Year 12 Othello / Carole King task – ideas about love


Last weekend, I went to see the Carole King musical ‘Beautiful’ (unless you are a fan of her music you will be underwhelmed; I loved it). Listening to the lyrics of my favourite song ‘Will you still love me tomorrow?’ it struck me that we (I possibly mean I) could have an enjoyable time listening to Carole King and thinking about Othello.

Your task:

What ideas about love can be cross-references between Othello and Carole King’s ‘Will you still love me tomorrow’? Find 6 quotes from the play to link to 6 lyrics. 


  • love and ownership/ total surrender
  • love as a temporary state or possessing longevity
  • love as magical (artificial?)
  • love as unspoken or articulated/performed
  • paranoia and distrust
  • love requiring reassurance and affirmation


  1. how can you link any of these points to Gatsby?
  2. Which song of your choice do you think would link to Othello?

For your enjoyment, some cover versions of the song: (King originally wrote this song for The Sherelles) Amy Winehouse



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