Mrs Taylor’s Year 11 Easter Homework: Poetry essay

Hello lovely ladies,

Please complete the following essay for the first lesson back:

Compare the methods poets use to present difficult relationships in The Farmer’s Bride and in one other poem from Relationships. ( plan it first, but then it needs to be written in 45 minutes)

Possible essay plan:

Introduction – introduce the two poems for comparison in relation to the words in the question; make perceptive point about the title of each.

Comparison one – language/vocabulary

Comparison two – devices (imagery/sound effects)

Comparison three – structure /form (rhyme/ rhythm / stanza division / tense / narrative viewpoint)

Conclusion – give your personal response to the poems and which is most moving/powerful in persenting a difficult relationship and why


  • 2-4 short quotes per comparison paragraph (in total, not each poem) but close interpretation and analysis of just two (one per poem).
  • Remember to finish each comparison with a comparative evaluation of which poem you think is most successful and why

The following links will support understanding of The Farmer’s Bride. There are several poems you could compare: Manhunt, In Paris with You, Quickdraw, The manhunt, Sister Maude, Harmonium, To His Coy Mistress.

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