Mrs Taylor’s Year 12: homework due Monday 9th January

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Dear all,

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Your home work for Monday will help focus your revision for the mock exam on the poetry. It should take you one hour.

Print off this document (you need to read it in colour but can be printed in b&w) . You have all been allocated a specific task to complete. It is due on Monday.


We will spend just this lesson revising and then we will return to Othello for the rest of the term. You will need your poetry anthology and notes in Monday’s lesson.

Hopefully this h/w and lesson will help you take control of your revision and feel more confident for the exam.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Taylor

p.s this is what I watched in the holiday on Netflix. Funny. But maybe more of an old person’s comedy ( 25plus that is)

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