7H Reading Trail Book Reviews (Mrs Taylor’s class) 2014-5

Dear 7H,

we would like you to write at least one book review per six week term and post it here!

A merit for each book review posted (remember they should link to the genres on your reading trail and represent your reading since September 2014)

Happy reading and reviewing!

Mrs Taylor






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169 Responses to 7H Reading Trail Book Reviews (Mrs Taylor’s class) 2014-5

  1. Olivia Bates says:

    I read Famous Five, five run away together. This was the first famous five book I’ve read and I’ve got more at home. This one is about A girl called Georgina but she prefers to be called George. her cousins Julian, Anne and Dick come to visit for the summer. Their cook, Joanna had left so they had to hire a new cook, Mrs stick. now she was horrible. the four of them and Timmy the dog go to live on an island for a week as George’s mother became ill and her dad went away with her to the hospital and they were left with the sticks. The sticks kidnap a little girl and takes her to the island. the five work it out and call the police.

    I enjoyed this book. I thought it was an adventure book. I spent two hours after school one day just reading this book because it was so well written. it really built up suspense when the five tackle the Sticks.

    • Mrs Taylor says:

      I have such great memories of reading the Famous Five books. Lucky you to be reading them now. I would like you to share a bit more about your response to the book – which character did you most identify with?

    • bookruler says:

      I have read this book as well and it is amazing. I couldn’t stop reading. I love all of Enid Blyton’s books as they are all either incredibly funny or with so much suspense that you can’t stop reading them.

  2. bookwormmonkey says:

    Emily of new moon
    this adventurous and enthusiastic book has an amazing descriptive background, I could make out the place where she lived in an instant from the description! This fiction book is about a little girl called Emily. catastrophe breaks out, since she was a little girl her dad was slowly getting worse and worse from an on going illness, which in the meantime had no cure. he would eventually die. her mother died when she was only 4.
    when her dad died her mothers family felt the responsibility to look after little Emily. once Emily moved to new moon (the place where she had been taken to live although other aunts and uncles weren’t really very enthusiastic to taking 10 year old Emily in from then on, in the next three years Emily comes across a series of events to face with her friends, with high stakes to face which she could die from.
    libby moor

    • Mrs Taylor says:

      Would love to hear more about your opinions on the book Libby?

      • bookwormmonkey says:

        Hello mrs taylor,
        my thoughts on the book was:
        Amazing description.it was so well descripted that i could automatically picture the exact place and person!
        I could not leave this book alone, if i could read every minute until i finished it, i would!
        This book gripped me i couldnt stop thinking about it in my spare time! i would recommend this particular book to children aged 10 plus the reason for this is because there are a few heart pumping scenes when emily nearly faces death.
        i would recommend this book to many people it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
        libby moor

  3. Phoebe Frost says:

    The dragonfly pool
    By Eva Ibbotson

    The Dragonfly pool is a great adventure story based on a very brave young girl named Tally, who comes from a poor family. After being sent to a boarding school to protect her from the war about to break out. She discovers her real self in her adventures to Berginia. Along the way she meets various other characters such as: the prince Karil; Julia her best friend and Matto whom the king shared all his childhood memories with.

    Personally my favorite character was Tally as she may be gutsy but she’s definitely got a big heart, not only this but she always seems to think of her friends before herself. One of the best features of this book is that is all the characters seemed to be real, I could really picture all the clothes/uniforms and it was like their feelings were mine. Every time I picked up this book I didn’t want to put it down again as it really interested me and was so well written. My favorite part of the book has to be just after the king of Berginia died and the Deldertorians started a dancing/singing parade to save Karil.

    The only problem was that by the end of the book before the epilogue the book became less exciting and not much happened so this left me feeling a little bored but the epilogue summed it up well.

    I’d recommend this book to people ages 11-13 so years 7 and 8s. As I’ve loved this book so much and I’d really like others to receive this great reading experience!!

    By phoebe frost 7H

  4. Amber Dibble says:

    By Emma Pass
    It is all about a girl named Jenna Strong who gets sent to prison at the age of fifteen which personally i think is too young.One day she goes to the infirmary but then a couple hours later she wakes up in a different building with a new apperance she turns from Jenna Strong to Mia Richardson with help in hope of being protected from ACID.So far i think that Jenna/mia is really brave and gutsy.If i was in that book i would look up to her as she is never afraid and curious at times.Also you wouldnt want to get on the wrong side of her as she has a quick temper as her fake life partner found out.
    I would recomend the book for years 7 to 11 (age 12 to16).i think that this book is amazing and that i wish there was a sequel.

  5. bookruler says:

    Dewey the library cat
    Vicky Myron.

    Dewey the library cat is an incredibly moving story by Vicky Myron. near the end of the book you can’t help crying as the amazing cat is put down because he had a tumour which (if he hadn’t been found in the book returns box on a freezing night) would have slowly killed him in the streets. on a more positive note there is a funny part where all the library workers are in a war with Dewey, trying to stop him eating all the rubber bands and he would somehow always find a way to eat them. The workers then tried to find the main source of the rubber bands and they kept looking until they finally found that the main provider was the owner’s friend’s cup!

    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and is looking for a moving yet hilarious book.

    R.I.P Dewey.

  6. Maisie says:

    Dork diaries
    Rachel Renee Russell

    Nikki Maxwell, the main character, is moving to a new school because she has no friends and she is hoping she might just stand a chance of making some new friends but of course life is not that simple………….

    This is basically a diary of Nikki Maxwell’s life. There are lots of ups and downs for her – well mostly downs!!!some of the key features in this book are: she battles her mum to try to get an iPhone so that she can WOW the popular girls in her new school, she tries to enter an art contest but ends up entering a library shelving club all because of the school’s queen bee, Mackenzie! But the good thing about joining the library club is that Nikki met her two best friends Chloe and Zoe!!! Also by joining the club, they got a chance to go to New York!

    I recommend this book to year 6,7and 8 as younger ones might not understand some of the words and phrases in the book. Hopefully lots of other people will enjoy this amazing reading experience!!!!

    Maisie Bees xx

  7. Alice Asquith says:

    Divergent by Veronica Roth.
    This thrilling read by Veronica Roth is a really amazing book and i would recommend it to anyone my age. It is set in the future where everyone is divided into the different five factions depending on they’re personality; Dauntless the brave , Amity the kind, Candor the truthful, Erudite the intelligent and Abnegation the selfless. But Beatrice is a divergent which means she fits none of the factions. At first she doesn’t realize how dangerous being a divergent is. This book packed with adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat…
    I am really glad to have found such a brilliant book and cant wait to read the second one, Insurgent.

  8. Jasmine Veater says:

    I read Harry Potter and the Philostiphers stone, i thought it was realy good and the description was so good i could imagine it in my head i am going to read the second one next because the i want to see what happens.

    it was about a boy who lives with his aunt and uncle and doesnt know he is a wizard his parents died and he wouldnt of found out if his parents old friend hadnt told him. He goes to a wizard school and lots of crazy stuff happens.

  9. Ebba wadlan says:

    By Melvin Burgess
    Junk is a book about a young teenage girl called Gemma who runs away to Bristol to stay with her friend Tar. Tar also ran away from Bristol to escape his parents beating him. They stay in a squat with a group of people but then they find some new friends and get involved in drugs. They become addicts and get in to a horrible mess. The police find them and Tar takes the blame then Gemma finds out she is pregnant. When Tar comes out of prison he has a beautiful baby girl called Oona but Gemma decides she no longer wants to see Tar and they go their separate ways.
    This is an issues book, I loved it and I never wanted to put it down. It was very interesting, it was good all the way through, it made you happy, it made you sad, it made you come back for more. I recommend this book to 11-17 year olds, it was a very good book and I enjoyed reading it, I hope Melvin Burgess writes more books like this.
    By Ebba Wadlan

  10. Madison Davies says:

    I read charlottes web by E.B. White. I enjoyed reading this book because it made me think about real life pigs and if they really do think about this sort of stuff. My favourite part was when Wilbur the pig met Charlotte the spider. I liked this part because at first I didn’t know who was talking to Wilbur because the book says: darkness settled over everything. Soon there were only shadows and the noises of the sheep chewing their cuds, and occasionally the rattle of a cow chain up overhead. You can imagine Wilbur’s surprise when, out of the darkness came a small voice he had never heard before. It sounded rather thin, but pleasant. “Do you want a friend, Wilbur?” it said. “I’ll be a friend to you. I’ve watched you all day and I like you.”
    “But I can’t see you,” said Wilbur, jumping to his feet. “Where are you. And who are you.”
    “I’m right up here,” said the voice. “Go to sleep. You’ll see me in the morning.”
    That is why I love this book because it is like a mystery!

  11. Redfox says:

    Smile from the New York best selling author Raina Telgemeier

    I totally under-packed book wise when I went to the states a couple of years ago so we went into Walmart (american version of Asda) to get myself a book. I pick up this book because I am going to get my braces soon and am very apprehensive by the situation.

    Smile is a true story of her own experiences in a comic book style. I give this book 5/5 stars as I have recommended and lent it to a lot of my friends who are also going to have braces and they all love it. I love this book because if I ever get worried about braces this implies that whatever reason I need braces something good will come out of it, in these circumstances straight teeth.

    Raina is growing up and coping with everything life throws at her in her home town San Francisco including the trauma of losing her two top front teeth. Earthquakes, boys, school, bullies and teeth she deals with it all through the daunting adventure from middle to high school. When she eventually finds her true friends it helps her learn to see her beautiful side all she needs to do is SMILE!

  12. bookwormmonkey says:

    The Letter to the King
    by Tonke Dragt
    During Tiuri’s whole 24hours of being totally silent in a chapel, before becoming a knight, he heard a knock,he looked towards his friends……..silence, they obviously hadn’t heard a thing.there it was again,Tiuri thought “i’m just imagining things.” Suddenly he heard it louder, curiosity had got the better of him. Silently Tiuri made his way towards the door, he opened the door a crack and exclaimed “whose there?hello?”
    “Hello, i have an incredibly important letter, which needs to be taken to a knight with the white shield, he will carry the letter to its final destination……………………..”

    From here on, things weren’t going to be easy for Tiuri! Whilst on his travels, he meets and faces many threats. unfortunately, for some reason he has to take the life or death letter to it’s destination, instead of giving it to the knight! Facing terrifying threats, some being:
    Threatened by an arrow nearly being shot through Tiuri and his companions heart,
    Very nearly getting frostbite,
    Encountering enemies which will not miss a chance of killing Tiuri,

    Overall this book was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!i loved this book because, it has amazing description and you can never stop thinking about the story. I garantee you will not find this book at all boring or lame at any point,throughout the whole entire book i could not keep my mind of it! i would reccomend reading this book for ages 9-14. i give this book a rating of 9/10 stars! i am looking forward to reading the second book following on from this which is coming out soon!
    libby moor

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      I submitted this before managing to correct the grammar (capital letters and spellings) so I apologise for the grammatical errors and mistakes. I will make sure I read it through in future.
      Libby Moor

  13. Amber Dibble says:

    awful Auntie
    By David Walliams
    I thought that this book was amazing! It is all about a girl named Stella Saxby who one day Is the heir to Saxby Hall. There is only one thing stopping her…Her awful auntie Alberta and her pet owl Wagner. Personally I think that there are no words to describe Alberta. She is so horrible to Stella who is only nearly 13.From trapping her in the coal cellar to trying to murder her. Aunt Alberta has it all planned.
    I found this book tragic yet exciting. I wish I was there to help her get rid of her devilish auntie once and for all.
    **** stars rating

    • Amber Dibble says:

      I gave it four stars because at some points it got a bit boring

    • Georgia Collins says:

      I love David Walliams!!! He is SO funny and all of his books are amazing. Have you read Ratburger, Gansta Granny and Mr Stink because i think they are really good. I haven’t read that one yet but now i think i may have to buy it from a shop!!!

  14. Georgia Collins says:

    Lia’s guide to winning the lottery
    Keren David
    This book is an issues book where Lia is preparing to take her GCSE’s and going through a hard time trying to get noticed by her crush Rafeal when on her 16th birthday she is given a lottery ticket by her friend Jack and her whole life changes…

    I think this book i really engrosing as i couldn’t put it down and would of read forever if i could. I think lots of people could relate to the things that happen such as the struggle with friend Shazia (who is Muslim), the boyfriend troubles and the worries she has for her sister Natasha who is using the money to become popular.

    I reccomend this book to anyone 11-16 as the troubles of puberty and growning up will be easy to relate to. I am really happy I decided to read this book and it has given some really good adivice for life. I think lots of people should try this book and it is in the school libary. I want to read more books like this in the future as i hadn’t before and i can’t wait to read another similair book.

    Georgia Collins

  15. Olivia Bates says:

    Diamond Girls
    Jacqueline Wilson

    Jacqueline Wilson is the only author that I can understand. A lot of other books talk nonsense to me. This book was one of my favourite books that I’ve read. My favourite character is Jude. She is 14 and is really into fighting and is more of a tomboy. There is a character called Rochelle and she is twelve. she is really into makeup and fashion and all that stuff. There is also a character called Martine. she’s sixteen and has a boyfriend called tony. The main character is called Dixie. She is meant to be ten.

    Her mum gets pregnant and needs a bigger place to live so she buys a new house on the planet estate in a street called mercury. Martine has to leave her Tony to move to the planet estate but she agreed with mum that she will stay for a little while and then leave when the baby is a few months old. When they get there, the place is absolutely disgusting. They had to decorate the house and fix the place up. even the area was horrible. Definitely not what was on the pictures. Mum finds out that the baby is a boy and gets really excited because she had always wanted a boy. When the baby was born, It was a girl…

    Olivia Bates.

  16. bookwormmonkey says:

    The House Of Secrets
    by Chris Columbus
    Whilst the Walkers were viewing their “to be”house,Brendan,Cordelia and little Nell find almost everything suspicious. Especially the angel statue, which had been there when they entered the house, but it wasn’t there when they came out!

    Two weeks later the walkers moved in. When they were eating their pizza in front of the TV, the doorbell rang and straight away a lady with a polk-a-dot dress exclaimed she was their neighbour, all of a sudden Brendan started whacking her with his bat and saying “you horrible angel, how dare you just walk into our house like that!” The silence echoed around the room, then out of nowhere dad said :excuse me, but please can you GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE IN STEAD OF JUST WALKING IN ON US LIKE THAT!”

    Then she walked out. Unfortunately, the Walker family did not know that from now on things would be soooooooooo much harder, especially with the horrible witch who disguised as the polka-dot-dress lady! During the process of trying to get back to the real world, the 3 young walkers parents are killed and lost on the way.

    Throughout this book, I was thoroughly entertained; I never felt like I HAD to read it, I just read it for the love of the book. The words the author used were immense! I gave this book 8/10 because at a point it was a page of taking to each other but otherwise this book was AMAZING! I would recommend this book to age 9 upwards because it is a bit sad at one point!
    Libby Moor

  17. Alice Asquith says:

    Insurgent by Veronica Roth.
    Insurgent is the amazing book that comes after Divergent and just as good. Being a divergent makes life difficult for Beatrice Prior. But she has bigger things to worry about as Euridute continue to meddle with other factions and she starts to wonder whats outside the fence…
    This excellent book only took me a couple of days to read, I’ve enjoyed it from the start and can’t wait to read the third book, Allegiant.

  18. Ebba wadlan says:

    Wolf Brother
    By Michelle Paver
    Wolf Brother is a part of a thrilling series called: Chronicles of ancient darkness .This book is about a boy called Torak who has made a vow to his now dead father to find the Mountain of the world spirit so he can destroy the evil demon bear that killed him. Torak is a part of a wolf clan, he meets a young wolf which he names Wolf, he is his guide and he will lead him through this tough adventure. There are loads of clans scattered around the forest. He meets the Raven clan and they tell him about the prophecy. Renn is part of the raven clan and she joins Torak and Wolf on this great adventure.
    I loved this book, right now I am reading the second book in the series. I love how it keeps me interested, it gets you scared, it gets you mad and it also gets you sad. It’s an emotional roller coaster. I recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and is 10-15. I hope you will read this it is in the school library
    By Ebba Wadlan

  19. Rachel Jonas says:

    The Hunger Games
    By Suzanne Collins
    First of all, this book was amazing! There was so much suspense, i just couldn’t put it down! I had already seen the movie before I read it, but the book was even more exciting.

    The Hunger Games is about a futuristic area, called Panem, which is split into 12 districts and the capitol. Every year, there is an annual hunger games in the capitol where a boy and girl from each district will fight to the death in an outdoor arena to earn their district a year’s worth of food and money.

    I enjoyed the book, as you never know what is going to happen next. I especially enjoyed the part when Katniss and Peeta camped in a cave, as you are just waiting for someone to come around the corner and hunt them down!

    I would recommend this book for children and adults 11 and over, as you can put yourself into the tributes’ shoes which makes the book so much more enjoyable! There are a few copies of The Hunger Games and the two other books in the trilogy in the school library, if you would like to read them. I can’t wait to read Catching fire, the next in the series!

  20. sophie says:

    Dork Diaries Double 2
    Rachel Rene’e Russel
    This book is a diary entry. The girls diary is all about her life and how she thinks she is such a DORK! Unfortunately I didn’t really get to know her that much as I only read half of the book because it was a really thick book.

    I would really recommend this book if you are a big reader but if you are not I think you would manage it because the pages are not that long and the writing is quite big and there is not very much of it. There are other dork diary stories that are not as long but unfortunately I haven’t read any of them because they are always out on rent so they must be really good.

    Over all I think that this writer is a very good one and I think I will be reading another one of her stories or diary entries.

  21. Jess Aldersley says:

    A Series Of Unfortunate Events

    this was a brilliant book.it was about this family who were very wealthy and live happy lives until one day their mansion of a house caught on fire and both the parents died. then the three children are going to each of their relatives houses to live who are slowly getting killed off by the man who set the fire that killed their parents.

    i enjoyed this book because it was a kind of adventure. but it was also kind of sad because obviously their parents died. but it was still a really great book.

    i recommend this great book for anyone.

    Jess Aldersley

  22. Annelise Brundell says:

    I read ‘The Legacy’ from the library. I thought it was very good because it always left bits out and left the chapters on a cliff hanger, it is about a woman and her depressed older sister. They’ve inherited their late grandmothers house, in which they came to as kids every summer. Erica believes her sister is depressed because of what happened years ago in the old manor. While this is getting you engrossed in a book a read in one weekend I loved it so much, their great-grandmother’s story is unfolding, one chapter of Erica, then one of her great-grandmother. This is very clever because it makes you read on when the last chapter ends on a cliff-hanger, to find out what happens. This is an amazing book and I honestly recommend it!

  23. yolosoread says:

    4 Children And It
    Jacqueline Wilson
    This book is amazing I really love the excitement that goes on. Basically what happened is the oldest child Rosalind has read the book five children and it. One day her and her family went to a place called Foxtrot Woods and she decided to go and build a sand castle so she dug and dug and she found a little monkey like creature staring up at her it was the psammeed from 5 children and it.
    So her and her siblings: Smash, Robbie and Maudie all granted wishes and the Psammeed granted the wishes they wished for. Now I don’t usually like stories like this but I recommend this to anybody else.

  24. Phoebe Frost says:

    The medusa project the set up
    By Sophie Mckenzie

    This book is a brilliant series of adventure stories, about 4 children who have just discovered physical abilities within themselves. In this book it explains how/why the teenage children where implanted with a gene (the medusa gene) when they where younger and also the mysterious way all there mums had died. As the first in the series it introduces the book really well explaining all about William foxes scientific experiments.

    The writer (Sophie Mckenzie) chose some really descriptive and clever ways to get the reader interested and not want to put this, wonderful, mind-blowing book, down and they really worked on me .I’m not surprised she wrote the multi award winning books, Girl missing and Blood ties. I discovered this book from a friend-whose always got her head in a book- and it really lived up to all the great things she said about it!

    This incredible book is a great example of the genre,adventure, with brilliant suspense and indescribable happenings.

    My favourite part has to be when Ketty is falling off the edge of the cliff and she was so nearly lost forever but no, Nico manages to get his ability of telekinesis to save her at the last minute! My favourite character also has to be ketty because she’s so different and seems like an overall nice person, even though most people who read this will find Nico the best as he is the true hero but he couldn’t have saved the day without Ketty, Ed or Dylan.

    It took me about 3 days to read it when I got into it but I m quite a fast reader .I would recommend this book to anyone my age so ages 10-13. I really enjoyed this book and if you decide to read it I hope you will too,
    Out of 5 stars I award 4 1\2

  25. Phoebe Frost says:

    Half a sister
    By Kelly McCain

    Half a sister is a great adventure book all about a 12-year-old girl Hannah finding her older sister who has lived in Paris for 11 years. At the beginning her fear was over throwing her excitement of meeting her dads other daughter, Ellie, but by the Thursday (the day before Ellie arrived) her excitement overtakes at around 80% excitement and 20% fear and anxiety. But will all her thoughts end up being true, will a half sister be better than no sister at all or is she wrong?

    The author Kelly McCain is a talented writer with many skills and imaginative, creative thoughts including her ability to create such an amazing book. This is another book that got recommended by a friend who thoroughly enjoyed it and I wanted to know what she kept talking about!

    Half a sister is a brilliant example of an adventure book with an interesting climax nearer the end when Hannah finds out what’s really wrong with Ellie’s mum and that it wasn’t just the crash.

    My favorite character is Hannah because she’s just as I expected not over the top but just a normal 12-year-old girl unlike Ellie who seems very into fashion. I also quite liked Maya but then she seemed like she couldn’t make her own decisions and Beth kind of ruled her. My favorite part is at the end when they become close like a real family and everything is understood and noticed in their daily life I also enjoyed the part when the big row erupted between Ellie and Hannah.

    It took me about 4 days to read this book but I spent quite a lot of my free time reading.
    I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books involving lots of arguing and suspense and aged between 10-13.
    Out of five I would award this book 4 stars****

    • amber dibble says:

      The Iron, The switch and the broom cupboard.
      This book is fantasy and comedy. It is the fifth Jiggy McCue novel. It is about a boy named Jiggy who hides in a broom cupboard from his teacher. When he comes out he finds himself in a another world swapped places with Juggy McCue .He has to adapt and pretend to be someone he isnt.The mystery is will he get back…
      I chose this book as I thought that the blurb sounded interesting and it sounded similar to the lion, witch and the wardrobe. It was very funny and I couldn’t put it down it was that good. Every time a new chapter started I found a new mystery within. My favourite character is Juggy’s sister. She is called Suzie but when she. Was little she had a lisp and pronounced it Swoozie and it stuck. Also she is very smart and angelic. My favourite part was when he had to do extreme ironing very dangerously such as hanging from a cliff.. If his rope broke he could have some tragic consequences. Jiggy is not happy with this new life and finds that he cannot adapt.at the end he learns that they have similar lives and receives the news he is going to become a big brother to a sister named Suzie…
      I would rate these book five stars. I found it amazing and one of the best books I have read. I would recommend this book for people aged 9 to 13.Also it would be suitable for people who like comedy books. This book has no tragic times but a couple disgusting such as he chewed a pre chewed blob of gum he found under a bed. I found this book a bit confusing as you couldn’t easily tell what boy they where talking about. Altogether though I would say this book is amazing and you should read it.

  26. Sarah Good says:

    Diamond by Jacqueline Wilson

    This is probably one of my favourite books by this author apart from ‘Queenie’.
    I enjoyed this book because it has good times,bad times,drama and a good amount of suspense.
    This is one of the many books that I couldn’t put down because of how interesting and exciting it was. The main Character is called Ellen-Jane Potts but her stage name is Diamond.
    She performs at Tanglefields Travelling Circus as ‘ Diamond the acrobatic child wonder’.
    Her act is with ‘The silver boys’ and she does acrobatics with them including backflips, cartwheels and more.
    About halfway through the book a character called Hetty Feather comes to the circus to perform as the ringmaster and becomes close friends with Diamond.
    This book is packed with weird and wonderful things like monkeys going missing, acts being removed from the circus and new acts arriving.
    I would recommend this book to anyone between 10 and 16 but anyone can read it as it is an amazing book.
    I’d give this book 5 out of 5 stars because all books by Jacqueline Wilson are just brilliant and great fun to read.
    Thanks! 🙂

  27. Millie Perkins says:

    Take me home
    By Melissa Wareham

    This book is about seven dogs that at point of their lives lived in Battersea dog shelter in London.
    The main character is a lady called Melissa who always wanted dogs when she was growing up and never got one, so when she seen the opportunity to be with hundreds of dogs daily, she took it and ran.
    Along the way she meets: Gus, Buster, Benjamin, Pepe Le Pew, Roscoe and Tulip, who all have their own stories to tell.
    Not only do you get to learn about the lives of the dogs at Battersea but you also get gorgeous photos of the dogs themselves.
    I would aim this book at 11-12 year olds. I highly recommend this book to dog lovers like myself. I’m not a great fan of non-fiction but this book is definitely worth a go.

  28. Maddie Clark says:

    Title: School For Good And Evil
    Author: Soman Chainani

    The main characters are two girls called Agatha and Sophie they live in a village called Gavaldon Every four years two children are kidnapped never to return. A lot of children fear being taken but not Sophie …

    Sophie really wanted to be kidnapped and become a princess and she believes that being kidnapped would enthuse that. When the girls were taken things didn’t go to plan …

    I really liked this book because it is different and very interesting. This book has won the “Waterstones Children’s Book Awards”. I am currently reading the second book to this called “A World Without Princes” It is really good. I would recommend this book to ages 10 – 15 as in some short parts it can get a bit scary.
    I rate this book
    $ $ $ $ $

  29. lizzie b says:

    wolf brother
    Michelle Paver
    I love this book. its the story of a young boy who’s parents are dead, that travels with his wolf friend . There is a demon bear on the lose that killed Toraks father and he’s the only one that can kill it.

    I chose to read this book because my friend Elsa in 7 f recommended it to me. I would recccommend this book to anyone that likes blood and gore and does not get scared easily, not to someone squeamish.
    it took me three days to read this book,(I was really into it and could not put it down)

  30. lizzie b says:

    the dead girls detective agency.
    by Susy Cox

    this book is fantastic. it is about a girl who is murderd at a subway train staition and she arrives at the Atesa, the place where murderd teenagers go. she has to solve the mystery of her death to receive her key to the other world.

    I wold recommend this book to anyone that likes murder and romance, it is funny and I could not put it down.it took me about two days to read but I didn’t put it down once.

  31. Queen of the book! says:

    The Heroes of Olympus: The House of Hades.
    By Rick Riordan
    Review by Ella 🙂

    A prophecy, a ship, the end of the world. But what will the crew of the Argo II do to save everything they know?
    This book is full of secrets, deceit, lies and friendship. The basic outline is, due to the great prophecy, a group of 7 demigods sail and fly in their Greek trireme into the depths of the house of Hades, becoming trapped. But will Hazel’s magic save them?
    This book is the 4th in the series, but I suggest that you read all of the Percy Jackson books and books 1, 2 and 3 in this series before reading this one to get your head around the Greek world in which this story is set. All will be revealed…..
    Be warned, all of these books only make sense if you have read the previous books and they all end on a cliff-hanger.
    This book is quite long and it took me quite a long time to read, but it is hilarious and a great book.
    Rating = *****

  32. bookworm3000 says:

    Divergent by Veronica Roth

    This futuristic thriller is the first book in the gripping Divergent series. In the book Chicago is divided into five groups called factions:
    Abnegation-the selfless
    Amity-the peaceful and the land farmers
    Candor-the honest
    Dauntless-the brave and fearless
    Erudite-the intelligent
    Each year all sixteen year olds must choose a faction to devote the rest of their lives to, but before doing this they must take an aptitude test. An aptitude test is where you get injected with a serum which simulates fear and produces a result containing a faction which you are suitable for. When the main character, Beatrice, takes her aptitude test she is surprised when her results show inconclusive meaning that she is Divergent. If anyone finds out about her Divergence it could kill her, this is a secret that she cannot trust anyone with.

    At the choosing ceremony Beatrice is surprised when her brother, Caleb, leaves their home faction, Abnegation, and transfers to Erudite. At the choosing ceremony to choose which faction to devote the rest of your life to you have to cut your hand and let your blood drip into the bowl of your desired faction. When Beatrice’s name is called she cuts her hand with a knife and holds it over Abnegations bowl but at the last moment changes to Dauntless.

    After Beatrice chooses her faction she travels to Dauntless by train with her fellow Dauntless initiates she makes a friend on the train called Christina who came from Candor. When she gets to Dauntless she has to jump off of the train and onto the roof of Dauntless, she then had to jump from the roof through a hole in the ceiling far down below and land in a net in the bottom. Beatrice renames herself Tris and alongside her fellow initiates will have to face physical and mental challenges.

    I really enjoyed reading this book and I recommend this book for 12 years and over. Altogether I rate this book 5 bookworms out of 5 bookworms.

  33. ashlynmw says:

    Tudor Rose
    By Anne Perry

    This 69 paged book is about a girl who goes back in time to the Tudors and wakes up to be a servant to queen Elizabeth and when the queen goes to another country she needs to follow to tell her something very important.
    I read this book because all the comments bout it on-line said that it was very good and that it was exciting and a very well written adventure story. My favourite part was when a man from a pub helped her to look after her horse and gave her something to eat and drink and somewhere to sleep on the way to the queen.
    I would recommend this book to someone who wants to read a short book but still read something exciting.
    I award this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

  34. Ebba wadlan says:

    Spirit walker
    Michelle Paver
    There is a sickness going around the world, first you get blisters all over your body, they are so itchy and uncomfortable you scratch them until they come off. You then go completely crazy and insane, then it gets too much and you take your own life. The forest is slowly dying but there is a Mage, (a shaman) that is said to have the cure. Torak, who is the main character, decides to seek him out but he lives in the middle of the sea with the Seal clan. The sea mother does not take liking to this young forest boy who invades her territory, she makes his life a whole lot harder on this deadly important mission. His only friend, Wolf has left him to join another pack, Torak thinks he is a complete weirdo and feels like he does not belong.
    This book is the second book of the six part series “The chronicles of ancient darkness” .This book is a fantasy book, it may not be for you if you don’t like this kind of genre but I like it because anything can happen and you don’t have to be tied down by the truth. My favourite part was when Torak found out two massive secrets. My favourite character is Torak because I can sometimes relate to him, I love how he physically looks like he couldn’t even defeat a tree but mentally he could concur a mountain. I recommend this book to 10-15 year olds I give it ***** stars.

  35. Eloiser says:

    Geek Girl- Holly Smale
    Geek Girl is a book about a 15 year-old geek, Harriet Manners, and how she from geek to chic. Harriet isn’t like other girls at school. She isn’t cool or trendy, doesn’t like fashion and gets bullied a lot by Alexa. Her best friend Nat, loves fashion and has wanted to be a model since she was seven. Harriet’s dad loves Harriet and will do anything for her. Annabel, her stepmother, is a lawyer. She helps Harriet whenever she can and Harriet loves her.
    Nat drags Harriet on a school trip to a clothes festival, where Harriet has some embarrassing accidents and unexpectedly spotted by a modelling agency. She is signed and rushed to Moscow for a fashion show. But when she gets home there are a few problems to deal with.
    The author Holly Smale is a talented writer with many skills and creative thoughts including her ability to create such an amazing book. My friend recommended this book to me and I know she really enjoyed it.
    I loved this book! It only took me four days to read this book! I can’t wait to read the next in the series! (1 of 3) the way it’s written is easy to understand. It is clever and funny. I would recommend it to anyone aged 11-15. I would rate the book 5 stars.
    By Eloise

  36. darceyxx says:

    The fault in our stars
    TFIOS is about a girl called hazel grace who has cancer and goes to a support group where she meets a boy called augustus and they.
    it was written by john green and has won awards but i’m not sure how many though.
    the reason I chose it was because my friends said that it was goo but they didn’t say about how sad it was!
    my favourite bit of the book is when they go to their favourite authors house in Amsterdam and they think he going to be really nice and posh but really he’s just rude to them and always drunk!
    I think the best character is Augustus because he says some really useful and helpful quotes.
    it took me about 2 and a bit weeks to read this book because it was quite long and the writing was really small compared to the last book I read so I had to get used to it being small again!
    I don’t think people under the age of 10 should read this book because it has a few swears in it and it was really confusing because it listed a lot of different types of cancer that might be hard for them to read.
    I RATE THIS BOOK *****

  37. Grace Beattie says:

    Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

    Billionaire Boy is a witty and entertaining book. Joe Spud, the main character is the richest boy in the world. There is nothing that Spud needs or wants or so you think. Early on in the story you realise that Spud would really like a best friend. Despite thinking that Joe was a spoilt brat, I also felt sorry for him. He hadn’t always been rich, it started when his dad invented ‘Bum Fresh’. Despite his riches he decides to lead a normal life and make friends. Things don’t go to plan. I think there is an underlying story of whether friendships can be bought. Although the book is very funny it is sad that his dad needs to pay another child to be his friend.

    This is a book that I still find very funny after reading it numerous times. I love how David Walliams describes his characters with such detail and illustrations to make sure you can imagine all the minute details and imagery. I enjoy reading books by David Walliams and whilst usually funny and entertaining they have a moral to them. This is my favourite and I would recommend to readers age 8 and older and give it a full five stars.

  38. TheBookReader says:

    Secrets, lies and locker 62
    Lil Chase

    This amazing book is very gripping and could definitely be classified as a page turner! It has a very easy plot that is not difficult to understand. On the first few pages it slowly introduces the main character, Maya. The 13 year old is very apprehensive about starting her new secondary school after her awful experience with bullies in her previous school. However she is determined to make it into the ‘cool gang!’ One the first couple of days she is assigned to a locker 62. “Great!” was Maya’s initial thought…but soon after she realised this locker had been used as a school dumping ground for all the students deepest darkest secrets. In addition, Maya has a ‘school bully’ to throw into the mix or is he a bully? Will Maya find one of his secrets?

    The author, Lil Chase, portrays a very interesting way in which a couple of secrets can dig up the past of her mother, the school and most importantly her best friends. Many people would think this book is a mystery as it includes a lot of secrets on a back drop of boys, school life, families and health. I would recommend this book to girls aged 10-15 as it is a girly kind of book focused on school life, fitting in, being cool and many other queries that school girls could experience. In this respect, this book could potentially help someone going through a rough time at school.

    Zeba, one of Maya’s best friends is my favourite character as she is unique in her personality and is not afraid to say what she thinks which puts an effective, realistic twist on the exiting story. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a short but interesting read. It took me about 3 weeks to read, however I was reading in short sessions. I am sure a keen reader could read this in about 3-5 sittings.

  39. bookwormmonkey says:

    Blood Ties
    By Sophie Mckenzie
    This book was about two teenagers,a girl and a boy who have been cloned by a VERY clever scientist, Theo is determined to find his dad, so he decides to travel up to where his dad supposedly ‘worked’. From here on Theo has to battle what his dad actually is, and has to come round to the fact of a VERY different life. It is not easy from here on!

    The reason I chose this book was because I had recently read books by Sophie Mckenzie, so I decided to look at the books which she had also published. here I decided to have a go at this book because the blurb caught my eyesight straight away,this is the same as soon as I read the first chapter,I knew where Theo was,who he lived with,and his personality. As well as this, because there were two teenagers,so the chapters went like:Theo’s view, Rachel’s view and so on.
    I think the genre of this book has in fact two places to be:
    1. Crime-what Theo’s dad is doing is VERY illegal,so this is why I think it also fits into the Crime genre because his dad’s job is DEFINITELY what the story is based on!

    2.Issues-this is not the only book in the series! there is actually another book after this particular one,it is called Blood ransom,so this is why I believe Blood ties is in the issues genre as well as the Crime section!

    My favourite part of the book, was when Rachel found out who she was a clone of. The reason I liked this particular part was because the description was soooooooo good I was amazed,I’d never come across description so good like that!

    It did not take me long to read because i enjoyed it so much,it took me roughly 3 days,it had about 456 pages. If you’re like me,when I love a book I never put it down or leave it until I finish it!

    I would recommend this book for ages 8+ because there are some scary moments, but otherwise it is great! If you love adventurous,heart racing, keeping you guessing all the way through books this is the one for you!

    I would give this book 10/10 stars because of the amazing description! It is amazing the best book I’ve read this year.(I have read a lot of good books this year and I mean a LOT!)

    Libby Moor

  40. bookwormmonkey says:

    Blood Ransom
    By Sophie Mckenzie
    This is the book which carries on from the book Blood Ties. In this book continuing the story,I think that it is even better than the first series because of the description and how it is so good that if you’ve not read the first one you will still get the story and whats going on!

    In this book Rachel and Theo have been moved away from each other for safety,but Rachel finds out that elijah(the man who created her and Theo)was on an island in Scotland where she was staying! From here things go turn for the worst possible thing that can happen…………….

    The reason i chose this one was because on the library computer I found that this book was the book continuing on from Blood Ties. Sophie Mckenzie,I love her because she has amazing description whenever possible. There isn’t a page without amazing,speechless description!

    This book fits into the Criminal Genre because, like I said before, Elijah’s work was the main subject of the story and the whole entire story was based on Elijah’s heart racing work when I heard it it was amazing, but the consequences he took we greater than before.

    During this book I enjoyed it when Rachel found out what was in the gleaming blue pods which Elijah had used and taken her blood for……………. I won’t spoil it for people who want to read it!

    This book didn’t take as long to read as Blood Ties because it was a bit shorter and i got so engrosed in it I read it for hours on end! There were roughly 410 pages with reasonable writing size.

    I would recommend this book to people who have read Sophie Mckenzie books before and if you love books which keep you thinking all the time you’re reading it! This books deserves 9.95/10 stars because there was a bit at the start where it repeated a chapter at the end of the book before it,which was annoying for me ,but it might not be for other people who have not read the first one!

    Libby Moor

  41. bookwormmonkey says:

    Deadly Dare Mysteries
    By Malorie Blackman
    This book consists of three stories in one,but the follow on from the other,which I like because you can only read that book with the three stories in and you cant get them separate. The reason I love this is because when you normally read a book in a series,it repeats a few chapters of the book before it,which personally I find annoying!

    This book is about three children called Angela,Ricky and Theo.The three stories are set on Theo’s Ricky’s and Angela’s mystery solving group. in each story there is one problem which they have to solve.In the second story this boy named Toby(but everyone calls rocket) has created a program which helps solve mysteries,given information!This is when Rocket joins the mystery group, so there were four people in the mystery group in total.

    This book fits into the fantasy Genre, because it has one whole story,which is the second one, has a big fantasy theme to it so this is why I think it fits into the fantasy Genre.

    My favourite part of the book was in the third story, when Rocket found his true dad! I absolutely loved that part it was quite touching!

    It took roughly about a week to read because it was quite long and it had 540 pages. Unfortunately I didn’t find it as exciting as the books Blood ransom and Blood Ties! But it was still very exciting and it kept you thinking!

    I would recommend this book to 8+ because in the second story there are some very frieky moments, but it is a very good book full to the brim of great description! I will give this book 8 stars because at points it could have been better.

    Libby Moor

  42. Poppy Miller says:

    The demon dentist By david walliams

    The demon dentist by david walliams is an amazingly funny book. It is about a boy who has rotton teeth and hates going to the denist. the dentist arrives at his school one day and hands out sugar free sweets that have slightly disturbing consoquences.

    There is a really cool twist at the end which is really fun to read ind is really unexpected. Once I started reading this book I could not put it down! I got if for christmas and finished it about 3 days later I would say it takes quite a long time to read because it is quite a chunky book

    However it has many cool and slightly imtimidating and disturbing pictures. I would not recommend this book to very serious people who like to read non fiction books and don’t like funny stories. But I would recommend this to people who just want to have a good time

    By poppy miller

  43. Ebba wadlan says:

    Missing, believed crazy
    By Terence Blacker
    This is a book about 5 kids that decide to kidnap a 14 year old girl called Trix Bell (the child of a famous actor). What makes this book different is that the person being kidnapped is the leader of the kidnappers. Yes, you did hear me say she is kidnapping herself. It all started when a young 6 year old girl went missing, Trix noticed that they were raising a stupid amount of money just to save one little rich girl enough, money to save hundreds of African children (Trix has kind of has a big thing about saving the world), so she thought she could kidnap herself and give all of the money she raised to the children in Africa. Simple right, well apparently not, she and her friends go on a crazy adventure with hard tasks in their way. Will their friendship survive? And most importantly will the plan?
    I would recommend this book to anybody who likes crime and anybody who likes tension like when it said “a black land rover rolled up the hill and a psycho like man emerged from it “I love it .I also love this book because it switches between characters all the time so you can see what they think about the situations. This book took me about 4 days to read because I really liked it so it didn’t take too long to read. My favourite character is Trix because she wanted to make a difference to the world. I didn’t like the character Mark (one of the five kids) because he seemed a bit too full of himself. I give this book*****.

  44. Shrinking Violet

    I read this book (shrinking violet) which is about two twin sisters. One is quiet and doesn’t socialize very much (violet) and on is very confident and has loads of friends that she visits on the weekends (lily). In the book Violet gets a pen pal called Katie and they begin to send each other letters and messages they soon realize that they only live 20 minutes away from each other and they start visiting each other.
    I chose this book because when I read the blurb I liked that it was written in violets perspective and I thought that this was different to any other books I have read.
    My least favorite part was when Katie had to go to hospital to have an operation on her heart because violet thought that she wasn’t writing to her on purpose.
    It took me about 1 week to read and I was reading about 20 minutes a day.
    I think that people who like issue style books would like this book.
    I would give this book a 4/5 because it wasn’t the best book I have ever read.

  45. amber dibble says:

    Florence Nightingale
    This book tells you the story of Florence’s life. You find out about her childhood and her career. It tells you how she got the name the lady and the lamp by visiting the elderly and sick with a lamp. It also says what she had for an education and what she learnt. I found that she was very intelligent found out that her father was a gentleman.it said a lot about her family and what she did during her childhood to keep herself busy when she wasn’t busy studying.

    I found out a lot of information from reading this book. I found her life very interesting and that it was in some ways different from ours but not completely different such as they studied most of the same things to us but they studied other stuff as well such as Latin as one of the main languages. I thought that this book was very well organised so that you didn’t need to read the whole book to find out what you needed for something. I also thought that she had an easy life but at some points I thought that she was working really hard.

    I would rate it 3 and a half stars because at some points I would have liked some more information on a certain subject of the book. Altogether though it gave me a lot of information on the life of the lady and the lamp(Florence nightingale).

  46. Phoebe Frost says:

    The secret of platform 13
    By Eva Ibbotson

    The secret of platform 13 is a brilliant fantasy, it doesn’t really have a main character but it’s about a team of rescuers consisting of: an ancient wizard who takes charge of the team; Gurkintrute a batty fey who wears a hat made of vegetables; a one eyed giant who worked with sheep and finally a young hag named Odge Gribble,she wasn’t actually chosen as a rescuer but persuaded the king and queen to let her go to rescue the lost prince.

    The author (Eva Ibbotson) has created so much activity in this book it’s hard to put down as it just keeps the pages turning. She has written many books other than this such as which witch, Dragonfly pool and the river sea all of these I have read and enjoyed. I decided to read this book because I needed a fantasy and I was searching on the kindle store and this was the first choice that came up and I’m glad I picked it.

    This book really persuaded me I like fantasy where as I normally stick with adventure as it really gives a good example of the genre.

    My favourite part of the book is near the beginning when the 3 nurses lose the baby and discover the china doll……spooky!!My favourite character is odge because she is strong-willed and determined for example-she WAS going to save the prince (she even took the mist maker as a gift!!)

    I think it took me a couple of days to read it but I only really read at night so it may take someone else less time ,it’s 2109 pages long .Out of 5 I rate the book a 3 as it was quite good but not as good as other books in have read.

    By Phoebe Frost

  47. amber dibble says:

    Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson
    This is a story about a girl named Opal Plumstead(14 years old) who has a merry life with a scholarship at st Margret’s school for girls with her best friend Olivia. At home she lives with her mum,dad and sister Cassy. Her life suddenly goes tumbling down though when her pa pretends that a company wants to publish one of his books but actually he was lying. Opals education comes to a halt and she ends up working at the Fairy glen sweet factory. She becomes good friends with the owner and her son. Whilst doing all this she starts to support the suffragettes and becomes one her self. Once again her life goes wrong when a war breaks out and her weekends with Morgan(The son)come to a halt as he is sent to war…

    I found this story amazing and truly captivating. It was exciting yet sad and heart breaking at the end. I love all of Jacqueline Wilsons books but I think that this one is the best.as soon as I got it I could not put it down it was that good. I would rate it 5 out of 5 as it made you laugh and sometimes feel the opposite. This book tells you lots about life back then at some points I was really happy for Opal such as when she got a promotion but sometimes mad such as when she got into a fight and when she rebelled against the person helping her in her promotion by changing the design she was doing. I cant wait to see the next Jacqueline Wilson book!

  48. Rachel Jonas says:

    The way I see it
    by Nicole Dryburgh

    The way I see it is a great biography/autobiography about a young girl who is a brilliant gymnast, but at the age of 11, starts getting pains in her arm. Later, she is diagnosed with an aggressive tumour on her spine, which puts her in a wheelchair. Unable to walk, Nicole’s life takes a turn for the worst when she suffers a terrible brain haemorrhage, that takes her sight and changes her life forever.

    I love this book as you are constantly on the edge of your seat, just waiting for something terrible to happen! I also enjoyed it as it is a real life story and makes you realise how tough it is to live being blind and as a cancer sufferer.

    I loved this book so much that i finished it in less that a day- I literally COULDN’T put it down! I would recommend this book to Children and adults 12 and over, as it contains some complicated language and medical terms (although it does have a glossary!) I think people that like books which keep you in suspense and people who enjoy reading true stories would like to read this book. Overall, I would rate this book 5 stars *****!

  49. Alice says:

    Girl, Missing, by Sophie Mckenzie.
    At first i doubted i would enjoy this book as in the blurb it didn’t really sound like my kind of read, but it turned out to be a real page tuner! i would describe this as a sort of mystery book.

    Lauren is an adopted girl and when she is assigned a piece of homework where she has to write about herself, she realizes she doesn’t actually know who her parents were or where she originally lived as it was a closed adoption and her adoptive parents are unwilling to share any information they might have… she is flabbergasted when she finds a girl on the internet who looks like her and has the same second name. The girl was also classed as ‘missing’. could Lauren be her? Lauren is determined to find out who she really is and with her best friend Jam she will not stop until she finds some kind of answer.

    My favorite part is when jam and Lauren run of to american search of her real parents.

    This book is so gripping i read it in 3 days! I have also read another series of books by Sophie Mckenzie called ‘ the Medusa project ‘. this are also brilliant and about children with super-powers. Girl, missing is an award winning best seller. i would say this book was for ages around 11 – 14. i would give this book 4 stars out out of five.
    i cant wait to read the next one, ‘ sister, missing’

  50. Maisie x says:

    The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips
    by Michael Morpurgo
    This is a very sad story about a boy and his gran sent him a letter with her diary entries in from the war. she is called lily and she lives on a farm with her mum, dad and her granddad but as the war is on, her dad has gone to fight and help defend Britain. Tips lily’s cat is always with her but lately she has got very fat; that is because she is pregnant! read through the wonderful tales about how Slapton – where she lives – gets wired off and they have to move out. also about what happens to Tips when she goes adventuring herself and why his gran sent the letter to him in the first place.
    I chose to read this book because I love to read diary entries about the war and what happens. Also Michael morpurgo is a really talented author and his stories often end in happy endings which like about stories.
    this genre is a diary entry and history because it is a diary entry from he war. I didn’t have a favourite part as the whole book was amazing and there were never any boring parts in it ! it didn’t take me long to read as it is quite a short book and I was so engaged in it that I didn’t want to put it down!
    I would recommend it to people in years 5,6,7 and 8 because it is about the war and it can be quite scary and sad in some places. Overall I will give it ***** because it was such a fantastic book and I like reading it over and over again even though I know what happens!!
    Maisie x

  51. darceyxx says:

    geek girl
    this fiction book is about a girl called Harriet manners who gets bullies for being a geek but one day she steels her friends dreams of being a model and makes a mess of everything!
    my favourite part is what her manager Wilber calls her- “sugar monkey plum”
    my least favourite character is Annabelle her step mum she isn’t horrible but she is really serious and boring.
    it took me about three weeks to read because I’m really busy lately because its loads of my families birthdays so I only got chance to read it little bits at a time.
    I would recommend this to people who really like girly books .
    rate this book ****
    Darcey x

  52. bookwormmonkey says:

    Who could that be at this hour?
    By Lemony Snicket
    Lemony Snicket hasn’t had the usual education, Snicket has been educated to become a detective. This is Lemony Snickets first mission as a detective. The main reason Snicket wants to be a detective, is to be reunited with her father beloved father. This isn’t any ordinary mission, Snicket has to make a quick move, otherwise the precious but weird item, could be placed into the wrong hands!

    I chose this particular book, because when we went to the library for an english lesson, i though this book had the best front cover, blurb and beginning, overall it looked like a book which you had to read! this nook hasn’t managed to get any awards yet, but the author Lemony Snicket has won some great awards with her other books. I have previously heard of the author Lemony Snicket, before I read this book I thought it may be a good author to try a book from, and this book was great!

    This book is under the crime genre, because the main storyline throughout the whole book is about a precious item being taken away from the rightful owner. I knew this genre because it was quite easy to know, but also i reserved this book from when we went around the library looking at different genres and what book could be placed in each!

    My favourite part of this book, was when Lemony Snicket went to the run down coffee shop, which had the symbol of the cat and he went the coffee machine pressed the letter a and some stairs appeared heading into the attic! In this attic Lemony Snicket found the valuable package, which luckily hadn’t found its way into the irresponsible hands.

    I didn’t have a part in this book that I didn’t like, but Lemony Snicket could have made a bit more adventurous words during this book, because it wasn’t very interesting when there weren’t very good words when Lemony Snicket was explaining things whilst I was reading this book.

    This book took about three or four days to read, because I didn’t have as much time as i would have liked to read in nights and mornings etc.

    I would recommend this book to age 8 years old, because there are some words in this book that 7 year olds might not understand. If you are a fan of adventurous, makes you thinking all the way through book then this book is made and created for you!!! However, if you like books about fairies or fairytales, this book definitely wasn’t made for you!

    Overall, I would give this book about 7/10 stars, because there could had been more adventurous words, and at times there could have been some more action going on. Otherwise this book was great and I would DEFINITELY recommend this author Lemony Snicket!!

    By Libby Moor

  53. bookwormmonkey says:

    Malorie Blackman
    This book was about an orphaned girl who h a couple who had tried but couldn’t have children, but soon after her foster parents managed to have a baby boy, who was a year younger than her. Somebody from the bank that her foster dad works as has put 10,000 pounds into his bank and saying that he stole it. will you find out who did it in the end? The foster daughter Rachel, is determined to find out who did this, she is 100% sure it wasn’t her dad will she be right?

    The author of this book is Malorie Blackman, this particular book actually won the children’s book award of the year for 2013! I have read loads of Malorie Blackman’s books and they are amazing! the best one I have read is THIEF!!!! I loved this book out of all the books I have read, because it had soooooooooooooo much action in it, with so many new words to learn which were amazing. This author Malorie Blackman is amazing, I will definitely recommend her!!!

    This book comes under the issues genre, because it has some other books after it, and it is definitely in the issues genre because I went and asked the library staff!

    My favourite part was when Rachel was trapped in this cupboard, because the people who put 10,000 pounds into her foster dads bank how will she get out you will have to read the book to find out!!!

    I didn’t have a least part of this book. This book is so amazing that I didn’t think it could have been any better. although Malorie Blackman could have maybe explained a bit more about these characters, because it did get a bit confusing at one point but otherwise it was a great book!

    It took me two days to read the book because I loved it so much!!! This book had 246 pages, it didn’t seem like a long book because I loved it so much!

    I would recommend this book to anyone who has read one of Malorie Blackman’s books before, or to people who love action packed books and books which never stop them thinking what will end up to the characters in the end, this book is for you. It is an amazing book try it, you never know it may become your favourite book of all time!

    Overall I would give this book 9 and a half stars out of 10, because at a time Malorie Blackman could have explained the situation of the characters because it got a bit confusing, but otherwise this is an AMAZING book!!

    By Libby Moor

  54. Maddie C says:

    The Rescue
    By Sophie McKenzie
    I read this book and I finished it a couple days ago it was amazing!!! It was the 3rd book in the series – The Medusa Project.
    Nico is a boy with telekinesis (he can move objects with his mind), Dylan is a girl who can protect herself against physical danger which she can see coming. Ketty is a girl who can see in to the future & Ed – who I don’t like he annoys me – is telepathic (he can mind read people).
    Nico (boy), Dylan (girl), Ketty (girl) & Ed (boy) get delivered to a boot camp in Spain to learn some discipline and life proves to be harder than anticipated. After their secret is discovered they decide they have to run away. But good men become bad men and bad men become good men, who can they trust?
    I am currently reading the 4th book in this series.
    Rating – 5 star
        

  55. Annelise Brundell says:

    A book I really liked was ‘A Boy Called Hope’ about a boy whose biggest wish is that his dad would love him. However, after he spots his dad presenting the local news, that wish becomes more of a reality than ever before…
    This book is REALLY sad and moving and makes you expect the unexpected, even though it remains mostly the same throughout the book; little interesting things have been added so that the book never gets boring. I would recommend this book for 9-13 year olds as it is an easy but sad plot.


  56. Olivia Bates says:

    The tale of Emily Windsnap. I saw this book in our library session about different genres in books, I read the blurb and I was interested because the book was about mermaids.

    The book is about a girl that has never been swimming before and lives on a boat. her mum absolutely hates swimming. At school, she was going to start swimming lessons but at first, her mum wouldn’t let her go but after a little persuading, Emily was allowed to go. When Emily first went swimming, she found that she was a natural swimmer; diving under the water and doing summersaults under the water eg. UNTIL, that is, her legs started to join together and she couldn’t mover them! the lifeguard pulled her out and she went home confused. That night, she snuck out of her boat and jumped into the sea. her legs started to join together again but she didn’t jump out because she wanted to know what was happening. in the end, she turned into a mermaid and she tried to find out more from her mum about why she was a mermaid and who her father is.

    My favourite part of the book was when Emily found out that she was a mermaid and Emily was DEFINETALY my favourite character. I would say this is a mystery book. I would recommend this book to ages 7-12 and a star rating of four out of five.

  57. Maddie Clark says:

    The Rescue
    By Sophie McKenzie
    I read this book and I finished it a couple days ago it was amazing!!! It was the 3rd book in the series – The Medusa Project. I choose this book in the reading game in the library and I reserved it. This book is an adventure/crime/non-fiction.
    My favourite character in this is Ketty because she is just finding her footsteps in her powers – and she is really pretty.
    Nico is a boy with telekinesis (he can move objects with his mind), Dylan is a girl who can protect herself against physical danger which she can see coming. Ketty is a girl who can see in to the future & Ed – who I don’t like he annoys me – is telepathic (he can mind read people).
    Nico (boy), Dylan (girl), Ketty (girl) & Ed (boy) get delivered to a boot camp in Spain to learn some discipline and life proves to be harder than anticipated. After their secret is discovered they decide they have to run away. But good men become bad men and bad men become good men, who can they trust?
    I am currently reading the 4th book in this series. This book took me about 1 ½ months (ish) because I don’t read very quickly but it was a good book.
    I recommend this book to boys and girls 11 – 15
    Rating –  5 stars    

  58. Georgia Collins says:

    Veronica Roth.
    This book is a follow up to the ‘Divergent’ series which tells you about Tobias’ life (Four) before he became a member of dauntless and was still in Abnegation.
    Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent’ was the recipient of the Goodreads Favorite Book of 2011 and the 2012 winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction and it has also been made into an amazing film which they are bringing out a sequel to next year for the second book Insurgent. I choose to read this because I got it for my birthday in November and I love the way she writes.
    It is definitely an adventure book but it also has a bit of science fiction in around the weapons and fights.
    My favourite part in the book is when they are going through initiation and the fear landscapes because I find it fascinating how she describes them and the pain and vivid-ity of it. My favourite character is Tobias because he is a really strong character but he has feelings and wants to do what is best for his faction (grouping).
    It took me about a week to read because I really wanted to read it and I read quite quickly if I like what I am reading.
    I think lots of people would like this book as it includes adventure and issues at the same time as well as keeping you transfixed in the storyline. It is best to have read the first book as it links into that at the end 50-75 pages but the others don’t matter to much but you should read them anyway.
    This is a great book an di give it 4/5 stars.


  59. Sarah good says:

    A few weeks ago I read a book called ‘Cookie’ by Jacqueline Wilson
    It was about a girl called Beauty Cookson but she gets called ugly by people in her class. Her mum tries to change her horrible nicknames by making cookies for beauty to give out to her class. She hopes that they would then call her cookie. Her mum is very good at making cookies but her dad is really cruel to Beauty’s mum and usually smashes all the cookies and says that she cant make cookies. Beauty’s dad is very unpredictable, sometimes he is incredibly happy and spoils beauty but sometimes he is angry and is incredibly mean to her and says that she is ugly. This book is quite upsetting at some points. For example,her rabbit gets eaten. But sometimes it is joyful like when her mum starts a cookie business by the seaside. I would give this book 4 stars because it is a good book but too upsetting. I’d recommend this book to people 11-16. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  60. Ellie H says:

    Boys don’t knit by T.S Easton
    This story, I have to admit looked cheesy but after a few days I really started to enjoy this book.

    The main character Ben Fletcher is a teenage boy but inside he loves to knit. Around his criminal like friends he mostly talks about football and Top Gear. Can he keep this a secret from his friends that know almost everything about him?

    This is an issue book and is for people between 11 and 15. My favourite character is Gex a feisty young boy the head of the criminal gang appoints Ben with the job of editing Gex’s ‘Best Selling Novel’ Fifty Shades of Graham.

    My favourite part of the novel was when the gang were trying to steal alcohol from the super market. It all goes terribly wrong. This book was so good it took me three days to finish. This book would be good for people who don’t like adventure stories but aren’t into fantasy books.
    $$$$$ Five out of five dollars!

  61. ashlynwatts says:

    Geek Girl
    by Holly Smale

    This book is about a girl called Harriet Manners who is a 5 year old geek who gets bullied at school and feels like she is very unpopular seen as she only has one friend called Nat so when a modelling agent sees a opportunity in making her a model she can`t wait to reinvent herself.
    In the story it follows her around the globe on all the catwalks that she trips up on and learning how to be a model.
    I love this book it`s one of my favourites and I`v read it over and over. I like this book because it`s very enjoyable to read and you always want to know what will happen next.
    I would recommend this book to someone who wants a book that`s fun, teenage and girly. Although, if I had to give one criticism it would be that she left it on a massive cliffhanger that ruins the ending of the book.
    I would rate this book 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

  62. bookwormmonkey says:

    Casper the commuting cat
    By Susan Cooper

    This book is about a cat called casper who loves to adventure out the house, but he isn’t any ordinary cat! His daily adventures include buses……. His owner has a very big surprise she finds out just how adventurous her cat is compared to Casper’s other siblings!

    I chose this specific book from the library, because the front cover intrigued me, the blurb explained all the key points you needed to know. last but not least it had the best start of all:it went straight into the action, who casper was where he came from etc. I reserved this book when we went around the library looking and exploring different genres during our english lesson.

    This book was in the biography genre, because it was written by Casper’s owner Susan (sue) although this book was based around casper, I found it amazing that all the cats she owned had their individual background, but they notices when their owner was down, ill or sad and they would come and react in different ways! I also found it great how Susan put in the book Casper’s thoughts and view of things, so you could really get a feel of what was going on!

    My favourite part of this book was when Susan and her husband Chris, chose Casper (originally peanut!) from the cats protection along with his best buddy! I really felt for Casper, because when they arrived home he darted under the bed and took a couple of days until he finally ventured out from the depths of the bed! Casper reminded me of how my kitten behaved when we first brought him home from the plymouth cats protection!

    I didn’t have a ;east favourite part of the book, but there were a few parts of the book where certain cats had to be put down, because of the pain they were in. This book took roughly about 5 days to read, because it was quite long having roughly 400 pages in of writing.

    If you love animals and pets this book is good for you. there are points in the book which are quite funny, and it makes you wonder what exactly does your cat get up to when you are away? If you’re not a big fan on cats, then I wouldn’t choose this book because it is mainly cat themed and the adventures of their lives and what effects them when they move houses etc!

    Overall I found this book great so I’m going give it 8 1/2 stars out of 10, because it wasn’t as action packed as I would have like it to be but I still enjoyed it because I also like reading about adventures!!

    Libby Moor

  63. Ebba wadlan says:

    By Malorie Blackman
    Elliot was just a normal kid who had a normal mum who was a secretary, or so he thought .It turns out his mum used to work for the government and for A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E (a group of people who protect animals from testing).Now she is on the run from the police after being accused of trying to break into Shelby (a corporation who A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E think are testing rare and exotic animals). They have already caught Uncle Robert (who works for A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E). Will Elliot save his mum and prove that she is innocent? He has his best friend Nosh, Nosh’s sister Haley and her boyfriend, or will the creepy men in black win? It could go either way.
    I recommend this book to anybody who likes action and crime as it is packed full with it. My favourite character was Haley’s boyfriend as the book reveals a terrible secret about him. I don’t like one of the A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E workers as they seem too good to be true. I really enjoyed this book as you were never really sure who was sneaking around, if the whispers and rumours were true it left these things for your mind to puzzle. I give this book ****.

    By Ebba Wadlan

  64. bookwormmonkey says:

    The school for good and evil
    By Soman Chainani

    Every four years, two children of any gender are taken away in the night, into the woods to the School for good and evil. Lots of villagers have ventured into the woods to attempt to find their children, but none have returned. Every single child in Gavaldon, do everything they can to not be taken away, but not Sophie, definitely not Sophie. Sophie will do anything to get taken away tonight, to some extent it’s unbelievable! but not everything plans out as Sophie would have liked it to, her and her friend Agatha end up being sent to the wrong schools, to be put on the wrong sides in the wrong fairytale…………

    I chose this book, becausse it was recommended from someone in the class, when we were doing book recommendations.Personally, I have never heard of Soman Chainani before, but how I wished I knew about Soman Chainani, before now! I have been missing out on some Amazing books! From what I have researched and found, I do not think that Soman Chainani has won any awards YET. Soman Chainan is an amazing author, so Soman needs to get an award for this book!

    This book is in the fantasy genre, because it is all based on the children from Gavaldon going to the school for good and evil, and if they are good enough, going into a great well known fairytale. for example, Snow whit and the seven dwarves, Little red riding hood, Cinderella and many more! this book fits its genre perfectly!

    My favourite part in the novel was when Sophie had to stay her whole first night in the school of evil, staying up all night trying to plan a way to swap with Agatha into the school for good, because Sophie is 100% sure that she is definitely in the wrong school. but the headmaster has a totally different opinion!

    I didn’t have a least favourite part of the book, but there was a time where there was not very much description, which I would have liked more of, but otherwise I absolutely LOVED IT!!!!!!!

    This book took about five days to read, because it is a reasonably sized book, but not too big. If you don’t really like big book, then I wouldn’t recommend this book to you for the length, but I would for the amazing story! I would recommend this book to people who really like adventurous, keeping you thinking throughout books. Even though I am not a person for fairytale books, this book took me by surprise, because I originally thought that it would just be an normal fairytale book, oh but I was so wrong I was of the scale! My mind really ran wild on this book!

    Overall, I am giving this book 10/10 stars, because it was a book that kept me entertained all through the book and I didn’t wish it to end at any time. this is one of the best books I have ever read, I can not wait to read the second book ‘The school for good and evil a world without princes’ I hope it will be even better, if it is possible!

    Libby Moor

  65. sophie hawke says:

    By Jacqueline Wilson
    This book is an issues book about a girl called Floss and her dad. They become homeless and have hardly any money. They struggle very badly but things do pick up for them. I chose this book because the author is one of my favourites and she is also bestselling. This book really explains what it would be like if you were in this situation and it can be quiet upsetting at parts in the book. My favourite part in the book is the beginning because everything is running smoothly and the girl and her family are quite close together. My least favourite character was Flosses best friend as she betrayed her. Floss soon made a new one, she was much nicer than her first best friend. This book took me about 1 week to read because I couldn’t put it down, at all! I think people who like to read horror stories would not like this book, but people who like to read adventure and girly books would like it.
    I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

  66. bookwormmonkey says:

    Chinese Cinderella
    By Adeline Yen Mah

    This book is about a young girl; when she was her boron her mother sadly died, so all her brother, sisters step-mother and father though of her unlucky. However, she managed to get to the top of her class all the weeks of the year in reception, so she managed to et an award at the award ceremonies, but none of her family attended. At this, her elder siblings were incredibly annoyed that she was actually getting attention from their father. It is very clear that her step-mother absolutely despises her, so much that she is sent back to japan to her old school which she went to in reception. Very soon the armies were going to come and kill everyone one who was a catholic.., this is why her step-mother sent her away. Does she have anyone who cares for her? who loves her? Who will pay her attention and save her? It is your chance to find out!

    I didn’t actually choose this book, Mrs Taylor suggested it to me, and I am glad she did,because it is not something I would always read, so I was glad I read it, because I will now go and read more books which have the theme that I do not normally read! Personally, I have never heard of this author before but I wish I had. Whilst reading this book, I didn’t just love it, I actually learnt something about mandarin people, languages and history! From what I have researched an know, Adeline Yen Ma have never before won any awards for her books, but she should because this is a great book for learning about the Chinese and Mandarin history, language and tradition.

    Chinese Cinderella in in the biography genre, because it is written by herself, the unlucky child. All she went through, the pain, saddening moments, and all the harsh comments, being unloved. It was basically a diary of her whole life growing up with her siblings, fighting with them, then really getting along with them! Chinese Cinderella, really suites its genre perfectly!

    My favourite part of the book was when she came home from school, winning her bdage for the first week of reception, and er father paying her the most attention and praise he had ever given her in her life! I didn’t have a least favourite part of the book, but there were some very saddening bits, where her father and step-mother abandoned her back in japan when they went to hong kong to get away from the war, they did’t even wave or say goodbye, not even her father.

    This book took about a week to read, because I didn’t think much of it when i was on the first few pages, but once I started to really read it get into the swing and understanding what was going on, it was an amazing book that I really couldn’t bare to part with at all!

    I would recommend this book to anybody who likes history, or normally reads books which keep you thinking all along. Even though I love mysterious, adventurous and books that keep you guessing and thinking all the way through, I actually really enjoyed this book which I didn’t think I would! So why don’t you give it a go, because you never know, it may become one of the best books you have ever read!!

    I would give this book a rating of 9 stars out of 10, because there were moments when it was a bit sad, but also it unfortunately wasn’t one of the best books i have ever read, because I do have an amazing book which I absolutely adore. Hopefully it will become one of your new favourites? Maybe, you never know what the possibilities are! I would recommend this book to people aged 10 upwards, because it does have some very sad, heart-breaking moments of being unloved, but give this book a go, you never know what it may bring!

    Libby Moor

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      I have only just realised a few spelling mistakes which I am very sorry about, i should have checked it through 100% and not skim read it looking for incorrect punctuation,and grammar etc. I am very sorry I will not do this again. I have made a mistake, and I have learnt very well from it. Sorry.

  67. bookwormmonkey says:

    The medusa project-the set up
    By Sophie Mckenzie

    This book is about these four teenagers, who when they where in their mother body, they were injected with this substance called the medusa project, this meant that sadly all their mothers died, leaving them with powers. The only people who knew about their powers were nico’s step-dad, Ketty’s foster parents, Dylan’s uncle (Mr Fox who own the boarding school which Nico, Ketty, and eventually Ed and Dylan join. Fox academy.) and Ed’s dad and step-mum. Nico first finds out about his powers in assembly, when he makes the windows slam open and shut, the clocks spin, and every child go chaotic. Mr Fox knows what is happening and tells everyone to calm down, it was only a freak storm, but Mr fox knows it is definitely Nico’s powers playing. Mr Fox is not having it. Nico realises he could get rich with his powers, but is he going to use it for the good or the bad?

    I have read many of Sophie Mckenzie’s book and I have absolutely adored them! Sophie Mckenzie has one a reasonable amount of awards for all her other books, so it is very clear that she is a VERY professional writer! This is one of the best Sophie Mackenzie books I have ever read so far, it is absolutely amazing! It is adventurous, cool, keeping you thinking all along, and most of all amazingly descriptive, it is so amazing that I managed to read it in two days, I didn’t want the book to leave my hands until I had finished it! I am currently reading the very end of the second book in the series. ‘The medusa project-hostage’ it is even better than the first one, I can’t wait to read the third book and continue on the amazing adventure I am having going into this amazing world the medusa project!

    This book is in the crime genre, because it is all based around jack betraying the government, trying to get the Medusa project files which were supposedly ‘destroyed’ to make the substance, to have more children with great skills,however it will be killing the mothers at the same time, which is not the nicest of things to happen to innocent mothers, even if it is going to mean that the child has great powers. This book fits its genre the best it could, because it is mainly based around crime, and so far i have a feeling that all the books are going to be as each person sees each stage of their adventure, which I think Sophie Mckenzie did greatly, because it really makes and affect, I love the way Sophie Mckenzie thought of this!
    My favourite part of the novel, was when Nico found out that Ketty (his girlfriend) had the medusa gene, like him! so he did not have to keep it a secret from her any longer, which was a great relief to Nico! I found it amazing that so much could happen in just one single book, which is not a big book, it is reasonably sized, it is amazing what can happen!

    I would recommend this amazing book to people who love adventurous, crime, keeping you thinking the way through, never ending description, you know what, who where and when things are happening, hardly confusing at all so you know what is going on who is being met with the boss etc. This book is so amazing, you are missing out BIG TIME if you are not reading this book, because this is the best book ever!!!!!

    I would give this book 10 out of 10 stars, because it is my new all time favourite, and it will have to take a killer book to make me change my mind on my most favourite book ever! You should read this book, because it shows lots of people and all their secrets, not doing to tell anyone what special talent they have inside, but it takes a good mission, to bring them together as a team! I would recommend this book to ages 10 upwards, because it is such a good book that is should be shared to younger years, especially when there is hardly any violence or bad words, this is a great book, you re genuinely missing out if you do not red this book. go ahead and read it now, I guarantee you, you will not be able to get this book out of your hands, you will not even be able to leave it alone it is so good!

    Libby Moor

  68. bookwormmonkey says:

    The medusa project- Hostage
    By Sophie Mckenzie

    This book is the second book in ‘The medusa project’ series. It is about Ketty trying to find her and get in contact with her brother Lex. With the visions of the future that she is having, could Lex have the rainbow bomb? Was he about to hand it over to a bad person? Ketty couldn’t tell anyone not Geri or even Nico, but can she cope with all of the peer pressure on her? If she doesn’t, her brother Lex, will die…….

    I chose this author, because I after I had read the first book of ‘The medusa project’, I didn’t want it to stop, so I had to read the next ad the next! I am currently reading the third book in ‘The medusa project’ series, it is called ‘The medusa project-the rescue’ Sophie Mckenzie has won a LOT of awards for her other book, and I am sure she has won an award for this in particular series, I have always loved Sophie Mckenzie’s books, from when I read the first book written by her, I fell in love with it and couldn’t stop reading books written by her since!

    This book is in the crime genre, along with the first book from ‘The medusa project’ series. It fits its genre even better than the first book, because this time it’s based on this illegal bomb, which could blow up a single house in seconds, being handed over into irresponsible hands. This rainbow bomb is very dangerous, and is being illegally planned to blow up the hospital, if they don’t give him what he wants, his brother out of jail, RICK.

    My favourite part of the book, was when Ed, Nico, Dylan, and Ketty managed to sort out and cut the wires on the rainbow bomb off, remembering to do it in the correct order, but it still didn’t de activate, and they couldn’t take off the bomb from Lex, because otherwise it would automatically explode. They only had 8 seconds left, they had to get the password correct……

    This book took me three days to read, because it was a bit longer than the first book, but I loved it even more, it had even more action, crime and tense seconds in it than the beginning book of the series, I didn’t think that this book could get any better in any possible way! The first book was so amazing, that I didn’t think the second could get anywhere near as good, but oh I was wrong, it was so fantastic I could not get it out of my hands! It was stuck to me like superglue!

    I would recommend this book to people who love a tense atm,osphere, great crime, and amazing descriptive, detailed writing, you know everything you could possib;y know, and more about what is going on! I am giving this book 10/10 stars, it is my new favourite, and I do not think that the next book in ‘The medusa project’ series will get anywhere as near as good!

    By Libby Moor

  69. darcey x says:

    the unbelievable
    top secret diary of pig.
    this book is about a pig (called pig) who flies to pluto because he doesn’t want to be eaten by his farmer.
    its really funny and I chose it because I read the first page and the blurb and it looked really good.
    it is like a diary written by a pig. but because its written by a pig he doesn’t know how to introduce himself so he just says how many sunsets old he is! it also has really bad grammer.
    my favourite part is when the pig covers himself in poo to disguise himself and spy on the evil chickens.
    my least favourite character is duck (pigs best and only friend!) because he’s really boring and isn’t really very important in the story.
    it took my about a week to read this book because although its quite thick the writings really big and most of the book is pictures anyway.
    I wouldn’t recommend this to any one who likes serious books or likes classics or doesn’t have a sense of humour… or if there really boring they wont like this book at all.
    I rate this book a **** out of *****.

  70. bookworm3000 says:

    veronica Roth

    Insurgent is the second book to the divergent series. It is a very gripping book although I found that it was less gripping when you got closer to the end. Although it was less gripping toward the end I still found that it was a very good book and still as good as the first book. If you enjoyed the first book in this series you will definitely like the second book. I would rate this 4 out of 5 bookworms

  71. Queen of the book! says:

    Jane Blonde: sensational spylet
    By Jill Marshall
    Review by Ella 🙂

    Janey Brown is very ordinary. Very ordinary. And life is very dull for her, until a florescent explosion of wobbling colour, a.k.a G-mamma, SPI:KE from SPI, Solomon’s political investigations, shows up in the school yard… (All will become clear if you read this book.)
    This book is the first in the fantastic series of books by Jill Marshall. The simple outline of the story is that Janey Brown discovers her true identity and is plunged into a world of spies, evil and spy-buys, gadgets to you and me, hidden away in the numerous labs that criss-cross the land in pretence. But some of the shocks are just too unexpected.
    This is the book for you if you enjoy wit, mystery and the unexpected. I rate this book 5 stars and truly tell you that these books are just brilliant.

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      Wow, this book sounds amazing! it must have been really fun to read and get into all the action which was surrounding you! You have made me just itching to read it and not miss out on any of that tense, suspicious, dangerous action and moments! I am going to have to read this book as soon as I can. I love how you have used amazing descriptive vocabulary so it really makes your book review come alive, making me and other readers wanting to get our hands on that book as fast as we can! you have done a book review, which I don’t think I would have been able to do anything near as good, let alone getting all the amazing details of your book into your book review and making it all flow!

      Best wishes

  72. Katie says:

    Awful Auntie by David Walliams
    Review by Katie Baker
    Lady Stella Saxby of Saxby Hall is left an orphan and in a coma after a mysterious car crash which killed her parents. Left with her guardians; her Aunt Alberta and her Great Bavarian Mountain Owl named Wagner who are desperate to find the deeds to Saxby Hall. Stella with the help of Soot the chimney sweep tries to find out what really a happened on the fateful day.

    I chose this book because I love David Walliams’ style of writing and have enjoyed his previous books because of his humour and his imagination. It is almost as if he is a child himself.

    Awful Auntie is a comedic fiction because there are so many lists and illustrations of particular events within the story that make you laugh.

    My favourite character is Gibbon the ancient Butler because most of David Walliams’ books have an entertaining adult character. It seemed to be part of the recipe for his success. My least favourite character is (obviously) Aunt Alberta as she is a terrible academic, a cheat and has to win at all costs.

    My favourite point of the story is when Stella and Soot plan and launch an attack on Alberta as it is very amusing.

    It took us about 3 weeks to read as I am am one of those people who still enjoy bedtime stories with my mum and younger sister.

    I think any David Walliams book will make people of all ages laugh. I give this book 5/5 stars as every chapter made me chuckle.

    • Shannon Northam says:

      I got that book for Christmas, IT IS SO FUNNY AND AMAZING!!!!!!! I love that book and i think David Walliams is so funny.

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      I agree with you Katie, the reason I think David Walliams has had so much success , is because he puts himself into the mind of a child and writes telling a story which any child wouldn’t have the thought to miss out on! As well as this, like Katie said, David Walliams books always have one amusing, jokey and playful adult character, whether it is a grandma like in gangsta granny, or another character with BIG surprises! I love it how Katie really thought of not just the normal favourite pars of the book and characters, but she actually added in why she thought David Walliams was so successful and managed to write such amazing books! Katie’s book review makes me want to really read the book, even though i have already read it, it makes me want to read it all again!

      You have done a really nice book review Katie, it is amazing!
      Best wishes

  73. ILuvReading says:

    Suzy. P and Trouble with Three
    By Karen Saunders

    This is the second book in the series and probably the best one yet! It is about a girl called Suzy Puttock (she does not like her last name as it rhymes with a part of your body no one wants to be associated with…) who goes away with her family on a camping trip with her best friend, Millie, and her mum’s friends posh daughter called Isabella who is moving back from Italy as her parents are going to be divorced. When Millie starts to spend all of her tie with Isabella, Suzy starts to fell really left out and starts to think that Millie really wants to be Isabella’s best friend instead of hers.
    Before I read the first book, Me, Suzy. P, I refused to read any other book but Jacqueline Wilson books. After reading the first book and really enjoying it, I started to read other books by other authors. The next book I read that was not by Jacqueline Wilson was Goose Girl by Shannon Hale. It was also a really good book.
    Karen Saunders makes book seem to come alive a dance in front of you. She writes as if she is the person herself and is the 14 year old in the book.
    This book is AMAZING!!!

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      I love the way you have added some great humour into your book review, especially in the first few sentences! This book sounds like a great book to read if you want to have a go at something new, other than sticking with one author which you quite like. It is good to go out of your normal reading zone and venture into genres which you wouldn’t think of reading! It’s great that you realised there is so much more adventurous authors which are just as good, or maybe even better than Jacqueline Wilson! I love it how you put in not just your thought on the book, but how this book actually made you try other authors and go out of your comfort zone in leading, this made the book review really come alive. You have done a great book review!

      Best wishes

  74. millie says:

    Yesterday’s sun
    This book is about a young woman called Holly who moves house with her husband. Everything seems to be going OK until she finds a strange sun dial buried in her back garden. She
    tries several different things but nothing seems to make the sun dial work. One night, it’s a full moon and she can’t sleep. She goes out into her garden then suddenly she is knocked out… It turns out this ‘sun dial’ is actually a ‘moon dial’, which has the potential to send you to the future every full moon.
    As you may be thinking, there isn’t much harm in this trip, however you are wrong. In the future, she has a baby but dies in child birth. She sees the path of destruction she leaves behind her after her death and her husband is the worst affected. But she also gets to meet her beautiful baby, who she completely falls in love with. Holly is now left with the choice of letting herself live and forgetting about her beautiful daughter or have her baby girl and die in the process.
    This book is touching and captivating…and also VERY depressing. The author has written this book really well and I would definitely recommend this book. It is probably aimed at 12-16 year olds and requires a mature reader. The only thing I would GREATLY recommend is DON’T READ THE PROLOUGE. It is such a spoiler.
    By Millie Perkins

  75. Shannon Northam says:

    My book review is about a book called ‘flowers in the attic,’ by Virginia Andrews. This is a really compelling book. It is about four young children who (as the title suggests) are trapped in the attic. It all starts when the children’s father dies in a horrific car crash, meaning that they are forced to go live in their grandparents house. Their mother doesn’t want her father to know that she has children because her husband is actually her half uncle. Her father (who becomes terminally ill) is the children’s lifeline. The whole reason they are up there, is because the mother is trying to get her father’s trust back so that she can wiggle her way back into his will. However, their evil grandmother DOES know about them and criticizes them, calling them devil’s spawn and saying that they should never have been born. Everyday, the mother brought them up gifts, but slowly she began to forget about them. Eventually, the children started to hate her as they grew up in the attic. One day, the youngest boy (Cory) gets extremely ill and eventually dies. The others decide to figure out why Cory died and eventually, they realize that slowly, the evil grandmother is trying to poison them with arsenic, mixed with the sugar on the powdered doughnuts that they were given (so that they couldn’t taste it’s bitterness). The remaining three decide that they have to escape before they die too. I would recommend this book to all that love a first-rate read, to those who love bittersweet romances, and guess what! It is one of four books out of one of many series that this amazing author has written. I actually (for the first time in ages) have nothing bad to say! I would like to end on a final note, don’t read it if you don’t know anything about love (there are some dodgy scenes) and i wouldn’t recommend it for people who have little understanding of big words, and if you are under 10/11 basically it is for the more mature.

  76. Madison Davies says:

    I read A Tiny Bit Lucky
    By L.Pichon

    A Tiny Bit Lucky is from my favourite collection of books, the Tom Gates collection. The books are about a young boy called Tom who comes across lots if problems in his life, but always manages to find a way around them but can never sort them out the way a normal person would. He has a very annoying family and his sister Delia who wears sunglasses all the time and doesn’t even take them off in the winter.

    His friends are Derek, Solid, Norman, Mark and Brad. Tom is in a band called Dog Zombies with Derek playing the guitar and Norman on the drums. Toms favourite thing to read is the rock weekly magazines but his sister Delia takes them all the time. In this book toms band are going to enter the rock weekly band battle but end up getting a bit distracted.

    Toms teachers are freaking out because the school inspector is coming this week and they want everybody on their best behaviour. Tom meets the inspector but not in a good way everything goes terribly wrong when Tom and the inspector can’t stop bumping into each other. If that wasn’t enough, Norman sticks a pair of pretend eyes on the inspectors pointy shoes.

    This is an easy book to read as there are only about five sentences on each page but it is quite a thick book so still an older child’s book. People who enjoy books with lots of pictures will love this book as I do and have read the whole collection. I am excited to get the next book that comes out in march!

  77. Madison Davies says:

    Ratburger by David Walliams

    I enjoy reading David Walliams’ books because he always adds a sense of humour to them even if it’s supposed to be a serious book. In this book there is a character called Zoe and when she comes home from school one day, she finds her pet hamster dead.

    She lives with her step mother and dad. Her Dad loves her but her step mum hates her and hated her hamster, so Zoe is curious to find out if her hamster was killed. one night when Zoe is in her room, she finds a art under her bed, and decides it will be her new pet.

    When she finds out that a strange man is taking rats and turning them into burgers, she decides she has to do something about it. I like this book because it is funny, inventive and a little bit bonkers!

    The sort of person that would like this book is someone that doesn’t mind a lot of humour and a completely daft story line. With books like this you can’t pay that much attention to whether the book makes sense or not.

  78. Sarah Good says:

    Sad review 😦

    I read Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson. This book is set in the olden days.
    It was a brilliant book but it was extremely sad. A girl called Opal has a very nice life, a scholarship and brilliant art skills until her dad gets taken into prison. Her family then runs low on money so she has to quit school and work at a sweet factory called fairy glen. At fairy glen she gets bullied by all the girls in the room that she works in. Opal makes friends with the factory owner, Mrs Roberts and Opal gets encouraged by her to go to suffragette meetings. Opal is still getting bullied by the factory girls, however, because of her friendship with Mrs Roberts and her brilliant skills in painting, Mrs Roberts moves opal to the design room where she paints sweet boxes. Then Opal meets Mrs Roberts son, Morgan, and its love at first sight. They go on trips together to the seaside, the shops and even more. Opal plumstead is on top of the world. She has an amazing job, the man of her dreams and a good pay when something terrible happens…. Britain is at war! She was too busy having fun with Morgan that she didn’t think of what was happening with the government. After a lot of thinking and crying Morgan decides to fight for his country.

    I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone under 13 because it is very upsetting. I made a mistake to read it because of its sadness. To be honest, I have to give a bit of credit to Jacqueline Wilson because of how brilliantly it was wrote and how sad it made me.

    I would give this book about 3 stars just because of how sad it was 😦 sorry. Because of this book I might never read Wilsons books again. By sarah Good 7h 😦

  79. Shannon Northam says:

    My book review is about a book called petals on the wind and it is (once again) by Virginia Andrews. It is the second book in the series. The first book is called flowers in the attic (I have already done a book review on this book) and is an amazing book. This book is about the three living children growing up after escaping the attic; however, their horrific memories will never leave them and the only way to put their minds at ease. Cathy (there are four original characters, Cathy: the eldest girl, Chris: the eldest boy and Cory and Carrie, who are twins) decides to return to their place of capture, and get revenge on the now immobilized grandmother. Later on, Carrie decides that she should have died with Cory all those years ago and kills herself with arsenic, the same way Cory died. Cathy soon gets out of control and starts trying to steal away her mother’s husband (Bart) once she achieved that, she tried to expose her mother’s secret to everyone (because Cathy’s mother was told that if she was found with children or if she ever had any, she would lose all the money that she had inherited from her father, Cathy’s grandfather.) and in doing so, she ended up getting Foxworth hall (her place of capture) burnt down, Bart getting killed and the grandmother with him. All and all, it is a very dramatic story, but you have to read the first book to understand anything that is going on. I would recommend this book to 11-111; it is an amazing book but be warned, it is impossible to stop reading this book once you have started.

  80. Jessica Aldersley says:


    Matilda is a really great book about a little girl who has horrid parents and then an equally horrible head teacher who really is not Matilda’s best friend! But there is one teacher who absolutely adores Matilda and all her flaws. It is one of those books that you’ll read that always has a baddy and a goody or two, but it is still one of my favourite books to read. It is the kind of book that you can read over and over again because it just doesn’t get boring! Matilda is a brilliant book and I would suggest it to most people but more younger ones who quite like a bit of an adventure and a happily ever after!

  81. aliceasquith14 says:

    the maze runner by James Dashner,
    it took me only a day to read this fabulous book – It was so good! this book was recommended to me be Ella and I’m really glad she did…
    I saw the movie first and it was also amazing but I would suggest to read the book first instead because then there would be more tension and excitement. this book is for anyone who is looking out for anything to do with action, mystery or adventure. it is set in the future. this is what the book is about (ill try not to give too much away encase you read it!)
    When Thomas is deposited In a large maze, he cannot remember a single detail about his past. he meets new friends including Newt, Minho and Frypan. each month a new boy is sent up to the maze in ‘the box’. they all live in the centre of the maze, the glade, safe from monsters that stroll the maze at night when the doors close. The runners job is to try and track the maze and find patterns I the way the walls change every night, but after the last two years have failed to do so. then things start going wrong. Minho gets trapped in them maze, and a girl comes up. Thomas gets blamed by certain boys for these unusual events and he begins to wonder if it is fault… could it be?
    rating this book I would give it 5 stars because it keeps you totally gripped until you finish. there are two other books in this series, ‘the scorch trials’ and ‘the death cure’. I have also read these in just days and were equally good.

  82. Georgia Collins says:

    Girl Online
    Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella
    This amazing book is about a girl called Penny who suffers from anxiety and goes to New York for a holiday and meets her love! But he has a secret and it could change everything.
    To escape from all of her life issues Penny has an anonymous blog that only her best friend knows about and this makes it good and extra engaging.

    I got this book for Christmas after I had asked for it. I wanted to read it because I watch Zoella on YouTube and she is really good and I thought that she would be a good author. Her YouTube channel is really good and includes beauty, hair and make-up as well as a few other challenges and other things. The book hasn’t got any awards as it is fairly new and it is her first book. Also, as she has got over 5 million subscribers, lots of people own it and even the library have got two copies of it as they were so highly requested. Zoella wrote about anxiety because she has it herself.

    This is effective for the issues genre as the story line is about a teenager having love and anxiety issues and how she deals with it. There are moments where it is in deep love and is very tense but it can be funny, and dramatic when she is in the car having a panic attack.

    My favourite part of the novel is when she is at Brighton pier with the person she thought she loved and he leaves here so she is sat alone thinking about how the boy in New York probably hates her and then he comes over by her and is like ‘Hey’ and it is really sweet.

    My favourite character is Penny (The main one) because she is really down to earth but she has a lot of feelings and has a really hard time with a bit of cyber bullying (But it is not proper bullying like to much).

    It only took me less than a week to read because I got really into it and it was just SO good. However, it does have over 500 pages so it is challenging to read.

    I think if you like knowing about peoples issues and what they are going through then this is great to read.

    I would give this 5 stars as it is my favourite book.
    Georgia xoxo

  83. Maisie B says:

    George’s marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl

    George lives on a huge farm, surrounded by masses of fields, with his mum, his dad, and his grumpy old grunion of a grandmother. Poor George doesn’t have any one to play with and all he can do is help out around the farm or look after his grandmother, who sits in her chair all day and gets people to feed her medicine twice a day. The young boy thinks that the medicine is wrong because all it seems to do is make the old hag even worse than before she took the medicine! Can h come up with a plan to get rid of the grumpy old witch for good? How will he do it/ will it succeed? Well you will find out if you read this amazing book!
    I chose to read this book because Dahl is a really good author and I think he tells the story really well without making it too long! He has won approximately 26 awards including several Edgar Allen Poe awards, multiple Surrey School awards, a Nene Award, a New York Times Outstanding Book award and several others. The writer won awards in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries!!
    This book is an adventure book and it is really good in the way that it is set out and it is really effective as well. My favourite part of the book was when all of the different things were happening to the grandmother as she sipped the marvellous medicine off of the spoon and also when George had to try and remember what he had put in the first one to make more of it!
    My favourite character was George because it was good reading how he came up with his cunning plans all in the space of an hour and a bit!!
    The book didn’t take very long to read as it doesn’t have that many pages it and so it took me about 2-3 hours!! I would recommend it to years 3-7 as it is good but aimed and younger readers. Overall I would rate it **** (4 stars) as it was very good but aimed at younger people.

    by Maisie Bees.x 🙂

  84. Rachel Jonas says:

    The Fault in our Stars- John Green

    The Fault in our stars, by John Green is a gripping book about a girl called hazel, who has stage 4 thyroid cancer. Her one dream is to meet her very favourite author, Peter van Houten, in Holland. However, barriers stand in the way, with such a high risk of an unexpected twist in her illness and Hazel is unable to achieve her dream. But when she meets Augustus at a cancer support group, she falls in love and, together, their one dream is to meet Van Houten. But then all changes, when Augustus’s cancer returns for the worst.
    I love this book as it leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat, I just couldn’t stop reading! It is set in the first person of Hazel, which makes the book so much better to understand and easier to empathise with the character, you almost feel as if you’re inside the pages! This amazing book by John Green will make you smile, laugh and cry, whilst making you want to just keep reading on and on.
    I would recommend this book to people who enjoy being oblivious of what is about to happen and like books that will make you feel inside the pages. I think people 11 and above would like this book as it is quite medical, but also very funny.
    By Rachel Jonas

  85. jasmine veater says:

    I read,
    The Set Up from the series The Medusa Project by Sophie McKenzie,
    This book is about four teenagers: Nico, Dylan, Ed and Ketty, who were implanted with a gene, created by William Fox to make them have special powers. They were implanted with this gene whilst there’re mothers were pregnant with them. Unfortunately the special gene had an effect on the mother meaning that they sadly passed away a few months after the baby’s birth. This meant that the children had to find someone to live with so, Nico went to live with his step-dad Fergus Fox, (William Fox’s brother) who knew everything about the medusa project. The Medusa Gene didn’t kick in until the children turned into teenagers. When they reach the teenage year’s lots of unexplainable things begin to happen…..
    It took me about 1 week to read this book and I would recommend this boo to people who like a mystery as you never know what’s going to happen next as the story line changes a lot but over-all I really liked this book and I could imagine the picture in my head as it was described so well. I would give this book a 4.5/5 because it was a really good book and I can’t wait to read the next one.

  86. Queen of the book says:

    One Dollar horse
    By Lauren St John
    Review by Ella 

    This book is all about the life behind the glory. It illustrates how you can go from the very bottom to the very top in the blink of an eye. It shows that passion will stay with you forever…
    This book is all about a poverty-stricken girl named Casey Blue, who has vivid dreams for her future . She wishes to go to the badminton horse trials, and win, on her own thoroughbred horse that she hasn’t quite got hold of yet… But Casey knows that her father’s criminal record will always hold her back.
    One day, she hears a horse screaming in pain, and, well you will find out if you read this book, which you should.
    Many of you may be thinking that this is a horsey book, but I can ensure you that it isn’t. it is a tale of hope, love, downfalls and pure perseverance.
    I rate this book 5 stars and I would give it 6 if it was possible.

  87. bookwormmonkey says:

    Wolf Brother
    By Michelle Paver

    Torak is alone. Wounded and terrified. His father lies dead, with his death marks patterned on his body. From here on Torak was alone. Alone with the bear, the biggest demon of all; no one is safe from the bear, especially Torak and his father. His only guide is an orphaned wolf cub. Torak must not venture into other clans land, no one must know he exists. No one must find out his powers.

    I have never heard of michelle Paver, but i have heard of the book spirit walker which is the second book in the series of the ‘Chronicles of ancient darkness’. I did not choose this book, I was given when I was off ill in hospital, only now did i feel like reading it, and it made me teleport into another world without any illness or pain etc. I found this book a great way to unwind and relax, with so much description and detail in the book you feel transfixed, as if nobody can take you away from this pride and joy. Michelle Paver really takes you into another world, so much so you feel as if you are right next to the character, feeling all their pain, joy, sadness and worries! Michelle Paver has not won any awards I don’t think, but feel free to comment down below if you think or know she has, as I am not 100% sure!

    My favourite part of the book, was when Torak fell down into an crack in the glacier which had opened up infant of him during a snow storm on the ice lake. This was showing the ice lake was waking up! This part was my favourite scene, because it was as if a real human actually fell down into a crack in the glacier. It made me think, did Michelle Paver ever fall into a Crack in the glacier, because Torahs feelings and emotions, were as if he were really about to give himself up to save the people. It was so amazing, whilst Torak was in the crack it really felt as if you were getting the words out from an experienced ice climber who had fallen down nearly to there death but managed to survive! It was amazing!

    The reason I think Michelle Paver is so successful, is because she has such amazing description you really feel as if you are one of her characters in that story facing all the threats and dangers which are being thrown at you! Michelle Paver has an amazing talent for showing great emotion through her characters actions, and speech. You definitely know when Torak or any other character is down, upset, frightened, or worried. It took me by surprise how much I knew about Torak’s emotions and actions!

    This book took me three days to read, because I was reading it before I went to bed, so I could be teleported over to my amazing world of fantasy! It took me three days, because I just could not put the book down, let alone let it go. it was a real effort to put it down just for a minute, especially when I was entering the tense, hair raising, suspenseful scenes which Torak was facing! This book is in the fantasy genre, because from what I have researched, demons are fantasy and this book is based all around a demon being placed into a bear to kill all the people of the forest, so the creator can kill his enemy and own the forest. This is why I think it is in the fantasy genre, and it fits it quite well. However, if you disagree with me, please write down below on what genre you think it is, because I would like o see whether other people have the same thought as me or not on this book genre!

    Personally, I would recommend this book to ages 9 upwards, because there are some parts of the book, which are quite frightening, containing some scary moments, so this book wouldn’t be suitable for younger ages, but that is just what I think and not what other people think! I would also recommend this book to people who like tense atmospheres, with awkward pauses, and some very adventurous times in the book! However, if you prefer fantasy and fairytales, then this book is DEFINITELY not for you, because it contains some great hunting, and it is basically based on saving their people from a demon, in a way it is a fairytale, but not the princessy sort!

    Overall, I am going to give this book 9 1/2 stars out of 10 because even though it is amazing, it is unfortunately still not one of the best books I have ever read, but it could become one of your favourite books, just because for me it isn’t a favourite book, it doesn’t mean you won’t like it! But otherwise it was an amazing book, it just didn’t manage to make the best book for me!

    Libby Moor

  88. Annelise Brundell says:

    If I Stay
    Gayle Forman

    This is a heart-breaking novel recently made into movie, it is about a girl called Mia, an expert cello player, and her rock/punk family, who, on a snowy February morning, experience a tragic car crash that moved me, it can make you hold everything you have closer to your heart.

    Especially when her rock star boyfriend comes and fights against everything just to see her, even though, before he left with his band, he was mad about her auditioning for a college for young music prodigies the other side of the country.Mia awakes in a ditch a few meters from the road only to realise she is in a coma and can only stand by a witness things going by and nobody can see or hear her.

    This book made me cry, it is mostly about three things: love, loss and hope. It is incredibly moving. I love how the author introduces descriptive memories of Mia’s past as a technique so the story is all the more powerful and stays in your mind as a sad, but yet, somehow happy, beautiful book, that truly changes how I think now.

  89. Ellie H says:

    Twelve minutes to midnight
    By Christopher Edge
    It’s 1899. Every night at twelve minutes to midnight the inmates of Bedlam, London’s notorious hospital for the insane, rise from their beds and begin scribbling strange words on any surface they can find- scraps of paper, the walls of their cells, even their own skin. What can this mean?
    Penelope Trendall, thirteen-year-old owner of the best-selling magazine, The Penny Dreadful, is intrigued. she’s always seeking sinister stories to fill the pages of her magazine but she has never encountered anything as chilling as this.
    I chose this book for something different because I usually go for easier books but this one is very
    ominous but really good. My favourite character is Penelope because she is curious and very brave. Twelve minutes to midnight didn’t take me very long to read because it was so exciting and had me gripped all the way through. I definitely think this is for older people because its very dark and little children might not like it.
    Over all I give this book * * * * * 5 stars because it was a real page turner.

  90. bookwormmonkey says:

    The year of the rat
    by Clare Furniss

    Everything is over, when Pearl finds out her mother is dead. To Pearl, her skinny baby sister is nothing, just a demon of death. This is why Pearl has nicknamed her ‘The Rat’. Before the rat comes home, her step dad is always at the hospital, whenever it is possible. All Pearl can see in the baby is an incubated rat, nothing but a RAT. Will Pearl eventually come to love her baby sister? Will she forgive her mother? It is for you to find out!

    I have never heard of Clare Furniss, but I am glad I have. Even though this is one of the newer books to the library, I thought I would give it a go,as I was given it from the library book club which I go to on Thursday lunchtimes! From what I have found out and asked other people about, I now know that this particular book has not won any awards, but it is a great book, even though it is a bit sad. I absolutely loved the description, mood and most of all, the amazing character feelings, in the way that you feel like you are that person. You know how they feel, and what they are thinking about the person they were talking to, for the good and the worse!

    My favourite scene of this book was when Pearl kept seeing her mother as a person, as well as talking to her. I loved it how even though the mother died, Pearls mum was and still is always making her own jokes up, before answering a very serious question. As well as this book being sad, I loved the comedy, and the humour every character has, it is as if nothing happened at to the family at all! it just shows that in any event in life, you can always get over it. This I why I really love this book, because it can really link into a persons life, this event could happen to anyone, but that anyone can get over it, no matter how hard it may be, you will always find a bright side!

    I would recommend this book to all people who love action-packed, humorous never ending description, and the great individual storylines of each characters, so you know exactly who comes from what background and why! I would recommend this book for children, aged 10 and upwards, and even adults because it an amazing life story, which could and have already happened to some family’s lives. Overall, I am going to give this book 8 out of 10 stars, because even though it is an amazing book, it is not my type of book, which I love reading. I am glad I had given it a try, because it was still an amazing book, but unfortunately it is not one of my favourite books, however I do love the fact that it can actually happen to people, but this book just shows you can always get over hard times in life, even when you don’t think you can! Clare Furniss is an amazing author, I would recommend her to anyone I meet! I find it amazing that she can put a real life problem into an amazing, detailed book, for anyone!

    By Libby Moor 7H

  91. sophie says:

    Lola Rose
    Jacqueline Wilson
    This book is quite an upsetting story but is very exciting and also causes tension at the same time. It is a book about a girl called Jayni who one day wins the lottery with her mum and brother. Because of their terrorizing father they run away not telling him about the win. They all change their names, Jayni changes hers to Lola Rose, but none of them knew what the future held.
    I chose this book because I personally love this author along with a lot of people and one of the reasons she is one of my favourite authors is because she is so good at writing and all her stories are amazing. She has one many awards and has written over 100 books, not all of them are published though.
    This book is a mixture of genres, adventure and romantic and it is happy as well as sad. It has a lot of detail in and I think that is a really good feature for a book.
    My favourite part of the novel is when everything ends happily and all the bad things go away. I also quite like the part when they were running away because it was so exciting! I made myself stop at each chapter so that the tension built up even more while I was reading this book.
    My personal favourite character was Auntie Barbara who came to the rescue and helped the family get back on track.
    I think that people who like exciting books and books that build up tension will like this one, Definitely! I rate this book 5/5 stars!

    by Sophie Hawke

    • ILuvReading says:

      I have read this book before! The suspense is really good and the things that go on after they have run away is amazing! I would really recommend it to anyone!!! ^_^

  92. Maisie B says:

    The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
    This book is about a 17 year old girl, called Hazel who has cancer in her lungs causing her to take around a rucksack with an oxygen tank inside it. She was first diagnosed with it at the age of 12 when her lungs started to fill up with water and caused her to find it hard to breathe. Hazel goes to a group that is for people who are suffering from cancer or who has suffered cancer before. Whilst there she meets a boy that she likes called Augustus and he suffered from cancer which resulted in him having one of legs amputated! They go on wondrous journeys together sharing there love for one another and when Hazel gets an email from her idol’s agent saying that she is going to Amsterdam, she goes to meet the author that wrote her favourite book – An Imperial Affliction. Her and Augustus travel through Amsterdam looking at all of the famous features there. to find out more go and read this amazing book!

    I find John Green a really brilliant author as her describes what happens really well and makes everything seem real.

    This is a romance/tragedy story as it is really sad ending but the two main characters are boyfriend and girlfriend and they are into each other so much!!
    My favourite part was when they went to Amsterdam and did loads of amazing things such as visit the Anne Frank building. It took me about 7 or 8 days to read the book as it is quite long and I like to take things in slowly!

    I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 as there are many sad and upsetting times especially near the end. I would give this book ***** 5/5 as it is so good but a little sad!

    By Maisie Bees x

  93. ebba says:

    Anita and me
    By Meera Syal
    This book is about a young Indian girl who lives in England. It’s a tale of mischief and Friendship .Meena finds out how different the two cultures are, the meals aren’t the same, the clothing, their manners and their traditions are extremely different .Can she become friends with Anita, will she conquer the skill of friendship or will she always be the outcast in the village. Will she ever discover what is in the big house or will she ever wear makeup. These are all the troubling thoughts of young Meena, she wonders if she will ever grow up to be like her mother.

    I really like this book as it is a tale of friendship trust and lies. I found it interesting to find out what it’s like to be the only one different and that the popular people are not always the best people. I recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy and biographies. I was not quite sure if this book was a biography, but if it isn’t then it is something like a biography. I really like Meena because she really try’s to fit in and she is a bit of a tomboy. I don’t really like Anita because she seems really full of herself. I give this book ****
    By Ebba wadlan

    • ILuvReading says:

      Wow! THat sounds so much like what would happen to someone who has come from Singapore would do, if that makes any sense. I would really like to read it. 😉

  94. phoebe frost says:

    The double life Cora Parry

    By Angela McAllister

    This incredible book is full as surprises it explains Cora’s hard life and how she copes after being adopted by the kind, Nobel man Eligha when she was just 3 after experiencing her mother’s death in the dreaded, Walston Workhouse and never meeting her father all of this sadness followed by her being exposed to Elighas wife’s harsh brutality. When Martha Parry Elighas wife passes away Cora is left to think she’s free but her Rejoices only last a couple of hours until Martha’s brother turns out and harshly kicks her out. This fierce, unsympathetic man throws Cora by the taunting gates of Walston.

    The writer Angela McAllister is a writer who is not often spoken of but this book has got be interested in her other books. She managed to make this book full of suspense and I just couldn’t put it down! I decided to read this book purely because my mum picked it up from the local library, I glad she choose this book as I loved the sense of adventure included.

    This book is hard to place in just 1 genre as it includes lots of mystery ,a little bit of crime and also a large amount of adventure but it displayed all 3 genre brilliantly.

    My favourite part of the book is when she gets offered the job as a teaching assistant after being locked in jail-I think this Is my favourite part because her life was always hard and finally her dream had come true.my favourite character in this story is actually pip-Joes monkey and I loved how he was so playful and how quickly he bonded with Carrie (as he thought her name).

    The only disappointment of this book is at the beginning it sounded so much like the well-known classic Oliver when Tuck brought her to the fathering caught it almost sounded as though he should sing “you’ve got to pick a pocket or 2 girl” but the end result was good and it left the line I thought it would take well.

    It took me about a week to read but I enjoyed every page I read.I would recommend this book to anyone the age of 10 or over as it could be a little emotional as she covers up as Carrie. This book was an impressive read so I rate it 4 out of 5
    By phoebe frost.

  95. Maddie C says:

    Title: Ruby Redfort – Take Your Last Breath
    Author: Lauran Child
    Rating: * * * * *

    I really liked this book it was very gripping it was about a teenage secret agent and she was working for Spectrum the secret agency. She was trying to figure out what was wrong in the sea because there had been a lot of strange occurrences like, sea sounds and killer whales dead on the beach shore! She has to try and crack the code to find out about she/he/it and how it is causing all these follow up problems also what the goal for he/she/it might be. If you are going to read this book please enjoy it.

    I would recommend this book to girls aged 9-14

    Maddie C

  96. Ebba says:

    My mad fat diary
    By Rae Earl
    Rae is the only overweight person she knows. She has an unhealthy relationship with food. She tries to hold it together as she has spent most of her life in a child phycology ward as she had a mental breakdown and went a bit crazy. But now Rae is looking for love, she has to find someone who will love her and her fat, someone who likes her personality and does not judge her by her looks. She’s tired of being the only one in her class that hasn’t kissed a boy. Then she finds a boy who she nicknames Haddock, first impressions weren’t so great but now Rae is totally in love with him, the only problem is he has a girlfriend. Is Rae doomed, will she ever find love, will she ever lose weight and will people start loving her personality or will they always judge her by her weight.
    I really enjoyed this book because sometimes you can relate with it .You wouldn’t think that this book was a biography because there are so many interesting events. I don’t like Brittany because she pretends to be something she is not and she is cruel and backstabs her friend. I really like Rae because she is really funny and knows what it’s like to be bullied so she tries not to hurt anyone even if she slips up she’ll try and save the situation. I recommend this book to anyone who likes comedy and biographies. I give it *****
    By Ebba wadlan

    • ILuvReading says:

      Sound great! I love to read book diaries and i can’t find any that are good. I definitely would like to read it!

  97. bookwormmonkey says:

    The medusa project – Hunted
    By Sophie Mckenzie

    Dylan is determined to find out her true parents death. Whilst in a top secret mission with the rest of her medusa team, will Dylan search the software for her dads true death in their spare time, will his death be accidental or classified? Meeting this Henry who supposedly knows about her parents death. Who can Dylan trust? Will she go behind the backs of her trusted teammates?

    The reason I love Sophie Mckenzie, is because after every single page you read you are always thinking, will they be correct this time on trusting someone? Every single time they have trusted someone, they have betrayed them and tried to steal the medusa project. So every time they have to choose I am always thinking, will this be a mistake, partial mistake, or a real life threatening mistake! Personally, this is why I believe Sophie Mckenzie is so successful, because of the many choices and decisions her characters have to take on board. Trusting new characters, or disguised characters could lead to death or even worse.

    I loved the way that the book was set out. It was in paragraphs, with about size 13 font so it was not hard to read, but not too big so it is ridiculous! When you come to chapters you could tell: there would be a page which was only half full of writing; on the next page there would be in bold and big letters the number and title of the chapter. This book took me a day to read, because I could not put it down, as well as the fact that I am not very mobile due to my leg! This book had 245 pages, but probably a bit less if you include the amount of half pages taken up by the chapter headings! this book is in the crime genre, because it is based all around top known criminals trying to receive the medusa code from Dylan, because it is in her mother and fathers token of love, which could be anything, but you can find it out! The teams boss who made them criminal fighters, may go behind their backs to do anything she can do to stop Dylan finding out her parents death.

    However, what I am absolutely loving in the whole series, is that every single book is in the view of one person from the medusa team with the gene! for example, the first book was in Nico’s point of view. Nico has the ability to move objects and people with no effort! The second book was in Ed’s point of view, Ed has the ability to read peoples minds telepathically, close to the person, or miles away. The third book was in Ketty’s point of view, Ketty can see into the future as long which she is in with other people, but not the future which she is not in. the fourth book is in Dlyan’s view, Dylan can protect herself by using a forcefield, for example, she can protect herself from falls, bullets etc.

    If you have read any of Sophie Mckenzie’s other books you will love this series, if you have tried the first book of this series and not really enjoyed, I dare you to try the second one, because they get more suspenseful and dangerous as time goes on. If I were to compare the fourth book in the series to the first book, the first is a amazing introduction to all the books following up and you are not lost at all, but the fourth book is a million times better if that is possible! Overall I would recommend this book age 9+ because there is a bit of violence in this book particularly. Otherwise it is great and has an amazing author which couldn’t have written it better. I am giving this book 91/2 stars out of 10, because I feel that the next book could bring just something a little more!

    Libby Moor

  98. Ebba says:

    I know what you did last summer
    By Lois Duncan
    Last year four friends did something terrible, they accidently hit a little boy after partying on the beach. They make a promise that they will speak of it again, but someone knows what they have done Julie gets a letter saying I know what you did last summer, Helen gets a picture of the boy they ran over, Ray gets a newspaper clipping about the accident and Barry gets shot. Someone knows what they did and there out to get them. Barry is already severely hurt who is next? Who’s trying to kill them? And who knows their secret?
    I loved this book it always kept me guessing. I loved to guess the culprit and was really happy when I got it right. There was suspense on every page it was just amazing. I really like Ray because he knew what was right and tried really hard to make everything all right. I didn’t really like Barry because he was arrogant and only wanted to save his skin. I recommend this book to anyone who likes horror and crime. I give this book *****
    By Ebba

  99. Thrilling, dangerous, action packed! Cass is a 16 year old, who ten years ago escaped the clutches of The Fearless. The Fearless are people who feel no pain, fear or any emotions at all. They took her home, her parents and her future. She has one thing left in the world, and she won’t let them take her brother. Then she comes across Myo, a boy with an eye patch who has somehow found Hope. Together they search for Cass’s brother. But Myo has a few secrets that may ruin their love and friendship forever…

    Find out what happens in The Fearless By Emma Pass.

    I love this book as it’s got loads of unexpected and surprising parts. I give it a 5/5 rating and would recommend it to anyone who loves a girl protecting herself instead of waiting around for the boys save the day like a fairytale.

  100. ILuvReading says:

    The School for Good and Evil
    By Soman Chainani

    I have read this book multiple times and would highly recommend it for the people who like to read books very carefully and look at all of the detail in each sentence. It can be very hard to understand if your skim through it.
    I bought this book over the Christmas holidays as a forgot to take my book with me to my Grandfather’s house in Shropshire. Once i started to read it, i could not put it down!
    It is about two girls, Sophie and Agatha, who live in a place called Gavaldon. Every four years, two children are taken away to the School For Good and Evil. In this school, there are two different schools, the school for Evers, where good boys and girls are taught to be princes, fairies, princesses and knights for fairy tail books and in the school for Nevers, the bad boys and girls and taught to be the evil people in story books. When these two girls are taken away, they think that Agatha, who lives in a graveyard and always dresses in black will be put into the school for Nevers and Sophie, who lives like a princess and always wears pink dresses, will be taught how to be a princess. But they are total wrong.

    I have just started to read the second book and I am on the third chapter and already, the suspense is killing me! I will give this book 5/5 stars!!!

  101. bookwormmonkey says:

    The maze runner
    By James Dashner

    The Glade. WICKED are doing an experiment, finding teenagers who have a chance on surviving the trials and saving the world from a disease called the flare. When Thomas is in this weird box with his memory wiped, he is in a new area and totally overwhelmed with all the so called gladers staring down at him. Once a month a new boy arrives to the glade in the big box, which also brings their supplies of food and clothing from the creators once a week. However, ever since Thomas turned up things are becoming more suspicious every day, until a GIRL arrives in the box saying she has triggered the end……………….from here on, things become a little bit harder for the Gladers, especially when the sun disappears, and the maze walls don’t shut…………………………..how many of the gladers will die trying to escape? More to the point, will the gladers ever escape?

    I got given this book by a friend whilst I was in hospital, it took on an amazing adventure, which kept you thinking all the time, I literally could not get it out of my hands! I had heard of the maze runner before, but I thought it was a boy book, scene as it had a very dull, dark cover. However, now I believe there are no such thing as boys and girls books.

    This book was about 360 pages long, so it took me a couple of days to read. The text size is the perfect size, not too big or small, so it didn’t take up the page with only a few paragraphs! With every chapter it starts onto a new page, so there is a gap between the end and beginnings of the chapters. I am now currently waiting for the third book of the series, the death cure, I have reserved it from the library and can’t wait for it to take me on that amazing adventure again! I absolutely love how the author managed to get all his emotions of the character through their actions, even if they weren’t saying the truth in their speech! This is why I think the maze runner series has become very popular, especially with it becoming a movie and all!

    My favourite part of the book, was when Thomas was scared out of his skin when he first saw a griever. I have imagined a griever as a slug, but flesh colour, with a metal bottom which has al the spikes and weapons it needs. These grievers were created by the creators of the glade trying to find the strongest teenagers to cure the flare, wiping their minds to forget their life before the glade, only being stung by a griever can bring back some memories by having the special treatment to make yourself normal again. None of the gladers new this yet new this yet.

    This book took a couple of days to read; don’t be put off by the large number of pages, because you don’t actually think about the number of pages at al, you are just determined to find out what happens to all the Gladers in the end. However, the end of the book is not the end: there are three more books after this first one, which are even more exciting if it is possible!

    I would aim this book at aged ten year olds upwards, because there are a few moments in the book where it is saddening, and they get injured or die on the way in a horrible way which the book describes well. That is why I would aim it at ten year olds who love action, adventure books.

    Overall I am giving this book 10/10 stars! It grips you until the very end!

  102. bookwormmonkey says:

    The medusa project
    By Sophie McKenzie

    When Dylan, Ed, Nico and Ketty are betrayed by the person who brought them all together (Geri) they are on the run, escaping from Geri and her police forces. However, as they get nearer to their safe place, they begin to realise that there could be more medusa teens out there scene as the formula has secretly been sold and copied. Emotion is high, as Nico finds his true birth dad and brother with the medusa skills. Nothing is going to plan…………………….. but with a few more new recruits to the team the medusa team are on fire!

    I can’t believe how Sophie McKenzie came up with this amazing idea which blows you away! As well as doing so many books in the series. Normally I find that when there are a lot of books in a series you get really bored by the end, because it s the same story over and over again! However, this is not the case with the medusa project! It only took me one day to read this amazing book, because I was absolutely dissolved in it, nothing could pull me away from the amazing adventure which (yet again) Sophie McKenzie took me on!

    There are roughly 300 pages in this book; but it does not seem like that once you start reading, because you don’t even think about how may pages there are, you only think about the mystery and excitement, as well as the emotion which is happening all through the story non stop! when you come to a chapter, the writing will end in the middle of the page, then you will turn over the page and it will be the beginning of the chapter, so you know where there is definitely a chapter beginning and ending!

    However, even though this book was an amazing book, my best book ever would have to be at the end of each chapter, you would have a sentence which would leave you hanging. To make this book even better, I would love a cliff hanger at the end of every chapter, because then it is a event greater moment of suspense which will hold until you come back to the book an start reading the next chapter! This book is in the crime genre, because it is all about this secret medusa formula which is being sold behind closed doors and copied illegally. However, one of these people who owns all the police and government who is very powerful, is a person dealing with the medusa project, so nobody can get sent to prison because Geri is in charge of the police force and can get anywhere in moments, as the medusa team found out the hard way!

    Overall I am giving this book an amazing 10/10 stars, because even though I would have liked a tiny bit more it is the best book by far I have ever read! I can not wait what the last book of the series has in store!

    By Libby Moor

    • bookwormmonkey says:

      I have only just realised I meant to put at the top it is the fifth book in the series, so it is called:
      The medusa project double-cross
      Libby x

  103. Rachel Jonas says:

    ‘Is It Just Me?’-Miranda Hart
    Review by Rachel Jonas

    Is it Just Me? by Miranda hart is a hilarious book that will make you laugh wherever or whenever you a reading it. I love this book as it is really funny and opens up the doors to the life of Miranda Hart, the famous comedian. I like how it uses real examples from the author’s life and how she goes back in time and talks to her eighteen year old, ambitious self who is rather disappointed at how Miranda has turned out.
    My favourite part of the book is when ‘Big Miranda’ as she is called by her eighteen year old self is explaining the internet to ‘Little Miranda’. This is a really funny part of the book as ‘little Miranda’ finds it very baffling that anything like this could ever exist.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes humour and books that will really make you laugh out loud. I think this book is suitable for children and adults over 12 as it contains some jokes that younger children probably wouldn’t understand.
    Overall, I would score this book 5 out of 5 stars as it was a great read and I would love to read other books like it.
    Rachel Jonas

  104. Darren x says:

    Girl online
    This book is about a girl who goes to network and falls in love with a guy called Noah but when she goes home to Brighton she finds out all of his secrets.
    I chose this book because it’s written by Zoe sugg also known as zoella and I really like her you tube channel.
    This book is an issue one. Because penny has really bad anxiety and it’s good because as you read it it has lots of tips on how to deal with panick attacks.
    It took me about 4 weeks to read because it’s quite long but I really enjoyed reading it and didn’t get bored of it which is what I normally do 😂😂
    I rate this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  105. Sarah says:

    I read 4 children and it by Jacqueline Wilson. It was very interesting and gripping, I just couldn’t put it down! It was about 4 children who found a small brown pssamead(I think that’s how to spell it) in a sandpit. It is a ugly, fairy type creature which grants wishes. The children have a lot of fun with their wishes. They wish to be famous, go to the past, grow wings and much much more. It is a fascinating book and a great read. I would recommend it to children aged 8-14. I will give it 5 stars because it is just so brilliant 🙂 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  106. Shannon Northam says:

    My book review is about a book called ‘if there be thorns’ by Virginia Andrews.
    It is the third book in the series of four.it is about the Chris and Cathy (the two surviving children from what used to be four) who have now grown up and are (despite being brother and sister) now living together. Cathy’s children are now growing up. Jory is the eldest, he is 14 and his brother Bart is 10. The children’s grandmother had moved next door and ever since she did Bart had started going mad. Currently Cathy doesn’t know that her despised mother is living next door. One day she does find out and she goes out of her mind. The grandmother is attacked and in the end, she gets burnt alive in a horrific fire. Once she is dead Cathy decides to forgive her mother but knows it is too late.

  107. Ebba wadlan says:

    Oath breaker
    By Michelle Paver
    One of Toraks closest friends have been murdered by one of the remaining soul eaters. Torak seeks vengeance for his kinsman after finding out who kills him. Torak carries guilt as his kinsman would not have been killed if they had not had an argument. Torak ventures into the deep forest with Renn and Fin kedinn. But all Torak seeks is vengeance and his anger causes friendships to break. Will Torak kill the murderer, keep his oath of vengeance, will he survive and can he keep his friends.
    I really loved this book, this is the fifth book in the series and I have enjoyed reading all of them. My favorite character is wolf because he understands a lot more things and is a faithful pack brother. My least favourite character is thiazzi because he is full of himself ad doesn’t understand friendship or beauty .Lizzie Bolton recommended this series to me and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure. This book can be found in the school library, the first book is wolf brother which I have also written a book review about. There are six books in the series. I give this book *****.

  108. Georgia Collins says:

    The Maze Runner
    James Dashner
    This is an adventure book about a boy called Thomas who comes into a giant maze full of boys only knowing his name and begins to make everything go wrong including the safety, the supplies and the frequency of getting new recruits to the society leading to them needing to find a way to escape more than they ever did before.

    James Dashner has written this book along with ‘The Scorch trials’ and ‘The death cure’ as well as the prequel to ‘The maze runner’ ‘The kill order’. Dashner has also announced that a second prequel called ‘The fever code’ will be brought out in 2016. I chose this book because some of my friends had read it and people say it is like ‘the hunger games’ which I really enjoyed.

    it is definitely an adventure book but at some point there is a bit of mystery involved. For example, they cannot remember anything when they come into the maze and they try to figure out why they are here, who their families are etc. There is a lot of fighting and actin so that makes it adventure to.

    My favourite part of the novel is when the last recruit who is a girl comes up into the maze with a worrying note, ‘Her pink lips trembled as she mumbled something over and over, indecipherable. Then she spoke one sentence – her voice hollow and haunted but clear, “Everything is going to change” …’

    My favourite character is the girl because she can be quite mysterious but even if you like her in the first book like I did, there is no doubt that you will hate her by the end of the second book. Another reason to read on.

    This book only took me just over a day because i was really excited to read it and I had to wait until Easter to get it so all I did was read. But it is around 350-370 pages long so it is not to much of a long read.

    I think it is young adult type book so ages 12+ or good readers would be fine. However, some of the content is gory but that shouldn’t be off-putting. If you don’t like action then i wouldn’t read it unless you want a bit of a different book and in that case it would be perfect. To be honest, I think most people would really like to give it a try.

    Overall i give this book 5stars because it is my new favourite book!

    Georgia Collins

  109. Annelise Brundell says:

    The house at Riverton

    This book is mainly a mystery book set from the viewpoint of a woman in her 90’s when she contacted about a film set when she was a housemaid at Riverton House about a suicide of a young poet. But as she relives it in dreams of that night, all is not as it may seem.

    I really love this book because the plot is very interesting and not set in this time so it is different and nice to read. It was very hard to expect the ending, and there were also many twists in the plot. It is also a bit of romance with all sorts of exciting things happening. I would recommend it to 11 aged onwards as it is a bit like a classic with modern twists.

  110. bookwormmonkey says:

    Dark spell
    By Gill Arbuthnott

    Callie Hall is a real life witch with mind-boggling powers which she cant yet come to control. Becoming a witch is pure horror for Callie as she finds out eventually that all is not normal with her home and casting protective spells with her nan and her nans friends, cannot protect or prepare Callie for what is coming. In the tunnels underneath Callie’s town, something is dangerously lurking that threatens everybody. When Callie receives a black mark after the lights go of in the tunnels, she hears voices of the dead. Callie needs desperate help; can she trust her best friend Josh? If Callie makes a mistake, the future is doomed for everybody.

    I have never ever heard of Gill Arbuthnott before in my life; I am glad that the person who chose it for me in the library book club chose one of these book as an option, because this book is outstanding. Throughout the whole book I just couldn’t put it down, I started reading the first three chapters to my mum. She was so intrigued about this book that she wanted me to read it to her the next night. However, I could not restrain myself from reading it in the day and I am glad I didn’t I was absolutely glued to this book, so much it was unbelievable, I didn’t realise anything that was going on around me, I had to be shaken by my brother when I had to go downstairs for lunch! If I had to describe this book in three words it would be:
    and tense and odd pauses at moments, because Callie’ mother (her nans daughter) blames it on her nan that Callie is a which.

    My favourite part of this book, was when a boy which was from the dead didn’t want to live in the tunnels, so he lived in Callie’s house, when Callie started having nightmares, her nan had to make a potion to make her mum and dad agree to everything her nan said. It was amazing how Gill managed to make the transfer from tense to relaxed so smoothly, it was like Callie’s mum and dad were totally different characters!

    This book only took me a day to read because it was seriously super glued to my hands! The pages in this book are great, because for people who don’t like loads of page; still liking amazing, thrilling books this is the book for you! The font is a perfect size, because it isn’t too big or small so you are not overwhelmed by the amount of writing on one page. The front cover of this book is very intriguing, because it has the writing ‘Dark Spell’ written in fire and then the background is a wall of the town. You can get this book in the school library, because this is where I borrowed it from too!
    Overall I am going to give this book 10/10 because it was absolutely amazing and so descriptive, you were not lost at any moment when a different character was speaking or anything! I was amazed at how much of a story was in this book with only roughly 215 pages! It was bonkers!

  111. bookwormmonkey says:

    Desperate Measures
    By Laura Summers

    When Rhianna and Vicky were born, Rhianna was brain damaged at birth. Ever since the twins mum made Vicky Keep an eye on RhIanna. Even though they are twins they could not be the tiniest more different. when Vicky’s, Rhianna’s and Josh’s mum dies, they are left in the hand of Vicky to do the cooking and washing whilst their dad drives his lorry around. However with Josh’s cooking mistake means they are adopted never to see their dad again.

    This book really reflects some peoples lives, which makes me wonder whether Laura Summers had ever had this happen to her, because this subject is very hard to write about, so this is why I have a thought about Laura Summers being through this; I have never heard of this author before so how am I to know! I love the emotion in this book, because when their foster mum goes into hospital, very ill about to have a baby they are to be sperated just for the time being. None of them can bear this, so they run away. Throughout their travels they meet kind and generous, then mean and horrendous children who will do anything to catch them and take them home, so they can receive all the glory.

    The reason I really enjoyed this book, was because they met a boy who quit school because he had a weird mark on his belly so he got teased for this, however Vicky brought out the inner confidence and skill in him, so when it came to going back to school he was he most popular guy in the class! I absolutely love the character of Vicky, because throughout all the sad and devastating times, she keeps her head held high and thinks of the positive no matter what!

    This book took me two days to read, because I was quite busy, but this did not stop me from reading it! This book has about 200 pages, I am amazed because so much goes on in this short amount of time! Yet again the font is absolutely perfect so you aren’t overwhelmed or scared by the size of the book! The front of the book has ‘Desperate measures’ in gold writing with gold vines floating around the page with a blue background. The name of the book definitely suited the book, because of all the ways they go they lead to one place, a desperate measure.

    If you are looking for a book with desperate measures, adventure and something which can refer to you life, this is the book for you. that is why I am giving it 10/10 stars!
    By Libby Moor

  112. bookwormmonkey says:

    By Scott Westerfeld

    Tally has been born into a world where on your 16th birthday you have an operation to become pretty instead of ugly. However, after Tally’s best friend has turned pretty the three month gap is a long time for things to turn bad. Tally makes a new friend, who persuades her to go to the smoky. Where everyone is ugly, with Tally as a spy all is not well. Tally learns something that could change the whole operation to become pretty.

    I was given this book by a friend, I have all the four books in the series. The Uglies, The Pretties, The specials, and the extras. I can not wait to finish the series, it s so amazing how Scott managed to come up with this amazing story line! Everybody wanting to turn pretty in an operation, allowed access over the bridge to pretty island, rather than being dumped on Ugly land. I love Tally’s character, because she is an adventurous, and risk taking girl. I love when Tally went across secretly to the Pretty island where they part all night, she caused real havoc! I love the fact that through all her adventurous nature, she is still very cheeky at times when she feels like it!

    I haven’t heard of this author ever, but he is an amazing writer I don’t even know how Scott Westerfeld managed to create such an amazing story line. It does make me think that maybe he was called ugly in his childhood, or maybe still is so that is where he made this amazing fantasy that you had an operation to come pretty, but the operation would lead to disasters! He really gets the message across that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it is who you are inside. I really let my mind release and run wild during the time of reading this book, because I wouldn’t get lost and I imagined amazing places.

    It is a great book to read if you want a thriller, adventure, or just a book to let your mind free and imagine the impossible! This is why I am recommending it to people aged ten upwards, because it is an amazing book, however it does contain some violence which would not be suitable for eight or maybe even nine year olds. This book is in the fantasy genre, but it is not the fairy fantasy type, to me it feels like a whole different genre all together! There are roughly three hundred pages in this book, with great writing size and a new page whenever you start a new chapter, so you have a great place to strop, especially when you are on a cliff hanger!

    Whilst I was reading this book, when I needed to a stop and go to bed I just thought to myself, I will finish at this chapter but I just cant because I cannot stop on a cliff hanger, I seriously cant. If you are looking for a book with great cliff hangers at the end of chapters you have found your target, that is why I am giving this book 10/10 stars!

    By Libby Moor

  113. bookwormmonkey says:

    By: Libby Moor

    Tally has been born into a world where on your 16th birthday you have an operation to become pretty instead of ugly. After Tally’s best friend has turned pretty, the three month gap is a long time for things to turn bad. Tally makes a new friend, who persuades her to go to the smoky, where everyone is ugly. Tally spies and learns something that could change the whole operation to become pretty. Everybody wanting to turn pretty in an operation, allowed access over the bridge to pretty island, rather than being dumped on Ugly land.

    I love Tally’s character, because she is an adventurous, and risk taking girl. I love when Tally went across secretly to the Pretty island where they party all night, she caused real havoc! I love the fact that through all her adventurous nature, she is still very cheeky at times when she feels like it!

    I imagine the author was called ugly in his childhood, or maybe still is so that is where he made this amazing fantasy that you had an operation to come pretty, but the operation would lead to disasters! He really gets the message across that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it is who you are inside.

    It is a great book to read if you want a thriller or adventure, which is why I am recommending it to Year 7 upwards, because it is an amazing book. This book is in the fantasy genre, but it is not the fairy fantasy type, to me it feels like a whole different genre all together! That is why I am giving this book 10/10 stars!

  114. bookwormmonkey says:

    By: Libby Moor

    This is the second trial after the Gladers escape from the horrific maze life. However, it does not end there at all, because they are locked away in rooms, but when the are allowed out they find dead bodies of the people who saved them held up by their necks hung from the ceiling. They all knew it was WICKED doing this, but when they find out their best friend has disappeared and they need to go through an icy wall to get the cure out in the desert, all is not as easy as it seems.

    This book is the second book In the series of the maze runner, however to me even though it had the same characters in, it was not at all a copy of the first one! My favourite, although sad part, was when they managed to get to the flag and thought they would be safe, but oh no creatures from the maze rose from the ground. However even though a helicopter (berg) came to save them, it flew off without most of them, or did it?

    I loved the suspension always hanging in the air, and the lies WICKED tell both separated groups about each other so the two groups are outraged with one another. I would give this book to age 10 plus because there are some horrifying moments, when people go crazy and lose their heads maybe even 12 and upwards. However, if you have read the maze runner, you should definitely read this one, because it has a gripping start, middle and end! I am giving this book 4/5 stars.

  115. bookwormmonkey says:

    By: Libby Moor

    The trials are over, WICKED have found their last candidate. Thomas. However, to get a cure WICKED will do whatever it takes to get Thomas. Thomas has only just realised how much WICKED not only want him, but need him.

    My favourite part in this book is when from all the pain they have been through, WICKED’S manager has been trying to tell every one that WICKED is good. By giving the immunes (people who are immune to the flare) a new place to carry on the human race, that is all she wanted to do, but with the place about to be blown up can they get everyone out in time?

    I absolutely love the suspension, and courage the gladers have to get every single immune out of the horrific place and into a new world to carry on the human race! Throughout this whole series they have gone through the most horrific pain you could imagine, and for it all to be over it is paradise!

    However, the best thing about this book, is the emotion and awkward silences they have between each other when WICKED have controlled them and said what they needed them to say! I don’t know how James Dashner managed to come up with this amazing story. It makes me wonder whether he had been adopted, ad had to battle through life like they did here.

    Yet again I would recommend this book to probably year nines, because there are some really gruesome moments which occur in this book, but otherwise the storyline is really clear.
    I am giving this book 10/10

  116. ILuvReading says:

    Chocolate SOS
    By Sue Limb

    I read “Chocolate SOS” as it was the sequel to another book by Sue Limb. She is a very funny author and always gives you pages in the blurb that will make you laugh.
    It is about a girl called Jess Johnson who as just broken up with her boyfriend, Fred Parsons after he steels her show at a Valentines Day comic sketch. The story after that is all about what happens to her after this break up…UNTIL a really hot boy called Luke Appleton moves in next door where a really creepy old lady used to live. They go to a murder mystery together dressed as vampires as the host of the party told them that everyone else was. But they don’t. I’m not going to tell you anymore.
    This book is a must read. I would rate it a 4/5!
    Lizzie Smedley

  117. Georgia Collins says:

    The curious incident of the dog in the night-time
    By Mark Haddon

    This book starts of as a murder mystery novel but turns into a mix of adventure, issues and comedy as it progresses through the book. It is about a teenager called Christopher Boone and he has Asperger’s syndrome. This makes him very sensitive and particular about how he can be touched, what he will eat and how he interacts with people around him. While he lives a hard life Christopher has been told that his mum had dies about 5 years ago so he is with his dad. Christopher wants to solve the murder of his neighbours dog, but I leads into lots of puzzles for him and the murderer is definitely not some-one you would expect…

    The author of this book is super talented and the book has won the Whitbread book of the year also, it has been made into a musical but I haven’t seen that. I read this book because my mum was reading it and I picked it up to see what it was a bout and it looked really good so I read it myself.

    As I said earlier it is a murder mystery novel that expands into a issues, adventure and comedy, it effective of all of these as he is trying to solve a murder, has got problems with his Asperger’s, leaves home and tells jokes without realising.

    My favourite part is the part that turns the whole book around so I cannot write about as it would spoil the book instantly. However, I part that I do like is when he is, “arrested for assaulting a police officer,” simply because the officer didn’t know about the syndrome and touched him in a way he didn’t like.

    My favourite character would be Christopher simply because he is the main character and it is written in the first person from him because his is writing a book about it and the book we are reading is this book. Also, I like how it is funny without him trying to be funny.

    It took me about 2 weeks to read as it is quite a complicated plot and some bits I had to read a couple of times.

    I think it more for people who like maths or maybe science because that is what he likes and he writes about it a lot and even has a few maths puzzles in it. But, if you like English you will still enjoy it as most people would.

    I would give this 5/5!!!

  118. Millie Perkins says:

    Hunger games

    This book is set in the future. There was a big war between 14 areas. After many years the war was won. The winning called themselves the capitol and all of the rest were districts however district 13 was destroyed in the war. Altogether they are called ‘Panem’. The leader was President Snow.
    Only the capitol really had any money. They were very rich, but all the districts were the complete opposite.
    Every year they would hold the annual ‘Hunger Games’. This is were 12-18 year olds were put in arenas controlled by President Snow were only 1 could walk out alive. A boy and girl were chosen from every district. The whole event is broadcasted over the whole of Panem. It is called the Hunger Games because the more times you put your name in, the food you would be given.
    The main character is called Katness Everdeen. She volenteers as tribute for her younger sister Primrose. There is also Peeta, which is the boy from her district.
    I would recommend this book to 10 and above. However the movie is a 12.

  119. Millie Perkins says:

    The fault in our stars

    This book is one of my favorite books. It is a story about a teenage girl terminally ill with cancer. Her name is Hazel. One day she met a guy called Augustus. He used to have cancer and because of the cancer he lost one of his legs, but he no longer has cancer. Augustus took Hazel to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. Whilst they were there they fell in love. To find out the rest read the book or watch the movie because I cant say much more without spoiling it!
    I though it was quite sad but some would disagree. I would definitely recommend this book to people between 11 and upward. It requires a mature reader.

  120. ILuvReading says:

    The Butterfly Club
    By Jacqueline Wilson

    The Butterfly Club is about triplets called Philippa, Madeline and Tina. Philippa and Madeline look very similar but Tina is a lot smaller then her two sisters. She was born with a weak heart and has always been much weaker and more looked after then her sisters. The three girl are very different but always look out for each other.
    When they start in year three, they are separated but still i the same class. When Tina is put next to the class bully by their new dragon teacher, Miss. Lovejoy, there is no one to protect her. Miss Lovejoy sets Tina and the bully, Selma, to work on a butterfly garden, she starts to see another side of the biggest bully in the school.
    This is Jacqueline Wilson’s 101st book and i thought it would be a bit different to what it turned out to be. It is probably a book for younger readers who are about seven or eight. If you have any younger siblings, i would definitely recommend this book for an independent read.
    Lizzie Smedley xxx

  121. Maddie.C says:

    Title: Girl, Missing
    Author: Sophie McKenzie

    This book is the first book in the trilogy by Sophie McKenzie. The trilogy is about a teenage girl called Lauren, who is adopted when she was 3 years old and sent to live in England (from America). She wants to know more about her birth parents but her adopted parents avoid the question. Lauren decides to take matters into her own hands she runs off to America with her friend Jam and they get in a lot of trouble. What will she find out about her adoptive parents, and will she find her birth parents.

    This is a great book for girls our age (11-14) I really enjoyed reading the series and look forward to reading more Sophie McKenzie books.

    I rate this book * * * * *

  122. bookwormmonkey says:


    When Dylan is on her train travelling to her dad which she has never seen,( her parents divorced when she was young) disaster strikes. Suddenly the train crashes, Dylan is unconscious. When she finds her way out of the depths of the tunnel her train was in, a mysterious boy (Tristan, her ferryman) is sat on the hill side. Expecting her, she is exactly on time too.
    Dylan is unique, like no other human Tristan has ferried across the waste land. From the first glance he knows Dylan is special. However, from all the tasks they face together, can Dylan even come over the true fact on where she is now and how she could return to the human world?

    I am absolutely in love with this book, because CLAIRE McFALL really let her brain run wild during this book. I am overwhelmed with how much the author managed to create. I would love togo there when I pass away, she creates the scenes so welt is as if you are travelling on the journey with Dylan and Tristan! The bond between the two main characters is ecstatic! It makes me really think whether the author had a special bond lie this with someone, a partner, brother, sister etc. Which means he has to go on a big adventure and through all the high and lows to find the dear person which CLAIRE McFALL is searching for.

    There are 400 pages from this book, I didn’t actually choose this, I randomly picked it from my book group! It was relatively new to the library, and in an amazing genre, the genre which I absolutely adore! Once you complete a chapter, it is very clear like most books with the next chapter continuing on the next page; with the title in bold. Meaning you then have an amazing cliff-hanger ending place to stop. Which is great yet annoying because you are itching to know what is happening in the rest of the book!

    I don’t see how CLAIRE McFALL could make this book any more descriptive, action-packed or entertaining! However, if I were to say one thing it would be:
    I bet if CLAIRE McFALL were to do the follow on book from Ferryman, it would be a massive hit and would take everyone like me on an even bigger, and major adventure!
    year 7+) because there re some saddening scenes.

    By libby Moor

  123. bookwormmokey says:

    Shannon I cannot wait to read this book ‘If there be thorns’ it sounds fantastic!

    Libby x

  124. sophie says:

    My favourite was the penalty shoot out game because it put you under pressure to beat the other person playing, (THE COMPUTER OR ANOTHER PERSON IN THE CLASS.)

  125. Ebba says:

    Rani and Sukh
    By Bali rai
    Rani and Sukh are 16 year olds from different Punjabi families. They fall in love, it is a forbidden love as Ranis father has a very strong opinion about love and girls. Also the two family’s go back years they are enemies as a forbidden romance also happened back then between the two families causing the families to become sworn enemies. But Sukh and Rani believe they are destined to be together, that they are sole mates .They must not tell anyone, else it could restart the feud, they must not be seen together. Rani’s brothers also have a strong opinion about love. All of the men in the group are determined that Rani will not dishonour them, they are even prepared to shed blood over the matter. Will there be blood shed? Will the romance survive? Will the lovers survive? Will anyone survive? Will this friendship bring the two families together? Or will it tear them apart more?
    I really enjoyed this book, it was a bit hard to get into but as soon as I did I loved it there are so many plot twists it just makes you want to read it more and more. My favourite character was Nat as she was strong and independent and supported her best friend Rani throughout the romance. My least favourite character was Divy, Ranis brother as he was very sexist and considered Rani as a ragdoll beating at her and swearing at her. I recommend this to anyone who likes romance novels and who enjoys a good plot twist. I give this book a *****.
    By Ebba

  126. Ebba says:

    sorry it didn’t split In to paragraphs as it was supposed to

  127. Georgia Collins says:

    The Scorch Trials
    James Dashner

    This book is about a boy called Thomas who appeared in the first book (which I wrote a review on)
    In this book they go through a second phase of the trails were they have lots more challenges to go through.

    I chose this book because I had read the first one and it was really good.

    My favourite character is Brenda who is sent to the scorch top help them secretly. My least favourite character is Teresa who was my favourite person in the first book. She supposedly becomes evil and attempts to hurt Thomas! However, is this all a trick and another test??? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

    This book is funny, but violent so if you like action this is the book for you…

    I give this book a 4.5 stars as this is better than the first one. Blood, Betrayals and boys are all in this book so you need to read it!!

  128. alice asquith says:

    The death cure by James Dashner.

    This is the third book in the series and as I loved the other two I was sooooo excited to read this!
    by this point (because it is the third book) you know all the characters really well so say it is more emotional with twisted relationships and heart-breaking scenes. this is a final fight to find a cure for the terrible disease known as the flare – but are the gladers fully committed and how much is Thomas prepared give up in order to find the blueprint needed? I don’t want to give too much away but anyone who loves an action filled, gripping read will love this book – its such a page turner!

    I read this book in a day it was so good and I would give it 5/5 stars. the film ‘ the maze runner’ (the first book) was also really great and i would watch it but only after reading the book. and ‘the scorch trials is coming out in September!

    is WICKED good after all?
    who will sacrifice everything they have?
    Will they find a cure…?


  129. Maisie.B x says:

    Awful Auntie
    By David Williams

    This book is about a young girl, called Stella, and she wakes up after being in a coma for a few months and apparently, so she is told, she has been in a very serious car crash and her parents have died. She can’t actually move because she is all bandaged up because she has broken every bone in her body – or so her auntie says! After laying there for a countless amount of days, Stella realises that she hasn’t actually broken every bone in her body because that would be impossible and she would be dead. So she decides to try and make a move! The young girl eventually gets out but before long her untie is on her case – aunt Alberta wants to find the deeds to Saxby hall, the name of the house that they are living in, and get Stella to sign them, handing it over to her. If you read this book you will experience the mischievous things that Alberta gets up to and that Stella makes a friend called soot, who turns out to be her uncle who she had never known! As Stella finds out what actually happens she realises that all her auntie wants is to burn the hall down!
    My favourite character is Stella not just because she is the main character but because her and soot come up with extremely cunning plans to trick Stella’s auntie and obviously they succeed in foiling Alberta’s plan to take over Saxby hall and burn it down!
    My favourite part of the story is near the end when it all works out for Stella apart from it is coming up to her 13th birthday and so soon she won’t be able to see Soot, who by the way is a ghost, but will always be able to remember him by his cunning plots and plans to ruin Aunt Alberta’s, his sister’s, life!
    I give this book ***** five stars out of five because it is an amazing book and has an amazing plot to the story. Also David Walliams is an amazing author not just because of this book but because of all his books which are very funny and cunning!
    I would recommend this book to children of my age or younger as the story line is aimed and primary school children but it is quite a long book. It didn’t take me that long for me to read because it was engaged throughout the whole story and it is very hard to put it down!!
    By Maisie 7H

  130. bookwormmonkey says:

    Mortal chaos
    By Matt Dickinson

    I’m not really sure how to describe this book without giving too much away. Well, one thing I know for sure is that at the beginning, DO NOT PUT THE BOOK DOWN, because when i got to the 50 page make I was forcing myself to not put the book down, however i was going to put it down, but then the story intertwined. So you had one story of a woman driving her car, then another story wen these boys were killing a deer, then it went back to the woman story who found the deer on the road, so eventually, he makes it incredibly clear when the stories are going together. I had to laugh at myself thinking how could i have nearly put the book down, when the 5 different stories all intertwine, making an amazing conclusion, however to make it even better he doesn’t add them all at once, he adds it one by one. Do not be put off by the cover, because it looks like war, however the content is a million miles away from that!

    This book is in the crime genre, because it all starts of with one man stealing at work and causing all the tragic things which occur in this book! I chose this book in a random sick from the library book group! I was not willing to read this book, but then all of a sudden all the content and information just clicked with me! The chapters are great, because it will tell you the time, place, country as well as the date!

    I would recommend this book to people nearing the end of year seven upwards, because it does have some saddening times when your heart is ready to burst our your body because it is beating so fast it could power a car! This is the best book ever, even better than my previous favourites, it is my favourite because of the way the author managed to start of with many different places but at the same time and linking them all together, even it was in a different country!

    I absolutely adore this book which is why I am giving the highest rate I could and more, 10 stars out of 10! I am waiting for deep oblivion, which is the second in the series to come into the library so i can read it! I can’t wait!!!!

    Libby Moor

  131. Millie Perkins says:

    Catching fire
    This book is the second book in a collection, known as the hunger games. In the second book, it is the 75th anniversary of the war which split Panem. To…celebrate, Snow (The leader of Panem), decides to bring all of the winners of the previous years and force them to enter into the hunger games, meaning that Katness, the main character, to risk her life yet again even though she was promised to have never have to be in the hunger games again.
    I love this book and also the film, and i would no doubt recommend it to people of the ages 11+. You will have to read or watch the first book/movie for it to make sense. It was called ‘The Hunger Games’ and I have also made a previous book review about that book.

  132. bookwormmonkey says:

    Wow, that looks like a rally good book Millie!

  133. bookwormmonkey says:

    By Lucy Coats

    When Cleo’s dad refuses to carry on on the throne, he leaves to another country, leaving Cleo, her mother and two evil step sisters. However, Cleo’s life is about to get a lot harder, when her mother has an “accident” which leads her to her death. Should Cleo flee? Cleo needs charm, her best friend for life to help her, but when she comes back to make isis stronger, her sisters are being too nice. This is going to be a lot harder than Cleo thought.

    I absolutely adore this book, because it has basically all the characters like sphinxes and everything else which you would have found in Egypt in Cleopatra’s time of life. Lucy Coats has made sure she has got all the correct gods at that time. Whilst reading this book, I learnt an awful lot about how their gods used to work and their strict life. Although it was fiction on the main story, it held many key information about the whole story of Egypt in her era!

    However, the most amazing thing, was that Lucy Coats had a great idea to put a glossary at the end, for example explaining who Cleo was and what a sphinx was! It actually really helped me when I was confused what something was and couldn’t picture it, I would end up turning to the glossary at the back of the book and reading what it meant, then I could picture it perfectly! Even though this was a new book to the library and hadn’t been read before, I was utterly amazed how professional it was, the cover really drew ,e in to the main story, just reading the blurb meant I had t read the beginning few pages and the rest of the book too! I am 100%sure that this book will definitely be vey popular and out on loan nearly all the time, because it is basically a history fact book, yet it is containing all the criteria a book needs to have, like action, theme as well as some made up characters in the mix too!

    I would definitely recommend this book to many people, however it does have some terrible parts when people are being offered to the step sisters horrible god by being eaten by sharks. This is why I would definitely recommend this to age 11 upwards because it can tend to have a few gruesome parts, as well as romance, but luckily only a sentence or two!

    Overall I am going to give this book a 5/5!

    By Libby Moor

  134. bookwormmonkey says:

    I do wish that Lucy Coats would write many more books, because she is an absolutely mazing author.

  135. Queen Of The Book!:) says:

    Race the wind by Lauren St John 🙂

    My last review was about “The one dollar horse,” also by Lauren St John. This book is the second book in the series, an is just as good as the first!!
    Casey’s future is about to be shattered by an unexpected surprise…..
    If you enjoyed the first book, you will love tis book; it is dramatic, moving and entertaining to all.
    READ IT NOW!!!
    5/5 with no doubt!
    By Ella Chapman 🙂

  136. Maddie C says:

    Title: The Fallen Star
    Author: Jessica Sorensen

    I read this book on my kindle and I loved it! It is about a girl called Gemma and she can’t feel any emotions because her soul had been detached by black magic. In this book Gemma learns a lot about the world she lives in and the types of people there are and who she is. She finds out about supernatural creatures that you would have thought never exist. Early in the book Gemma is suddenly able to feel emotions but it is unclear why. But when the new boy, Alex, starts at school Gemma gets this tingling sensation is this normal or because of the Fallen Star?
    I loved this book but I don’t want to tell you too much about it. I have read the whole series (which is 4 books) and the follow up by Jessica Sorensen called Lost Souls. Jessica Sorensen is a great author and she writes about all of these different worlds. I love it and I look forward to finding more books which she has written.
    I rate this book ***** YAY

  137. ebba says:

    Little women
    By Louisa May Alcott
    This book is about four sisters, Meg, Beth, Joe and Amy. This book is about their lives about how they try to fit into the society, how they try and become the perfect women and how they make good friends along the way. They become friends with the rich boy who is there neighbour, his name is Laurie. Together Laurie and the four girls become inseparable friends. They have so many adventures and they get up to a lot of mischief. The four girls also have a lovely caring mother who teaches them to be good to themselves and be happy with what they have. As they get older they start to act a lot like ladies. There are so many twist and turns that you will not believe some of them. Will everything be ok in the end? Will the dark twist ruin their live? Will they become woman? Will they appreciate life? Or will they always think about the money?
    I really liked this book it was very intriguing and it kept me in suspense all the time, it also had loads of surprises some that could make you happy some that can make you sad and some can make you shocked. My favourite character was Joe as she did not care what anyone thought of her. She was strong and independent. My least favourite character was Amy as she was stuck up and she thought the world of herself. I would recommend this book to people who like romance, drama and classics. I give book a *****

  138. ebba says:

    Girl online
    By Zoë Sugg
    Penny is a teenage British blogger. She writes about how she feels, the only person who knows about the blog in her family and friendship group is her best friend Elliot. Penny suffers from panic attacks she doesn’t know how to deal with them. Everything had been going fine for penny, but then something terrible happens, something really embarrassing happened at the school play, now her mistake is on you Facebook, instagram, twitter and many other social media sites. But thankfully her parents are arranging a wedding in New York as they own a wedding organising company. Penny, her mum, her dad and Elliot go to New York together. Penny finally feels happy, she is far away from England now, no one in New York knows about the video. She meets a boy called Noah, they fall in love but Noah has a secret that could ruin everything. Will Penny find out Noah’s secret? Will she overcome her panic attacks? Will she make new friends? Or will she lose old friends? Will she every be happy again?

    I really enjoyed this book as not only did I love the story line but I love the writer as I watch her on YouTube and she is an inspiration and as she deals with panic attacks she knows how it feels. My favourite character is Elliot as he is independent and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. My least favourite character is Megan as she is full of herself and is a terrible friend. I recommend this book to anyone who likes romance and drama also anyone who watches Zoella. I give this book *****.

  139. ebba says:

    Valentine Joe
    By Rebecca Stevens
    Rose goes to Ypres in Belgium to visit the graves of those who died in the Great War. There, the name of one boy stays in her mind: fifteen year old Valentine Joe. That night Rose hears marching and when she looks out the window, she sees a young solider. Is it really him? Will Rose learn how to live with loss? Will she ever learn to forget? Will she fall in love? Will Valentine Joe teach Rose the true meaning of hope and regret? Can Rose convince Valentine Joe to go back to England and live a little while longer?

    I really enjoyed this book as it was interesting, dramatic and full of twists and turns which I really liked. I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, drama and romance. My favourite character was Joe as he doesn’t care how old he is he just wants to fight for his country. I didn’t really have a least favourite character as there wasn’t many involved in it. I rate this book ***** .

  140. Olivia says:

    I read sister missing by Sophie McKenzie. it is the sequel to one of my favourite books, girl missing. I am one of these people that finds it hard to find a book that they like and don’t get bored with. someone recommended to me girl missing, and read it in two days I enjoyed it so much. I had no idea there was a sequel to it and when I found out there was, I read it in only a couple of days. I am currently reading the third book in the series, missing me. so far it has been really good and I cant wait to read more.

    my favourite character in this book is called Madison, the main character, Lauren’s sister and she is really cute and is the girl that is originally kidnapped.

    Lauren and Madison are at the beach and then Madison goes missing. Lauren then gets a mysterious text saying to go home and wait for instructions on what to do next or Madison dies. Lauren swiftly goes home and tells her step mum Annie that Maddie had been kidnapped. she got a text saying to go to a park and then found a letter saying that she has to give the kidnapper 2 million pounds. she then gets another text saying to go to this weird house and give the kidnapper the money. she went with her boyfriend jam and then they both got kidnapped alongside Madison and her sister Shelby. Lauren, Madison and jam all end up being thrown into the sea and they swim to a desert island where they are rescued while the kidnapper kills Shelby and the whole family are really upset. they eventually get over it and return to their normal everyday lives as usual.

    I really love this book and I am enjoying the third book in the series, missing me.

  141. Maisie.B says:

    The Tail of Emily Windsnap
    By Liz Kessler

    For as long as she can remember, twelve-year-old Emily Windsnap has lived on a boat. And, oddly enough, for just as long, her mother has seemed anxious to keep her away from the water. But when Mom finally agrees to let her take swimming lessons, Emily makes a startling discovery – about her own identity, the mysterious father she’s never met, and the thrilling possibilities and perils shimmering deep below the water’s surface. she meets loads of other people in this exciting adventure such as a mermaid, called Shona, who she then discovers as her best friend!

    My favourite part of the book is at the end when she is reunited with her father and they go to live on an island which is separated from everyone else – apart from a few mermaid families who already live there. My favourite characters are Emily and Shona because they go on amazing adventures together and also she finds her father – he has been locked up in prison for the past twelve years. I like the parts where the two friends go on adventures to find out why Emily’s mum doesn’t like water and realise that the lighthouse keeper, Mr Beeston, who was apparently giving her mum treats, was actually giving her memory drugs and had been for the last twelve years as a result of him being a half human half merman, like Emily. The only difference was that he worked for Neptune, the God of the sea!

    My overall rating of the book is ***** 5/5 because It was really exciting and I always wanted to read on! I Would lastly recommend this book to children who like issues or adventure as it is a mixture of both. Also I would recommend this book to years 5-8 because it is about a mermaid but it is really interesting and the different ways that the author describes parts of the book is really effective !!

    you should read this book if you like adventures and if you do comment what you thought.

    From Maisie xx

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