7F 50 things to do before you’re 14

Dear 7F, 50-things-list-version-2

Get cracking you culture vultures! You have two years to try and have a go at all 50 activities. When you have completed one, date it in your booklet and post a lively comment explaining what you did and how it went.

Best of luck!

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17 Responses to 7F 50 things to do before you’re 14

  1. olivia burchell says:

    Hi Mrs Talor
    I have said hello to all of the teachers when ever I pass them and when I walk into a lesson
    All of the teachers were really nice and said hello back.It was fun
    thank you 🙂

  2. Esme says:

    Pay someone a compliment:
    My mum was going out, as a result she dressed up in a fancy outfit. I complimented her outfit. It made me feel happy as it made her happy.

  3. Poppy Burchett says:

    From the list of my 50 things booklet, I wanted to find a poem by the current Poet Laureate. The current Poet Laureate is Carol Ann Duffy, The position of the Poet Laureate was created 400 years ago, she is the first female Scottish Laureate. Whilst finding out a poem by Carol, I read a number of them to see which one I like the most ‘The dark’ was my favourite, as it brings humor to something that most people are afraid of.

    If you think of the dark
    As a black park
    And the moon as a bounced ball,
    Then there’s nothing to be frightened of
    At all.

    (Except for aliens…)

    If we can think of things that scare us in a humorous way, perhaps we won’t be so afraid of them.
    I like the twist at the end, (Except for aliens…)


  4. Phoebe says:

    Technically I have done 2 things- I have debated (with my Dad over who carries the shopping down… he won.)
    And in case it didn’t count, I payed Dad a compliment, on his debating skills.

  5. Anna14 says:

    Hello 7F, today I did one of the activities from ’50 things to do before your 14’. I watched a documentary called ‘When Football Banned Women’. It was really interesting! Did you know that 100 years ago women’s football was more popular than men’s? Amazing! Unfortunately, in 1921, the FA (Football Association) banned women’s football for 50 years and although the ban has been lifted, women’s football has never fully recovered! It’s a really good documentary you should try and watch it if you can!

  6. Mollie says:

    I stayed behind in a lesson to ask for help with my maths homework which was emailed to me. I was having trouble receiving emails and asked my teacher to email it to me using my home email. It was a little scary but she is very nice and understood. She emailed it and I was able to do my homework (few)!

  7. I watched a documentary called Planet Earth it was about fresh water creatures. I had no idea that there were some giant animals in foreign rivers! My favourite bit was when they showed us how they filmed it. ( so interesting )

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Watch a foreign film: I watch a foreign film with my family on Saturday it was really fun because you had to do two things at once, they were reading the subtitles and watching the film. The film we watched was ‘The Kite Runner’.

  9. Katie says:

    Hi Mrs Taylor,
    I took part in a debate during art class it was about whether you say scone or scOne and whether you say grass or grAssssss. it was fun because we all had good reasons for what we thought.


  10. Esme says:

    Today some of us completed the “have a debate” activity as we were debating how to pronounce words including; scone and bath.

  11. Tulah Rowe says:

    I paid some people a compliment, it was really nice, although they may not have ‘took it to the heart’ it still felt nice to be nice. I think this is a really good idea as it will help us do things that we might not normally do!

  12. jess says:

    hello Mrs Taylor , for my 50 things to do before your ‘re 14 I completed :
    leave someone a compliment e.g.. I said that your necklace was nice and told my brother that his hair looked good that he spent ages on even though its looked like a greasy mess!
    I also took part in in a debate on watch we were watching on tv (which I won with a bit of blackmail )

  13. Isabel Wilkinson says:

    I have worked on saying “hello” to all of the teachers when passing through the corridors and entering lessons. I thought that it was a great activity! Especially as we are still getting to know everyone. The teachers were very polite – saying hello back.
    Thank you.

  14. Harriet says:

    I gave someone a compliment at my drama club by telling them that they looked really nice in their costume.

  15. Izzy Hutton says:

    Hi, I recited a poem to my mum it was so much fun. It felt just like I was on stage ready to perform-iv’e done this before in my Theatre group.I was scared I would forget the words!!!!!!!
    Also I gave her a compliment on her clothes it was a really good experience, it always leaves a warm feeling inside me.

  16. holly says:

    I watched an amazing documentary called planet earth it was so interesting to see so many weird and wonderful creatures living on our planet. I really enjoyed it!

  17. Ruby W says:

    Every time my mum goes out to the pub which just so happens to be last night I gave my mum a compliment

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