Mrs Taylor’s Year 11 – Easter Revision info


Hey girls, I managed to see nearly all of you yesterday (missed our lesson due to assembly) with your timed essays and some handouts. To sum up (sorry it was rushed) here is what you should be doing independently in the next three weeks (deadline Friday 17th April).

Get stuck in, don’t attempt any task without reviewing your previous attempts/feedback/exemplars in your  book. You should be approaching these with a clear awareness of the assessment criteria and exam technique – otherwise you could be wasting your time. If stuck, do all the questions you can and email your specific problem and I will reply on the first day back. You will still have a whole week to sort any problem questions.

See you soon – take care. Reward yourself after each task 🙂

Mrs Taylor

Eng1H revision

Q3,4  from the paper that we have already been using for Q1/2 (Ranulph Fiennes; ascent of Everest etc) (12 mins for Q3 and 24 for Q4)

Q5 Write about a time when you felt extremely proud (of yourself/ or someone else or something) and explain why (25 mins)

Q6 Write an argument for or against one of the following a) free speech b) homework c) ‘free range’ parenting

Of Mice and Men revision

1. Choose your own part (a) extract question to have a go at. You were given a booklet with a series of extract based questions (back at Parents’ Evening/class) or choose one from the past questions handout I gave you yesterday.  Remind yourself of the AO2 technqiue for this question.(re-read your previous answers in your assessment book/ lit class book). Give yourself 20 minutes.

2. What do we learn about disability in 1930s America from the novel? See the attachment below for help with this.

Of Mice and Men – disability (part b question)

(Mockingbird gals – use past paper question I gave you yesterday)

Sunlight on the Grass

a) What is the effect of the ending in The Darkness Out There?

b) What is the effect of the ending in another story of your choice?

If you have already done this question: ‘What is the effect of the beginning in Something Old Something New?’ What is the effect of the beginning in another story of your choice?


Either: Compare the way Nettles and Manhunt present the difficulties of caring for someone or Compare the presentation of love in two poems of your choice

(If you didn’t do the Ghazal/Coy Mistress essay using the five slides – please catch up with this rather than start something new)

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