsteps running across the bug infested pathways and it made me more nervous than ever. The footsteps sounded like a herd of elephants heading towards my fragile body. I saw shadows. I heard voices. Were they back to finish me off?
    I rapidly ran to a nearby tree and started to climb. The tree was so rough and hard, yet slippery. As my incredibly small feet clenched the tree, I climbed. I was finally at the top. As I sat silently lying upon a branch the devilish beings stood upon his grave. Their faces were like fields of snow but their teeth were daggers waiting to suck the life out of me. I was stuck like a lamb surrounded by wolves.

  3. Ellena : D says:

    I neared the empty tent whilst creeping around the deserted Fairground.I heard the scratchy music comming from an old gramaphone.
    The old tent stood engulfed in the darkness, a large rip down the dirty side let the rain enter. Then, out of the blue, the music stopped.
    Silence was all i could hear.
    “Hello? Is anybody there?” I asked with a shiver down my spine.
    Suddenly a gush of wind swept me off my feet. Was it the wind? A bush rustled, the rain started to pour.Lightening struck in chourus with the Thunder.
    A hooded figure then appeared out of the tent, lighting a fire.
    “He’s here, He’s here…” he whispered as the wind carried his voice.
    As i stumbled closer he turned and revealed his wrinkled face. His eyes had no colour, his lips had no colour he was as pale as a sheet.
    I blinked, he was gone. Hovering around the fire was a purple gas.I got closer and closer to the place were the man had once stood-
    not to realise that the gas was not a good thing….

  4. Abbie Harrison says:

    The flames in front of me cackled and danced around the wood inside to log burner. I snuggled closer into the warmth of the armchair. These are the things I love about winter, the way the snow dusts the window whilst you’re warm inside with nothing for light apart from the warm fire in front of me. The thunder rumbled outside and made me feel safer to be inside. After a while the flames dimmed down and I was left swallowed in the darkness. No light whatsoever. I snatched my hand out to grab my phone on the armrest to find it not there. Weird. Leaning over to the floor, I scanned the floor with my hands to find my phone but to no avail. Even weirder. I felt a strong arm wrap around my feet with a strength that would crush. A soft wail escaped my lips as my foot was released. What even was that? I curled myself up into what felt like the chair and hugged my knees for warmth. The heat from the fire was long gone leaving me in the dark and the cold. And for once, I was scared, petrified even. My eyes quickly adjusted to the light and saw a hooded silhouette at the end of my living room covered in blood. Blood.

  5. Yasmin :D says:

    I opened the see through double doors leading out of my ward in the hospital, there were no lights on, there was nobody around; everyone in my ward was asleep, I tried to wake them but they were all laying on their front as still as a clock without batteries. I turned one of the girls round and her face was lying in a pool of blood, her face was as pale as a ghost, blood stained and her eyes were blood shot. I jumped back in terror and took two steps back and then another two.

    Suddenly, a shadow of light came from under the double doors, I slowly approached the doors a clasped the left doors cold door which sent a shiver down my shaking spine. I opened the door and the light filled the room and blinded me for a few seconds. My eyes adjusted to the piercing light and there was a dark shadow growing in size.

    It got close and closer until it was eyes to eyes with me; its face was pale, its eyes were blood shot, it had no nose and it was smiling through its bleeding mouth. My hospital gown was drenched in blood which was dripping onto the white tiled cold floor. It grabbed my neck. I screamed

  6. Mary! says:

    I stood there on the grey concrete paving slab that lay beneath the steps that led me up to the great haunted house. Darkness filled my senses, all but one ear, where I could hear a distant cry of pain. The cry suddenly stopped, making a chill travel up my spine and around my neck, the cold air feeling like a slap across my cheek. Without warning the big metal door swung open with a load creaking sound. I blinked and then a silhouette betrayed the rectangular outline of the doorway, but then rapidly, but still energetically, moved away.
    A sound from inside the house seized my wits, almost like a little child’s sticky fingers reaching into the jar to find the last remaining sweets. I was now drawn closer to the door, by curiosity. I was really frightened and in my head there was a little voice saying “Don’t do it! Do not go in! Don’t do it, will you ever return?” As I staggered up the steep, silvery steps I could see the darkness in the house which seemed to be displaying an unusual heat for such a place. Was it dangerous or was I just being precautious?

  7. georgie :D:D says:

    Gothic Story…
    As I neared the door, I had a feeling that someone was watching me, and a shiver crept up my spine. I had a sudden urge to race all the way back home to my nice, warm bed and stay there till morning. But I couldn’t. I had unfinished work to do. As I reached up to the heavy brass knocker, my legs froze with terror, and my eyes were blacking out…
    I woke up with a start, and found myself in a dark room, a door at one end. I sat up slowly, and let my eyes adjust to the darkness. I wondered where I was, and then I realised. I must be in the house. It was cold, very cold, and as I stood up I realised that my shoes and socks had been taken off and left by the door. The slate floor was freezing as I crept to put my shoes on, and just as I was about to put my left shoe on, I heard a most dreadful noise, like a yowling dog mixed with a screaming baby. I jumped in terror, raced to put my shoes on and sped into the corridor. The door slammed shut behind me. Rain pounded against the window and lightning illuminated the room. In the window, I saw a face. A ghostly, pale face with dreary eyes and a drab mouth. But then it was gone.

  8. redmayniac says:

    As I neared the house, the fog briefly cleared, I saw the torretts tearing the thick mist and tendrils of ivy hung down limply on the bleak, grey stone. The large brass lion’s head stared out at me on the door, as if I were its prey. I walked nearer, occasional clumps of gravel, submerged with in the autumnal pulp, crunched beneath my feet. I clutched the cold lion knocker and allowed it to fall with a thud that echoed through the house. A window light flickered on and a figure appeared motionlessly staring through me as if it saw not flesh but my skull. The light dimmed and I stood benumbed as the fog gradually enveloped me. Despite the apparition, I lifted the knocker again, becoming aware of the shadows elongating towards me as the moon, capacious and daunting, illuminated the trees. Footsteps eventually descended the stairs and a man opened the door. He was ordinary, at a glance, for his nose represented a muzzle and veins protruded out of his neck. Before I could say anything he urgently said ‘ you need to leave now, get as far away as possible, it’s not safe,’ and slammed the old door in my face. I stumbled away into the night, the full moon guiding me to who knows where…

  9. Aiman yay says:

    My Gothic Setting Piece:
    One white rose. Just one. Each petal perfect, placed on her crumbling grave. Who put it there? The wind howled and screamed around me as if answering my question. Nobody cared enough to come here. As soon as I thought about him the atmosphere changed from peaceful and quiet to eerily silent. I looked around at this derelict place where so many souls rested. But were they all resting? I shuddered as my eyes landed on his tombstone. It was steadily becoming darker and the once cloudy grey sky turning a stormy blue. A shuffle. Just a small shuffle made me jump out of my skin, tripping and falling over an old decaying tombstone. Attempting get back up and regain some dignity, I squinted around. Movement. Crouched next to where she was buried was a clothed black figure.
    “It’s him” I whispered fearfully, slowly backing away. Bumping into the rusted Iron Gate, I turned around, fumbling for the catch. Without looking back, I ran like there were lions stalking me. As soon as our little cottage came into view I’m safe I thought. I let out a long sigh of relief. I took off my coat and shoes, wandering into the living room. There at the end of the room was the same clothed black figure waiting for me…

  10. Jess Cazaly says:

    As I woke form my life of disappointment, the night sky felt so close just one movement away. From the corner of my large hazel eye, something caught my attention, drawing me in – I sat up . I looked around and with that one action something scratched my back. I spun my head, yet nothing was there, just a pool of blood pouring from beneath my shirt. I got up onto my weak feet, shaking like a leaf, the shadow swept by. Blowing my long dead straight brunette hair across my deathly white face. I looked to my left, to my right, in front and behind and… A letter, a letter was lying within the Autumn leaves . As my numb fingers held the letter, I started to read ‘I told you so.’ My heart, beating abnormally, my mind remembers a similar letter saying ‘End now or else!’ but I’m here now. Aren’t I?
    Red eyes appeared in the black night. Staring into me, my body starts trembling, lifting off the stone cold floor. As i get closer to the tip of the trees, a shiver runs up my spine. The entire world starts spinning. I drop. Falling, falling, falling…
    My eyes close, yet when they re-open, they are no longer hazel, but red.

  11. Flo :-D !!!!!!!! says:

    In the dim light of the full moon we crept up the overgrown pathway of the cabin on the hillside. The wild twisted trees cast devilish shadows across the tall grass, like evil demons watching us shiver as we walk. The crispy leaves rustled and crunched beneath our feet and the eyes of the garden creatures followed our every move. The house was large, wooden and very tall. It loomed over the gardens, dominating the scene. It looked dark, gloomy and definitely abandoned. A shiver ran up my spine. We passed the mossy, shattered flower pots and the endless curls of sharp brambles to the door that swung open on its rusty hinges. I stepped inside, leaving the shadowy garden behind and the door slammed shut behind me. I turned to my brothers but they were nowhere to be seen and the carpet was covered in long smears of crimson blood. I ran. I ran down the corridors that pressed in on me through the doors that taunted me and up the stairs that tired me. She stood in my way staring at me through her matted black hair. Her pale grimy skin was spattered with the same blood that coated the carpets and her dirty cream dress hung to the floor. Then the blackness swept me away. Forever.

  12. Nicole x says:

    The light beneath the door shone at my eyes almost blinding me. I wondered to myself what was behind the door and what was this mysterious light? As I walked through the crumbling arch of the door way, my knees trembled together. The atmosphere began to get colder and darker as if my eyes were playing a trick on me. No longer could I hear the wind against the windows and it was a pure silence as I entered the room. There was a picture frame laying on the side, showing a girl and her mother. Smash. I could swear I could see a reflection of face in the picture frame. I turned around but nothing was there. In the second of a moment, a swish like shadow flew past me, slamming the door behind. My breath was took away with the shadow, and I was left breathless. It was the wind, I told myself.
    It was 3am. I could hear screaming but decided it was my imagination. All I could think about was the shadow earlier and the blurred face which buried itself within my mind. I was slowly falling asleep. Drifting. Dreaming of the face watching me while I slept.

  13. Jasmine Kean says:

    I stared upwards to find a large stone building wrapped in darkness and mystery. The full moon was the only thing that gave me hope and confidence. The wind whistled through the air, it was getting dark; the sky was like a pitch black cave. I slowly edged myself towards the big medieval looking door and I hovered my hand over the metal handle. I heard whispering which I tried to decipher. All I could make out was “come in” and “go away to save yourself”. I turned around when I heard “come in my lovely”. My heart was in my mouth as I reluctantly peered round the door. An elderly woman was in an armchair and was drowned with hundreds of blankets. She had grey hair, pale skin and green eyes. “Can you speak?” the woman cackled. I stood there silently like a dead person, awake. “Ur, sorry, yes, I can” I replied finally. A mysterious creature that had big yellow eyes jumped off a cabinet and started hissing a me. I started reversing out of the door and suddenly the door slammed and locked. Confused, I looked at the woman and saw that her eyes were now deep red and bloodshot. It was like she was doing some kind of witchcraft.

  14. Rhiann says:

    Drip drop. I feel rain droplets crashing onto my head. I stutter up the crisp, ancient steps. My uncontrollable hand reaches for the small wooden door handle which instantly gives me an unwelcoming chill. Dare I go in? The strong tornado of wind snakes around my legs as it grasps my body reaching for my soul. Why am I even here? A thick layer of fog emerges from the sky it whistles loudly, screaming as if it’s trying to answer my question.

    Cautiously, I limp inside… Slam. The door closes by itself like it has just slapped me. The smell of rotten bodies clogs up my insides. My teeth chatter. Scared wasn’t a word I knew anymore. I am petrified. I can’t open my dry mouth but I let out a silent scream. My head turns robotically as I stare into the cob-webbed mirror.

    It shatters.

    Even through the crack I see the dark figure. The darkness swallows me up. I only saw this unknown creature for a split second. But I remember every small detail. The rip in his collar. The blood red scar stained across his neck. But most unforgettably he had no eyes. No mouth. No ears. No face.

  15. Holly F says:

    Darkness loomed over the shuddering shadows as my heartbeat escalated with fear. Displayed in front of me was a mechanical tramp ready to kill, studded with terror and eerie illuminations. The huge body of building towered over me. After the clouds subsided, the dominating moonlight snaked around my terrified body, creating a protruding, gleaming veil. My mind was crammed with persistence and curiosity, so I tentatively ventured on into the sealed torture chamber, with no knowledge. Suddenly out of the corner of my eye a terrifying, creepy, intriguing figure momentarily popped up, silhouetted in the window. It was like a living Jack in a box. I was sure that his painted, artificial face would cause nightmares for my life. Mockingly he intimidated me, I felt foolish and afraid. I reassured myself, thinking it was just my mind playing tricks, so I crept onwards. I reached the huge wooden door, a constant low drumming vibration crescendoed through the night. Anxiously, I turned the knob to hear an unexpected, piercing scream echoing throughout the building. I was aghast, insecure and alarmed. A snowstorm of shivers shot down my spin. I quickly surveyed the area noticing a beautiful mirror. Just then, a figure appeared in it. Painted face, artificial body, dagger in the hand. I was stuck; trapped. Should I turn round?…

  16. Sarah says:

    I slowly walked up to the old graveyard. It was a place that I had never been to before. The night sky was as dark as a cave, which hadn’t been light up, although the full moon was draping down into the far distance. It was a magnificent view. I looked across into the dark yard and saw all of the haunting graves. I quietly walked over to an old bench to sit down. Spiders were scurrying across the bench as I cautiously sat down onto the creaking monument. The old plack implanted on the bench glistened in the moons reflection. I made my way down the pebbly path and to my surprise, I found a grave with a familiar name on it. It held my surname, Smith…. My heart started pounding, and my eyes started to water .Why was my surname there. My eyes suddenly darted over to a shadow looming in the corner. Who was this, or what was it. It came towards me faster and faster. My legs turned to jelly as I tried to run away. I screamed and screamed but there was no reply, it was like I was in a world of my own.

  17. Evie Kettlewell :D says:

    There I was a young person just trying to sell a abandoned house that has not been used in at least 50 years. I entered the huge house I felt a un welcoming breeze go flying through cracks of the walls, I just brushed it off and carried on through the large rooms. I turned to a large mirror where I saw that the mirror had been scratched in rage to leave it looking like a ice rink. I looked closer at it and closer almost as if it was teasing me in when I felt the breeze again
    however it was stronger now. I stared around at all the old dusty furniture when i saw it the white dress wisp out the door and a cry echoed through the house …

  18. Katy Jewell ;-) says:

    The fog gathered around my feet. A howling in the wind, blew a spine chilling sensation throughout my pale, shivering body. The gravel that was laid on the winding path, was moss covered and damp. The crunch in my step was the only sound within 10 miles from where I trudged on in the deep darkness of the unusually cold late evening.
    While I was contemplating about where I was, a sudden burst of screeching invaded my ears. it was an air raid siren. Panicking, anxious, lost, I hid under a silhouetted figure of a large, bushy tree. I clambered down until I was enveloped in rotting plants and leaves. I twitched as the planes’ roaring engines deafened me from the silence.
    On the horizon stood a shadowed outline of a small girl. I gazed, curious about who she was, but frozen to the spot in fear. Gradually, her body became visible in the moonlight; she was pale, skinny, crying. Within 2 minutes, she was no more than 10 metres away from me. I needed to stand. I tried, but my hands were clamped down by the thick, heavy tree roots. Ever nearing towards me, her eyes were beady, piercing and black. She stopped sobbing, and produced an evil yellow fanged smile. We were within touching distance…

  19. Molly Yorke says:

    Darkness. That’s what engulfed my body, surrounded me and left me no room for escape. As I neared the protruding manor house, something worse than a chill went down my spine, it was more like claws dragging me back to safety, stopping me from changing. However I couldn’t stop myself, no matter how hard I tried, just like Pandora’s Box I had to go inside, to see what no one else ever had. I needed this.
    The brass knocker wasn’t inviting, just by picking it up I could feel that this was the start of something strange, but I still decided to go inside.
    Trembling knees, shivering hands, this house wasn’t right. Something about it made me feel unsafe, in danger. Inevitably, I knew that this would happen. I felt a gust of wind swoosh past my face that brought me out of this daze, it was as if a storm had broken out for only a few moments then stopped. That’s when I saw it. What looked like a face bare of flesh, as if it had been stripped off by a wild animal, stood in the corner of the room glancing over at me before its sudden disappearance.

  20. sures12 says:

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    I run, run as fast as my legs could carry me never looking back. I didn’t dare to! I stumble down and fell face first on the ground. Oh no I think, and then just like that I black out.
    So cold, so cold. Wait coldness? I get up in frenzy and then tumble down the icy hill. The chilly wind is blowing so hard it makes my bones shiver. Where am I? What the hell is that? I am looking at what looks like bombed church. Why bomb a church? It looks like I am right because there are a lot of graves around the church. My scar is starting to burn as hot as a roaring fire. I try to ignore the pain, it hurts so much! Death and decay seemed to be everywhere and it looked like it hadn’t seen any happiness in years. There were numerous graves around, thousands like a field of marigolds swaying in the wind. The trees roots were sprawled everywhere, in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Much of the church hadn’t survived at all. Is there something down there?
    “I must serve the lord” the chanting started is it getting closer? The realisation sunk in. I felt it breathing down my neck. It was behind me and I could do nothing.

  21. sures12 says:

    I run, run as fast as my legs could carry me never looking back. I didn’t dare to! I stumble down and fell face first on the ground. Oh no I think, and then just like that I black out.
    So cold, so cold. Wait coldness? I get up in frenzy and then tumble down the icy hill. The chilly wind is blowing so hard it makes my bones shiver. Where am I? What the hell is that? I am looking at what looks like bombed church. Why bomb a church? It looks like I am right because there are a lot of graves around the church. My scar is starting to burn as hot as a roaring fire. I try to ignore the pain, it hurts so much! Death and decay seemed to be everywhere and it looked like it hadn’t seen any happiness in years. There were numerous graves around, thousands like a field of marigolds swaying in the wind. The trees roots were sprawled everywhere, in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Much of the church hadn’t survived at all. Is there something down there?
    “I must serve the lord” the chanting started is it getting closer? The realisation sunk in. I felt it breathing down my neck. It was behind me and I could do nothing.

  22. Caitlin Secker says:

    My hand stretched uncertainly towards the handle of the black, forbidding door. I couldn’t remember why I was there, why I could hear screams, why I was so cold. Why was I so cold? My fingers trembled as I touched the handle, and pain seared through my skin like a dagger. Why had I come? The ear-splitting shrieks died suddenly, and numbness spread through my hands. My teeth chattered violently and I could feel myself floating away. The surrealism of the situation shocked me, and then another yell jolted me back to reality. I could feel a presence behind me, and I stared into the cob-webbed, shattered mirror.
    There was a figure.
    It stared at me, tilting its head to the side. Its pale, dirty skin rippled and moved, and the air chilled even more; I could see my breath billowing in front of me. Two long, sharp fangs protruded from its mouth; they were stained red with dried blood. However, the most disturbing feature, by far, was that it had no eyes. No ears. Its nose was two slits in the middle of its face. I was frozen to the spot; I was more than scared. I was petrified. The creature was like nothing I had ever seen before.
    I turned round slowly……

  23. Rachel Adkins says:

    The vast landscape, filled with trees and forage, began to become seemingly unbearable as I edged back toward the castle ruins I have vacated earlier. “How could I have forgotten my keys?” I muttered to myself, furiously. I had been employed at the castle, restoring paintings and artefacts. However, in the haste to reach home before the darkness arose, I had foolishly left my keys there. As I paced, night fell and I started to become superficially aware that something was out there, in the forest with me. Leaves rustled under what sounded like feet and I heard a cry, one single cry but I continued to walk. I began to shake, but asserted it was because of the bleak, cold weather. Abruptly, thunder pounded and shock the very earth I was standing on. Rain fell. The rain came lightly at first but even I could not have anticipated the sheer mass of the shower after that. The ground and soil turned in to thick, oozy mud that I began to sink into, deeper and deeper! Unexpectedly, a flash of a coat swept past me and I froze, shutting my eyes, instinctively. I opened one eye, a women, dressed in black, stood, her back to me. I blinked. She was gone. The sludge had dried and I was trapped…!

  24. katie :o says:

    Blackness engulfed the abandoned manor house which inside held my darkest nightmares.

    Reluctantly, I drew nearer to the mysterious house, it never ceased to amaze me how one house could own such a demonic and grim structure. It towered over me, creating an intense darkness that loomed over the moss encrusted pavement. The house was just a spine-chilling silhouette because of the moons mesmerizing glow. All was silent except the trees’ incessant whispering. The autumn leaves crackled in the frost bound breeze of the night, an intense glare radiated from the upstairs of the house. Hesitantly, I glanced at the blinding light that shone from the shattered window. It seemed this window was missing a bar from its frame, as if something had endeavored to escape the house’s grasp. I started, apprehensively, edging towards the house…

    The intimidating metal door reflected the moon’s bright gleam; the window in the door was smashed into hundreds of tiny shards of glass. I clutched the door’s handle; I was overwhelmed with a sense of curiosity which told me to open the door even though I was fully aware there was no turning back. I trod on many pieces of the shattered glass as I made a swift entry into the house, they made a refreshing crisp noise which echoed throughout the abandoned house.

  25. Georgia says:

    I slowly walked up to the large mansion. The scaffolding around the sides of the building contrasted perfectly with the moon right behind it. While looking at the territory I laid my feet on, I heard the trees whispering to one another. It was quite unnerving. I thought this place had been vacant for years… but I was proved wrong when one room lit up. As I stood, frozen in my spot, I saw a figure whiz past my very eyes, but it was all a blur. It took a while for my senses to go back to normal.
    I started to observe the house even more. That was when I noticed it. A broken window. That window wasn’t broken earlier, I knew it. I felt as if I was going crazy. The building was made of white bricks, standing out against the midnight sky. The sky was as dark as a cave with no lighting seeping through to the inside.
    I got closer so that I could see the exterior entrance. A huge willow door stood before me. From my experience, doors make me want to knock loudly on them, but this door, this house even, discouraged me to do that. I turned around, starting to walk away, when a long, thin figure was right in front of me…

  26. Charlie Harris says:

    The night was still and the trees cast their shadows on the walls of the house. They loomed like deadly strangers as they moved slowly around the derelict building. The full moon illuminated the pathway, although it still seemed dangerous. That moment something struck me and from then on nothing felt right. Then there was a complete silence, which was almost deafening. I felt frozen in fear and I knew that trying to move much further would be pointless. However, for some reason I’m sure I’m not alone. All my senses were being engulfed by the mist around me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Although I quickly opened them again, as a large gust of wind swept across my face. A pitiful scratching noise was coming from behind me, and I stopped breathing for a moment so I could draw my full attention to it. Then as I curiously looked back at the mysterious house, the jet black curtain quickly flicked with a moving figure which I could see through the transparent material. The scratching noise then grew louder and a cold shiver rapidly ran down my spine. The door quickly slammed opened, smashing the doorway hard. As my legs were shaking intensely I felt that I should not be here.

  27. Holly Kirk :) says:

    As I walked down the stairs to the abandoned basement, unsure of what I would find. I turned on my old run down torch, it flickered. Giving me the feeling it wouldn’t have long left. As I opened the entrance door, it creaked and I jumped. The door opened, the only light around was from my torch. I thought to my self why didn’t i bring a coat, i could feel myself going more and more blue by the second. I couldnt go back not now not with out proof. Then before my very eyes I saw a window it had a reflection of a, what looked like human. I moved my torch all over the room but to find nothing. Shivers grow all over my body. All that I could see from my eyes was old furniture and millions of cob webs. I had to carry on, I stepped down the step and fell. when recovering from my fall I felt something wet on the floor, thinking it was water. As I brought my hands up to eye level I saw that it was not water, but it was the unexpected colour of blood. I then heard a slame, I knew it was the door which I entered the room with.

  28. Genevieve says:

    I crept forward, not daring to breathe. But no-one was there anyway. The forest of what seemed like endless crowds of trees, jostling for space, stretched on as far as the eye could see. The fog curled over the tops of the trees, a dark grey snake, coming for its next victim. As I stepped over the boundary, splitting the town and forest from each other, a loud scream echoed out from the depth of the woods, and a cloud of grey smoke erupted into the already grey sky, forming a cloud. After walking through the forest, encountering many a creature, common or unknown species, I finally saw my destination. The clearing. I walked slowly to the middle of the perfect circle, rotating so I could take in my surroundings. I heard the same scream again, but couldn’t tell where it was coming from. It seemed to come from every direction. Maybe it was. I ducked down, but it was too late. It knew where I was. I heard a twig snap, and turned, to see the creator of the noise. I regretted that instantly. He wore a suit, black and white and his face was perfectly smooth, no nose, eyes or mouth. I tried to scream but no sound was produced. I tried to run but there was no movement. I was trapped.

  29. Lillie Hempsell says:

    It was October 31st, Halloween. Anna, my best friend, and I, Amy, decided to go and have a picnic in the meadow. As we were 16, we thought that we were too old to go trick or treating. As soon as we sat on the moist, green grass, it started to pour down with rain. We ran into the dark, foggy, gloomy forest for shelter, I ran ahead. That was my first mistake. I heard a little scream, I turned around. Anna was nowhere in sight. I called for her, but there was no reply, so I called again this time I heard a loud ear-piercing scream. I sprinted towards the direction of the scream. I stopped to catch my breath and held onto the tree for support, I felt a trickling of water slowly dripping down my hand, I looked up, and to my surprise, saw that it was blood, thick, horrible, fresh blood. I felt a sudden, cold breeze behind me, I saw a dark, tall figure running through the trees. I called for Anna and again, still no reply. I can remember trying to get a glimpse of the figure. Then it all went black… Very black.

  30. Molly G. :D says:

    The mist hung like a veil over the cottage. The weather vane on the roof creaked and the harsh October winds blew. The thatched roof was broken beyond repair and the curtains were as grey as the gloomiest skies. The house was so run down you would think that no one lived there but. As I approached The door I noticed that it was wide open and a stench of wet dog surrounded me. I nervously walked in and called out in hope of a reply. Nothing. I called again and I felt fur on the backs of my legs making me shudder. I saw a flash, not a flash of light but a flash of movement. I then felt a warm breath on the back of my neck so Slowly, I turned around. To my astonishment there was a man, dressed in black quite slender and tall who was strangely smelling my neck in a way a dog would to a stranger. at first he looked fairly normal but then I noticed his dog like teeth and the fur on the palms of his hands. I was shaking and regretting coming into this old, musty cottage in the first place.

  31. I like Sheep says:

    Friday 6th November: Today I received a letter, which informed me that I have inherited an old manor house in Norfolk, from my great uncle Charlie. Of course, I was excited about this news, though I had no idea what state the house was in. For all I know it could be ruins, or a house fit for living in! I am looking forward to viewing it soon.

    Monday 9th November: I am both apprehensive and eager to see the property today. I am about to leave for the train which will take me to the east of England, ready to see my potential new home.
    Later: Stood in front of the huge oak door I shook like a leaf. Although I am an average size the door still seemed giant. The planks of wood must of been whole trees, and the hinges were slabs of iron. I reached out my hand to open the door, but a fraction of a second before I got there it opens of its own accord. Nothing is as it seems in this house, for I half expected somebody to be inside the doorway, but all I could see was the dust covered hall. But wait. Just disappearing through a doorway, was a figure. A cloaked figure, with a hidden face.

    • Molly G. :D says:

      thanks for the comment you left on my story, i like yours too, especially how you have odne too different dates– very clever!

  32. ander1212 says:

    My gothic scene:
    As I neared the dark silhouette, a cold breeze grabbed me by my shoulder. It whispered in my ear. I spun around sharply. There was nothing there but a dead willow weeping in the dark mist that was gradually swallowing from my knees up. Slowly, twitching my head from side to side as I did, I turned back around to face where the figure had once been stood, it was gone. I heard a blood curdling scream that made my spine shake. I slowly walked through the ancient grass that had been there for what looked like centuries. I could smell rotten corpses. Another scream came and this time my feet uncontrollably sped up. Arising from the mist in front of the moon was a tall spire that stuck out like a knife. I ran towards it and felt my heart skip a beat or two. A thorn clipped my shoulder and pierced my skin so that it began to trickle with thick red blood. Still running, I bumped abruptly into a tall black figure that had gleaming yellow eyes, swiftly turned around and ran back towards were I had first seen the figure. Then I fell to the ground…

  33. Charlene16 says:

    The wind blew gently upon my pale face. The stars shone brightly in the pitch black sky. By the looks of it, it seemed as if nobody had approached this place before. The empty, rotten, hollow ground seemed to lead me towards a slightly steep hill, which connected to a wooden bridge that must have been built at least thousands of years ago. It was now all covered in moss, but I could just about see some hand prints along the sides of the ancient bridge. Somebody must have been here before, and it looked as if it had just recently been printed on. But who was it? I took a glimpse around to see if I could spot anybody, but there was no sign of anyone. I slowly walked deeper and deeper into the abandoned area, hoping to find the mysterious person. But as I walked closer, I felt so regretful for coming here in the first place. It was now getting darker, I could only just about find my way through the place, but I knew that sooner or later, it would be way too difficult. Wait… in the distance ahead, I could see a black figure. It was a statue between the hidden trees. Her eyes stared straight at me, but it didn’t blink, not even once.

  34. Lauren x says:

    It was 1945, the time being bang on 8:00pm, and I was on my way home from my school fair. I was already late, so I decided to take a route, which would get be home 7 minutes quicker, a route in which I had never been before… suddenly all I could see was darkness before me, but there was a small shimmer of light that guided my path. There was a church before me and it gradually started to become bigger and bigger, until it felt as if it was towering over me. The silence was deafening. I checked my surroundings and everything was so still, the air around me was constricting me, taking my breath away, as the mist began to sink into the ground. Something more painful than shivers ran down my back, warning me that something wasn’t safe, almost forcing me to keep my distance. I felt the wind brush the small dust particles off my face, and the shuddering noises of a storm breaking out, and the moist grass sinking into my buckled up sandles. And suddenly a voice, a voice that didn’t sound normal, and my ears wouldn’t adjust to where it was coming from. I turned around and ran as fast I could, I came to a corner and it was standing there, him.

  35. chloe m says:

    I heard it. Nobody was in the house but me, or so I thought. I lay paralyzed protected by the sheets that kept me safe in my cocoon. Maybe I imagined it or it was just my mind playing tricks on me. In my head I ran through all the unlikely possibilities. For a split second I pulled of my protective layer nothing but darkness. My foot edged closer towards the floor then I pulled myself up. I fumbled around for the light switch ON -few. I looked round nothing; I must have been imagining it. Now I was awake there is no point in even trying to go back to sleep. I shuffled over to sit by the window. Out of temptation I peeked out there was a thick curtain of mist hanging over like a stage curtain in a theater. Everything else have vanished in the cloud the only thing left I could see was the moon it was a full as a pound and as bright as a light bulb with extra energy. Yet there was another object I could see a glimpse of, a shadowy black figure amongst the mist. It was facing my direction …

  36. Alice Barrow says:

    Red. That was all I could see in the flowers growing by the door. The house was deserted. I took a deep breath, and stepped inside. The stiff door finally gave way, and a cloud of dust rose and covered me. The floorboards creaked and I heard a snarl. My heart pumped, then faded to a dull thud. It must have been the wind, whipping through the jagged gaps in the dusty, old windows. The floorboards groaned as I walked forwards. That’s when I saw it…a big Victorian door. It looked dark and mysterious, and something pulled me towards it. I heard the giggle again….but I couldn’t help reaching for the door handle….
    As my eyes adjusted to the darkness in the room, I saw the glint of the moon shining it’s pale light into the open space. The room was empty, I thought, but as I turned around my eyes caught something. Dressed in black, the tall, lanky figure stepped towards me. Suddenly its head snapped back and my heart stopped…as I started to scream, the long fanged girl smiled as if I was easy prey. She limped towards me….and all I could see was red.

  37. katie xx says:

    I neared closer and closer, darkness engulfed my body, the dense fog began to clear and the moon illuminated the path. I didn’t really know where I was, but I couldn’t resist. The turrets poked through the top of the thick mist, I urged forward, however I hesitated and surveyed my surroundings, it felt as if I was being watched. No one was in sight but this thought of people spying on me was looming around in my head and every few minutes it came back to haunt me. The stone eagles carved into the mortared wall were watching over me like they were going to swoop down and hunt me. My feet submerged in the concrete and gravel as it crunched beneath me every time I stepped forward. My hand reached out to turn the iron knocker, I knew it was dangerous, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. A chill ran down my spine as the massive iron door creaked open. A candle light was flickering in the corner of the room, it can’t have been lit very long ago, I wasn’t alone…
    I took a step in, my curiosity urging me forward. The door slammed shut behind me and the candle went out. Darkness.

  38. That one in 8F says:

    It was time! My sharpened knife was clenched in my clammy hand as sweat trickled down my face. Slowly, I creeped past a stray dog. His eyes as broght as moonlight but they were evil eyes…I saw him! I stabbed my knife into his chest as he stumbled to the floor. It was the only way. I started to mutter curses under my breath but then I heard footsteps… I hideoit of sight, behind the door. They walked in…I was not thinking that day…and thats why I am here. In prison. Ok well I stabbed the two figures. I shivered. One of the figures was a boy. He looked about 7 years old and there next to him, was him dad. I went cold. I thought it was for the good, but I am here, 10 mpnths later after the deaths of the innocent, in prison, rotting away. I wish I could turn back time but no- I can’t. It will haunt me for the rest of my life- seeing the boy’s mother… I could not take it anymore…

  39. Lily(= says:

    I walked along the avenue at 9pm. I could barely see. The moon was surrounded by clouds, darkening the sky. The street lamps dimly flickered as I walked by. My only useful sense, I guess, was my hearing and although the night was quiet, I could faintly hear the rustling of the trees in the wind that swept past my face and the pebbles that were scattering across the ground as I kicked them. But then the silence was ripped away by a piercing scream.
    It lasted only a second before the deafening silence broke out once more. I turned to run, but something was refusing to let me. I could not see, feel or hear what was blocking my escape, but I wasn’t able to move any further forward. I turned back to face the way I was firstly heading, and ran.
    I could hear quick footsteps following me from behind. I ran faster and faster until saw something on the path, I looked closer, and screamed. It was a young girl with blonde hair and brown eyes that stared helplessly up into the dark sky. There was two small hole marks in her neck that were leaking blood. She was dead; very dead. I collapsed in fear and lay on the ice cold ground, barely daring to breath. I closed my eyes and wished that someone would come to find me soon. But the person that came was not the one I wanted. He had bright red, glassy eyes that stared into mine and a gaunt expression on his pale face. “Count to five”, he said “and your worries will no longer bother you”…

  40. Gandalf the grey says:

    As I approached the old lifeless castle the long brown grass itched at my ankles. Old fallen bricks surrounded the castle from the black brick wall that covered the whole building. All the windows had either wooden planks covering them or the curtains were drawn over. Except one, this glimmered and lit up the whole castle. If there was a light on the inside maybe someone’s at home? The moon shone bright, big and bright making the castle look small in comparison. The oriole window shone brighter than the moon. As I looked towards the bright room I saw the curtains flicker slightly signalling a presence in the room. The red drapes moved open to reveal him. Only his face was visible due to such a high window. His face was just as hairy as the top of my head. His eyes were the colour of the sun. The veins in his face stuck out like rocks on the beach. His piercing glare shot through me like a laser. Within seconds he was stood in front of me. “You must leave” he said with no emotion in his face. I stood still, not saying a word. “LEAVE” he yelled and pushed me to the ground. For once I felt my facial expressions become to nothing. Just like him…

  41. StripyLeopard says:

    Shivering, I gathered the dregs of my diminished energy to haul my fatigued limbs onwards. They protested in agony, but I ignored them, instead concentrating on the reverberating crunch of my feet on the frost encased grass.
    At last, I reached it. The place to which nobody came, the person for whom nobody cared. Except me.
    Tears streamed down my numb cheeks, disintegrating as they impacted with her grave.
    Shakily, I reached out a hand as pale as Death that I hardly recognised as my own and caressed the engraved name. It was all my fault.
    I stared at her name, the last memory etched upon the very membrane of her demise. Then, I felt it. A quartet of icy fingers, gently traversing along my hunched shoulders. My mouth opened instinctively to scream, but my voice failed me.
    Poised at the crest of my shoulders, the fingers drove effortlessly into my skin.
    I did not fight back. I did not struggle. I simply let myself be overcome by whatever monstrous creature I had succumbed to.
    Gradually, I was stolen by Death, and my soul torn agonizingly away from my body.I knew I was where I belonged. It was where I had belonged ever since that night, all those years ago. Her night.

  42. hannah_H says:

    My gothic scene:

    As the dense fog departed it was clearer to see the way, she followed the grey, cobbled path and ended up outside a dilapidated house. She shivered, as though, ice had replaced her spine. A circle of thick fog suddenly surrounded her and the house. she waited for something. And stood there expecting something, someone, anything, but nothing happened; she couldn’t help but sense that something about this place was wrong. The air then cleared and everything behind her had disappeared. As she glared at the house, a beam of light almost blinded her and then it was gone. The battered house had a boarded up door and old window shutters. There was an eerie look about this place with mould that had grown for so long you could barely see the roof. The air had a bitter stench like nothing smelt before and it felt cold and damp. She pulled up the collar on her old red woollen coat, when a haunting laugh filled the air. She ran but one of the bricks from the path was sticking out and she tripped and fell. Raven kept falling. Falling, falling. ‘Crash’ she finally hit the ground. Where am I? Is this a dream? Am I dead? A million questions rushed through her head.

    She was never seen again.

  43. Ermy :)) says:

    I took a deep breath as I admired the vastness of the room in which before me lay the victim. I tiptoed around the dark room, breathing the smell of blood that was penetrating the musky air with its sharpness and shivered as a powerful breeze brushed the back of my fragile legs in contrast to the summer warmth. My head was pounding and my palms were sweating as I dragged the limp body of a surprisingly heavy seventeen year old girl-the victim. I flinched and I noticed the deep wounds that my weapon had inflicted on her and quickly turned my head to avoid guilt. As I did this I saw what seemed a whoosh of air and colour zoom past the open marble door of the haunted castle. I was going mad-surely- but I was almost certain that the whoosh of colour was part of the curiousness of Carrie Williams- the dead girl who lay in my blood spattered hands. No- I thought, her curiousness had got the better of me whilst she was alive and I certainly was not going to let that happen again. Carrie was clever. She was lethal. But most of all-curious. She planned. Attacked. And left my body lying on the floor. She slipped into her corpse. She was alive. And curious…

  44. JemmaLxxx says:

    My Gothic scene

    As I neared the ruins of the old graveyard, I felt a shiver rattle up my spine. My heart was pounding, my last visit here was not at all fun, but i had to pay my respects. The mist started to gather, curling round like a ghostly figure. It was starting to get dark. In front of me I saw broken, lop-sided stones with yellow and green moss covering the carved letters, making it hard to decipher the words. The over-grown grass looked like spears hiding some of the stones.
    I heard a a slight whistle of cold breeze brushing past me. I started to breath heavier I felt that they whole village could hear me. I came to the stone where my mother laid under and I placed a vase of pure white daisy’s in, next to the broken gravestone. I looked up and I felt like I was being watched, I didn’t dare to move.
    Slowly, I lowered my head. Suddenly I saw a flash of black, swish past the shed in the distance. Was I being followed? Again, I saw the same black flash but behind the gravestone furthest away from me.
    I wanted to run, this is exactly how it started last time…

  45. Issy Tabb says:

    I cautiously crept up to the old decaying school. I shivered, frosty air swirled around me and made me feel as cold as ice.
    I hesitated before quickly pushing on the heavy iron gates, they seemed to push against me, as if they wanted to hide something, or protect me of the inside. The gates opened just enough to let me squeeze through the tight gap, and I looked in bewilderment, the school used nearly all of the ground, with only one tiny grey playground for children to play.
    Off to the side of the rotting brick school stood a tiny shed. The door had been broken off and darkness had filled the inside of it, there were no windows to let light inside. I approached it slowly, coldness once again surrounded me. As I got closer, my eyes started to make out shapes in the darkness.
    An old school desk, and a hanging coat was all that I could see in the room. I approached the door frame and peered into the small room, looking at the coat. Something pale caught my eye, poking out of the coat sleeve. I lent further into the room, looking, just as I made out the white shape to be a horrible, knarled hand, it grabbed me…sending me into an eternal darkness.

  46. Coolkidx says:

    It was a Saturday night and a late night disco had just come to its end, outside or was very dark and nobody was around. There was a small brunette girls who was waiting for her mum to pick her up in the car, but she waited for a while until she finally gave her mum a phone call to see where she was . She rang several times and still with no answer and the longer she waited the darker it got so the girl then started to make her way home hoping to find her mum on the way stuck in some traffic.she was nearly hem only a few small blocks away from her home when come across this alley, it was narrow and she couldn’t see the end if it. there was lots of mist as it was very cold late and smokey. Suddenly this faint but bug shadow flashed in front of her, it appeared out of nowhere, there was nobody or anybody around her. The girl was frightened and was contemplating staying still or running because this shadow kept appearing getting closer and closer as if it was a person about to grab her.she looked around with horror on her face. She ran. As she was running this shadow was getting even more closer and the figure was becoming more clear to be a man.
    She turned away pretending that She didn’t see anything and then she out my head up and walked forward towards my house. As she got to the end of the alley , the tall,thin man with long fingers and a long thin neck . In his right hand there was a sharp object, very much like a knife. The shadow was no longer a shadow , there was suddenly a man standing over me. She reached in my pocket for my phone.she didn’t know what to do. Her first thought were to call for help but he would hurt her! He then hit her hand and knocked my phone out of my hand and into the puddle. She turned to a silver , sharp fence and jumped. Her eyes were closed and when She opened them she could see the mystery man trying to follow me over.
    She was then In somebody’s garden so She ran to the door as quick as She could and then knocked frantically hoping for a answer but there was no answer.she then ran and hid behind a brown bin in the street and the man was gone but he was soon to appear. He was running at me again.
    This time She ran towards him and ran right past him and She ran and ran and ran for as long as She could until he was nowhere to be seen and then she came across this massive house it was very mysterious and ancient. The still house was very grand and no rooms where light up there was stain glasses windows like a church.the house looked empty and there was nobody around, She thought that She could stay in here until morning and call for help.then she walked up to the door and she could hear a creak at every step She took because there were bricking tiles and leafs swirling around my feet as they picked up the wind. She reached for the door knob after She looked up at the house and it was open. The door knob turned the whole way around and I pushed the door a bit and it was open , She poked my head in and looked around to find nothing ! Just a empty, abandoned house . Before I walked in She quickly turned my head to look behind me when She seen the shadow again but this time it wasn’t a shadow it was the real man exactly how I thought he was . But She dint know where he was because She quickly turned my head and he was a flash in the corner if my eye so she froze and looked around form him.
    His hand was soon leaning on my head , he was pushing Her head to stop her from escaping. Then it was all dark and she was laid on the floor not a clue were she was or what happened.

  47. Laura Aldersley XDXD says:

    I woke. How long had I been gone? All I knew was that it happened on the 13th November 2013. That might help. I was alone, in my little hospital bed. The only sound was the squeaking of my respirator, echoing through the empty ward. It was dark. I sat on the bed for a while, with my head in my hands. Silence. until a sound like the corridor doors opening and closing shattered the silence. Was I really alone? I got up, the bed creaking as I did so. I slowly, timidly shuffled to the door, which stood, sturdily as an oak tree. Beckoning me to open it, talking to me.
    As I pushed it slowly open. I was blinded by the light. I squinted. I could make out an old, cracked TV. I walked slowly through the corridor, the light still leaking through the window. I stood and looked at the TV, waiting for something to appear on the screen. The light went. The TV flickered on.
    “ If you are hearing this you are one of the last humans on Earth. It’s been 3 months since they came. Since they destroyed life as we knew it.”
    I heard a scream, it stabbed my eardrums. Something whooshed through the air.
    “They’re Coming!” I stopped. Once again, I slept.

  48. Lauren :p says:

    Wind howled through the trees, tumbling through the bare branches, blowing the remaining dead leaves onto the ground. The dark sky loomed above me, casting a shadow above my head as the suns glow began to fade, leaving me with only the light of my burning candle. Night was creeping closer, and soon I would be far from safe within the forest, but still I carried on- on and on into the darkness, towards my goal.
    Still and steady as the day I’d placed it there, my mother’s grave gazed up at me from its spot in the clearing of the woods. By now it must have been past midnight, and my candle had long gone out, leaving me with only the light of the moon. I leant down to place the small bunch of drooping snowdrops on the ground above my mother’s corpse, when I stopped. There was something here, someone was watching me. Swooping round to look over my shoulder, I thought I’d seen something, someone, lurking in the gaps between the trees. Suddenly, I felt a chill trail down the back of my spine, like trickling blood. Something wasn’t right. I began to stumble towards the exit in the trees, when I froze.
    Staring at me, from behind the grave, was the dead face of my mother.

  49. amber west XP says:

    My heart was pounding hard. Sweat was dripping off my fore head. I used my soggy, dirty sleeve to wipe it off. The rustling sound was back but this time coming from in front of me, I ran. As fast as I could I had to get away from it. The rustling became louder and louder now it was following me. Getting closer and closer.
    It was a cold winters evening, and nearing dusk, a single drop of freezing rain dropped on my forehead as I looked up the sky went black. That single drop of rain was only the start of what was about to happen to the weather. Then there was a slight rustling coming from behind me I didn’t think it was anything to worry about, I later found out that I was wrong. The rustling started again but this time it was louder and higher pitched. I knew that someone or something was following me, I just didn’t know what. Although I didn’t know what it was I still ran for my life, then the rustling became quiet again. It was finally gone and then it was silent, until the silence was torn apart by the ear piercing screech that lasted for what seemed like forever. It was impossible to bare … I couldn’t take it any-more…

  50. maisie the death enthusiast says:

    tea parties in this new house were sad. mummy said that i would grow to love it, but the gothic mansion ate away the happiness in my soul. the splintering wood had long since lost its comfort, and the darkness of the building dulled everything. i took in my room. daddy tried to make it feel like home, he added in a dusty pink carpet and all my belongings, but the clashing against the sagging, bare, blue-tinted walls injected a dead, supernatural feel. in my tea party we had some cookies and some milk. but just as bear is 100complimented me on my pretty little black dress, a loud thump echoed through the house. i dismissed the thought of the unknown. its mummy dropping something important again. but it was followed by more bangs and wollops. my guess is that it is daddy is home. but where was his gravelly voice calling my name?? instead, i heard something drag itself up the stairs. almost monster like… no.i noticed my concience trying to soothe itself. i ignored the throbbing in my ears, and drank my milk politely. however, i cant ignore the shadow that suddenly towers over me. “mummy, is that you??” i whispered, with full knowledge that she was downstairs, i could hear her whistling. finally, when i faced the fear of what was behind me, i didnt even have time to scream. in a matter of milliseconds, something is ripped from my dress, and the last sight i see is a humanlike creature, with eyes sewn shut with red string and a broken straightjacket hanging from the same gaping hole that held my beating heart.

    i apologise, i couldnt make it any shorter.

  51. Giraffe 2013 says:

    The mirror, encased in an ebony frame, embroidered with a membrane of cobwebs. The mirror, standing alone in a corner, untouched, displaying my troubled reflection.
    I then took a step, disturbing clouds of settled dust, and reached out. My hand, paler than death, touched the frigid glass, etched with cracks. I ran my numb fingers down a crack, sensing the unwelcoming aura.
    It was icy to the touch, sending more than a chill down my spine as I stood, waiting. Waiting in the eerie silence, broken only by my irregular heartbeat. What lay beyond this secluded land, abandoned, known only by few? The therapeutic effect halted.
    I heard screams from the stillness. Screams of pain. Screams of torture. An invisible force pulled me forth, through the cracking in the mirror. Darkness. The swallowed night engulfed my shivering body, limp with trepidation. Fire. Flames danced encircling me, flickering amber lights in the endless night. But yet, it did not burn. Screams. Screams of terror and loss, the demise of innocent souls. Where was I? A place where I felt no physical pain, just suffered for others. With every cry in agony, and every plead for life, I stood. Powerless.

    I woke. A gaunt face reflected in the mirror. Chalky white, eyes of nothingness, into which I fell…

  52. Jasmine Dormor says:

    As I creped through the abandoned art museum, a shiver crawled up my spine. I had heard a rumor about this place, how a little girl got murdered by her dad because she would not pay attention to his painting, that was framed at the end of this large hall. When I got to the end of the art hall, I shone my battered torch over it. The painting was surrounded by 4 sculptures that looked as old as Stonehenge, whilst the painting itself was torn and ruined with red paint splattered all over it.

    Suddenly I felt something drip on my head, it trickled down my cheek and on to my hand. It was the red paint. I looked up to see where it came from, for a split second I saw a hand. No, There can’t of been. My imagination… When I looked back at the painting, there was a girl in the middle with her arm outstretched.I looked around. No one could have done this… But the other paintings had changed too. All showing this one girl.

    Crying. From behind me. I slowly turned around. Standing there was the girl who was murdered. Crying red tears and dressed in rags, her eyes as black as coal. Her arm outstretched. Suddenly my torch flickered and she disappeared…

  53. Mair 8E says:

    As I walked near the door a shiver ran down my spine. I knocked, my heart pounding with terror, then the ancient creaky door opened . Stepping slowly I looked around, I couldn’t deny it was a dusty lonely place.
    I got a lighter out of my bag and lit a candle. I could not believe this was where I would be getting married next week, I stepped up the stairs agitated looking at all the paintings.Reluctantly I shouted ‘ Hello’, nobody answered so I carried on tip-toeing up the stairs. Of course because I was in a creepy old stately home my candle blew out, so I turned around and there she was – a young beautiful lady cursed with a wicked scar going up her face into her eye. All I could think was it’s only a painting to keep myself calm.
    Dismayed I ran up the stairs awkwardly with my bag, I got to the second floor and found a cleanish bedroom, I walked in and stared at the raging storm through a window, then turned around and saw somthing. Now quite sure what to do, I just looked it was white, a white women, it was the scarred lady in an old lacy wedding dress. She pointed at me! Am I to live or die?

  54. sophia x says:

    Trudging through the debris I dragged my fingers across the disheveled walls. The wreckage: old, dead and lifeless. Once a sight flourishing with lively hood, how did it end like this? I peered through the cavities in the ceiling to see a black canvas. Scarcely dotted with luminescent lights breaking the mist and hiding from the engulfing darkness. A moon hidden in grey viscous clouds submerged itself such a deescalated sight.

    I continued to trample on the gravel through the obsolete orphanage glaring at the remains. Although there wasn’t much just overgrown stone bricks crumbling to dust. If I knew better the Victorian sight would collapse right now. However the few items there were antiques ruined by flames. Feverish dancing swallowed them.

    There were rows of pews inscribed with writing and artifacts concealed with dust under a stone outline of what use to have a window within. Draped with envious weeds.

    The lighter I grasped started to flicker. I glanced around staring at my looming breath bitten by frost. I paced towards my entry. To hear footsteps; I spun sharply to see nothing… b-but velvet caught to a shard of glass. Picking the textile up. I was overwhelmed by a sweet scent of roses. I ran.

    Singing pounded in my head. Then… I saw it. Fiery red eyes cascaded to me. Eyes like molten iron, the complexion of the creatures pale skin.

  55. Rhianon Clack says:

    The icy winds of December swept through my long golden hair. I wiped away a tear as I said one last goodbye and turned my back on the moss covered gravestone. A rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. “I might as well go home now” I thought to myself.
    Surrounding me were hundreds trees painted with frost and ancient graves. I took one step forward, snapping a twig that lay beneath my foot, when a movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I quickly turned around and noticed a silhouette-like figure stood still in the corner of the graveyard. Hundreds of questions ran through my head. What was she doing here? This place was practically abandoned.
    I slowly and cautiously made my way towards her. An icy leaf fell from a tree, landing on my head, making me jump. As I neared the mysterious figure, and a cold chill swept over me, causing me to shudder. I finally got close enough to her to just make out her pale features that were veiled by a dark cloak. I looked at her eyes, they were black and looked demonic and they were obviously set on something. I turned around to see what she was staring at. I froze in terror, as I suddenly realised what was happening…

  56. Olivia 8f says:

    I gave a gentle smile as I walked down the street, which held my childhood memories. I knew exactly where I was- home. After 20 years, I was here. I hadn’t been here since my mother went missing. I remember my home always used to look full of life, and in the summer the annual summer fair would be held. Bright colours would fill the garden, tents would be pitched up people would be happy and smiling- but in the summer of 1875, she went missing. They say she was last seen in the fortune teller’s tent, in which I always found spooky in some way. I sighed, and opened the old iron gates entering the houses gardens. I was so nervous my hands started to shake, and as the gates slammed shut I almost screamed in terror. ‘Come on!’ I whispered to myself, and I started to pace up the gravel path. There was something wrong. Something quite not right about the place. Out of the corner of my eye I could see something- what was it? A person maybe? An animal? Or just a tree? But I realised as soon as my eyes set upon it, what it was. A brightly coloured tent stood in the middle of the gardens. The fortune teller’s tent.

  57. Jess L says:

    I stopped. Despite the ten long years that had passed, the house still towered over me; I was but an ant. Silhouetted against the brightly shining moon, the house was as magnificent as ever, yet I loathed it. As if sensing me, the house instantly gathered dark, churning clouds over my head, sending hail to pound down and intimidate me. But I refused to give up. I sprinted up its steep steps and onto the forbidding front porch. Kneeling down, I rummaged under the dusty doormat, desperately searching for the key, but it wasn’t there. The doorknocker, a delicately carved lion’s head with sharp teeth and wild eyes, dared me to knock. But this house didn’t deserve any courtesies. I barged inside, dripping rain onto its stone floor. Inside the candles spluttered, casting gloomy, misshapen shadows throughout the interior and reminding me, once again, how unwelcome I was. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness and the objects around me became clearer, my heart sank into my stomach with the weight of the memories. Memories of her. Between raging sobs, I shouted out, “Where is she? I know she’s here!” But there was nothing but the sound of my own pathetic whimpers. Or was there? I could faintly hear footsteps… familiar footsteps coming down the stairs.

  58. Lorna says:

    I felt the icy whispers of the wind, emerging me in to bitter coldness filling me with an eerie shiver. The trees around me shook with the bleak winter breeze, their icy branches jutting out like sharp knifes amongst the green. The sky was a midnight blue, riddled with stars, the bright moon shining through it like a torchlight. In the middle of the woods you could make out the silhouette of a small wooden hunting lodge, I found my heart strings tugging to explore it. I strolled up to it, tired after journey and in need of shelter, my chunky boots crunching in the white blanket of snow and the fir needles snapping underneath my heavy footsteps. I banged the metal knocker against the rough wood of the door. The door wouldn’t budge. Slam. I tried again, slamming the sharp edge of my hip against the door, until it opened with a satisfying creeeeeak! When I entered the small lodge I felt a shiver manoeuvre itself down my spine. I entered the lodge hearing the door shutting behind me. It was then I heard a howl echoing through the woods, making the hairs at the back of my neck stand up. I heard scratching of claws at the door, terror filled me. An evil wolf-beast burst into the room …

  59. Kate S says:

    I wandered along the grey depressing sand, surrounded by the tenebrous eeriness of the raging sea. I had reluctantly chosen to walk along the shore to clear my turbulent mind. However the rasping coughs of wind hindered any possibility of thought.

    Suddenly my gaze moved mechanically to the ancient monastic pier wall. Rampant at the tip of the unstable structure, cemented with lost children’s prayers, and fisher men’s final breaths, stood a young maiden. Clothed in what remained of a fine lace dress, that was torn and faded from mournful years of solitude. Transfixed by the jaws of the brutal waves-as if to say farewell to the world, before letting the water swallow her and carry her to another land.

    I shouted and waved, however my hoarse cries and frantic gesticulations were inadequate in the face of her wild audacity. The wind became fiercer, and the sea more violent and, when her helpless weak soul could no longer stand, she fell into the mortal depths.

    I searched endlessly for her until I reached the spot where She had Been, and I felt her raw breath upon my benumbed neck, and a gaunt fleshless hand upon my trembling shoulder…

  60. Kiera says:

    Approaching the misty grey, dilapidated church walls, I felt a sudden shudder gradually travelling down my spine and through my blood. As the thick drapes of mist subsided, the monster like vines snaking up the ancient walls became more apparent. The only evidence left of the church steps was little pieces of rubble and stone, perhaps broken down by the continuous rainfall. As my curiosity became clearer, my mind took over, I was standing traumatized next to the daunting building.
    Just a doorway was left, and as I took the first regretted step into the ominous hall, sudden simultaneous waves of nausea and adrenalin swept through me. The stench of something struck my face, and knocked me to the ground.
    It was then when I heard it. The sound of something, something from your worst nightmare. From the ribbon like staircase came a noise, the sound of a chainsaw…
    I shot up, and my eyes began watering. My heart thumping, I clutched hold of my stomach, urging. As if I were dreaming, out of no where, a black figure approached me. It was getting nearer… I couldn’t escape. The veils of darkness cornered me. The figure became more apparent, and so did the smell. I struggled to scream and instead a choke tightened my throat. I could smell… decomposing… corpses…

  61. ? says:

    I slowly lifted my heavy eyelids and surveyed my surroundings. This tiny room was a sea of black and I could only distinguish very few objects. In the right corner of the room, a ripped and rotting armchair stood on the verge of collapsing. On the left, pieces of sparkling shards of glass littered the floor. As my eyes shifted into focus, a cold breeze swept by, making every hair on the back of my neck prick up. My eyes darted around the almost empty room. Scanning the walls and the door for less than a split second, I registered something. I found my way back to the door, as ancient and dilapidated as everything else, and there-right there- stood a figure. The figure stood in a long leather coat and matching gloves. I never saw his face- it was covered by a green mask with only a disturbing smile painted on it. I blinked. Was he moving closer? I blinked again. The blade clutched in his glove gleamed. I had to move- I had to escape! It was no use, though. His cold blade curled around my throat. He took off his mask, smiling sinisterly – then I was overwhelmed by silent oblivion…

    I slowly lifted my heavy eyelids and surveyed my surroundings. There lay the figure. Stone dead.

  62. Kitty! :) :) :) :) says:

    The Fading Light

    I trudged up the steep, slippery slope; the trees whispered as the icy wind ruffled their leafy coats. The moon floated in the night sky, alone and unwanted, much like me. I kept walking. Walking. Walking. Not knowing why. Dead flowers and rotting leaves squelched under my feet. I thought I would drown in darkness but then glimpsed a lit window surrounded by crumbling walls, like a heart that had been smashed and shattered. Turrets rose up from a sinister manor house, much like the castle I dreamed of when I was little, but lonelier and sadder.
    Shivering, I tiptoed up to the big door that stood dark and solitary like a shadow waiting for someone to set it free. Its big iron doorknocker was like a staring eye. As I placed my raw, numbed fingers on the scarred wood, it creaked open slightly, allowing a blistering gust of wind full of whispers and secrets to escape.
    I went in. The door slammed shut. I was trapped. A man stared at me, with eyes like roaring fire. He laughed diabolically, and I knew I was under his spell. He led me down into the cold, dark basement. I wanted to scream but couldn’t open my mouth. Descending into this living hell, I knew I would never see sunlight again.

  63. 2nd in 8F says:

    As I neared the ruins, I could barely see through the glossy darkness that coated the gloomy, ancient, corroded exterior of the demonic and grim castle. My surroundings were unknown however I sensed someone’s presence as I stepped on the icy leaves that piercingly cracked as I placed foot after foot on the moss covered ground. The soil crumbled away as the slope declined before me, stones and rubble had fallen from recent storms that had caused the wreckage to fall apart even more. A harsh croaking shriek intensely rose above me echoing emptily around the misty obscurity. Silence. I crept nearer and nearer until the large, rotten, tarnished oak door struck against my nose and the coldness sent an unsettling chill shiver down my spine. A sudden bang alerted all my senses and I was immediately more cautious of the lonely atmosphere around me. The intimidating, castle loomed above me casting frightening shadows that speared the ground with shards of light from the glimmering candle. “Creak” the door opened on its own accord revealing a desolate corridor that seemed to go on for an eternity. I never realised the sheer size of the ruin although that did not prevent me from entering. I cringed as cobwebs brushed my ears and bats swooped through my hair. I ventured further and further until I came to a mysterious mirror. Then it came. Echoes. Screams. Silence. Death.

  64. Maizie :) says:

    The Girl in Farnham Manor
    I stepped up to the giant oak door, which was dark, like a gaping mouth that belonged to the cold yet elegant mansion. It made the mansion look eerie and damp but it was still alive. It was still very alive. Trembling, I planted my first small footstep inside Farnham Manor. The door creaked slowly as I opened it. Wind was whistling around inside, screaming and howling around my ears like a small child being tortured. Suddenly the screaming stopped. The door slammed!
    Traumatised from the torture I had I had just witnesses, I stumbled my way up the grand wooden staircase. The wood was again oak but this time it was curved into spirals and patterns, travelling up towards the sky. I stamped and crashed up the stairs to create some noise but as I did so I heard something else. A flash of white dashed past my eyes in a blur. The outline of a girls face appeared a metre or two away. She stared at me with her dark grey eyes; chin tilted down slightly, and started to scream once more. Dark red blood poured from her mouth as she held out her hand, as if to touch me but she just held it there. Her eyes closed. She faded away.

  65. Natasha H says:

    As I opened the door, an eerie creek escaped from the ancient hinges. I took a couple of steps in before I heard a loud ‘thud.’ I looked around only to find that I was entirely alone – or so I thought. My pace increased and my heart beat grew louder. I crept up the rickety stairs. then i heard the noise again; the same ‘thud.’ Now I was beginning to tremble and shiver and thats when I realised that I wasn’t alone. There had to be someone in the house with me. My eyes darted around the room I was in, I think it was a bedroom but it was hard to tell because of the large amount of cobwebs and dust that coated everything I could see.

  66. Tash Moustache says:

    As I opened the door, an eerie creek escaped from the ancient hinges. I took a couple of steps in before I heard a loud ‘thud.’ I looked around only to find that I was entirely alone – or so I thought. My pace increased and my heart beat grew louder. I crept up the rickety stairs. Then I heard the noise again; the same ‘thud.’ Now I was beginning to tremble and that’s when I realised that I wasn’t alone. There had to be someone in the house with me. My eyes darted around the room, I think it was a bedroom but it was hard to tell because of the large amount of cobwebs and dust that coated everything I could see. I went to sit on the bed, after dusting it off a little with my hand, but that’s when I saw it. There was a black, hooded figure in the mirror at the other side of the room. It copied my every move, and the worst part… my reflection was nowhere to be seen. I screamed and ran. I ran as fast as I could but everywhere I went I could see it appear from behind a cloud of mist. Then it got me…

    • zahraxoxo says:

      As i peered open the splintered door, the velvety, blood red curtain, swooshed down, forming a huge misty cloud of thick dust. i walked through the long, narrow corridor standing on the ice cold floorboards, which creaked on my every step. loud, echoey moans filled the halls along with my footsteps and silence. The bright light shimmered throught the cracks of the big oak door and blinded my hazel nut eyes. I squinted my eyes and I tip toed through. suddenky the light cracked and there was a blackout in the only room with a working light. I turneed round and looked in the corner of my eye and i saw something that i didn’t want to see, it was a big pair of yellow glowing eyes which pierced through my soul. I ran away as fast as I possibly could,i paused for a momment as I tried to calm my breath to a pace. i closed my eyes and took a deep breath and staring at me was the monster who had been lurking….

  67. Chloe says:

    I neared playroom. The door looked chilling and uninviting. There was no knocker,as it was an entrance to a room,though peculiarly, it was padlocked. I knocked on the old,oak door,expecyting no repl oy nor any movement or noise. Indeed

  68. Lucy Hodgins says:

    I crept tentatively through the dark gloomy avenues that surrounded my childhood home. The route was etched into my brain- as was that day. The day it happened. I could see it in my mind, the bright lights, the celebration, the joyfulness, and the darkness that had slowly seeped into my brain. But that was gone now and I had vowed never to think about it again- thinking about it let the darkness back in. I need to concentrate on the task in front of me, why I was here. I had to make myself strong. I had reached the door. A low, load moaning sound echoed from within. I knew what it was, and I didn’t want to think about it. I flung open the door. A freezing cold slash of ice burrowed inside my coat. I should’ve been prepared, but I wasn’t. I clung my coat closer to me. The ice began to slither into my skin. I screamed. Flinging my coat onto the coat rack I began to climb the perilous stairs to where it was waiting. Under every step was a different place , a different life, all of which I feared. Suddenly the stair that I was standing on was no longer where it should be and I was plummeted down towards the perilous unknown.

  69. Kacey says:

    My feet reluctantly moved closer to the house; the regret slowly gathered in my mind. A single flicker of light illuminated a disturbing silhouette. My breath briefly came to a halt. My gloved hand reached out, tightly gripping the rusty doorknob and nudging the wooden entrance open. With a shuddering sigh, I peered around the house, to no avail. The room was black. I pulled my lighter from my jean pocket, pressing down on the metal button. The item allowed the dark room to be succumbed by a faint glow – somehow it was more terrifying, as I did not wish to see the creatures that lurked in the shadows. A hiss caused my head to snap up. My legs, with incredible speed, began to carry me up the stairs in the direction of the noise. I reached the room that held the creature, pushing it open with no hesitation. My chocolate hues immediately scanned the dimly lit room for any inhabitants. Another hiss caused my head to turn… and drew my attention to a body in the corner. I did not notice the shadow creeping behind me until it was too late – a pale, bony hand wrapped around my mouth, constricting my breathing and pulling me back. My eyes widened, but it was too late… The monster had found me.

  70. Mia Barker says:

    As the sun slowly disappeared behind the horizon, I knew it was time… I shut the iron windows as the darkness consumed the land and let the evil spirits roam free… I have been doing this for 3 years, every night, alone in this world as I cannot seem to find any survivors in this wasteland. During sunlight I go out and check houses to see if anyone is still alive, but the spirits have eaten nearly all of the life out this world. One night, there was one window left that I did not shut in time and I saw them, the dark spirits, they were like satanic humans that had no life in them, I had eye contact with one and my body felt like It was being pulled away from me, I slammed the iron window at secured it, I had never felt so dead in my life. Since my husband and 2 daughters had got taken away from me by those vile creatures I have made a promise to myself that I will find survivors and that I will help regain the world again. I have no one, I can’t even find anyone, I need help, I need someone, I need to get through this war.

  71. adkij12 says:

    The door of the house looked cold and uninviting. The touch of the large iron knocker seemed to freeze the skin on my hand. As I stood back to glare at the austere house when a dark figure appeared at the shadowy top window. I feel back in astonishment and I quickly averted the glare of my unwelcomed guest…

    As I turned the stone cold iron handle a shriek filled the grounds.

    A cold wind sent shivers down my spine. I turned towards the pitch dark when a flash of a black coat moved swiftly through the forest. I turned and entered the house.

    I crept along the prolonged corridor and through the open door. The floor boards creeked as I dragged my petite body to the lavish, oversized four poster bed. In the corner of the room the chestnut looking glass stood proudly next to the window. Then something suddenly caught my eye.

    A reflection in the mirror.

    A lady with a opulent black flowing dress with radiant ginger hair and a drained, corpse-like face. Her reflection showed in the mirror. I rubbed my eyes profously and when I looked back she had gone…

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