Mrs Sharp’s Year 9 Class – tell us about your reading!

Dear Year 9,

Please reply to this post telling us
1) About a book you read over the summer – give a brief review.
2) About what book you have chosen today – how is it a bit different from what you normally read? What drew you to this book?

Here is my post about my reading:

One of my favourite summer reads was ‘Radio Silence’ by Alice Oseman. I loved the characters, which felt authentic and true-to-life, and the storyline follows a teenaged girl who is obsessed with an obscure podcast series. It’s about friendships, self-discovery, there being more to life than school… Without giving too much away, if you loved ‘Fangirl’ by Rainbow Rowell, I would say this is just as good or perhaps even better (which is saying a lot as I really loved ‘Fangirl’!).

A new book which I will be starting this weekend is ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath. This book was recommended to me by colleagues and some of the sixth form. It is about a young woman experiencing mental health issues and, from the first couple of pages, she seems like a sympathetic character and it’s written in an engaging style. I’m looking forward to finding out more!

Now, over to you – please click ‘reply’ and tell us about your reading.

Mrs Sharp 🙂

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47 Responses to Mrs Sharp’s Year 9 Class – tell us about your reading!

  1. Sophia says:

    I read divergent this summer it’s a really good book about sci fi, love and fictional characters the book is amazing but recently watched the film and it wasn’t that good disappointed because the book was great.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Glad you enjoyed Divergent, Sophia. This post is rather brief! Could you tell us a little more about it? What about the book you’ve chosen today to try something a bit different? Please respond with the rest of these details.

      • sophia says:

        Over the summer i read the last book in the divergent series, Alleigent. The book is about a girl who decides to venture further than her own world into another mythical land full of weird people who knew her mother they betray her and try and remove everyone
        from her old world s however she doesn’t know that these new people want to do this. She is to caught up in her own problems she found out that her old world was just an experiment that failed, her boyfriend Tobias has met this new girl any many more dilemmas. An amazing book and i would recommend it to all readers, however the film wasn’t great and it really disappointed me. I got a book from the library called if i stay. This new book is a bit weird. Its about this girl who dies and her conscious self is watching her in the hospital while her real self is in a coma the real choice is up to her whether to live or pass away but she doesn’t really want to stay because her mum and dad both died. But i’m still not sure what happens because i’m only half way through.

      • mrsjsharp says:

        Brilliant – thank you for telling us more Sophia 🙂 Your new choice does sound unusual! Have you read The Lovely Bones? It is based around a similar concept.

  2. Grace says:

    i didn’t read a book over the holiday miss, but I would have liked too. Yesterday, I picked a book called ‘The savage Grace’ but it really wasn’t a book that I would have read so, i picked another book. My new book is called ‘The longest ride’ and so far, this book is very captivating and emotional. I usually go for thrillers or comedy books but I chose a romance book this time. The author is quite well known for romantic books so I chose one of her books.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Hi Grace, glad you’ve managed to pick up a good one on your second attempt. It’s always worth flicking through the first couple of pages to get a sense of the book/its style before you take it away. Do try to use the holidays as an opportunity to catch up on some reading for pleasure – I know it’s difficult sometimes in term-time when we’re all busy with school work.

  3. Lamorna says:

    Over the summer I read ‘Counting By Sevens’ by Holly Goldberg Sloan and I found it very captivating. The story is of a young girl who experiences terrible loss and is trying to piece her life back together with the help of unexpected people around her. The main character of Willow Chance was a very inspiring character, as she saw life from a different angle and perspective.

    The book I am now reading is ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell. I am still reading the early part of the book, but I am already engrossed in the story line and by the characters, especially Eleanor. I love her character because the author has created her image really well and she seems real with her chaotic red hair! This book is different to ‘Counting By Sevens’ because that was more about a tragedy and this book is about being young and in love. I also really like the narrative technique because it shows the story from different points of view.
    I have been recommended this book before and I am glad I started reading it because I am really enjoying it.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Ooh, I haven’t heard of Counting by Sevens, Lamorna – definitely sounds like one to look out for. You are in for a treat with Eleanor and Park. I think all of Rainbow Rowell’s books are great but this is definitely one of her best. Maybe try Fangirl next??

  4. Amelia Sissons says:

    A book that I read over the summer was “Since you’ve been gone” by Morgan Matson. I really enjoyed the story line of the book which was based on two best friends. They are both very contrasting characters- one (Sloane) being very outgoing and spontaneous and the other (Emily, who narrates the story) is a little shy and self conscious. Suddenly Sloane leaves without a trace, no calls or texts, just a to-do list for Emily with thirteen Sloane-inspired bizarre tasks/dares that Emily would never dream of doing but as time passes and there is still no sign of Sloane, Emily starts to wonder whether the only way of getting her best friend back would be to complete the list. I really enjoyed watching the story unfold and seeing Emily develop as a person with each thing on the list being completed. At the end of the book, Emily becomes a much more confident happy person and I was delighted with the outcome of the story and that the list had become a metaphor within the story describing Emily’s relationship with her best friend and revealing her personality/emotions as the story progressed.

    A book that I have just begun to read is Fearless by Tim Lott. This book is quite different from my usual style of read because I usually go for teen fiction however, this has a little more of a deep, emotional tone with in the story and is about child labour, and the relationship between the children working there and there families. It is about a little girl who has a brave, firey personality and about her experience through child labour and how she escapes to express her story to the world and her protest against the labour.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Oh Amelia – Since You’ve Been Gone is such a great book! I hope more people will read it following your recommendation 🙂 I really liked the character of Emily. Well done for tackling something a little out of your comfort zone with Fearless – enjoy.

  5. Katie says:

    Over the summer, I read The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I was a little sceptical at first as I was not a fan of the Twilight saga, however the book was amazing! The author’s sheer imagination and talent for writing shone through. Whilst contrasting to her protagonist of the other books, her two protagonists for this book shared wit, intellect and humour in their post-apocalyptic world controlled by extraterrestrial beings called Souls. Souls can inhabit any human, plant or animal, Wanderer is a soul who has recently inhabited a human called Melanie. Melanie should have been nonexistent after being inhabited, however she refused to give up her body, and now having to co-exist with Wanderer in order to return home. This book has a brilliant mix of Sci-Fi, adventure, romance and humour, which is the perfect book for me and I recommend it to young adults. Meyer has said about releasing sequels to the book and I can only hope they are published.
    In the library I picked out Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods because a few of my friends have recommended it to me and I’ve read the Percy Jackson series and really enjoyed it. Also I really like to learn about greek mythology, in fact having now completed this book, I can honestly say it was brilliant. Even if you don’t like Percy Jackson, it’s still a good read if you need a brush up on greek mythology.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Glad you enjoyed The Host, Katie. I wasn’t too sure about Twilight either but might give this one a go as you recommend it so highly. Percy Jackson must have been good – you’ve blasted through that one over the weekend! Well done!

  6. Alyx Goodwin says:

    Over the summer I read several books, but one of my most favourite was a book called ‘The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow’, by Katherine Woodfine. I would class it as a mystery/detective book, set in the Edwardian times. It is about this girl, called Sophie, who is employed to work at this new department store called Sinclair’s. She is sent to work in the millinery department, but unfortunately all of the other girls there seem to have a grudge against her from her first day. As well as that, a few days before the store is set to open for the first time, they receive a burglary and amongst the many valuable items that were stolen is the priceless Clockwork Sparrow, which is the only thing of its kind. Unfortunately, Sophie is one of the few suspects for the robbery, so her and her new friends Billy, Lillian and Joe, have to work to solve the mystery themselves, so as to prove Sophie innocent. I really enjoyed reading this book, because it was gripping and there were loads of unexpected plot twists along the way. Also there are loads of codes to be cracked, puzzles to be solved and secrets to be uncovered along the way. I loved this book so much that it has caused me to reserve the next book in the series, called ‘The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth’ and I am also looking forward to the third book, coming out in February next year, called ‘The Mystery of the Painted Dragon’. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book to other readers of my age and possibly slightly younger.

    The new book that I took out of the school library is called ‘The ABC Murders’ by Agatha Christie, it is another mystery/detective book, however it is different from what I normally read, because it is aimed more at adults, whereas the books I normally choose to read are meant for young adults, therefore I think that it will challenge me more and further my reading. I chose to select an Agatha Christie novel, because my mum and my sister both love Agatha Christie and I have been meaning to try one for a while. ‘The ABC Murders’ is my mum’s favourite Agatha Christie book and she highly recommends it. As well as that me and my friend both really enjoyed reading the ‘Murder Most Unladylike’ series, one of which is based off the Agatha Christie novel ‘The Murder on the Orient Express’, so that has inspired me to try the original version and other books by that author. So far I have really enjoyed the book and I love the way you don’t know who the murderer is either, so you have to work it out with the detectives. One part I especially enjoy about this book is the way that the murderer is on purposely leaving behind obvious clues at the crime scenes, so as to taunt the detective and to prove just how sneaky he is. Altogether, I have really enjoyed this book so far, and I can’t wait to carry on reading it.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      I also loved the ‘Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow’, Alyx – and the Murder Most Unladylike series! My university friend is a writer and he is friends with Robyn Stevens! I would love to see if she could visit us at DHSG 🙂 Agatha Christie is another great choice. I’ve only tried a couple of the Miss Marple ones myself.

      What about trying a new genre soon? A thriller or historical romance?

  7. Lavanya says:

    The book I read over the summer was ‘pegasus’ by Kate O’hearn, which was a book that clashes Greek mythology and reality together, it is a 4 book long series and I couldn’t but the book down after reading the first page, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves adventure, magic and flying horses. The book I chose last lesson is called ‘the boyfriend dilemma’ in which two best friends fall head over heels for the same guy…the book is about how the two BFFs will keep their friendship whilst being rivals. The difference between this book and ‘Pegasus’ is that the whole world isn’t gonna perish in ‘the boyfriend dilemma’ whereas in ‘Pegasus’, one wrong move could mean the end!

    • mrsjsharp says:

      I’ve not come across Kate O’Hearn before, Lavanya, but it sounds ambitious and fascinating! Your new choice does sound really different – I hope you find it just as gripping though.

  8. Felicity says:

    Over the summer i read Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban. I really loved ready this book as it was all about magic and fantasy, this is one of my favorite genres.The characters in the book were really interesting as they each had very strong personalities. This book is all about Harry trying to defeat a particular prisoner but has to overcome many big twists at the end. I would definitely recommend this book as it is a very gripping and is hard to put down.

    In class a chose a book called ‘we were liars’. One of the reasons I decided to choose this book was there was a quote on the front from John Green saying how good it was. Also the blurb was very mysterious as it was brief but asked questions like ‘which is truth?’ ‘which are lies?’ which made me really want to read the book. Also when i chose this book you told me how much of a brilliant book it was so i thought if my English teacher suggests a book it would defiantly be good!

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Hi Felicity, I’m pleased you enjoyed your reading over the summer – will you carry on with the Harry Potter series? We Were Liars is such a great book! It’s mysterious and strange and very well-written 🙂 I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  9. Maisie Bees * says:

    Over the summer I read a book called ‘Girl Online’ by Zoe Sugg aka Zoella from YouTube. Lots of people have probably read it but I still really enjoyed it s it was very gripping at times.

    The book is about a girl called penny who I in sixth form but she has trouble with panic attacks and other means of anxiety issues. she has an anonymous blog which is called Girl online which she uses to explain about all her troubles. In the boo it is currently coming up to Christmas and her parents have been offered to organise a wedding in New York so they go there for Christmas and New Year. along the way she meets a boy called Noah who she really likes. penny falls in love with him but he has a secret, which could uncover her identity on her blog and threatens to ruin her closest friendship forever.

    I have started two new books this week – ‘Girl online on Tour’ by Zoe Sugg, the sequel to the book I read over the summer and I have also started a book called ‘My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend’ by Eleanor Wood. I haven’t read much of the book but so far i am slightly confused as to what is happening so i do not know if i will carry on with it. i chose the book because i havet seen the author before so i wanted to give it a try but i don’t really like it.

    From Maisie Bees

  10. Annaliese Wright says:

    Over the summer I read, the second book in the noughts and crosses series “knife edge” this was a really gripping book that was all about the way society views people and how “sephy” the main character was trying to overcome the way people viewed her because she fell in love with a nought “callum.” throughout the book there are ups and downs and there are also a couple of intense cliff-hangers, overall I would say this book is a great read and a good follow up to Malorie Blackmans first book in the series; “noughts and crosses.”

    The book I chose on the 16th of September is very different to the books I read over the summer holiday as it is a spy novel, it’s called “I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you.” I chose this book because I have never read any of the authors other books “ally carter”. so far I have read about half of the book and it has been unique and different to other books I have read in the past, because it has original ideas that I had not even thought about or associated with spy fiction.

    Overall I would rate both the book I read in the summer holidays and the one I picked up from the school library very highly and would strongly recommend them.

    Annaliese Wright

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Super effort Annaliese – glad you have picked up two novels you have enjoyed so much and also that you’re trying something a little different. 🙂

  11. phoebe frost says:

    over the summer I read “the kite runner” this is a very good book and it was a really interesting read-it is about some young boys living in Afghanistan when the Russians bombed the country and the rich boy fled to America with his dad who later dies and he marries into an even richer family forgetting about his closest childhood friend. I really enjoyed this book and is the best book I have read in years I would strongly recommend anyone to read this great book.

    last lesson I picked a book called “soldier dog” I haven’t read a lot of the story yet but the pages I have read seem good and introduce the book well so I hope I will enjoy this book as it was suggested by a friend who very much enjoyed it and said it was very interesting and a different style to what I would usually read.
    phoebe frost

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Wow – both sound like really moving choices Phoebe. Well done on reading Kite Runner, I imagine this was quite challenging at times. I have read A Thousand Splendid Suns (by the same author), which I also loved. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  12. Freya Thom says:

    I read ‘Going Postal’ by Terry Pratchett over the summer. I loved this book because it is extremely humorous whilst maintaining a good plot and interesting characters. The story is about a con-artist who has been given a choice between death and re-starting the old Post Office that was shut down many years ago. In the book, the main character has to compete with the new, high-speed clacks messages in his battle to re-build the Post Office and uncover the lies behind the Grand Trunk’s leadership. I think this book is brilliant because of its comical characters mixed with darker twists that really make it an enjoyable read.
    The new book I have chosen is ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ by Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle. I decided to read this book because I haven’t really read anything of that genre and I wanted to try something new. Also the way it is written and language used is different to books written today so I thought it might be a challenge. It is a very popular book (series), and has been suggested to me by my parents and brother.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      I must try a Terry Pratchett novel, Freya – I am sure that Mrs Roberts has told me about this particular one before (she is a big fan, do chat to her about this book, she would love it!). Well done for picking a challenging read next, I really love The Hound of the Baskervilles (also by Sherlock Holmes). Super effort 🙂

  13. Anna Clarke says:

    Over the summer, I read “All the Bright Places”, by Jennifer Niven. It was a brilliant book, very similar to “The Fault in Our Stars”, which is a very popular book by John Green.
    In the book there is a “girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die”. I really enjoyed reading this book because it addressed some important social issues whilst still maintaining a good story line. However, the ending is very abrupt and almost unexplained. this confused me greatly.

    Over the weekend, I read a book by Kevin Brooks, called, ” The Ultimate Truth.” It was a book about a boy devastated by his parents death, which he can’t stop thinking about. Why were they going on a slip road on the way to London? why were they only 1/2 an hour away when they had been gone for 2? so, he starts to investigate their last case, and what starts as a simple curiosity to distract himself from the truth turns into a sinister case that Travis is determined to solve.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Wow, you made short work of that latest read Anna! 🙂 what a star! I am currently reading All the Bright Places and really enjoying it – I can see why it’s so popular. Will let you know what I think about the ending when I get there…

  14. Kate says:

    I read “All I Know Now” by Carrie Hope Fletcher over the summer holidays. It is about the author as a teenage girl finding and reflecting her way through teenage life and talking about everything involved along the way.

    A book that I started reading on Friday was “First Class Murder” by Robin Stevens. It is about two friends taking a first class journey on the Orient Express. I do not usually enjoy murder mysteries but these ones are very interesting and I really enjoy them. I look forward to reading it.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Two interesting choices Kate 🙂 As you know, I adore those Robin Stevens books. There’s a new one coming out really soon – in time for Christmas. Needless to say, it’s on my wish list! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Ella Chapman says:

    One of my favourite summer reads was The medusa project series by Sophie McKensie. The storyline follows a group of four teenagers who were implanted with the medusa gene whilst they were in the womb. This gene gives them physic powers like telekinesis and telepathy. These books are all about them learning to harness their powers and overcome the huge problems and consequences this gene will have. These books are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! They tell a thrilling story with many different romances and dangers, but I don’t want to give too much away.
    A new book which I will be starting this weekend is a series called ‘the naturals’ by Jennifer Lynne Barnes. This book was recommended to me by some people in my form. It is about a group of teenagers recruited to work for the FBI, and I am told it is engaging and thrilling. I’m looking forward to it as I am a big fan of the gallagher girls series, and this is meant to be a quite similar book, so I should love it.

  16. Deven sloman says:

    Over the summer I read many different books. The ones that I would recommend the most are the Lunar Chronichles by Marissa Mayer. The series takes its inspiration from 4 different fairy tales: Cinderella, Little Red riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White. It has been described as a blend of the Terminator, Star Wars and Disney Princesses, which I think is quite accurate! On the way to America I read the first book in the series, Cinder, which was excellent and made the plane journey much more exciting!

    The book is named after the main character, a gifted mechanic called Linh Cinder(Marissa Mayer’s version of Cinderella). A cyborg from New Beijing, Cinder faces discrimination from everyone around her, including her stepmother Ari. It doesn’t help that cyborgs like her are wrongly blamed for starting a horrible plague known as leutmosis, that started years ago but still has no cure.

    But the plague is not Cinder’s only problem. A series of events cause Cinder to become entangled in a conspiracy theory involving androids, superpowered humans from the moon and a lost princess. The book is funny, different and perfecty leads into the next 3 books in the series. There is a very diverse group of characters that are all well written, easy to empathise with and different from any others in Young Adult books that I have read. And even though it is a fantasy series, it makes you think about how we treat others, especially those with disabilities and mental health issues.

    The book I took out in the library is called Rose Under fire. It is the sequel to Code Name Verity, which I also read in the summer. Both books are set in World War 2. They combine feminism, history and the relationship between 2 best friends in a time when women were looked down on to create an amazing story that left me thinking about it for weekes. I usually prefer Dystopian fiction or fantasy books, and while I like history there were really no books that drew me to them like these ones did. I am really looking forward to reading Rose under Fire, and seeing where the characters from the previous book are now.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      I really enjoyed reading your post, Deven – your enthusiasm oozes out of it! I haven’t heard of the Lunar Chronicles but I’ll definitely look out for them. As you know, I love Elizabeth Wein. There is another of hers in the library too, ‘Black Dove, White Raven’. Keep an eye out for it 🙂

  17. Elsa :) says:

    Over the summer, I read the the first 2 percy jacksons. I really enjoyed them and can’t wait for my next free audible book (which will obviously be number 3!). In the book, Percy doesn’t realise he is a halfblood (half human, half greek god) until he gets attacked by monsters, and goes to camp halfblood. My favourite thing about the books is the world it is in, with monsters and magical creatures, and I love the way the greek gods have been changed into a more modern group. From the library I chose Everything Everything which is about a girl who is allergic to almost everything in the world, and so has to stay inside all her life, and can’t even meet people, or be in the same house as them unless they have full medical history check, and they are cleaned before they come inside. When her new neighbours move in, she falls in love with the boy and thats as far as I’ve got. It’s very different from the type of book i usually read, as i usually read fantasies and stories like Harry Potter and Michael Morpurgo’s books. I am quite enjoying this new book, but it still isn’t anything on Harry Potter! I started reading the book because many of my friends recommended it to me, and i also know it will get better towards the end from them.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Glad you enjoyed your summer reading, Elsa. I like the sound of Everything, Everything – great choice, will have to try it myself some time 🙂

  18. Rachel Jonas says:

    One of my favourite summer reads was ‘We Were Liars’ by E. Lockhart. I really enjoyed this book because it was so mysterious. The story is about Cadence Sinclair, a teenager who looks back on an unexplained accident which caused her to have severe amnesia. She revisits her family’s private island, where she used to spend her summers, and is also the location of her accident. As her lost memories slowly come back to her, and she looks for a reason behind her crippling migraines, there are lots of unexpected twists and turns and there is a constant sense of mystery throughout. I loved how the author wrote from the main character’s perspective, as you automatically feel more connected with the characters; you can almost see the memories come back to her. As a reader, you feel like you are part of the story, and search for clues and lies with her. The ending of the book is really shocking and completely unexpected; this was, by far, my favourite part. I would recommend this book to anyone- it is so gripping and exciting to read- I couldn’t put it down!

    At the moment, I am reading ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven. I chose this book because I have wanted to read it for a long time and I have heard a lot of people recommend it. I am about half way through the book and, so far, I have really enjoyed it. The story is about Theodore Finch, an outgoing high school student and Violet Markey, a more reserved and quiet girl, who meet on the bell tower. I like how the story alternates between the perspectives of both of these main characters; it is interesting to see things from two completely different points of view and watch as their relationship develops. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the book to find out what happens.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      Fab post, Rachel. I love We Were Liars too – especially the ending. There’s another book by E Lockhart in the library called the Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks which is also really good. I am about half way through All the Bright Places too! We’ll have to compare notes when we’ve finished.

  19. darey says:

    unfortunately I didn’t get around to reading a book this summer which I would have liked to I id got a book called ‘the life on a refrigerator door’ and although I have not finished it yet I can still tell it a rally good book. it is different to any other book that I’ve read before because the story is told through a mother and daughter talking to each other through notes on the fridge and the book seems like its going to be really sad in the end because the mother and daughter never see each other and they argue a lot and the mum gets ill but I not sure why yet because I haven’t gotten far enough and it is a little bit confusing but overall I would definitely recommend this book.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      A shame you didn’t read over the summer, Darcey – do use this as a time to catch up on reading a little. Your new choice sounds intriguing 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  20. Erin Benny says:

    Over the summer I read ‘lying about last summer’s. This is an incredible novel about her overcoming her fears of her dead sister. It uncovers the mystery of her sisters death . Whilst this is all happening she starts receiving texts from her sisters phone, although amongst this there is a much sinister plot happening underneath resulting in an unexpected finale

    The book I am reading is ‘radio silence’s although I have not read much I am really interested and excited to see what happens, and I love the messages and the beginning.

    • mrsjsharp says:

      I really loved Radio Silence, Erin – hope you do too. ‘Lying about Last Summer’ sounds eerie and intriguing, must look out for that one. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Jess says:

    Over the summer i read ‘harry potter and the goblet of fire’ this is my favorite harry potter book as it is exciting and fun at the same time. In the book they have the tri-wizard cup which one person from each house id fighting for but i wont ruin the whole book! this is probably my favorite book but i love the whole harry potter series. i am hoping to read ‘harry potter and the cursed child’ as my sister bought it and is going to let me read it next which i am very excited for! at the moment i am reading a book called ‘It Gets Worse’ it is by Shane Dawson who is a youtuber) and he puts his best memories in life into a collection of essays. this is one of favorite books as he is my favorite youtuber.

  22. Ellie says:

    I didn’t read over the summer, but if I did I would or read, but if I did read a book I would if chose a book that looked exciting and happy, not griping and quite depressing.

    I chose to read fan girl; I was drawn to this book because you recommend it and I didn’t know what to chose. Secondly it looked quite interesting and like something I would enjoy. It’s not really different to what I normally read because I don’t really read so there is nothing to compare it to. However I wouldn’t normally go for a book that long because I get bored and lose interest in the book.

  23. Jess.A says:

    The book im reaading now is the same one i was reading over the holidays; Ferals- the crow talker. It is a book about a boy named Caw who can talk to crows. A group of prisoners escape, and try to bring back their leader, the spinning man, a man who talks to spiders. Joined by his friends (and crows) Caw must stop these prisoners and eliminate the spinning man, all while battling his dark past.

  24. Kim says:

    An outstanding and gripping read, Bunker Diary by Kevin Books is a dark and exilerating tale with multiple twists and a compelling storyline. After reading this a few years ago, I re-read the novel and to my delight, it still contained the great read of a phycologicial adventure of a kidnapped run-away. A boy named Linus is taken by ‘The Man Upstairs’ as a reprocussion of a good deed. He wakes to find himself in a biulding with 6 rooms, 6 toilets and a dining room – all in white. Soon other people start apearing, all with the same questions:
    How did I get here?
    Why am I here?
    And who is The Man Upstairs?
    17 year old Alex has had enough. After an evergrowing tumar in her brain she was about to give up. But she stumbled across an old man and his granddaughter whilst hiking, right before the catastrophic event which changed the world. An electromagnetic pulse which destroyed her tumer, but also killed the old man, turned some people into flesh-loving cannabals and destroyed all electonics.
    I took Ashes out of the library and so far, with it’s everchanging plot and gripping hooks, it’s a must read for any adventure fan.

    Kim 🙂

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