Y9 Creative Writing – share your ‘hooks’ here… (Mrs Morgan’s class)

Dear Y9

This is an opportunity to showcase your creative talents. Share your ‘hooks’ and perhaps suggest some interesting development ideas to your peers..

Thank you

Mrs Morgan x

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28 Responses to Y9 Creative Writing – share your ‘hooks’ here… (Mrs Morgan’s class)

  1. Maia Freeman says:

    In her culture, weakness was not a concept greeted with anything but shame and disgust, vulnerability becoming a joke in which your deepest fears were torn from within and twisted into the shape of some cruel punch line, some awful double-edged knife that hurt you more than it could ever wound. To survive was to be the strongest predator in a pack of hunters, to be the wolf with the sharpest teeth and the keenest bite. To survive was to be stronger and infinitely more cruel than any of your demons, to crush your heart and your morals into the dirt they were borne from. To survive was to tame the beast and become the monster.

  2. Thebny :) says:

    The girl is sat there, gazing at the glistening lake surrounding her, staring at the sheer cliffs beyond that look intimidating; towering monsters. Her face is expressionless. The rags wrapped around her do nothing to protect her from the distinct evening chill. She sits there, her gaunt eyes glazed over, but still staring into the picturesque beauty beyond her. But she doesn’t find it beautiful, it’s her dark place of horror and misery, her deepest nightmares, her hidden secrets…

  3. Anon says:

    ‘”The Night was all she had.” His final statement lingered in my thoughts, I felt as though they would for eternity! My gosh was I wrong. Naïve in fact; I could drop him, those words and all of our history within a matter of seconds…If I just learnt to stop caring! After all, he made is blatantly clear he didn’t.’ “Tragic.” I thought to myself, my eyes rolling in unison. I closed the book which had consumed my entire life for the past 3 days and lay it down beside me in the velvet soft sand, glowing under the lit candles.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The bright, starry night sky glimmers above the mountains while the river gently flows down in the valley. The moonlight shines through the trees illuminating the valley. The water, a light blue form of life is undisturbed by the hidden mysteries of the valley. The area, a peaceful untouched land almost seems magical or enchanting. The reflection of the moon in the water leads to the underworld of spooky ghosts. The inconspicuous animals roam around with freedom.

  5. PF says:

    Breath. Just breath. I can’t, however hard I try, I just can’t. Can’t stop thinking. Thinking about that day, about him, about it. Nothing was the same after that- how could it be? People said it would be okay, that time would heal. But sometimes people are wrong.

  6. Izzy says:

    I can’t remember anything. Who am I? Where am I? What’s my name? What do I look like? As I rise up from the ground of huge rocks surrounding me, my first sight is a moonlit lake. I stub my bare toes many times walking through the pebbles and rocks down to this mysterious lake. I wiggle my toes in the shimmering water. It’s freezing. I look up to see a navy blue sky filled with only three clouds. My eyes are drawn to a white light in the sky managing to light most of the lake. It was the moon…

  7. LV says:

    My eyes slowly opened. There was a deafening sound. I tried to stand up, but my leg was so painful. What happened? Where am I?I screamed as loud as I could but no one came to me. Eventually, I stood up. I wasn’t the only one screaming! An old man lay on the floor next to me, a child eight or nine sat crying next to an injured woman. I hobbled around clutching my leg, where was he? “Thomas” I yelled, but no answer

  8. Lacey says:

    Do I really deserve this? My parents abandoned me here and so I’m being haunted, tortured in fact by dreams of such beauty. You may laugh, most do. They say imagination is a gift- a curse id say. I see them every night.

  9. Anon says:

    I can feel the panic rising in my chest, filling my lungs – burning, sickening. It stings my eyes and the room swims before me, colours like ink in water. When I notice the sharp pain of nails cutting into my palm I know that I’m almost too far gone and I force myself to look down at my own white knuckles before I lose control.
    *Breathe. You don’t have to face this.*
    As if from a great distance, I watch my own fists slowly unclench. There are red crescents on my palms.
    *Focus. You don’t have to stay here.*
    I exhale, I close my eyes, and I go away. Too deep for anyone to find me.

  10. HF says:

    The guilt and sorrow that is full within me will never leave; will haunt me for the rest of my life. Sharp stabs of unforgetable memories flash back, making me stumble over the intruding rocks; falling into a puddle of salt water- what seemed as a mirror, reflecting the glistening moon. My heart thumps faster as I remember her silence, she slowly became under the bitterly cold water…

  11. Anon says:

    “Will? Will! Wake up…please…” a girl wept over the boy’s chest “please wake up!” “Liv? I-Is that yo-” a wave of pain coursed through his body. The boy looked at her, tears threatening to spill. “Listen, leave me behind and go, they will catch you soon. Hurry up…” His voice was already starting to fade away. “Just go…” “No… Please wake up!” Liv was clutching Will’s hand, desperately trying to preserve his dying warmth. Tears dripped from her eyes, slowly sliding down her face.

    “OI! You there! Who are you?” Liv dropped the hand. The Hunters were here for her, she needed to flee. She summoned all of her strength and ran through the smoking village, houses up in flames from where the Hunters had burned them down. Smoke was clouding her path as she ran away from her old life…

    Liv shot up from her sleeping place; a mossy patch of grass by the moonlit river in the mountainous valley. Frantically she looked around, expecting the Hunters to be next to her. “It was just a bad dream…” she thought. It has been a week already since she had run from the village. A week since Will had died…

  12. Alyssa says:

    I sit there by the misty lake. the stone cold rock freezing me to the bone beneath my tattered dress. I feel around me on the smooth slippery rock for the candle; it’s the only thing I have to keep me warm. The enchanting moon looking down upon me, telling me everything’s fine. There’s a slight rustle by the dried leaves and everything suddenly stops. Its dead silent.

  13. LK says:

    That was the day our lives together started. My life, our life, would forever more be filled with love and happiness. Our life, my life would forever more be shielded from pain and sadness. I was, we were, truly and deeply incorrect.

  14. FO says:

    There were flagstones beneath the ivy. They glinted through the foliage in the serene moonlit forest. A delicate silver spun wed of tranquillity, pocketed the trees. For me it was the haven habitat, an untouched impressionable bubble of life away from reality, to be lost within. For me it was eloquent and still, though buzzing wildness. For me, the moon was my map.

  15. anon says:

    As I wandered along the serene, rocky shore, I wonder if it will happen again. I haven’t been here since the incident. I still miss him! The glowing river glistens in the moonlight and the enchanting, but distant mountains stand- they hold sinister secrets that I wish I’d never found out. A small light across the river shimmers and I see the silhouette of a large crooked tree. Its hard to believe this this beautiful, enchanting place could be so deadly…

  16. mary says:

    As the cloaked figure finally reached a stand still near to the top of what she thought was a never ending lump of rock: Her breath departure from her lungs, leaving her breathless at the mesmerising view in front of her. And in the darkness there came a laugh, her laugh, which echoed through the serene forest. She laughed due to the way the tree branches danced elegantly in the wind,”like ballerinas” she whispered out loud to no one person in particular.She carried on laughing when the miniscule droplets of water from the river splashed onto her, crystals in the moonlight. And she still wouldn’t stop laughing even considering the fact that her feet and hands were bleeding continuosly, bruises were sprouting all over her body and blisters were dominating her small, fragile, feet.But she didn’t care, the beauty of nature was clouding her pain; allowing her to neglect the torture at her finger tips, for this was a dark oasis built only for her and for no one else…

  17. F.M says:

    The moon was enchanting as I climbed the sheer mountain. Soon I will have a new life – I’ll finally be able to forget my past..
    My destination is getting nearer, but the night is getting darker. Grey misty clouds cover the moon. Suddenly pitch black. Someone grabs me from behind, a bag is pulled over my head and i’m dragged away into the darkness…

  18. anon says:

    There I was, standing at a pew at the side of the long aisle waiting for them to carry his coffin through the great wooden doors of the crematorium. Moments later our song started playing signalling the beginning of the service. Tears welled up in my eyes, threatening to spill as I stared at the picture in my hands and the small diamond ring on my finger thinking back to the last day we had together.

  19. Summer says:

    Sat in the silhouettes of the mystical mountains, I barely noticed the sun set. I had to get away quickly, I had to leave before the end of the hour. Everyone was banned from visiting Lockwood Creek…because of the stories, the stories that gave the children nightmares, that made them cry themselves to sleep every night.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “Once again, I’m running. Running from someone.. Or something. I’m not sure what it is but I do know that whatever it might be, it’s bad – dangerous even. All I see is darkness, and thin tall trees that watch my every move. No one to help me. No where to go. I feel trapped.. Again. Is this real? My feet are moving so fast that I can’t stop. Not now anyway. I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest. Finally, I’m out of the woods and by the waters edge which I managed to stop at. The beast is gone. The moon glistens on the lake. The mountains tower over the lake as if they needed to protect it. All that’s behind me is darkness – nothingness. But in front is light, leaving a slim chance of hope for my survival…”

  21. rose&elena says:

    My Hook…

    We drove through the misty mountains, fog drowning the road, we couldn’t see anything. The engine croaked and groaned putting in all its strength to drive up the hill, when finally it spluttered and died.

    Father and Mother had already got out of the car, to try and push the old thing up the last stretch of land. Myself in charge of my siblings, I grabbed our things and hopped out of the car hoping to make it lighter, with my rucksack on my back and little brother clutching at my side we ventured down the hill- after Mother called too leave and find any locals.

    With the moon glowing beautifully above, the only source of light we had, we set off down the crumbling slope. When we reached the bottom after many nettle stings later, we arrived at a pebbly, deserted beach that lay next to a large river; the only sounds were they waves hitting the small rocks that blocked the path of its downfall.

    However, my eyes were transfixed, not on the stunning, moon or the mysterious mountains but a single light, so bright I felt as if I was looking at a small star. I didn’t blink, I barely breathed but slowly I took of my bag and let go of my brother’s hand. I crept down the shore, scared to make noise, the peaceful lapping of the blue abyss keeping me calm. The light and its presence seemed to tug me forward by my pelvis. Though, as I stepped my foot into the shallow water my brain became a frenzy, I was not scared, but still intrigued. What was the light? Where was it taking me? The water rose higher, I was now thigh deep in icy water, the chill crawling up my arms in fierce stabs every time my fingers skimmed the water.

    I waded deeper the light still captivatingly beautiful, the water started gaining speed, a current pulling me, diving into the-

    “Elise! Get back here now, it’s getting late. We’ve found a place to stay, come on!” Mother screeched. I finally then did I leave my trance, speedily swimming back to the shore, dripping wet in the cold, November air.

    I didn’t know what just happened, but that light was not just a light- but something darker and dangerous.

    written by rose
    edited and adapted by elena

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes the prettiest and most innocent places are the most deadly, as with people.
    No one expects danger in a supposedly serene area of landscape such as this.
    I didn’t think it was pretty; the grass was too long-too overgrown and rocks stuck out of the ground like scattered marbles trying to trip you up into the chilling lake.
    The moon shone like it did not know about the cry I heard across such an outstanding body of water. It shone, blinding me and casting a merry reflection into the undiscovered depths.

  23. Freya says:

    I perched on a smooth, grey rock, cautiously moving the moss so that I wouldn’t slip. The lake glistened mysteriously in the moonlight. I felt beautifully angelic in my long white coat and boots, suddenly, a rustling in the bushes behind bought me crashing back down to reality and left me feeling vulnerable and terrified. But then, my horse, Rose came into view, and I saw, sat up straight on her best black saddle, Thomas.

  24. ML says:

    The ragged mountain range obscures your vision of the ever brightening moon rising over you. The vast lake you are knelt by shimmers in the glory of the heavenly moonlight cast down upon it. You timidly reach your fingers down to meet the water’s surface. A small ripple forms at the point of contact, breaking the serene peace of the lake. the image o the moon wavers for just a few seconds before retaining its perfect reflection yet again. You bow your head down towards the ground, so that the light glints off your unusually pale hair as it brushes past your shoulder. One single tear rolls down your sunken cheek and falls down to join the mass of water before you as you open the porcelain pot containing all that is left of your family and tip the contents into the lake before you can change your mind. as you fall to the ground, you begin to weep, more and more until uncontrollable sobs overcome your trembling body, breaking the utter silence filling the emptiness that is now your home.

  25. ... says:

    Disappearing: it had always been a foreign word to me. A mystery. Never solved. Never confessed. if it were it would no longer be a disappearance now would it? I never acknowledged the cryptic riddle of vanishing. Its chilling isolation and numbing secrets. I had neglected the thought. How couldn’t I? But that is until tonight. when I became the myth itself…


  26. anon says:

    I woke up dazed and confused as I felt the waves crashing over my legs. I started to panic slightly. struggling to get up, I soon realised that I was tied to a lonesome rock at the end of a cave. As the water slowly approached me I started to realise what my fate would be. Scratching aggressively at the jagged rocks surrounding me , I gave up hope darkness overcame all of my senses. There is no escaping this nightmare.

  27. ... says:

    I rest my back on the rock, feeling the frosty ice consume my clothes. I breathe in the frozen air, my chest getting tighter. I let out a breath and see the warm mist vanish into the night sky. I look up. i absorb the moonlight in my eyes; releasing the animal inside of me, not knowing what I am capable of…

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