Staff room exclusive – whose lunch is this?

We see here a quirky tiffin used to transport a carb-free delicious lunch to school with different compartments for each tasty snack. If you need a clue, find out where tiffins originate – this member of staff is well travelled and clearly has the luxury of time to construct such a fabulous lunch (although apparently she doesn’t make one for her husband)…..

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10 Responses to Staff room exclusive – whose lunch is this?

  1. Mrs Morgan says:

    I know this one..I shall reveal my knowledge to Mrs Taylor in person ..

  2. Bethany says:

    I do believe it’s mine; I would greatly appreciate it being returned to my humble abode.

  3. L&T x says:

    Mrs Salak – even though she tries to not give away her personal life or who her husband!

  4. Ellie says:

    I’ll eat it.

  5. Theana says:

    I do believe ms salak lol

  6. Madelouse says:

    I think it was: Colonel Mustard, with the Revolver in the Conservatory

  7. English 2k16 says:

    Ms Salak… Salak/Salad sounds the same

  8. LxLx says:

    I accuse Ms Salak, in the staff room, with the strange lunch!

  9. Izzy😊 says:

    I believe that I saw this vessel being carried through the canteen during the break of Monday morning, and am feeling smug as I am about to reveal who this fancy food belongs to………………Mrs.Salak, your lunch is no longer a secret.

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