Mrs Taylor’s Year 11: Of Mice and Men Lesson One

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  1. Complete the test on the novel
  2. Copy/paste your blog h/w, print and stick into your book – along with my comment. Title this ‘Preparing to study Of Mice and Men: summer holiday homework’
  3. New  title: ‘Online resources for independent learning’. For each online resource below, there is a question (4-7). Make notes on the answer that will make sense to you when you are revising. For each answer, copy first the name of the resource.

4. On the cliffsnotes site, find the character analysis on Slim . Read paragraph 3, what does Slim understand that no one else does?

5. On BBC Bitesize, click on the ‘themes’ video and listen to Connie Huq explain where the title came from. What is the parallel between the Robbie Burns poem and the novel?

6. On the sparknotes site, click on ‘themes, motifs and symbols’ and then scroll down to commentary on the symbol of Candy’s dog. What does it symbolise?

7. On Shmoop click on quotes/ friendship/ p.2/ quote #4 and complete the following quote with six words: ‘Guys like us, that work on ranches, are ________________’

8.  Download and print off this chart: 



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