Year 12 & 13 exciting wider reading resources to help you with AO5 critical perspectives!

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Dear Year 12 and 13 students,

I have scanned relevant critical writing and put on ‘shared resources’. Go to English/ AS or A-level / Critical Perspectives. You will find some REAL treats in there! Read and make notes on key critical ideas/ quotes and start using them in your essays NOW plus would be useful to make revision cards for critics for each text. Get started!

Othello / Handmaid’s / Top Girls / Feminine Gospels / poetry / Wuthering Heights / Gatsby

Plus, news hot off the press from Mrs Roberts in the library :

SHE SAYS “Just to let you know we have the new English Review magazine, this month it contains articles on The Waste Land, Frankenstein, Keats, H.G. Wells, political and social protest writing, Angela Carter, Taming of the Shrew, The Help, Picture of Dorian Gray and Streetcar Named Desire.”

Thank you for the heads up Mrs Roberts.


Mrs Taylor

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