World Book Day – Year 11 Magazine Challenge

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Dear 11,

How are you finding / have found the day?

Are you having fun? Is it enriching? Is it useful?

Looking forward to reading your comments 🙂

Love the English Department xxx


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16 Responses to World Book Day – Year 11 Magazine Challenge

  1. Chloe says:

    it’s a lot better than lessons that’s for sure!

  2. amy b says:

    The day has been very fun and I’ve found it very useful.

  3. Lauren Walker says:

    I have really enjoyed wearing a cape. And doing the design for the magazine was fun too. And the creative writing workshop.

  4. ... says:

    The day has been more productive than I thought it would be as it is actually related to the work that we are doing.
    Some of the day has been fun and I think the day has the potential to be useful once we read all the work. I have somehow managed to enjoy writing the question 6 answer as it has help with the technique I will need to use in the exam.

  5. Charlotte Jackson says:

    I have enjoyed the day and have found the work we are doing very useful.

  6. Mollie says:

    I think today has been fun and a good opportunity to look at the characters from of mice and men in more detail, which will help later on. Also, Ms Morgan and Mrs Taylor’s acting of the characters was particularly funny.

  7. Ella says:

    I was mildly apprehensive before coming into class today, but I’m pleasantly surprised. As to being enriched?- I’ll have to get back to you.
    Altogether, not a bad way to spend a day (the lesson boycott is especially welcome!)

  8. Ella says:

    Actually, (under coercion by Mrs Taylor) I must say that this has been the best enrichment day we’ve had, and I would be more than happy to spend another 5 hours of my life doing this again.

  9. Liv Walker says:

    This experience has been… interesting. I enjoyed certain aspects such as the creative writing workshop. It was great to let my mind wonder free and be a bit imaginative rather than being stuck with equations and formulas. However I didn’t enjoy making the magazine because although it was a good way to not waste time and get in important skills it still just became incredibly stressful for our team and the enjoyment was completely lost on it.

  10. Amelia says:

    I had doubts about the usefulness of this enrichment day – I had even planned on staying home. But I eventually realised that this day would benefit me and my English journey (and, I was threatened with an after school detention). The day has so far been quite stressful as our school year consists of many influential students, but all in all I’ve enjoyed it. It’s proven to be quite inspiring as I now know that my life long ambition is to become an author, and publish an exciting novel about a back scratcher. Writing a magazine is nice, and trying to create a playlist based on Sunlight on The Grass is quite challenging. If you happen to read this review before the end of the day, could you possibly suggest a song that reminds you of Polish teachers? I’d appreciate it.
    All in all, I think I’ve had a productive day and I’m feeling pretty enriched.

  11. Hannah says:

    It’s been a lot better than I had thought! It’s been a good way to remember elements of TKAM as it’s been a while since we’ve read it! I’ve especially enjoyed finding creative ways of putting the information in the magazines.

  12. mariah says:

    Dressing up as Thor has given me a great sense of auTHORity and my group have been really nice. I have also enjoyed the various dramatic readings of ‘The dinosaur that pooped a lot’.

  13. Daisy says:

    So far, today has been good, and considerably less stressful than our usual enrichment days! I really enjoyed the creative writing workshop, although I doubt I will be publishing my masterpiece about a bag of sequins. I have really enjoyed being in fancy dress, and to be quite honest that is the only reason I came in today, but the enrichment day has been good.

  14. lily says:

    I have really enjoyed the independence and the idea I have been able to express and explore in my team. Great Day!

  15. Beth H says:

    Yesterday was rather enjoyable even a little stressful. I really like some of the magazines which have been produced and I am impressed at the quality of some of them. The revision notes in here are really helpful.

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