Mrs Sharp’s Year 12 work for today

Dear Year 12,

I’m very sorry I won’t be there with you today, but here are the tasks I’d like you to work on. Our focus today is on the handkerchief plotline (remember this is a pivotal plot device as it will become the ‘ocular proof’ that Othello demands from Iago).  Please make notes from the powerpoint slides and then discuss the attached quotations (this was going to be a ‘fan and pick’ task but please just discuss between yourselves) – what is going on?  What can you infer about the character/s and the handkerchief plot?

On slide 6 there is a video link.  You need to click on the film reel image in slideshow mode in order to watch this.



Then, in the remaining time/for homework, you need to read Mrs Taylor’s post on Othello assessment 2 (find by scrolling down on this page).  This tells you all you need to know about your next Othello essay.  There are documents here too to support you – please print/make notes from these.  It is important you do do this so you are confident with the next essay and so that your notes are complete.

Thank you Year 12.  Please make a note of any questions or concerns which arise so I can help you with them on Thursday.

Mrs Sharp xx

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