Mrs Taylor’s ‘Moon on the Tides’ Revision Top 10

Hey girls, here are some revision ‘quick wins’ for you – the first eight revision tasks will probably only take you an hour or so. But will be very useful.

Be calm, be productive and reward yourself with cake 🙂

Unit 2 Section A (36 marks 45 minutes)

1. Quite useful revision of the basic facts for Unit 2 Section A – Moon on the Tide anthology. Includes three simple ways of planning your answers (table/ list/venn diagram)

2. Then look at this example paragraph to see how you can focus on the language whilst interpreting the meaning of the poem – and compare too.

Nettles & Manhunt language para

3. Then look at this example paragraph to see how you can compare imagery

Compare imagery in Sister Maude and Coy Mistress

4. Then read this example paragraph comparing form in Sister Maude and Brothers

Comparing the form and structure in Brothers and Sister Maude and also an essay plan:

Brothers Sister Maude

5.Then have a read about links between In Paris with You and Quickdraw

In Paris with You & Quickdraw links

6. How about a consideration of the family poems – here is an essay question and plan for Harmonium and Praise Song

Praise Song and Harmonium essay

7. Revise Born Yesterday with these example AO1 & AO2 paragraphs (they don’t model comparison but are useful for showing perceptive interpretation and methods)

Born Yesterday – example paragraphs

8. This was exemplar material from a student comparing Hour and Coy Mistress- intro plus a comparative section on personification

Hour Coy Mistress personification

9. I don’t have any good exemplars to hand for Sonnet 116 and 43 but you do need to revise these sonnets. These pose perhaps more of a challenge than some of the poems in the collection so you could stand out more if you can write about them well. Start revising by watching some study videos

10. Then have a go at planning the following questions (sneakily part of the top ten- although it really makes it a top 20 list now)

1. Compare the attitudes to love in Sonnet 43 and In Paris with You

2. Compare the feelings towards a parent in Harmonium and Praise for My Mother

3. Compare the use of imagery in Nettles and Manhunt

4. Compare the openings of Sister Maude and Sonnet 43

5. Compare the structure of Manhunt and Ghazal

6. Compare the idea of resentment in Brothers and Sister Maude

7. Compare the presentation of desire in Coy Mistress and In Paris with You

8. Compare the theme of time in hour and Coy Mistress

9. Compare the presentation of separation in Farmer’s Bride and Quickdraw

10. Compare the attitudes to love in Sonnet 116 and Coy Mistress



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