7F 50 things to do before you’re 14

Dear 7F, 50-things-list-version-2

Get cracking you culture vultures! You have two years to try and have a go at all 50 activities. When you have completed one, date it in your booklet and post a lively comment explaining what you did and how it went.

Best of luck!

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56 Responses to 7F 50 things to do before you’re 14

  1. olivia burchell says:

    Hi Mrs Talor
    I have said hello to all of the teachers when ever I pass them and when I walk into a lesson
    All of the teachers were really nice and said hello back.It was fun
    thank you 🙂

  2. Esme says:

    Pay someone a compliment:
    My mum was going out, as a result she dressed up in a fancy outfit. I complimented her outfit. It made me feel happy as it made her happy.

  3. Poppy Burchett says:

    From the list of my 50 things booklet, I wanted to find a poem by the current Poet Laureate. The current Poet Laureate is Carol Ann Duffy, The position of the Poet Laureate was created 400 years ago, she is the first female Scottish Laureate. Whilst finding out a poem by Carol, I read a number of them to see which one I like the most ‘The dark’ was my favourite, as it brings humor to something that most people are afraid of.

    If you think of the dark
    As a black park
    And the moon as a bounced ball,
    Then there’s nothing to be frightened of
    At all.

    (Except for aliens…)

    If we can think of things that scare us in a humorous way, perhaps we won’t be so afraid of them.
    I like the twist at the end, (Except for aliens…)


  4. Phoebe says:

    Technically I have done 2 things- I have debated (with my Dad over who carries the shopping down… he won.)
    And in case it didn’t count, I payed Dad a compliment, on his debating skills.

  5. Anna14 says:

    Hello 7F, today I did one of the activities from ’50 things to do before your 14’. I watched a documentary called ‘When Football Banned Women’. It was really interesting! Did you know that 100 years ago women’s football was more popular than men’s? Amazing! Unfortunately, in 1921, the FA (Football Association) banned women’s football for 50 years and although the ban has been lifted, women’s football has never fully recovered! It’s a really good documentary you should try and watch it if you can!

  6. Mollie says:

    I stayed behind in a lesson to ask for help with my maths homework which was emailed to me. I was having trouble receiving emails and asked my teacher to email it to me using my home email. It was a little scary but she is very nice and understood. She emailed it and I was able to do my homework (few)!

  7. I watched a documentary called Planet Earth it was about fresh water creatures. I had no idea that there were some giant animals in foreign rivers! My favourite bit was when they showed us how they filmed it. ( so interesting )

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Watch a foreign film: I watch a foreign film with my family on Saturday it was really fun because you had to do two things at once, they were reading the subtitles and watching the film. The film we watched was ‘The Kite Runner’.

  9. Katie says:

    Hi Mrs Taylor,
    I took part in a debate during art class it was about whether you say scone or scOne and whether you say grass or grAssssss. it was fun because we all had good reasons for what we thought.


  10. Esme says:

    Today some of us completed the “have a debate” activity as we were debating how to pronounce words including; scone and bath.

  11. Tulah Rowe says:

    I paid some people a compliment, it was really nice, although they may not have ‘took it to the heart’ it still felt nice to be nice. I think this is a really good idea as it will help us do things that we might not normally do!

  12. jess says:

    hello Mrs Taylor , for my 50 things to do before your ‘re 14 I completed :
    leave someone a compliment e.g.. I said that your necklace was nice and told my brother that his hair looked good that he spent ages on even though its looked like a greasy mess!
    I also took part in in a debate on watch we were watching on tv (which I won with a bit of blackmail )

  13. Isabel Wilkinson says:

    I have worked on saying “hello” to all of the teachers when passing through the corridors and entering lessons. I thought that it was a great activity! Especially as we are still getting to know everyone. The teachers were very polite – saying hello back.
    Thank you.

  14. Harriet says:

    I gave someone a compliment at my drama club by telling them that they looked really nice in their costume.

  15. Izzy Hutton says:

    Hi, I recited a poem to my mum it was so much fun. It felt just like I was on stage ready to perform-iv’e done this before in my Theatre group.I was scared I would forget the words!!!!!!!
    Also I gave her a compliment on her clothes it was a really good experience, it always leaves a warm feeling inside me.

  16. holly says:

    I watched an amazing documentary called planet earth it was so interesting to see so many weird and wonderful creatures living on our planet. I really enjoyed it!

  17. Ruby W says:

    Every time my mum goes out to the pub which just so happens to be last night I gave my mum a compliment

  18. Tulah says:

    I looked at the ‘book trust 100 best books for 12-14 years’ to see how many books I have read out of the selection and it turns out that i had only read two: The curious incident of the Dog in the night-time, which I read with my Mum when I was a little bit younger, and The Knife of never letting go (I have read the series and they are my favourite books of all time, they were really enjoyable!) I was surprised when I found out that I have only read two books as I really enjoy reading and thought I would have read a bit more but I am looking forward to trying out and reading some more of the selection of lovely books!

  19. Poppy Burchett says:

    Hi Mrs Taylor,
    This time on the 50 things to do booklet before your 14. I went to see a show at the Theatre Royal, I’ve seen many shows this year, like Marry Poppins and The Wind In The Willow. These have got to be my favorite as they get the crowd involved more,with singing or activities for the crowd to do.
    These show are very humorous all through out, I like this because when the crowd laughs it seems to make me happy. I especially enjoy the shows with singing in and lots of music, I like shows to contain theses things in, as the crowd can clap along and jump up and down on their seats.
    I always like to get a program when I go to see shows as like to think of it as a memory for me to look back on. I love to flip through the pictures from time to time and remember what lovely things I have seen.
    My next show that I am going to see is a Christmas show called Elf. I’m going with one of my closest friends from school. I cant wait to tell you all about it.


  20. Tulah says:

    I haven’t quite completed this but thought that i would share it with you-
    I have been to theatre in the past but not since we got given the book with things to o before your 14, but, i am going with school soon to see the opera and am going in November to see Elf!! I’m really excited because it is my favourite Christmas film!

  21. Tanzeena says:

    i pay my little sister compliment, the compliment was that her outfit was nice since she spent ages figuring out what to wear so i thought she deserved to have compliment

  22. Amy J says:

    I memorised and recited a poem to my mum called Love Between Brothers and Sisters
    Whatever brawls disturb the street,
    There should by peace at home;
    Where sisters dwell and brothers meet,
    Quarrels should never come.
    Birds in their little nests agree;
    And ’tis a shameful sight,
    When children of one family
    Fall out and chide and fight.

  23. Amy J says:

    Hi (again)
    I paid my friend a compliment, saying her hair looked nice down

  24. Amy J says:

    Hi (Again)
    I have looked at the booktrust website and found out I have read only 8% of the recommended books for 12-14 years old
    I like the look of The Owl Service as the title jumped out at me. That might be the next book I read.

  25. Izzy D says:

    I did one of these but I think I posted it on the wrong thing as i cant see it and i posted it a while ago, so here it is again :
    My brother was going out and he had recently bought a black denim jacket and i said he looked good-but i dont know how much he vslues his little sisters opinion-

  26. Sophie Hayden says:

    Hi Mrs Taylor,
    Recently I have watched a few Ted Talks with my dad. My favorite was one about The threat of A.I, it was really interesting and now I watch one nearly everyday.

  27. Victoria 🙈 says:

    I’ve read Alice in wonderland and went to Antony house
    It was a fun experience because I could recognise some of the places

  28. Victoria says:

    Hello Ms Tailor
    I have said hello to all of the teachers when ever I pass them and when I walk into a lesson
    All of the teachers were really nice and said hello back, it really made my day. It was fun
    thank you for the experience

  29. Anna14 says:

    Here is one of the other activities I have done from ’50 Things to do before you are 14′:
    A few weeks ago, my mum asked me to book a table at pizza express for her. I was really nervous, but I managed to do it in the end. After I did it, I felt relieved and proud!

  30. Poppy and Tulah says:

    We recently sent a letter to David Walliams and we got a REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We were so excited when we saw it in the post, he told us all about his books and why/how he writes. It was an inspiration to us when we read his letter. We were so so shocked that he took the time to reply.

    The only reason we did this is because of the 50 things to do before your 14, however, we are sooooooo happy that we did do this! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!

    From Poppy and Tulah x

  31. Harriet says:

    I have just finished reading Anne of Green Gables and found out it was one of the recommended books for 11 year olds.
    I also wrote a trip advisor review on the hotel I stayed at when I went to Lanzarote.

  32. Tulah says:

    As one of my 50 things to do before your 14 things I ordered a takeaway on the phone. When I rang up an Indian man answered (I think) and I couldn’t understand a thing! He would ask me a question like: ‘can I take a name’ and I would start listing everything that we wanted! It went very wrong but at least I did it!

    • Mrs Taylor says:

      Imagine how tricky it is moving to the UK and learning English whilst working – how impressive. I am interested in if you received any order in the end??

      • Tulah says:

        Luckily, I did receive an order, I managed to just about make out some of the things he was saying with a bit of help! You are right though, it must have been really hard moving to the UK and learning English, he must have not been able to understand much of what I was saying either!

  33. Amy J says:

    I have done one of the things from 50 things to do before your 14 from speak – i did ask a teacher for help in a lesson
    I asked my art teacher if my work was okay and if it needed improvement. She answered my question and helped me and guided me on what i had to do.

  34. jess says:

    hiya 7f , a couple days ago i rang up Bella Italia to book a reservation for 12 people luckily there was a table as its usually very hard to find one with this many people , my family had a lovely meal there and i strongly recommend it ! jess xx

  35. Olivia Burchell says:

    pay someone a compliment:
    This was a while ago now but on new years eve my parents went to this snow ball with some other people in our family and I complimented my mum by saying that she looked lovely and that her dress is really nice.
    This is just one of the times that I can remember paying someone a compliment but I guess I do it all of the time without noticing.;)

  36. jess says:

    the other day i went shopping at top shop and i bought lots of great clothes, i had so much fun (but my dads wallet didn’t ) unfortunately when i got home one of my favorite tops didn’t fit , so the next day i went back to the shop and explain whats wrong the lady that helped me was very lovely and i got a different size . now i know i always need to try stuff on before i buy it , jess x

  37. Olivia Burchell says:

    Take part in a debate:
    This was obviously not a real debate it was just when me and the people on my table for art a while ago had a debate about witch is the write way to say scones and glass:)
    It was really funny and I really enjoyed it because all my life I`ve been waiting to be old be old enough to vote

  38. Poppy Burchett says:

    Hello Mrs Taylor,

    Today I completed one of the 50 things to do before your 14, on the speaking section.
    The task was to say hello to your teacher at the start of each lesson.

    I always do this, so it was pretty normal for me. I like to see the teachers reaction/response back to me. Some say “Hi Poppy, did you have a nice Christmas?” Others just reply back a simple “Hi.” However I shall always carry on “Hello -Morning- Good afternoon” to my teachers!


  39. Amy J says:

    i have done one of the 50 things to do before your 14 from speak
    I have said hello to my teachers at the start of each lesson for two days
    It was nice as the teachers came back saying hello as well

  40. Charlotte says:

    Hi from the list I payed my friend Amy a compliment about how I liked her handwriting and that she was really neat and organised all of the time. In return I got a smile and a thank you. 🙂

  41. Poppy Burchett says:

    Hi Mrs Taylor.

    I asked my teacher how there weekend was. They said ” I took down my Christmas decorations ”
    This makes me feel really sad, as it means to me that Christmas is over!

    Only another 11 months to go now before we will have another Christmas tree back up in our house.
    I can’t wait.


  42. Izzy H says:

    Hi its Izzy H I said Hello to each teacher before the lesson the majority said hi back and where really kind. After the lesson I also said thank you.

    I also volunteered to read aloud in class it was scary because I didn’t want to read the wrong part but was all ok in the end. I believe this has happened in your class more then once-this is probably my drama side of me trying to break free😃😀
    Izzy H

  43. Harriet says:

    Hi! This is for the homework. I learned a poem and recited it to my mum and returned a pair of jeggings (I don’t know if that’s spelt right!) that were too small for me in Primark.

  44. Anna14 says:

    I learned a poem called ‘Silver’ by Walter de la Mare. I recited it to my mum, dad and brother. We all enjoyed it!

  45. Tulah says:

    As part of my homework I stayed behind to ask a teacher about a question I got wrong, it all went well and I understand it now. We didn’t have to arrange a time and date so that she could explain the question either, the teacher just explained it to me right there and then. It was really nice that she did this even though it didn’t take long as she must have been very busy!

    I also learnt a poem off by heart and recited it to some one. It is more of a quote than a poem but I really like it:
    You have to take the good with the bad,
    smile when you’re sad,
    love what you’ve got
    and remember what you had.
    Always forgive but never forget,
    learn from your mistakes but never regret.
    people change, things go wrong, always remember that…..
    ……. life goes on.

    I really like this as I think it is very true- little bit cheesey- but I still like it. I think that it flows nicely and is an all round nice, happy quote.

  46. Anna14 says:

    I paid my mum a compliment and said she looked very nice in her work clothes before she left to go on an inspection. She was very pleased and happy – it made me feel good because I made her feel good!

  47. Rosie says:

    I read aloud in class and I said hello to my teachers every lesson. They ere all quite nice and said ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ back.

  48. Tanzeena says:

    My sister and I were having a debate about which show was better, Eastenders or Hollyoaks. She said Eastenders was and this is when the debate started, we went on for about 2 minutes. We had a vote between our family see who won, I won of course.
    I returned a product and explained why, it was a bottle of milk. I returned it because i remembered that we had milk at home (two bottles of milk).

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