Romeo and Juliet – Mrs Taylor’s cover lesson

Dear Year 11,

it is important that we ensure you have read all of Acts 4&5 this term to pick up where we left off in Y10 teaching of this play. The exam could include a passage from anywhere in the play – we will not have time to go through these two Acts in class so you must make sure you understand them through your own independent study. We will however be looking at passages from these two Acts between now and the exam and linking them to the rest of the play. Here is today’s work – I have asked for you to return to room 15 at 3:15 so there is time for cake 🙂 (please save me a slice – I will be in room 16 xxx)

  1. Today, I would like you to listen to and read (simultaneously) Act 4. Here are the links you need.

No fear Shakespeare – have this on the screen to see the text next to a translation

And listen to this audiobook at the same time :

2. Here are notes on 4.1/2 and then find sparknotes for scenes 3-5. Copy and paste the summaries  for all scenes, print and stick into your Romeo & Juliet exercise book.

3. Homework – Pride and Prejudice essay as set last Thursday. Due on Monday. I would prefer it typed and printed (not written straight into books) so I can carry it home more easily  or handwritten on paper. If doing this, please print on one side so it can eventually be stuck in. If already in books, no worries.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, thank you for your hard work this week.

Mrs Taylor


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