Year 12 Poetry revision

I am still reeling from my failure to make two sided revision cards. Am going to struggle to come back from this.

However, here are the colour coded cards for six of the poems ( I ran out of time to do one for The Flea sorry)


The cards will help you revise the provenance of your poems which will mean your introductions should write themselves.

Remember your singing and dancing revision grids too – these cover all the AO2/3 features too.

Next lesson we will finish our group planning and I will test you on the flashcards! Here are Thursday’s slides revising-introductions

Question: From the seven poets we are revising, who would you take with you to a party? – comment on this post!

Mrs Taylor


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One Response to Year 12 Poetry revision

  1. Paige says:

    Shakespeare all the way. He’s great at insults, had no problem with dressing up in silly outfits and was pretty progressive for his time.

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