Year 11 Mrs Taylor’s class

Hi all,

Firstly, well done on any improvements made with the Language exam, even if just for a single question – it all adds up. Focus your revision now so you are dealing with one question at a time trying to refine your exam technique. I will see the remaining people about their marks on Monday. I will go through Q3 technique on Wednesday lunchtime – room tbc.

Secondly, here are the resources we have been using for the poetry comparison essay.

This is the scaffold for paras 3 & 4. Compare the presentation of love and seduction in Ghazal and To His Coy Mistress

These are the slides How is desire presented in TFB and THCM

Please can you finish the five paragraphs for homework.

Thirdly, a reminder that you are doing a timed poetry essay on Thursday 24th March and that you are selecting one of the questions on the guidance document here Guidance for Timed essay on Thursday 24th March . You can bring a plan and your annotated texts.

Lastly, dates for the diary post-Easter holiday: you will be doing an unseen poetry assessment (30 minutes) on Tuesday 12th April and a poetry comparison essay on Wednesday 13th April (45 minutes). You will be really prepared and confident for this following all your excellent effort with the poetry this term and with holiday revision. The comparison essay will be done with a clean copy of the anthology.

Well done everyone for all your hard work.

Bring your literature exercise book / Moon on the Tide / language mock answers on Monday .

Thank you.

Mrs Taylor ❤ xxxxxxx ❤



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