Year 13 Top Girls Mock Revision

As part of your ‘Texts in Context’ mock paper you will be writing about Top Girls (you will also be give a question on Handmaids/Feminine Gospels, which is also worth 25 marks ). For Top Girls, you will be given a choice of two questions. You will have 50 minutes for your response. It is an open book exam.

One questions will be thematic. The other will focus on characterisation and follow the question form that we are currently working on : ‘What is the significance of Angie in the play?’

To help you prepare for the mock:

  1. Your Angie essay will be written in the first lesson back – you can bring a detailed plan. It will be timed.

2. You need to revise characterisation. You should do this for all characters,  but in the interest of collaborative learning and making high quality revision, you will be allocated a character this week and asked to make a revision sheet. I will put these finished sheets all up on the blog. Your deadline for these sheets is the 9th January.

Here is the template for your revision sheet: top-girls-character-revision-template

Don’t forget that we have already made character cards for Act One and they are on One drive (even though the characters may not reappear in Acts 2 & 3, remember that there is still a lot more we can say about them now we have studied the whole play)

You have worked really hard this term and juggled a lot of different texts. Well done, we are really pleased with your effort and continued enthusiasm! You should make time for yourself during the holiday and have time to relax and enjoy some free time; you need to pace yourself between now and June. With this in mind, the character revision sheets are not due until week 2 and so you can work on that when you return rather than in the holiday. The two essays set a) Angie essay prep, and b) Gatsby/poetry second essay will mean you are able to make the most of the mock at the end of January – I hope that you feel that you have plenty of support/resources to write these two essays.

Christmas greetings and roll on the festivities. The ultimate Christmas film? Top Girls of course…



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