Y12 Othello homework – critics’ views linked to Act 1 Scene 1

Dear Year 12,

Please consolidate your notes on Act 1 Scene 1 by completing the following tasks in your exercise book. By Monday please:

1) Find three quotes on p.7 (1.1.66-93) which refer to Othello’s race (2 minutes)
2) Find the ‘contemporary views’ of Othello near the back of the AS handbook. Read 3 & 7 & 12 . Copy down three very short quotes (one from each) no more than 20 words each. Reference each. (5 minutes)
3) What does Thomas Rhymer say the play is cautioning against on p.234 in ‘What the critics say’ (2 minutes). Note down a short critical quote. (AO5)
4) What does Kiernan Ryan say on p.239 about how Othello and Desdemona are acting and why it doesn’t work out for them? Note down a short critical quote and reference. (AO5) (2 minutes)

You may also be interested to read what Mrs Taylor has posted below about forbidden love in Act 1 🙂

Mrs Sharp x

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