Year 12 Here are your Unit 4 coursework questions – take a look!

Dear Year 12,

Exciting times – questions are here!

We will talk to you about the question list and third text options in the lesson following enrichment week. But it makes sense to look at the questions now and start the decision making process. Investigate your third text options and get reading one of them. See your class teacher for a conversation about your ideas for a question/3rd text.

This list is not comprehensive. Any question can be modified or you could write your own.

The list is expansive and most of the questions have not been attempted before so don’t feel obliged to write your own just to be original.

We would support individual students who wish to only write about one taught text (Handmaid’s or Top Girls) and two of their own choice – but you would need to have achieved at least 71/80 in your unit 2 coursework and submit a written proposal for your question/text choice / ideas before 15th July. Please contact Mrs Taylor if you wish to do this.

Enjoy looking at the questions and hope you feel inspired and excited to get started.


Mrs Taylor, Mrs Macey, Miss Burch, Mrs Sharp, Ms Gregory & Mrs Morgan.

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