Year 11 P&P ‘self-knowledge essay’ resources

Dear all, thank you for your attention and focus today on what is a very challenging question. You all did a great job of taking on the challenge!

I have just had a go at writing section one (I found it tough to make sure it fully explained what she is guilty of not knowing to prove she has no self-knowledge!). Anyway here it is, you might want to check that you have explained it clearly in yours and redraft if necessary. Scroll down for the resources.

Best of luck – if you need help just come and see me.

Mrs Taylor

Example of  Section 1

Mrs Bennet is presented as lacking self-knowledge. Even though she was just recently devastated at the elopement, now Lydia and Wickham are to be married she speaks of them with great pride ‘dear, dear Lydia!’ ‘dear Wickham too!’ Her gleeful exclamative greeting shows her joy and pleasure in the news of Lydia’s marriage and the repetition of the term of endearment ‘dear’ spoken three times is used by Austen to satirise Mrs Bennet and make fun of her lack of moral conscience – the reader is made to feel shocked at the fact that she can overlook the poor behaviour of them both so easily. The reader is also encouraged to criticise Mrs Bennet’s lack of self-knowledge by the intrusive narrator who comments that she was not ‘humbled by any remembrance of her misconduct’ – she doesn’t even remember that she supported Lydia going to Brighton unaccompanied. In Regency England an elopement would ruin the reputation of all the Bennet sisters but in spite of being saved from this by her brother, she isn’t grateful and just says ‘it is the first time we have had anything from him.’ Austen makes Mrs Bennet a static character who learns nothing from the ordeal; she is a caricature of a desperate Regency mother obsessed with marrying off her daughters. However one critic has said that she is the only person in the family who truly understands the gravity of the situation and that is why she so relieved and happy. If this is the case then maybe she has more self-knowledge than first thought.


Here are the resources to help you write your essay. Print the exemplars and the plan and stick into your exercise book. These will help you with subsequent revision essays.

Essay plan  self-knowledge-essay-plan

Lesson slides  pp-revision-1-self-knowledge

Exemplars  self-knowledge-exemplar-sqis

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