Top Girls Lesson Two – catch up notes

For those absent today… please catch up on the following

Today we made notes on some of the characters in Act one in terms of their speech style, contribution to the conversation and what this may reveal about them. I read a translation of Pope Joan’s final Latinate speech and we were all shocked. We drew some conclusions about possible reasons for the overlapping dialogue including the wish for naturalism (most real life conversations involve overlapping and simultaneous speech) and perhaps to illustrate the competitive dynamic and lack of empathy between the characters.

I also handed out some notes on the characters and summaries of the three acts.

We started reading Act One and read aloud until the start of Pope Joan’s story. We made some notes on Lady Nijo’s acceptance of her role as a courtesan and in contrast Marlene’s questioning of it. We also looked at the juxtaposition of weighty subjects (death) and food orders (Waldorf salad).

H/W – to read the handout and to post on the blog ‘Y12 Unit 4: First impressions’ due Monday 23rd.

All in all a great start to the play!



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One Response to Top Girls Lesson Two – catch up notes

  1. Lucy Scott says:

    First impressions
    I have finished reading Top Girls and enjoyed it thoroughly! I was slightly confused at the start with the meal with women from different centuries but it act 2 and 3 were easier to understand. The overriding impression I got from the book particularly the first act was the constant interruption of the characters when they spoke, echoing the title ‘Top Girls’ showing competitiveness.

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