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  1. Eveline says:

    Arcana Chronicles, Poison Princess – Kresley Cole
    Evangeline Green is a teenager, her connection with her gran was cut off when her gran went to prison for kidnapping Evie and telling her to kill other children in a game, but can Evie kill everyone… Before she is killed?
    Review: 9/10
    Genre: Fantasy, young adult, romance, adventure, action
    Authur: Kresley Cole
    I enjoyed this book, as it is filled with adventure, romance and magic. It was one of the best books I have read. It was filled with a lot of action especially when Evie entered the games by killing the Hermit, and rescuing many survivors from the Hermits basement. It was also full of mystery, as many arcana came and attacked… But Evie had a dark past, one from many centuries ago. The story also got you really attached to lots of the characters and you can imagine the characters from the descriptive descriptions. My favourite part of the story, is when Evie enters Jacks home and finds out about his mother and lifestyle and Jack gets angry at her and chucks all Evie’s designs on the floor.
    I would recommend this 11+ years old as I think that if you read this when you were younger you might not understand the story, and also any younger children might not get the full impact of the story, and there are also bits of the story that would not be appropriate for children.

  2. Harmony says:

    Thirteen Hours
    Genre: Issues/thriller
    Author: Narinder Dhami
    Rating: 4/5

    This book was a very fulfilling read due to how action packed and suspenseful it was. It is about a girl called Anni who takes care of her mother who is afraid of going outside (agoraphobic). Her mother Jamila is forever traumatized by the thought of a burglar in her home. Again and again Anni checks the traps she set to detect an intruder. But one day something unexpected happens and Anni finds herself trapped inside her own home. For her to get out, she has to have courage and she might even risk her life…
    This book is a whirlwind of adventure and emotion. What will Anni do when a huge secret about her mother’s past is let loose?
    I liked this book because the author made it quite emotional and it reveals her secrets making the message of the story more powerful and moving. I would recommend the book for ages ten to thirteen because younger children might not be able to get the full impact of it.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this book if you love a read that will leave you on the edge of your seat…

  3. Erin McDermott says:

    Midnight – Jacqueline Wilson
    This book is about a young girl named Violet. It is told from her perspective, in first person. She has many problems in her life, at home and at school. Her brother and father do not treat her very well and her mother never stands up to them. At school, she does not ever seem to fit in because she likes fairies and the girls think it is silly. She has a lot of books about fairies and they are all written and painted by her favorite author: Caspar Dream. Her brother tells her to act like a stranger to him when they are at school and she obeys. As always. Finally she meets a girl who seems to understand. She does not mind Violet’s fairies and Violet thinks she is amazing. Violet and her new friend get along very well. One day she feels as though her friend and her brother betray her and she thinks…”Who better to see than my favorite author, Caspar Dream?” She sets off to find him because she thinks he will understand. When she finally finds him they have a small chat and after that Violet goes home. She gets home very late and her brother has been so worried about her and they finally realize how much they love each other.

    I rate this book with three stars.

    I recommend this book to eager readers. It contains happiness, sadness and a bit of drama. Jacqueline Wilson is a very good author. Maybe go and try some other books written by her!

    Book Review
    By Erin McDermott

  4. Tehya says:

    A Series of Unfortunate Events ‘The Reptile Room’
    Book by Lemony Snicket
    I really enjoyed reading this book because it was: thrilling, funny and mysterious. The story is about three children whose parents died in a fire, they have to go to lots of distant relatives houses, as they embark or and wild and wonderful journey.
    If you’re looking for a book that you can’t put down, then this is the perfect book to get your heart pumping.
    I would definitely give this book a 5 star because I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it.
    I personally like this book, even though I found the ending very sad, but I liked it as well. There are bits that are funny, bits that make you angry, and bits that can make you sad.
    I recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventure and an extremely good book that you can read over and over again.

  5. Helena says:

    Book review: 13 hours by Narinder Dhami
    Genre: thriller, issues
    Rating: 4/5
    The book 13 hours by Narinder Dhami is about a girl called Anni, whose mum (Jamila) is agoraphobic and refuses to step out of her large, desolate house. She goes to school, and runs home to her mum every day. Because her mum is so agoraphobic, she set traps around the house for intruders.
    One day when Anni gets home from school, Jamila asks her to check the traps…nothing had changed about them…After going shopping, Anni comes home, and again, she is asked to check the traps. Only now, the traps have been set off! Realising this, Anni follows voices to the attic, and finds intruders. After blowing her cover, Anni and Jamila are held hostage. What happens after this is a journey of emotions, and secrets that would have been left behind, if Anni and Jamila were disturbed. The end has a moral, which is aimed to be noticed by young carers, and children who feel under pressure. At the back of the book, there are a set of numbers like Child Line’s number, and places where young people can get help.

    By Helena Miles

  6. Holly Clements says:

    Geek Girl – Book Review
    Title: Geek Girl
    Author:Holly Smale
    Rating : 5 stars
    Recomendation :11+
    Genre :Young adult fiction
    This Geek Girl book is the first one in the Geek Girl series by Holly Smale. I would recommend reading this book before the others in the series as the others follow on from one another.
    Harriet Manners is the main character – Geek Girl; she is very clever and literally knows everything including a cat has 32 muscles in one ear! One day when Harriet is with her best friend, she gets spotted by a modelling agency, but it is not her dream it is her friends, she can’t let this slip under the radar, can she? Will she grab this great opportunity? It would be like a new her, a start to a new life. But will she take it knowing it is her best friends dream? Will she give the opportunity she has gained to her friend? Will her friend get spotted too?
    Read the book to find out more, and what happens to Harriet Manners and her friend!
    By Holly Clement 7F

  7. Daisy Sloman says:

    Lucky Star

    Title: Lucky Star

    Author: Cathy Cassidy

    Rating: 5 Stars


    Genre: Life Problems and Love

    This book is amazing. It is about a boy called Martins (nicknamed Mouse) who meets a girl called Catrina (nicknamed Cat). His social worker is trying to keep him out of trouble but when he seems to act a bit softer on Cat, Mouse wonders why. Mouse made a promise to try and stay out of trouble, whereas Cat just wants to get into trouble. Who is Cat? What is she like? Who will win? After all, there can only be one winner in a game of Cat and Mouse…
    Cathy Cassidy is an amazing author who writes about real life problems. She has many amazing books, including the Chocolate Box Girls series. Cathy Cassidy is like a second Jacqueline Wilson.

  8. jenny goulder says:

    The Thornwaite Inheritance
    By Gareth P.Jones
    The book is about twins, Lorelli and Ovid Thornwaite, whose parents died when they were little. They have stopped at nothing to try and murder the other twin. There wasn’t reason behind this not even the massive inheritance they were entitled to when they became sixteen. And the Thornwaite’s were the richest family for miles
    Lorelli and Ovid weren’t disturbed children murder was in their blood. If you traced their family back you would find a history of horror and murder.
    When their 13 birthday was approaching they wanted change. They wanted put a clause in the inheritance that if one of the twins were to die the other wouldn’t get anything. When the twins learn that this will take a long time they invite the lawyer and his son to come and live in their manor.
    As this goes on the plots to murder continue but both twins swear they have stopped. As the plot unfolds. Ovid realises that with all murder plots their staff have never tried to stop them. And they start to wonder why.
    This is an amazing book and you won’t want to put it down until the end.

  9. Annabelle Maguire says:

    Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

    As you may have guessed, ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ is the highly anticipated sequel to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, set 9 years back.
    Unlike the other stories in the series, it has been made into a west end show, with the story being published in the form of a script. At first it sounds like a scripted book wouldn’t be that enjoyable to read but I was surprised as a thoroughly enjoyed reading it in script form because it was very different.
    Being a Harry Potter fan, I was really excited for The Cursed Child to come out however, I was very nervous that it J.k Rowling wouldn’t live up to my expectations but she exceeded them. It is a very gripping book, I couldn’t put it down however, and I would definitely recommend reading the first Harry Potter books to get a full understanding of all the different characters and their personalities.
    The story is set 9 years after the ‘battle of Hogwarts’ and now Harry’s second son Albus, is ready to start is first year at the Wizarding School that is Hogwarts. On the train from platform 9 ¾, he makes a few friends that Harry doesn’t approve of, one of these friends is Scorpius Malfoy, Draco Malfoys son.
    In the end the Weasly-Granger’s, The Potter-Weasly’s and The Malfoys have to come together to save their sons and the whole wizarding world.
    I would recommend this book to definitely Harry Potter fan and perhaps to anyone who likes reading books with elements of action and Sci-fi. I think anyone who is over the age of 10 would enjoy this book.
    I rate this book 4/5 stars.

  10. Katherine Cocker says:

    Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick Rules, by Jeff Kinney.
    The Genre of the book is comedy.
    In my opinion when I read this book my first thought was “this is funny“. I recommend this book to people who are 10-12 years old.
    The story is about Greg Heffley and Rodrick Heffley, two brothers. Rodrick throws a party and that gets him and his brother Greg in big trouble. Rodrick blames his brother so in part of the story he is very annoyed with Greg. If you would like to find out more about Jeff Kinney’s book Rodrick rules then read it for yourself. I can assure you that you will enjoy it, the ending is really good.
    I would rate this book 5 stars
    Most of the book was funny and some parts were intriguing. You should definitely read this book and once you have finished it you could read the next one, The Last Straw.
    Now that I have finished this book I will try and read some more of the series Diary of a wimpy kid.
    I hope you read it and if you do enjoy!

    By Katherine Cocker.

  11. amber hocking says:

    Harry Potter and the cursed child book review.

    When I read this book written by J.K.Rowling I instantly fell in love. It is such an amazing book that gets you hooked instantly. This book is split in to two parts part 1 and part 2.

    Harry potter and the Cursed Child is about Harry Potter’s son Albus potter and Draco’s son Scorpius Malfoy. Albus and Scorpius use the time turner to revisit the tri wizard tournament to keep Cedric Diggory alive but it does not end well…

    This book is a script book but is still very detailed and the star rating is 4stars. Harry Potter and the cursed child was also made into a play which also has the rating of 4stars.

    I would defiantly recommend this book but beware you WILL want to read it over and over again as I am. This book is full of twists so don’t think you have got it sussed.

    Unfortunately this book is less magical compared to the other Harry Potters but it is still amazing and it is still as exiting and as heart-warming as the other Harry potter books!
    So all I can say is read this book NOW!

  12. Trinity Roberts says:

    Book Review on “I choose to live by Sabine Dardenne.”
    Recently I have just finished reading “I choose to live” the true story of strength and survival, sharing with us the story of a twelve year old girl held hostage by the paedophile Marc Dutroux.
    This autobiography is definitely recommended to those who have a thirst for gripping stories, non-fictional tales and heart in your mouth moments.
    It keeps you clinging on to every single word, the type of book you never want to put down. Sabine uses many narrative hooks always encouraging the reader to read one more page- if not more. The use of vocabulary and description is amazing making you feel her emotions and deep in thought about how she must have felt and how brave she was.
    The story is rated a 4/5 star and overall I would definitely recommend it so go to your nearest book store today and share you strength with Sabine as she goes on the horrifying journey again but this time with you.

  13. Jessica Ryder says:

    The hunger games

    Rating: 5 star

    Author: Suzanne Collins
    Genre: adventure, sci-fi.

    I was recommended the Hunger Games by my dad and one of my friends at school because they said that I would like them. So I read it and I LOVED IT!!!

    The Hunger Games is 1 of a 3 book trilogy and is jam-packed with adventure and action. Be careful because this book is not for the faint-hearted. It is full of gory, like a burn which has gone through the skin to the bone, and loads of actions scenes: fighting for weapons, killing each other, blood-dripping mutts. Once you start you can’t put it down, trust me I know!
    This book is all about a young girl, Katniss, who volunteers for her sister (Primrose) for the hunger games. On her journey she gets set on fire, has someone fall in love with her and battles for survival as she gets thrown into: THE HUNGER GAMES!!!
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone over the age of 10 and is ok with gory. This book will make you feel as if you are fighting for survival with Katniss every step of the way!

    By Jessica Ryder 7F

  14. Ella says:

    The Hunger Games
    Rating: 4 star
    Author: Suzanne Collins
    Genre: Adventure/ sci-fi
    I would recommend this book, due to it being an absolute page, and it is full of adventure and the unexpected. It is not, however, suitable for children under the age of 10, as it has scenes of death and violence. The Hunger Games is full of suspense and thrills, and as it is part of a trilogy, and the whole set has been released, there will be no months (or even years) of waiting for another book, after the cliff hanger endings.
    The plot revolves around a girl called Katniss Everdeen who (sadly) volunteered for The Hunger Games, so that her younger sister (primrose) didn’t have to participate in the games as their district’s allocated candidate for the girls. Peeta Mellark was also chosen from the ballot, to represent the male contingent, from the same district, in the Games. During the Hunger Games, the aim is to be the last man standing, in order to earn honour and food for your family and district. Unfortunately, you have to ultimately hunt and kill the other tributes in order to survive the devastating process.
    The Hunger Games is an annual event which is staged primarily as entertainment for the ruling ‘capitol’, but also as a reminder of the past rebellion against the rulers. There is a president called President Snow, who does everything it takes to make the games full of amusement for the public, and no fun at all for the tributes. The game makers are in charge of all the artificial intelligence to introduce whatever it takes in order to kill or injure the tributes, no matter how much they are liked.
    Read the next installment to find out more. By Ella 7F

  15. Emily Jackson says:

    Heroes of Olympus
    Title: Heroes of Olympus and the Lost Hero
    Genre: Action
    Author: Rick Riordan
    This book is about a boy whose memory has been taken and he was put into a rival enemy’s territory. The two territories had been enemies for ages and once you are there, there is no going back. Everyone thinks that they know him but that’s false.
    Jason is the main character who is the son of Zeus. He has two other demigod friends called Piper and Leo. They are the daughter of Athena and the son of Hephaestus. All these characters have a special quest with a curse that threatens to kill them all.
    There is tension in this book because Leo lost his mother in a fire he started, but like all of Rick’s books, it is broken by humor and loyalty by the characters.
    My favorite part was when Leo built the bronze dragon because it was so in depth that I believed it was actually there. There was so much detail I could have read forever.
    I would recommend this book to people who love action packed books and have read other books by him.
    Rating: Five out of five!

  16. charlotte says:

    The Hunger Games
    Book review
    The Hunger Games is an exciting book full of plot twists, cliff hangers and so much more. I would recommend it to anyone above the age of nine and anyone who loves adventure.
    The Hunger games is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I had already seen the movie and the book was reduced so I bought it because I had never read it before and everyone said it was amazing. I think that the book is much better than the film because eat explains what’s happening in more detail.
    The Hunger Games is written by Suzanne Collins. The first book is all about a girl called Katniss. There are 12 districts which are all ruled over by the capitol which is the richest. Katniss lives in district twelve. Her district is poor and so is her family so she has to fight for survival. She goes out every morning, illegally hunting for food. One day she meets someone called Gale whilst trying to take a rabbit out of a trap they made and they become best friends.
    Katniss’ father died in a mine accident when she was young so she had to provide for her family without her mother’s help. She was very close to her father and now she is close to her sister. Every year the capitol choose two people from each district to fight each other for entertainment. It’s always the same. Someone gets picked and never comes back but this time it’s different. Will it ruin Katniss’ relationship with Gale and her sister?

  17. Chloé says:

    City Of Ashes

    Author: Cassandra Clare.
    Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy/ Speculative Fiction
    Book Series: The Mortal Instruments (Book 2).
    Main Characters: Clary, Jace, Magnus, Alec, Simon, Luke, Isabelle, Valentine and Maryse.
    Word Count: 120608 words.
    Age Rating: Upper Years.
    Pages: 411
    My Rating: 5 Star
    U.K Rating: 4 1/2 Star
    Clary, an eighteen year old girl, wants her life to go back to normal but how can it when she is a Shadowhunter, a demon slaying Nephilim, and on top of that her mother is in a magical coma that they have no idea how to stop. She found out (Previously) that the person she loved the most is her long lost brother! There is new discoveries of very powerful runes. And on top of all of that someone is killing innocent Downworlder children, could this be the work of a certain evil mastermind. Will Clary ever get a peaceful moment to herself?

    I would defiantly recommend this book but only to people who have read the first in the series which is called ‘City Of Bones’. This book will get you sitting on the edge of your seat and making you not want to ever put the book down. Just in case you finish this one I would recommend having the ‘ City of Glass’ right next to you ( Which is the third book in the series ) as you will need it.

    By Chloé 7F

  18. Lucy hellingsworth says:


    Book name: Girl Online
    Author: Zoe Sugg
    Genre: Romance novel, Drama
    Plot: It’s about a 15 year old girl living in Brighton but suffers from panic attacks. One Christmas her, her brother, mum and dad and best friend go to New York and she meets Noah. Noah is a down town Brooklyn boy( whom Peny falls in love with) who is a famous singer however Penny dosen’t relise. She also has an online blog which sends her viral after one person relised she was dating the famous Noah Flynn.
    Would I recommend it and who to? I would totally recommend it to 8-16 as it is quite hard to read at some stages of the story. But apart from that yes I would recommend it.
    Characters: Penny, Noah, Elliot, Tom, Megan, Ollie, Sadie Lee, Bella, Mum and Dad.
    My Favourite part: My favourite part was when Noah took penny for a picnic on the roof and they saw the New York skyline fade as the night went on. They ate chocolate cookies and American sweet tea that Sadie Lee had homemade especially for that night.
    How much I liked it: I loved this book it was AMAZING!!!!

  19. jenny goulder says:

    Gone by Michal Grant

    It’s a world without adults,and normal has crashed and burned. When life as you know it ends at 15. All of a sudden everything changed, perdido beach is now rapped inside a murky dome. No one can get out but no one get in. if you touch the dome it burns you hand. Inside the fayz { fallout ally youth zone} people are discovering their powers, the nerdist geeks are now the the meanest of bullies. As food rums out, Sam and Astrid become closer than ever but will they be torn apart as Sam discovers the truth about Astrid’s brother: Little Pete. When the truth gets out about the start of the fayz, Sam discovers he’s not the only one keeping secrets. When Sam meets hes secret brother the world just gets weirder. With 12 days to live will Sam stop Caine before he can take over.

  20. Emily Shakespeare-Thomas says:

    The Scorch Trials
    *I recommend that you read the first book of the series (The Maze Runner) before you read this book review*
    This is a thrilling adventure which pumps up your heart and numbs your senses. As heart-throb Thomas ventures into the dry, barren landscape that is named ‘The Scorch’… Will he survive?

    Remember that girl who was in a coma throughout Book 1? The label ‘The Betrayer’ comes alive in this book. Her character changes like a girl switching clothes showing: deceit, lies and all round betrayal. However she is my favourite character because of her varying personality. I love characters like that because it makes the novel a ‘page turner’, you can’t put it down.

    I would recommend this book to anyone above the age of 12. This is because this novel has a lot of gory scenes (which doesn’t go down well with younger children), a bit of romance and scary chapters.

    James Dashner – the author- uses intricate words and sentences to bulk out the story and make an interesting read. Also, sections of scariness and gore keep you on your toes, knowing you will not know what is going to happen next. Hello hello

  21. jenny goulder says:

    Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone

    This book is about a boy who is 11 years old and when he was little his parents were killed but he survived. When he was a baby he was took to live with muggles where he lived like a slave. Little did he know that he was a wizard? When he went to Hogwarts he learnt to play quiditch and do all sorts of spells. Harry took an immediate disliking to a teacher called professor Snape. He and his friends Ron and Hermione discover that the philosopher’s stone is being hidden inside the school. When they find out someone is trying to steal it they make it their mission to keep it safe. In the end the stone is destroyed but does everyone stay safe?

  22. Amy Shakerley says:

    Hetty Feather
    Rating: 4 and a half stars.
    Genre: Adventure
    Author: Jacqueline Wilson
    Last half-term I read Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, because it was sad, engaging and shocking at unexpected moments. I would recommend this book to all girls or boys in the age range of nine to twelve. It is a reasonably long book but a really interesting read.
    This book is about a girl who is first born with her real mother. Her mother doesn’t have enough money to look after her and lives on the streets, so she takes Hetty to The Foundling Hospital. The Foundling Hospital rear children until they are six months old then send them to a foster home until they are five years old. Then they stay at the Foundling Hospital working hard, being taught and doing chores all the way until they are fourteen, then girls become servants and boys become soldiers. Hetty gets sent to a lovely foster home in a farmhouse; with a kind foster mother and lots of brothers and sisters. She loves her life at the farm with Jem (her beloved foster brothers). She gets sent there with a boy: Gideon. The time comes for Hetty and Gideon to go back to the Foundling Hospital. At the Foundling Hospital they are cruel to the children: lock them up, whip them and beat them. Hetty dreams of finding her real mother.
    I have enjoyed this book immensely, so anybody who reads it I hope they love it as much as I did.
    By Amy Shakerley

  23. Lauren says:

    The Secret Garden
    I would Rate this: 3.5/5
    Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett
    This book is about a girl called Mary, she lived in India and had servants to do everything for her. One day she was taken away to Misslthwaite, a big manor in the moors, she was sent to live with her uncle. Mary quickly became bored of the house, until Martha (her maid) suggested that she should play outside. Mary took to the idea and started to explore the outside.
    One day when exploring a robin helped her uncover a garden… A secret garden. That night Mary heard strange noises coming from along the corridor, she went to investigate. She discovered a boy called Colin, he was too weak to move so Mary told him all about the garden. Colin insists that Mary takes him to the garden, as time goes by Colin gets stronger. When he kept coming in the house looking fatter and stronger, they would look puzzled. A big shock came to the maids when Colin came running into the house. They spend the rest of their childhood together.
    This story is really good I would recommend it to people who like mystery and adventure.

  24. Swetha Pandy says:

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Book Review.
    Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
    Author: J.K Rowling
    Genre: adventure and mystery

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, just like the rest in the series, is a spellbinding and enchanting book! I loved every part of it, and the only thing wrong is that you can’t put it down!

    The plot is more complex and interesting than the two previous books. Harry Potter is at his third year at Hogwarts (Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft and wizardry) with his best friends, Ron and Hermione. However, school doesn’t start of well as he finds out that a prisoner from Azkaban has escaped and is trying to kill him. Meanwhile, Professor Trelawney sees an omen of death in his tea leaves, but that’s not the most terrifying thing. There are Dementors patrolling the school with their soul-sucking kiss…

    J.K Rowling writes so descriptively, you feel as if you are there with Harry at his third year at Hogwarts! I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy reading stories and books with a lot of suspense and humour. I would rate this fantastic story ten out of ten.
    You can find out why I rated this book ten out of ten by reading this page-turning tale!
    By Swetha Pandy 7F.

  25. Daisy Sloman says:

    Team Challenge – The Pony Whisperer
    Title: Team Challenge
    Author: Janet Rising
    Rating: 5 Stars
    Recommendation: 9-14 year old
    Genre: Fantasy
    This book is great, it is about a girl named Pia who can talk to ponies. In the first book of five (word on the yard) she finds a small statue, Epona, who allows her to talk to ponies. The only people that know are her and James (her crush). When her friends and her apply for a competition in a group of four, they find out that her enemy (Cat) is cheating and so are they. They have an unfair advantage by being able to talk to ponies and Cat’s team are cheating by using an experienced pony. Cat is about to lodge a complaint and get them kicked out when they tell her about what they know. Cat is fine until she gets kicked out of the competition and Pia’s team doesn’t. But James comes to the rescue by getting Cat not to turn then in. But how does he persuade her…

  26. Eveline says:

    Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone – J.K Rowling
    Harry Potter, is eleven years old and when strange and mysterious occurrences happen. When thousands of owls deliver letters to 4 Privet Drive, The Dursleys move away, hoping to get away from the owls. The family got away from the owls, but they can’t stop Hagrid the gatekeeper from delivering the Hogwarts invitation to Harry.
    Rating: 9.4/10
    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
    Author: J.k Rowling
    Harry Potter and the Philospher’s Stone, is a magical and intriguing book by J.k Rowling. The main story is based around Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione. They go through a series of events including: being sorted into their houses, meeting a mean Slytherin, “A troll in the dungeon!” Three headed dogs, flying keys, magical chess and evil dark lords! This book kept me turning the page, and every description made me imagine every character and place form head to toe, for example the description of Snape standing over Harry and snarling at him.
    I would definitely recommend this book to children over 7 and any ages higher that like fantasy and adventure.

  27. Hannah Khatwa says:

    Lying about Last Summer
    Author: Sue Wallmen
    Gender: Adventure and Mystery

    This book is about a sixteen year old teenager called Skye who is looking for an escape after her older sister, Luisa, died in a tragic accident last year. All she can remember is seeing her sister drown in a pool of red water. Her parents think it would be best to take her to a camp for troubled teenagers. Every Teenager at the camp has lost someone close to them, but is bringing them together such a good idea?

    At first camp seemed fine but when Skye gets mysterious message from someone pretending to be her dead sister she can trust no one. Skye knows that it’s time to confront the past, but what if the danger is right in front of her? Is her dead sister really out there trying to reach her or is someone pretending? Will she find out the truth or will the truth haunt her?

  28. Olivia Jenkinson says:

    Book Review
    Title; The Hunger Games – Mockingjay
    Genre; Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
    Author; Suzanne Collins
    Star Rating; * * * * *

    This is an amazing book that I would recommend to anyone perhaps 10+ because of the slightly mature and gory parts that some younger readers may find distressing. The book is about a 17 year old girl called Katniss Everdeen who is trying to prove herself as a symbol of the district’s rebellion, a mockingjay, as she rebels against the barbaric and untrustworthy Capitol. During the rebellion, however, she finds herself in a war of her own, a war of love. Katniss must choose between fighting for what she believes in and stop the evil Capitol or choose as life of hiding with her lover, whoever that may be…
    An absolutely fantastic book that send chills down your spine and an air of mystery hanging. I can’t recommend this book enough to anyone who is looking for a good read.

  29. Katherine Cocker says:

    Diary of a wimpy kid: The Last Straw

    Genre: Comedy

    This Jeff Kinney book is about Greg Heffley and Frank Heffley, Greg’s dad. Frank gets annoyed because his bosses sons are always outside playing but his sons are always inside as they aren’t too keen on sport and they would much rather stay inside the house. Due to the fact that Frank is annoyed he signs his son,Greg, up for rec league soccer because he hopes that he will become more sporty and athletic. After the soccer being a failed plan Frank discovers a place called Spag Union which is a military school. Hoping that he will impress his dad, Greg voluntarily joins the boy scouts so he can avoid Spag Union. If you want to find out more about this book then you can, read it for yourself.

    I would rate this book 4 stars

    This is the third book in the series and if you haven’t read the first two, then I recommend reading those ones before this book.
    1)Diary of a wimpy kid
    2)Rodrick rules
    3)The Last Straw
    There are 11 books in the series and so far I have read 3 or 4 of them and I will try and read the rest.

    By Katherine Cocker

  30. Tehya says:

    Book: Scarlet and Ivy – The Lost Twin
    Author: Sophie Cleverly

    Scarlet and Ivy is a thrilling book that has a wide vocabulary and i think that others of any age would enjoy reading at any time.
    It is about a girl called Scarlet that goes missing from Rockwood School , then her twin sister is called , Ivy , to ‘take her place’ . But it is not long before Ivy discovers the secrets of Rockwood . Ivy is determined to solve the mystery of her sisters disappearance , even if she has to pretend to be Scarlet and go up against her worst enemy Miss Fox . I would give this book a five star * * * * *
    and to any age group . I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I hope to read more of Sophie Cleverly’s books very soon .

  31. Eveline says:

    Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children
    If you were the only person with the ability to see monsters and save your friends with a bunch of other peculiars, would you fight with your friends and most likely never see your family again or stay with your family but risk your friend’s lives?
    Jacob lives a plain boring life working for a family business, but after a sever “accident” in his family, Jacobs life is changed forever.
    This book wrote by Ransom Riggs is full of adventure and magic. The old pictures of everyone really make you able to picture them in your head, even though they may not still look like that or even still be alive. The descriptions of hollows also make vivid images in your head even though only certain peculiars can see them.
    The part of the story that I enjoyed most was when Jacob learnt everyone’s powers, because him being shocked about them having powers is really descriptive so you can image their powers and his shock.
    The movie is rated a 12 however, the book includes a lot more detail, more characters and less gory, so I would recommend this book to 11+
    This book is the first in a trilogy and the movie contains all three of the book

  32. Daisy Sloman says:

    Book Review
    Name: The Glory
    Author: Lauren St John
    This book is about a girl named Alex, her parents are divorced and she is a rebel. .Alex believes that she shouldn’t be deprived from her holiday to France after bunking off school and decides to throw a party to show her parents who’s boss. After sending an invite on Facebook, she begins to get cold feet and takes the invite down but it is too late. Many people have seen it and are inviting their friends. At the party, it all goes wrong and her parents come home to see the house like a pigsty. That has decided it for them, Alex is off to a camp for troubled teens. The people there are horrible and Alex takes a liking to Scout, a horse. Scout is unrideable and is going to suffer the fate of glue, so Alex escapes on him and enters herself into a race named the Glory. Whilst racing, Alex meets a boy called Will, who she falls in love with. But Will desperately needs the prize to save his dad’s life. Who will win in a race worth life or death?

  33. Amy Shakerley says:

    Ballet Shoes
    Genre: classic/ children’s literature
    Rating: 9/10
    Author: Noel Streatfeild

    I have read ballet shoes by Noel Streatfeild three times now. I really love the book, because I like the way the author makes you feel different emotions throughout the book, also, I love ballet and dance. It is my favourite book on my book shelf. I love the other books that Noel Streatfeild has written such as, White Boots.
    Ballet Shoes is about an old man called Great Uncle Matthew, also known as G.U.M. He is an eccentric and rich explorer. One day he brings back a baby and orders his niece, Sylvia, to look after the young girl. Soon after, he brings back another young baby home. Then he brings one last baby for his Sylvia to look after. After that, G.U.M disappears. The girls grow up in comfort and wealth until the money runs out. Everything is looking bleak until they come up with an inspired idea: Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil (the girls’ names) will take to the stage to earn money for the family. But it’s not too long that everyone learns that it takes a lot more to being a star than they all thought. At the end G.U.M returns home, but the girls still carry on with dance, which has now turned into a passion for them.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone in the age range of seven to thirteen. I feel they would find it exciting and interesting! I would hope they would enjoy it as much as I did!

    By Amy Shakerley 7F

  34. Annabelle Maguire says:

    I am number four – Book review

    “I am number four is the first book in this series of books written by Pittacus Lore. It is also the first in the string to be recreated as a movie. Now moving onto the storyline.
    Daniel, John, this boy has had many names and many different lives. He is being hunted. You see, John isn’t a human, however, neither are the things hunting him. Years ago, his planet was almost entirely destroyed. The evil beings that did this are now trying to destroy john, the others and ultimately, earth. 9 left Lorien with only 6 still alive and on earth now.
    Number 1 was caught in Malaysia,
    Number 2 was found in England
    And number 3 was stolen in Kenya.
    John knows he is next, he is number 4.
    Will john be able to juggle school, his love life, and staying hidden all at the same time or will he get carried away?
    Overall, I really loved this book. As I do not usually read sci-fi/books about aliens, it was very refreshing and I am very happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone. I will definitely keep a look out for the other books in the series as I hope they will be as good as the original. I would recommend this book to people 11 to 12+ as some themes are mature and have some in-depth fighting scenes which may not be appropriate for younger children. This is one of my favorite books and I definitely want to re-read this book.

  35. lucy Hellingsworth says:

    book review
    Name:Scrapbook of my life
    Author: Alfie Deyes
    Genre: diary and adventure
    this book is really good and i highly recommend it. It is full of exciting stories and the you tuber Alfie Deye’s life. He writes it like a real diary so the writing is uneven, messy but easy to read. i Would recommend it for people who you tube and people like Alfie however i wouldn’t recommend it for people who hate you tube or people like Alfie as there would be no point reading it. I would recommend it for people around the age of 9 to whatever age above 9. It is suitable for both girls and boys.

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