7H Reading Trail 2016-7 with Mrs Taylor

Hello 7H,

I am looking forward to reading your book reviews for the reading trail; you can either write them in your exercise book or post them here on the blog for everyone to enjoy. Write them on a word doc and then copy / paste below.

Happy reading!

Mrs Taylor

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61 Responses to 7H Reading Trail 2016-7 with Mrs Taylor

  1. Isobel says:

    Journey to the River Sea Book review
    Journey to the River Sea is a fabulous book, by Eva Ibbotson, filled with adventure and mystery. It’s all about an orphaned girl called Maia who then gets whisked away to the amazon after receiving a letter from the Carters (her Uncle’s family.)
    However, when she gets to her Uncle’s house, instead of the nice, kind, adventurous family she was expecting, she gets a moany, pathetic family which cannot bear to go outside in case they catch disease.
    Although, when she meets a mysterious, Indian boy, things start to change quite rapidly.
    I myself, really admire the character Maia because I feel she is similar to me. For example, she always helps her friends out ad is very adventurous.
    I think this book is aimed for 9,10,11,12 year olds to read. Any younger and they might not understand. If you like a good book with a fantastic plot and a brave heroine, then Journey to the River Sea is the perfect book for you.
    With a foreword by Michael Morpurgo and comments from the Sunday Times, this book is truly spectacular. In this book, my favourite part has to be when Maia first goes into the Indian boy’s home.
    In conclusion, I feel you should certainly read this book. It is award winning and has sold thousands of copies around the world. Overall I am giving the book a 5/5 rating ad hope you will be encouraged to read Journey to the River Sea after reading this review.
    By Isobel Taylor

  2. Abu Dahabu says:

    Geek Girl
    By Holly Smale

    I have been reading through some of the book reviews on here and have found I am not the only girl who is extremely fond of this book. The main story is about a girl, Harriet Manners, who is a geek but doesn’t like the way of the geeky life. Harriet is faced with a tough decision to make when a big opportunity comes up that could change who she is and how she is seen forever.

    Harriet is a humble and well behaved character who doesn’t usually have an easy time at school. The school bully Alexa, who you will find out more about when you read the book, makes Harriet’s life a misery at school but soon this might become a big enough problem to push Harriet to the edge. Her best friend, Nat, plays a big part in Harriet’s life and at one point in the story she also leaves a big part missing!! Toby is one of my favourite characters because of how sweet and kind he is but if he were a real life person he would get quite annoying!!

    Children aged 10-14 would thoroughly enjoy this book especially if they are fans of girly teenager books. Girl online is a similar book to this as of its drama about love, girls and drama.
    My favourite part is when Harriet goes to the launderette and finds her step mum in the same place as Harriet goes to relax. This is a big part in the story as Harriet has not always been that keen on her step mum but has just realized that they have a lot more in common than she thinks.

    This is a book that you just have to read. It’s funny interesting and dramatic. There are more books on Geek Girl so be sure to check them out as well
    Abu Dahabu

  3. jazzycat2013 says:

    Dead man’s cove is a brilliant, exciting book set in Cornwall and written by Lauren St John.
    This book is all about a foster child, Laura. She spent most of her childhood at Sylvan Meadows, her care home.
    When she finds out she has an uncle living in St Ives, Cornwall, she is excited for a new start. When she moves to St Ives her life is surrounded full of mystery. Is Tariq, the shop keeper’s silent son, a friend or an enemy? Why is her uncle so secretive about his life? And why is she forbidden to go to Dead man’s cove?
    I would give this book a 5/5 because it is one of those books when you feel like you’re in the story and once I started I couldn’t put the book down!!!!!!!!
    I would recommend this book to people who love reading mystery/adventure/crime stories. Also I feel like this book is aimed at 10 to 13 year olds, any younger they might get scared and any older they might get bored!!

  4. 😝Mïa😝 says:

    Girl Online
    By Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

    This book is about a girl called Penny who always has panic attacks. Penny starts a blog called ‘Girl Online’ where she shares everything about her life. Penny gets a once in a lifetime trip to New York. She meets a boy called Noah and they immediately become good friends (or more?). But Noah has a secret…

    Penny is a girl who lives in Brighton and is in year 11. She has long, curly red hair (which she detests). Penny loves photography but she hates selfies. I admire Penny because of her courage and kindness for everyone around her. She is also honest. I believe she would be an ideal best friend.

    This book is aimed for 11 years old and above. Anyone who is a fan of Dork Diaries or Geek Girl would love this book. It is a comedy romance full of unexpected twists and suspense.

    My favourite part of the book is when Noah reveals his secret because it causes a lot of conflate between the characters.

    I would definitely recommend this book. Once I had started reading I couldn’t stop! I never wanted the book to end! I hope anyone who reads it (or has read it) enjoys it as much as me!

    By Mïa Bugliolo 7H

  5. The Half-Blood Prince says:

    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    By J.K Rowling


    I love Harry Potter and it’s my favorite series in the world, however none of the books compare to ‘The Half-Blood Prince’. The Half-Blood Prince is a false name of someone who wrote in Harry Potter’s second-hand potion book. The Half-Blood Prince wrote tips and spells of his own invention and Harry follows the instructions in the book to find himself top of the class. On their quest to identify The Half-Blood Prince, Harry, Ron and Hermione discover and use amusing and dangerous spells – to their cost.
    However compared to events later on in the story these are nothing to the terror about to arise.
    Thrill, Betrayal, Love and Loyalty.
    A new year begins Potter fans!

  6. wunny wabbit hop hop says:

    Flossie’s War- My War Diary
    Marcia Williams

    I really enjoyed this book! I started reading it a while ago on a school residential, but couldn’t find it anywhere else! I was so happy when I found it in the school library! The book is about a girl called Flossie Albright living her life through WW2, and is a sequel to the book Archie’s War, which is her father’s diary through WW1.

    She lives in the countryside near Dorchester, although it never specifies exactly. The book starts with her being about 9, and she is 14 when it ends. The diary is kept throughout the whole war, and tells about birthdays, celebrations, family and friends, and, of course, the war. Her Father is in the forces, and goes off to fight but returns for many visits and comes home safely at the end. Flossie has a younger brother called Tommy, and her mother died, so she cares for him. They live in a cottage at the bottom of a large estate, where they spent most of their time! She becomes good friends with a Jewish evacuee who comes to live in their cottage called Simon. He is an animal enthusiast, and helps to care for the lambs!

    It looks like somebody’s real diary, although I think it is non-fiction. It could even be based on someone’s true story…. I absolutely loved this book, and would recommend it to a person of any age, it could interest young ones because it is full of flaps and colourful drawings, and older people because of the writing! xxx

  7. LoveLottie says:

    Girl Online On Tour
    Zoe Sugg

    Penny is super excited when her rock-god boyfriend Noah invites her on his European tour. But with her anxiety, messages from jealous ‘fans’, Noah’s jam packed schedule, un-welcoming band mates and being apart from her best friends, is Penny cut out for life on the road?

    The main character in Girl Online On Tour is 16 years old girl, Penny Porter. She is the girlfriend of international rock star Noah Flynn. In the previous year, she was the writer of the popular, anonymous blog Girl Online. But when things went from bad to worse she made her blog private.

    Girl Online On Tour is aimed at people between the ages of 12-16. You would enjoy this book if you like quite ‘girlie’ books or you’re a fan of popular Youtuber Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella).

    Without giving too much away, my favourite was one of the last chapters set on the beach with two of my favourite characters: Alex and Elliot.

    I really enjoyed this book and really recommend it. I would give it a 9/10.

  8. Ok, so I read this in the holidays but couldn’t help write a review. Hope you enjoy….
    Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
    J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne
    Harry and Ginny now have 3 children: James, Lily and Albus. One his first day of Hogwarts, Albus is scared of being sorted into Slytherin and letting everyone down. But he has nothing to fear… He hopes… However, when he makes unlikely friends, gets sorted into an unexpected house and, trying to be like his father, goes on dangerous (and illeagle) missions, Albus wonders whether he really is the son of the famous Harry Potter. Filled with drama, twisting plots and new characters , the book everyones been waiting for. When enemies become friends and friends become enemies. The eighth story. Nineteen years later…

    The main character in the book is Albus Severus Potter (closely followed by Harry). At the start of the book he is an 11/12 year old who is just about to board the Hogwarts Express and we go on the journey with him until he is 14. However, one of my favourite characters is Scorpius Malfoy. When you hear the name Malfoy you feel a deep hatred (if you’ve read the rest of the series). However, you learn to really love Scorpius so quickly. He makes you feel really sympathetic as he is having a hard time at home and at school. Because he is the son of Draco he gets really picked on especially when a rumour is started about him. The amazing writers make you feel something for every character whether it be sympathy and love or a cold chill sent down your back.

    I think that the book is aimed for the ages 9 and over because the ending is so unexpected that not even an adult would guess it. I highly recommend this book if you are already a Harry Potter fan. Even if you don’t like reading or your not overly confident with reading its fine because this book is written as a script and makes it much easier and some how more intriguing and interesting but you still get just as much detail.

    My favourite part was the last scene before act 4. It was so gripping and it was one of those chapters where your eyes water because it’s so intense and you get goosebumps and the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. It was so unexpected.

    I cannot even put into words how much you need to read it. I read it in under 2 days I was so attached. I would give it an 11/10! THATS HOW GOOD IT WAS! I was so upset when it finished.

    hope this review helped

    • You Know Who says:

      Yesssss!! The Book Worm you are the best! I would also reccomend the Cursed Child, the only thing wrong with it is that YOU CAN’T PUT IT DOWN!! I went to the release at Waterstones at Midnight and when i got the book i read untill 2:30 when I finished it, and i read it the next day as well!!!

  9. Swimmer no.1 says:

    The Glass House
    By Rachel Caine
    Usually, when it comes to reading books, I love to read things like Harry Potter and or Divergent. During the holidays I was introduced to a new series known as the Morganville vampires. I read the blurb of the first book (The Glass House) and I wasn’t sold on the idea of a vampire town. However after reading it…
    The Glass House is all about a sixteen year old girl, Claire Danvers, who always aces her classes and was sent to college early. Although she wanted to go to MIT, her mother suggested that she go to a college closer to home. This meant a small college in Morganville, Texas. Reluctantly Claire goes to please her mother.
    Claire has a rough start at college and soon moves out of the dorms and finds a house for college students outside the grounds. Once she moves secretes are revealed and plots are made… Claire finds herself tangled in local mess and finds herself wanting to leave. What stops her?
    As the secrets spill and things get more complicated, Claire realises it won’t be that easy to move out of the town. If she does leave things will become risky, like knowing about the town in the first place…
    Her adventures are very satisfying and enjoyable to read about. Claire makes lots of friends, some of which are boys- her mum isn’t happy about that, and foes.
    I really enjoyed the book and I am currently on the 3rd book (due to reading other books as well as the Morganville vampires in the summer). This book is aimed for 11-16 year olds. It will be great for anyone who likes Twilight or the vampire diaries.
    I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I did!

  10. little blue ridding hood says:

    Modal spy- code red lipstick

    This story is all about teenage modal Jessica Cole, and how she went from helping her dad [an MI6 retired agent] on field missions to saving the world from a mad modal! The story is set in present day, and shows how being a modal is not as easy as it looks especially if you are Jessica Cole!
    Jessica is a messy, feisty and of course beautiful teen modal. She is a 14 and to appearance looks like a normal girl, but behind the long blonde hair she is a feisty modal spy! In this book Jessica must save her farther and the world but the only gadgets she has lye’s in her makeup bag!!! Even though she is a modal spy, Jessica still lives a normal life. In this book you see how she has a massive crush on a boy but must not get distracted by him so she can succeed in her mission!
    If you enjoy the geek girl series or love a good mystery with plot twists and leaves you wanting more than this is the book for you!! The most adrenalin rush part in this book was when Jessica found out she was being watched! By who you ask well you will have to read the book to find out!

    I definitely recommend this book as it is adventurous, moving and gives you tips about fashion! In would give this book 5 stars and think anyone can read it!!

  11. hedgehog says:

    A Horse Called Hero
    I was looking for an easy read, so I got this book off my shelf and started reading. It was one of the best choices I made, .A Horse called Hero is set in world war two about an 8 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. They are brothers and sisters to each other. Their father is accused of desertion, Wolfie refuses to believe it and Dodo is scared about the consequences that you get when you get accused of desertion. When Wolfie thinks that all hope is lost he finds a foal and names it Hero.
    This is a really laidback read it is not too hard but a real page turner. This book has happiness, sadness and despair. If you are a horse lover I definitely recommend this book, but I am not that bigger horse lover, and I loved it!
    So go ahead read it, if it is not for you, does not matter, but I definitely recommend this book!!!

  12. Chlobee_won_kanobi says:

    A book review on ‘You killed me!’
    Author: Keith Gray

    This book is about a boy named Toby link, it is set in the 21st century. Toby is an ordinary boy who loves comics and hates cricket. He is a bit of a geek and is quite imaginative. He lives at home with his mum and dad and has an older brother called Josh who is sixteen and loves his hair. Toby likes going to the second hand bookshop in Camber road as they sell old vintage comics. He is a down to earth, middle class boy (not poor, not rich), who is very observant of the world around him.

    He awoke one morning with a man standing at the end of his bed. When Toby realized that he wasn’t dreaming and that it was an actual ghost, he instantly panicked, in fact he was petrified. The man had an eye missing and was called Len Grimsby; Len blamed Toby for causing his death. Len wanted Toby to undo what he had done the day before so Len would still be alive. Len shows Toby a replay of his death in a dream like reverie. The reverie shows Toby’s activities and the disasters that arise on the day before.
    Is Toby able to save the day and make things right?

    My favorite part is when Marie A (the hairdresser) meets her old boyfriend from high school and falls in love with him all other again.
    This is a great short story with many unexpected twists and turns. I would recommend this book to anyone aged between 10 and 14. If you like books that make you laugh and have some gory scenes then this is the book for you. Prepare for a rollercoaster of events.

    By Chloe Andrews

  13. izzy.m says:

    The Hunger Games Catching Fire
    Book Review.
    Catching fire is the sequel in a trilogy of books and it tells the tale of 16 year old Katniss Everdeen ‘The Girl On Fire’ and her journey in life and the games.
    The games exist in memory of the war and to strike fear into the hearts of the districts. In the games one male and female tribute is chosen to fight tot the death in an arena but when President Snow changes the rules it’s a heads up for Katniss as she is thrown into the arena with a large array of experienced killers who will stop at nothing to win the games for a second time. Will she be able to make allies in time for the games??
    Katniss is also there alongside Peeta Mellark who won the games with her the first year and who she pretended to be in love with to get sponsors but with Gale around it’s a tough decision to make…
    Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, Finnick Odair, Wiress and Beedy all join forces to take down the others in the games ad work out a strategy. But who is the real enemy in this never ending thirst for blood and revenge from the Capitol??
    Can Katniss survive the arena for a third time??
    Will her allies be true allies?
    And when will we know when the time is, to take down the Capitol???
    My opinion on this book is that everyone should read it and the age group I recommend it for is probably 10 years and up because it’s a thriller/drama/romance but it is amazing but you should read them all in order to be able to understand the plot fully but this is definitely my favourite book of the three and I really do think you should read it.

    Isobel Mitchell
    7 Hartland

  14. Isobel Taylor says:

    The Clockwork Sparrow Book Review

    The Clockwork Sparrow is a great book written by Katherine Woodfine and illustrated by Julia Sarda.

    The book is about a 17 year old girl called Sophie who works at the recently opened department store Sinclair’s. However, when Mr Sinclair opens a gallery and the precious item (The Clockwork Sparrow) gets stolen Sophie must work with her new friend Lil to try and get it back.
    However, then she realizes that someone much more dangerous than she expected was behind the burglary, she starts to worry and puts herself in lots of danger.

    I admire the character Sophie because I feel she is very brave and puts herself through things which most people would never dream of doing. Also, Sophie is very intelligent and always comes up with a good plan to solve the mysteries.

    My favourite part is where Sophie and the villain first meet. I find it really thrilling and the author uses great language which makes you want to read on.
    I feel this book is aimed for children aged 9- 12. If you really like mystery books you should definitely try The Clockwork Sparrow. There is also a second book called the mystery of the Jewelled Moth which you should read if you really enjoy the Clockwork Sparrow.

    Overall, I think you should try reading the Clockwork Sparrow because once you start reading this book you won’t be able to stop.
    By Isobel Taylor

  15. miakat says:

    School for good and evil
    By soman chainani

    The school for good and evil is about a special school of fairy tale characters to help them become either good or evil but every 4 years they chose 2 children from the ‘Woods and Beyond’ (the human world). Most children dread going, but not Sophie. Sophie has always wanted to become a princess. But her best friend Agatha has other ideas…
    Sophie is a princess loving girl who not only looks like a princess but acts like one to! Her best friend, Agatha, lives in a graveyard and is pretty much a loner. When Sophie and Agatha get taken to this special school, things become the way they didn’t expect maybe best friends can become worst enemies? Who knows?
    This book is aimed for around 10 and above and anyone who is a fan of Harry Potter and the hunger Games would love this! It has a zillion unexpected twists and a million cliff-hangers!
    My favourite part is when Sophie and Agatha fight for a certain prince… who will get there happily ever after!
    I would definitely recommend this book! Once I stated reading my parents couldn’t get me to stop! I was just too into it! I hope who ever has read it loved it as much as me!
    By Mia Bugliolo

  16. viccy16 says:

    The Mysterious Benedict Society
    The Mysterious Benedict Society is an excellent book by Trenton Lee Stewart.
    There is three books in the series, this is the first book, and the others are equally as good.
    I really enjoy the character Constance, she has a very bad mood but she is really quite funny! I also like Kate because she is always prepared and has nearly everything in her bucket!

    When a peculiar advertisement appears in the newspaper for children to take part in a secret mission, children everywhere sit a series of mysterious tests. In the end, just four children succeed: Reynie, Kate, Sticky and Constance. They have three things in common: they are all honest, all remarkably talented and all orphans. They must go undercover at the Learning Institute for the Very Enlightened where the only rule is that there are no rules. There they must work as a team to save not only themselves, but also the world.

  17. ecollins4573 says:

    Matilda by Roald Dahl

    The book is about a girl who has just started primary school. She loves to read and is so clever for her age. Her parents’ think she is dumb and don’t like her reading. She carries on and soon starts school and meets the teacher Mrs Honey who is her teacher and she helps her with her parents.

    The author (Roald Dahl) is the world’s number one author whose books are incredible. I choose to read the book because I got it for leaving secondary from my teacher. We got to choose which book we got and immediately I knew that Roald Dahl is a good author so I choose it.

    Matilda is a fiction book which is children literature. It also has bits of fantasy and humour. It’s funny when the narrator says, “Even when there child is the most disgusting little blister ever, Mums and Dads think there still wonderful.”

    My favourite character is Mrs Honey because she is quite shy and lonely and she seems like she would be a nice person in real life and she would be a great teacher.

    It took me two weeks to read it because I am quite a slow reader but it’s a good length and an easy read.

    I think everyone would enjoy this book as it’s such a classic although it’s quite an easy book so if you’re looking for something a bit more complicated then I wouldn’t go for it.
    I would rate it a 8/10 because it’s quite easy.

  18. Anais says:

    Dustbin Baby by Jacueline Wilson

    This book is aged for older readers, but for myself it is an easy read.
    The book is filled with adventures and some moving moments. Might make you cry!!! the story is about a girl called April Showers and she doesn’t know where she came from or who she is. She was abandoned as a tiny baby in a rubbish bin, she lives with her foster mother.

    The story tells of her search to find her real mum. Along the way,she goes through a series of advents. Dustbin Baby takes place all in one day, on her fourteenth birthday, when April sets off to find herself.

    By Anais

  19. The secret 8th horcruxe says:

    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    This is the eighth Harry Potter book, nine years later.
    This story is all about the wizarding trio’s (Harry, Ron, Hermione) children (Albus, Rose, Scorpius (Draco’s son)) and their adventures in Hogwarts.
    Now just to warn you this book is written in script form, as it was originally a play, but don’t let this put you off as this actually helped me. The reason that the script format helped me is because I often get confused about who’s talking when there is dialogue in a normal book.
    My favourite character(s) are; Delphi, Scorpius and Barbarian Hermione. That last one probably confused you, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what I’m talking about.
    Albus, Scorpius and Delphi’s aim is to save Cedric Diggory – the boy who dies in ‘The Goblet of Fire’ during the tri-wizard tournament when in a battle with Harry against Voldemort-. But without giving to much away I’m just going to say that one of their views of this idea changes, greatly. In an attempt to save Cedric they have to go back in time. They see some very different ways that things could have ended, and lets just say they don’t turn out very well for everyone.
    There is a rumour going around Hogwarts that Scorpius (Draco and Astoria’s son) is actually the son of Voldemort. You will find out the truth behind this rumour, but only if you read this amazing book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’.
    I would really recommend this book to anyone who likes the other Harry Potter books or anyone who would like to try a different style of book.
    I think the age range for this book is 10+. This book is suitable for adults and I’m certain that there are some out there who loved this incredible read.
    I would give this book a 10/10. And that’s not just because I absolutely love Harry Potter.

    • You Know Who says:

      The only thing wrong with this book is that YOU CAN’T PUT IT DOWN! I went to the release at midnight and read it unlill 2am when i finished it! ( btw it’s nineteen years later 🙂 !!!)

  20. Purple Puffskein says:

    A Book Review Of Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre is the story of a 10 year old orphan, supposedly with no relatives but her cruel aunt and cousins, as she progresses through life. For her first ten years of life she is shunted and criticised until she is sent to Lowood Academy, a cold school where hunger and cold reigns. She turns out to be an intelligent woman. After she finishes school she becomes a governess at a manor who’s master arises a pleasant strong feeling in Jane which she has never experienced before. There is definitely something sinister in the house Soon they are to be married but what is this objection?Heartbroken she flees, only to discover long lost relatives and a small fortune and a new job! But her heart is not satisfied… she must find Mr Rochester, her master.Jane returns to Mr Rochester’s estate to find that disaster has struck; the elegant house is now nothing but a smouldering ruin. When eventually she finds her once strong, independent master she discovers that he is severely injured and unable to live life to the full. Despite this, true love wins through!

    Jane Eyre is set in the Victorian era, across fashionable estates, small cottages and cold gloomy schools. Jane is an independent, solemn, and intelligent character who has strong feelings. It has been described as ‘the greatest love story ever told’.

    The most moving part of the story for me is when Jane arrives at the house and there is nothing but a burnt shell and Mr Rochester will never be the same. It almost made me cry…

    Although the book is written in very formal and complex language, it is easy to get used to and understand. I loved this book, as it covers highs, lows, love and hate as well as dramatic tragedies. It is such an addictive book, I could read it over and over.

    I would sincerely recommend it to anyone, especially people who love traditional tales. It is such a beautiful story and you can really empathise with the characters. I give it 10 out of 10 and I’m sure that you would too as Charlotte Bronte was an excellent author.

    Willow Lock

  21. HollyxDavis says:

    Little Darlings…..
    By Jacqueline Wilson…..
    Little Darlings is about two very different girls who supposedly have the same Dad!! (A Popstar!) Destiny lives with her busy mum, who tries to earn money for them, living a poor lifestyle. However, Sunset lives in a large mansion with her rich family. Sunset’s Dad is Danny Kilman, who dated Destiny’s Mum briefly while a teenager. Destiny’s Mum is certain Danny is Destiny’s Dad whereas, Danny is not so sure. This story shows the journey and friendship between the two girls in both perspectives to find out the truth. I like both girls and their personalities. The characters are portrayed in a very creative way. This book is aimed towards 10-15 year olds. My favourite part throughout the book was when the girls first met and became friends instantly. I think you should read this book because it is very-well scripted and, in times, quite funny. The illustrations are incredible. The way the book is written in two perspectives is very clever. This book is very good!!!

    – Holly –

  22. TeannaTheBanana says:

    Geek Girl: All That Glitters By Holly Smale
    The fantastic book is about a gril called Harriet Manners. She is very smart and intelligent in addition, she always says random facts that she memorize every day. Harriet adores books and learning about interesting things like: Space, animals, the body, history, and so many more. Recently Harriet has broken up with a top supermodel- Nick. Harriet used to be a model too and that is how she met him. Due to having to move back to England, Harriet and Nick decided it feels right to break up (instead of a long term relationship) to try and make them feel a bit better. However, Harriet still misses him and misses him all the time. Harriet has a best friend called Nat and a close friend called Toby. They have all been friends for years. The story is based on Harriet trying to be more confident and ‘shine’. Harriet has a bad time as a sixth former and is all alone, then she went off to Morroco to model for a while again and because she became quite famous from it, she came back with loads of people wanting to be her friend, except for her worst nemesis- Alexa and a non -improving boy called Jaspar who dislikes Harriet and Harriet dislikes him. However, she becomes quite popular and brought fashion to the school. Harriet throws a party which did not go well, due to most of her friends finding out all her lies. Harriet realises that she doesn’t have to try so hard at all. She realises that she already has true friends and didn’t need to change her life just to make a few more.
    This is a very good and interesting book. I really enjoyed reading it and excited to read more ‘Geek Girl’. I enjoyed reading this and found it quite funny. If you like reading fictional books you should read this.

  23. fictionlover says:

    Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
    Fangirl is one of those books I love so much that I want to keep it all to myself. It is the story of Cath Avery, an eighteen year old girl starting college for the first time. Cath has an identical twin sister called Wren, and until now they did everything together. Cath ends up with a senior roomate, a grumpy girl called Reagan. Just as she thinks things couldn’t get worse, her Wren starts heavily underage drinking. But, Cath has a secret only Wren knows. Note: this is NOT a spoiler, it tells you this at the beginning. Cath writes gay fanfiction about Simon Snow (basically Harry Potter but the book doesn’t exist), under the alias “magicath”. Her stories collect tens of thousands of views daily. There is also quite a bit of romance, but I won’t spoil it for you. This story is great and I relate to Cath in the sense that I am quite shy and I write stories on an online platform. I recommend this book to anyone who needs a good read.
    Alana Whitta 7H 👑

  24. jazzycat2013 says:

    The Enchanted Wood
    Enid Blyton
    The Enchanted Wood is the first amazing book in a series of 4 books.

    After Joe, Beth and Frannie move next to an enchanted wood their lives become full of adventure and fun! They meet loads of new friends in the woods and go on many, many adventures together at the top of the faraway tree in the centre of the magical forest! Sometimes they get stuck at the top of the tree and can’t get down, get bombarded by evil goblins or even have a birthday party with wishes that come true (literally!).

    I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars as some bits are a little bit exaggerated but apart from that it is a really exciting read. I would recommend this book 8 years to 12 years because it might be a bit to childish for teens!
    Amy Evans 7H 🙂

  25. Isobel says:

    Book Review
    Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo

    Born to Run by Michael Morpurgo is a brilliant book all about a dog that can never quite find a home. In this book, you’ll see him become a best friend, a great companion, a champion race dog and a great hero.

    I think that the Greyhound (Best Mate) is a great character because he doesn’t give up and never stops helping his owners.

    I think this book is aimed for 9-13 year olds. Although, you don’t have to between 9-13, because adults will also enjoy reading this book.

    To sum up, I think you should 100% read this book. It is really amazing and at the end I’m sure you wont be able to stop yourself from crying.

    ‘ Pitch perfect… even this hardened book reviewer kept having to wipe away the tears,’
    Quote from the Daily Mail.

    By Isobel Taylor 7H

  26. jazzycat2013 says:

    13 hours might be familiar as some of you might have got this as your free book from the library but for those who didn’t I personally think you made a mistake as this book contains jaw-dropping moments and I just couldn’t put the book down! A lot of dramatic things happened in this book and it also sends a good message across to younger people who might have some problems at home.
    13 Hours is a book about a teenage girl called Anni, she lives at home with her sick mum, Jamila. After Anni’s stepdad dies and his business dies with him She and her mum are left at home with very little money and rely on the cheapest things to survive. One day when Anni comes home from school to her paranoid mum, little does she know her life will be changed forever!
    I would give this book 5/5 stars because it was a real page turner and made me feel like I was overlooking Anni and her mum! I would recommend this book for 10+ as it might be a bit scary for under that age.
    Amy Evans 7H 🙂

  27. Harriet Dawes says:

    Book Review- Term 2

    The Wolf Wilder, by Katherine Rundell

    I read this book for the school book club, because I knew Primary School friends had read it, so I gave it a go… And I am so glad I did!

    The story is mainly about a girl called Feodora (or Feo, as she prefers to be called), and is set in snowy Russia. She has a fiery, fierce character, much like her wolf friends, of which she has the speed and strength. There is so much more to say about this book, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone!

    This is an absolutely brilliant book, which I would recommend to any avid reader, although younger children may not like some parts, as it indeed includes animal-eating wolves. I am glad to have read this book, and I will definitely be looking out for more Kathrine Rundell stories soon.

  28. Abu Dahabu says:

    The Midnight Gang- David Walliams
    I got this book for Christmas and could not put it down ever since I picked it up. The story is about a gang at Lord Funt Hospital who escape from the children’s ward every night at mid-night. Their aim each night is to make one child’s wish come true. This is very difficult for them to keep the gang a secret when new boy Tom shows up showing interest in their mid-night quests.
    Tom is a young boy who doesn’t see his parents hardly at all as they are always in different countries to do with his dad’s work. He usually attends a private school where he lives and goes to school until one day there is an incident that sends him to hospital. There he makes some of the best memories of his life.
    I think this book is suitable for any age as David Walliams is very good at making books for all to enjoy. People who are fans of Roald Dahl would especially enjoy this book as David Walliams has a similar sense of humour to Dahl.
    My favourite part of the book is where they make one little girls dream come true. The girl is very ill at the hospital and her wish is very different to everyone else’s. At first the mid-night gang tell her that she cannot join as she is too ill and will simply slow everyone else down. It is very moving when eventually her dream comes true and the effort the other children put in to make that happen.
    I think that anyone should read this book because it is very fun to read and over all gives a good message. All of David Walliams’ books are a great read and other ones he has wrote include Awful Auntie, Demon Dentist, Grampa’s Great Escape, Mr Stink and others.

    Abu Dahabu

  29. little blue riding hood says:

    Girl Online
    Girl online is the first novel by Zoella [aka Zoe Sugg] the internet blogger. This story is all about Penny Porter, a 15 year old teenager who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks. But penny has a secret, her secret is she has a blog all about her life but it is anonymous but what will happen when she meets the gorgeous musician Noah, who also has a secret which threatens to ruins penny’s undercover blog forever. Girl online is set in the present day and shows that even if you have anxiety you can still do the things you love and overcome it!
    Penny is just a typical teenager, who suffers from panic attacks and can be extremely clumsy. She just looks like a normal girl but behind her fiery red hair penny writes a blog all about her life which she shares with the world and this blog helps people like her who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. But then penny gets whisked off to the great New York, where she meets a boy named Noah, who Penny can’t help to fall in love with, but this handsome boy also has a secret which throughout the story becomes more and more obvious. Penny’s life is very easy to relate to and is very inspiring to people who suffer from anxiety.
    I think anyone who loves a good romance could read this book, because the love story in it is very moving and can bring a tear to your eye. This story would also be good to help people with anxiety to try and overcome it, it shows that even if you suffer from panic attacks life will still go on and you can still enjoy it because your friends and family will help you to beat it.
    Girl online is a must read book because it is so heart warming and you will easily fall in love with Penny’s life and will never want to put the book down. This is my favorite book ever and it leads onto the next chapters of penny’s life in the next two books!

  30. Izabella says:

    13 Hours Book Review

    13 Hours is possibly one of my favourite reads, ever. It’s the story of a teenager, Anni and her mum. Anni’s mum is often very paranoid about intruders that may enter there house, Anni later finds out why her mum never leaves the house and is always so paranoid. This book is full of unexpected twists and turns. From Anni’s mum once being an outgoing leader, to Anni helping her mum overcome her fear. Anni finally finds out the truth of why her mum is so introverted, and the truth will shock her and possibly change the relationship with her mum forever.

    I would give this book a 10/10 because I just couldn’t put it down and it was so engaging. I would recommend this book for age 11+.

    -Izabella Jeffery 7H

  31. fictionlover says:

    Withering tights By Louise Renison

    This story is about Georgia Nicholson’s (from Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging) younger cousin, called Tallulah Casey. She lives in Ireland with Georgia. One summer she decides to travel to a performing arts school in Yorkshire called Dother Hall, however she has no talent in anything art related. She goes to stay with a crazy Yorkshire family who have a weird nature obsession and love local produce. She makes some crazy friends, meets crazy boys and enjoys insane lessons. There are three books in the series, Withering Tights, A Midsummer Tights Dream and The Taming Of The Tights. Oh, and Tallulah has very nobbly knees. I would recommend this book to anyone aged 11 and up who likes a bit of fun and insanity!​
    Alana Whitta 7H 😍

  32. Erin Xx says:

    Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg

    This book is about a girl called Penny whose life is really confusing. She has a boyfriend called Noah who is a famous singer. Her best friend Elliot who having troubles with his parents and his boyfriend Alex. But when Noah invites her on his tour things get worse and worse when she is met with busy schedules, weird bandmates and threating anonymous messages.

    The author (Zoe Sugg) has been writing stories since she was little and she loves reading books aswell.I read this book as I watch her you tube channel (Zoella) which has 11 million subscribers. She films beauty and lifestyle videos which are in high quality and they are something I like to watch in my spare time.

    Girl Online on Tour is a fictional book in which is Drama but it also has a lot of Romance. It’s romantic when Noah plays Penny a song that he wrote for her.

    My favourite character is Leah Brown because she is really kind to Penny and she is not what everyone says she is. She seems like she would be a really nice friend.

    It took me four days to read as I was hoping that I’d get the 3rd book for Christmas (which I did and it’s amazing so far).

    I think that all people would enjoy this book as it’s a really amazing read and Zoe has done so well. This book is 100 percent 5 stars.

  33. Book Girl says:

    Book Review
    Book: Cookie
    Author: Jacqueline Wilson

    Beauty Cookson (main character) gets bullied and teased in the school playground, for her name and appearance. But something else is on Beauty’s mind. Her father’s cruel, constant and hurtful criticism. Beauty and her mum live in fear of her father’s firey rages, a small spark begins to appear when one of his fussy house rules are broken, or something ‘silly’ is suggested, like getting a pet. After a disastrous occasion occurs, Beauty’s father’s temper is out of control. Can Beauty and her mum puck up enough courage to walk out, and start a new, happier life?

    My favourite part
    I really enjoyed the part when Beauty receives a gift she had wanted for a long, long time. I like this bit because she is finally taking a gift she deserves and actually likes! For once in what seems like forever, Beauty is happy and has a smile on her face.

    I would recommend this book to girls between the ages of 9 and 12. This book is a fairly easy read, however it is very well written and extremely enjoyable.

  34. Book Girl says:

    Book Review
    Book: Girl Online: On Tour
    Author: Zoë Sugg

    With Noah’s (Penny’s boyfriend) band’s European tour coming up Penny (main character) is invited to come along. However, with Noah’s full-on schedule, less-than-welcoming band members and threatening messages from fans, Penny begins to wonder if she’s really cut out for life on tour. Within the blink the eye she finds herself missing her family, her best friend Elliot and her blog, Girl Online. Can Penny learn to balance life and love on the road, or will she lose everything, trying to live the perfect summer?

    My favourite part
    My favourite part is when Penny realises that it was Noah’s manager, Dean, trying to tear their relationship apart and staging Noah fake ones, to give his career a ‘boost’. I like this bit because Penny stands up to Dean, telling him he ruining Noah’s career, and real relationships.

    I would recommend this book to girls 12+. It is a harder read but not super difficult, and is very well written, filled with small effective details. I would also recommend reading the first Zoë Sugg novel, Girl Online, before reading this one.

  35. Purple Puffskein says:

    A Book Review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the Original Screenplay By J. K. Rowling

    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is set in the middle of New York in 1926. There have been strange disturbances across the city: buildings ripped down and pavements smashed… but is it down to faulty gas and electrics like it is claimed to be. Then Newt Scamander, a young wizard, arrives in New York, enthusiastic to find and help new creatures to fill his magical case. Soon he teams up with the ex-aura, Tina Goldstien, legilimens (someone who can read minds) Queenie Goldstien and non-maj (someone who isn’t a witch or wizard) Jacob Kowalski, on an exciting mission to track down and catch all of the magical creatures escaped from Newt’s case. The case in question holds hundreds of magical creatures including a niffler, a swooping evil, some bowtruckles and a sinister looking, but tame, obscurus (the soul of a child who had lots of misery, anger and fear bottled up in them). Meanwhile, sinister Mr. Graves is having secret meetings with a mysterious boy from the orphanage. What are the up to, who are they and what is it that Mr. Graves wants the boy to find? Could it really be this that is causing the mayhem in New York??? But then, when the thing destroying New York becomes responsible for no less than two terrible deaths, Tina and Newt are accused, but why… it couldn’t really be them. But with the help of Queenie and Jacob, and a rather special fantastic beast, they are soon free… but so is the thing making the attacks.What will happen in the final battle and is Mr. Graves who he appears to be?

    The main character, Newt Scamander, is a daring young British wizard, who travels the world in search of magical creatures in need,who he helps, then releases. He sometimes causes a bit of trouble, but he had good interests at heart. He is confident and thoughtful. I like him as he is brave and enthusiastic. I also like hid determined, devoted attitude and his care for all magical creatures.

    It is written as a screenplay so is not written the same as other books but it is just as good. It is very descriptive as it describes set, time of day, atmospheres, background sound and actions etc as well as the camera angles. I think that it is nice to read screenplays as it is a different experience.

    I think that anyone over the age of 10 would really enjoy the book. The plot can be quite confusing but you understand it after a while. Harry Potter fans would love it, as it is the prequel to the Harry Potter books. Anyone who likes fantasy, drama or action would enjoy it.

    Even if you’re not a fan of Harry Potter, you should definitely read this, as it has an amazing story and fantastic characters. I really enjoyed this book and would certainly read it again so I have rated it 10/10.

  36. LittleRedRidingHood says:

    Book Review
    The Parent Agency by David Baddiel

    At some point we all wish we had ‘better parents’ or ‘parents who let us do what we want’ and in this book, The Parent Agency, Barry goes into another world and chooses his own parents!

    At first Barry doesn’t know what is happening in this new world, but he soon discovers that he gets to choose any parents he wants! Of course, Barry went for parents who are rich, fun, movie stars, pop stars or anyone who lets him do what ever he wants!

    This book by David Baddiel is very funny and very engaging, I like this book because all the adventures he has with these different parents and new people ad it is always exciting to read!

    The best thing about this book (in my opinion) is when he is with some sports people and he goes out onto the football pitch and plays in a team with Lionel Tidy (instead of Lionel Messi it was Lionel Tidy) and they did some warm ups and then they played the game!

    I really enjoyed this book and i think it is suitable for most ages to read and because of all the great things to read in this book i give it 4 stars!

  37. LittleRedRidingHood says:

    Book Review
    Billionaire boy by David Walliams

    David Walliams is known to be a great author and has written many books in the past, the book review is about his book Billionaire Boy.

    Billionaire Boy is a very exciting book and once you start reading it you can’t stop! David Walliams chose to make this book very funny and he did a good job at that.

    The first chapter of the book starts describing Joe in a list of things he has and he hasn’t got, he makes this bit of the book sad and makes you feel sympathy for Joe because he lists all the amazing things and then one thing that he doesn’t have us a friend.

    Throughout the book everyone and everything is well described and written so you can picture that person in your head.

    In one or two chapters in the book Joe starts going to a school but he doesn’t let anyone know his secret of being a billionaire, the way this part is written makes you see why Joe wants to do this. You see that Joe wants a secret life to make a friend, Joe thinks that if nobody knows that he is rich that people will like him for him, not for the money he has.

    In another chapter in the book, Joe has friend and his dad comes to deliver a piece of homework to Joe at school in the playground. Joe’s dad didn’t come in an ordinary car he came in a helicopter! This made Joe angry at his dad because it ruined his secret life.

    I think this book is very enjoyable and i think it would be nice for all ages to read! i give this book 4.5 stars!

  38. hedgehog says:

    Diary of a wimpy kid: Double Down
    This book is all about a young teenager Greg Heffley. This is the latest book in this series. Greg is under a lot of pressure in this book. His mum is telling him that he should be more creative and that he should stop playing computer games. But, on top of that, Halloween is coming closer and frights are coming to Greg from every angle. Greg’s mum is one of those really embarrassing mums, who loves to humiliate him in front of all of his class mates- including Mariana Mendoza. Mariana Mendoza hosts the best parties in the world, as her parents don’t care what happens as long as it stays in the basement, and Greg is determined to get invited too her Halloween party, but she has to keep it small this year so the only people who can go are the people in the school band who play with her- and unfortunately for Greg, he is not one of those people. But, as Greg being Greg he finds a way around it, but will he have to do some decision making along the way.

    I chose this book to read because it was a relaxing and an easy read, but also a real page turner. One of the best things about Greg is that he isn’t a nerd, but at the same time he is defiantly isn’t a cool kid. The part I love most about this book is when Greg’s mum turns up for the party, and actually makes it even better, but then just as everything was going really well, Rowley, being Rowley, has to spoil everything. I really recommend this book everyone as it is a funny, witty and a quick read. This book took me about half a day to read, but I like to come back to it once in awhile. This book is suitable for any ages above 9.
    I hope you enjoy the book !

  39. Teanna Carey says:

    Girl Online Going Solo
    Best to read book 1&2 before this
    Girl online is a very good book with love, drama and comedy. A girl called Penny breaks up with singer/songwriter-Noah- and Penny has a hard time to get over it and tries to distract herself. She visits her ex best friend Meghan at Meghan’s school, however; she is distracted by a Scottish guy called Callum who loves photography very much like her. She also meets a very talented girl called Posey who has stage fright but has the lead role of an upcoming play in her school. Although Meghan dislikes Posey, Penny still tries to help very much. Penny goes on a date with Callum which didn’t go well and she didn’t feel like there was any sparks between them both. She goes on a trip to Scotland with her parents, Elliot (her bestfriend), Alex (Elliot’s boyfriend), Bella (Noah’s little sister who is good friends with Penny) and Noah’s Grandma to help with a wedding, Callum happened to be at the wedding to, but all goes worse due to Noah at the wedding. Noah stays with them for a while, however Penny gets uncomfortable due to Noah hasn’t spoken to her for months and no-one knew where he was, so that upsetted her. Penny tries to confess to Callum that she is not in to him and just wants to be friends, but he doesn’t take it well. Once back in Brighton, Elliot struggles with his parents argueing everyday and divorce, he moves in with Penny and her parents.
    Penny and her friends (Kira&Amara) is invited to Meghan’s huge Halloween party, and invites Noah and Callum which caused Penny to get a panic attack. Penny’s world famous friend-Leah Brown- song leaked before release and was only a while after she, Posey and Meghan visited her at a recording studio, and is one of them, Meghan claims it’s Posey and Penny believes her, Posey got upset about it cause it wasn’t her and drops out. Once Penny finds out it was Meghan (from security footage) her and Leah gets very mad.
    Elliot runs away from stress and Penny finds him and tries to comfort him to come back which he did. She also finds out that Noah has been living in Brighton for months in his own little house. Penny visits him and they both are together again. Penny comes up with a plan to get Meghan to give Posey the lead role back by saying she would post the security footage online, however Meghan’s head teacher heard everything about Meghan leaking the song and gives the role to Posey instead, Posey was very shocked but she went on and gave an amazing performance for everyone, while Penny was there watching and cheering. At the end Penny spends Bonfire Night with her parents, Elliot, Alex, Elliot’s mum and Noah.

    I definitely recommend this good book.

  40. Isobel Taylor says:

    The One Dollar Horse- Book review by Lauren St. John

    This amazing book, The One Dollar Horse, is really imaginative. It is written by Lauren St John who has written many good books including Dead Man’s Cove and The White Giraffe.
    It is all about a girl called Casey Blue who loves horses and has always wanted to take part in the top event- The Badminton Horse trials. Then, by luck she meets an unloved horse and buys it for just one dollar. Immediately, the horse and the girl start bonding and Mrs Smith, Casey’s Coach believes that they can make and win The Badminton Horse Trials. However, rival Anna Sparks to wants the victory. Will Casey win or will she have to take second place?
    Lauren St John has written this book really well as she has used lots of horse language and she has made the relationship between the horse and Casey so strong that there is so much emotion in the book.
    I find Casey a really inspiring character as she keeps going and never gives up on her dream no matter all the downfalls that come in her way.
    Finally, I think this book is aimed for 9-13 year olds who love horse riding and like books with adventure. I think you should definitely read this book as you will really enjoy reading it.
    By Isobel T

  41. Isobel Taylor says:

    Book Review of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness:
    A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness is about a boy called Conor who has a sick mother. He keeps on hoping that the mother will get better but she never does.
    Conor- without realising- calls a monster. The monster each night tells Conor a story. Each story has an interesting moral.
    I think this book is aimed for over 9 year olds as it is quite sad and emotional. I think that adults will also enjoy reading this book.
    Patrick Ness got the idea of A Monster Calls by a lady called Siobhan Dowd who started to write the story but sadly died half way. Then, Patrick Ness took over writing the story.
    I think that the characters in this book are realty creative and the author uses very good description to describe them.
    Finally, I think that it is a very good book and I really enjoyed reading it. I think you should definitely read it!
    By Isobel Taylor

  42. Fun Sponge says:

    Boy In The Tower
    By Polly Ho-Yen

    Boy In The Tower follows the story of a boy named Ade and his mum, who live in a sky-scraping tower block. Knowing friends had read this book and enjoyed it, I decided to try it out, and I couldn’t put it down! The story is thrilling all the way through, and the author was very good at making you feel frightened and anxious for the characters in the story.
    One day, a building near where Ade and his mum lives mysteriously collapses, and as the weeks go on, more and more buildings fall apart. Families begin leaving the city, and, after a while, Ade and his mum are some of the last left. Their tower is the last building standing, but Ade wants to know why. Throughout the story his mum develops an illness called ‘agoraphobia’, an irrational fear of going outside, meaning they can’t leave like everyone else.
    With the help of some new friends, Ade discovers the force destroying his home. This book is a mix of science fiction and dystopia, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys those genres or willing to give a completely unique book a go.

  43. Willow Lock says:

    Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
    This is the amazing first novel in the series of the twilight saga. It is about 17 year, accident prone Bella Swan. There are 3 sequels to go with it, that are just as good.
    When Bella moves from her mother’s sunny home town to the gloomy, rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie. The local high school is boring, and there is nothing to do. But then Bella meets Edward Cullen, a strange boy with a secret. Then Bella discovers the secret of him, and the family who adopted him. Despite the unlikeliness of the relationship, Bella and Edward fall in love. Suddenly everything is perfect…. until a group of blood thirsty hunters arrive at forks, attempting to take Bella’s life…..
    My favorite character is Bella (Isabella) Marie Swan. She is very clumsy and is often described as a danger magnet, as she is always encountering near death experiences. Her mother is Renee and her Father is Charlie, but they split up when Bella was young. She is always helping Charlie out with things like cooking and house work and supporting her Mother emotionally and in organization. She loyally loves Edward Cullen and is a good friend to Mike, Jessica and Angela. She hate surprises. She is interesting to read about as she is very different to normal humans…
    The book is set in present day America, mainly in Forks Washington, which is effective as it make the story more believable.
    My favorite part of the story is when Bella is discovering Edwards’s secret as it is full of tension and curiosity for the reader. The part is very gripping as you have to put together all of the pieces yourself as it is not announced straight away and you want to know the answer straight away.
    The way the story is written is easy to understand and very descriptive. The vocabulary is not simple but easy enough to understand. It is written in the first person, through the eyes of Bella swan, which is effective , firstly because it is easier to feel like you are in the same situation as her and empathize with her, and also it is effective because there is no dramatic irony, so the story is more gripping as you don’t know what will happen next.
    I would recommended this book to someone who likes books that include horror and action, but it is definitely best for people who like romance, especially those who like an unusual twist in the story. It is probably not suitable to particularly feint hearted people as some parts are quite scary. I think it is suitable for people 11+. I think girls would probably enjoy the book more but I think it would be okay for boys as well.
    The end is not really a cliff hanger, but is does suggest there is more to come and leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next although there is a happy ending. It makes the reader feel anticipation to read the next book as one vital thing is said, which foreshadows something extremely exciting to happen in the future.
    This is an amazing book and I would definitely rate it 10/10.
    By Willow Lock

  44. Willow Lock says:

    Harry Potter and the Philsophers Stone
    This is the spectacular, gripping first story in the Harry Potter series, in which goblins work at Gringotts bank, women turn into cats, and there is a school of witchcraft and wizardry.
    Harry Potter is an 11 year old orphan who lives with his horrible uncle, aunt and cousin. Then, suddenly a half giant reveals to him his magical powers and soon, Harry is whisked away to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he makes two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly.Together they must save the much coveted Philosphers Stone, which can make the owner immortal, and face the greatest dark wizard ever known, all the while keeping up with charms, potions and transfiguration homework and trying to decifer the mysery of Harry’s parents.
    The plot is very good as it is about ordinary children with extraordinary powers, encountering life threatening situations, at the same time as dealing with normal school problems. It is exciting because some of the problems begin at one part of the story,but then something else happens, and you are left waiting for the solution. It is an amazing story line, full of excitement, laughs and plenty of magic!
    It is set in the present UK. Many magical places such as Diagon Alley are in London. This is effective because it makes the magical world seem more real because, as London is so recognizable, it seems that magic is hidden in places in the real world as the locations described are well known. Hogwarts is in Scotland, which makes the story more believable as there are plenty of secluded spots on the scottish highlands where Hogwarts could be hiding. The fact that it is set in the present works well as well, because they live in the same conditions as us. This makes it easier to empathise with the characters.
    My favourite character is Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. He has a long silver beard and hair, half moon spectacles and a crooked nose which help show that he is slightly crazy. He is my favourite because he is brave and kind, despite having a powerful aura. I admire him because he is very wise and calm but strong minded all the same. He has many other good qualities including his ability to not fear death, his constant fight against evil and his amazing deduction skills. He is an outstanding wizard because he has won many duels against strong dark wizards, he has invented numerous amazing things and despite the fact that he lives in pain, he never shows it.
    The book is written in the third person, which is effective because you know about everything that is going on and fully picture the scene without the limitations of one person’s view. It is mainly describing what Harry experiences and thinks, and what happens to the people close to him. This is useful because you do’n’t need to work out what is happening from lots of different places and people. The fact that you know what Harry is thinking and experiencing is perfect because he is the main character and the story unfolds around him, so you dont know anything that he doesnt and you experience the story along with him.
    I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 7 who likes adventure and fantasy. It is an amazing book for anyone who fits into this category, as you can interpret the story differently, depending on your age.
    It’s a magical, outstanding book and I would definitely rate it 10 out of 10,
    Willow Lock 7H

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