Y10 – When the Wasps Drowned: a question to debate

Do you think Eveline behaves within the reasonable limits of an irresponsible teen or is she morally perverse?

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8 Responses to Y10 – When the Wasps Drowned: a question to debate

  1. Chloe says:

    She is morally perverse as it is not normal teenager behavior to lie about someone being murdered to the police. She doesn’t react in a normal way to weird/dangerous situations such as the wasps attacking and digging up a dead body. A usual reaction is shock and horror not just ignoring it and hiding it. She doesn’t care about anyone except her family which is horrible

  2. Ellie says:

    I think that Eveline is acting within the limits of an irresponsible teen until the body is discovered. I think after finding the body Eveline becomes mentally unstable as she doesn’t appear to react at all. A mentally stable person would scream or shout or at least recognise what has happened. Pre finding the body, I think her irresponsibility could be linked to being forced to grow up too quickly as a result of having to look after her siblings. I think Eveline was morally wrong to not notify the police as she is preventing justice. Furthermore she blatently lied to the police. Even an irresponsible person would feel guilty about lying to the police.

  3. Bethany says:

    I don’t think that Eveline behaves within the limits of an irresponsible teen because if she is responsible enough to look after her young siblings and take them out and is trusted to do so, then surely she has the mental capacity to choose right from wrong. I think that she is morally perverse and is quite selfish in keeping this secret of the dead body between her and her siblings.

  4. Dhsbookbabe says:

    She’s not an irresponsible teen because she’s been forced into adulthood and has had to take responsibility of her siblings because of her mothers lack of maternal instinct and her job.
    However, I don’t think that she is morally perverse as she may just be acting in a way to protect her siblings and in the process unintentionally ignoring proper justice.

  5. Jasmine S says:

    I think that Eveline is morally perverse as she deliberately hides her right hand behind her back during the Policeman’s visit, which suggests that she is not courteous and is deliberately being deceitful. Furthermore, Eveline is very slow to react when Therese gets stung by the wasps, and even then she pities the wasps far more than her sister. Her unconventional responses to dangerous or inexplicable events confirms her morally perverse manner.

  6. Ella R says:

    I think that Eveline is morally perverse; she seems to sympathise with the wasps by describing them as being weak “lay dark on their backs, legs kicking, wings too sodden to fly”. This would suggest to me that she feels pity for the wasps, even though it was the wasps who had traumatised her sister. Also, her fascination with the wasps’ death would suggest to that she is sadistic and of perverted morals.
    She also withholds information from the police, also behaviour which isn’t considered moral or normal for an innocent teenaged girl. However she does display some guilt; she says that her fingers were “fiddling unconsciously, playing with the ring”, implying that she is aware of what she has done.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think she is morally perverse because a dead body is not a normal discovery so she should have told the police when she had the chance. It is a monstrosity that she thinks that she can keep such a secret from authority. If she wants to protect her siblings she should have told the truth so she doesn’t end up in jail.

  8. mariah says:

    I feel that she is all three of these-she knew that what she had done was wrong, by perverting the course of justice. She allows herself to be defined by her self- awarded maturity. “i’d just roll my eyes and turn back to my magazine.” she claims to be responsible yet she does not seem able to comprehend the serious impact that her childish secret could cause. She is abusive of her authority by “ignoring the bald patch of earth by the fence.” and concentrating on vanity and menial tasks “i’d fashioned a bikini” this illuminates her lack of compassion and understanding of the potential loss of the victim’s family; stealing the ring as a souveniere.

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