Mrs Taylor’s Year 12 Othello homework

Hi all, for this Monday (5th December) you were asked to read Act 3 Scene 3.

Look how much Othello goes from hero to zero in one scene; how Iago’s fave interjection ‘Ha!’ seems to be adopted by everyone, and the creepy bromance between Othello and Iago culminataes in a pseudomarraige ceremony at the close of the scene…..

As ever, use No fear Shakespeare to help you understand meaning: 

It is an important and very long scene – this analysis may be useful to read: 

Image result for temptation scene othello

We have had to skip over Act 2 Scene 3 but you still need to know this scene and be confident on understanding key quotes. Your homework is below and will support you to dot his:   act-2-scene-3-independent-notes

This homework is due on Monday 12th December.


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