Year 13 Top Girls resources for your character mini-essays

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Dear Year 13,

great lesson today. Thanks for getting stuck in!

I suggest that you print yourself a copy of the attached document and stick it into your book / file. There is a copy of the table (resistance/oppression) plus the AO5 critical views and then a table wtih AO3 prompts. I also have embedded the link to the AO2 the ways meaning is created glossary for drama – print this too.

Your task for today:

to create a mini-essay on your chosen character. It will be added to a shared file and be used by the class so it needs to be high quality.

How is X presented in Act One and what is her function ?

  • When and how they arrive into the scene (Ao2)
  • Their ‘story’ and how it is told/received  (Marlene/waitress fulfil don’t really do this. Look at their alternative contributions) AO2
  • Their rebellion / contribution at the end of the Act
  • Understanding their character in context (production and reception) AO3
  • Their function / Churchill’s intentions

It must include:

4-6 primary quotes peppered to show an understanding of her narrative/ values / attitudes

2 brief critical quotes (from my list or your own research online)

2-3 precise contextual references showing discerning research plus views of audiences from 1982 and 2016

AO2 understanding embedded in interpretation: dialogue & style of speech/ appearance/ stage directions / juxtaposition & relationship to other characters /  structure / character development

Write it on word size 12 arial




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