Y10 homework – Mrs Taylor’s class

Using the model below as an example, write the headline, by-line and intro for your own article.


Mrs Taylor celebrates the greatness of the humble wet wipe.

The wheel. The lightbulb. The car. The internet…. The wet wipe. Whilst a humble moistened tissue may not immediately spring to mind when recounting the greatest inventions of the last century, it would get my vote every time. And probably the vote of every other parent in the land who has ever experienced what is officially known as the ‘nappy breach’ – a code red incident involving biblical proportions of poo. Amen to wet wipes; I am a convert to the Church of the Moist Towelette.

•sophisticated and imaginative vocabulary
•wide variety of punctuation – dash and semi-colon
•short sentences
•complex sentence
•clear point of view addressing the purpose and audience of question
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