Y11 Sunlight on the Grass : Something Old Something New

Some notes identifying key quotes and devices used in the story – print them out, and then annotate your copy of the story as a way of processing the points.

Something Old Something New – top AO2 points

You could then answer the questions:

How is love presented in SOSN? or How is emotional distance presented? or How is setting used? or How is a 3rd person narrator used?

ps – didn’t include comment on the title…. this refers to the good luck saying often used on a wedding day. The something ‘old’ symbolises the past  whereas the ‘new’ symbolises the new married life. THe story explores the idea of a marriage uniting two people with many cultural differences in their past but as we see at the end, the groom thinks her henna tattoo ‘lovely’ showing the their marriage and future life will embrace their differences rather than deny them. The saying is also very traditional – unlike this love match and wedding – so perhaps the writer is interested in exploring the plurality of modern partnerships.

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