Year 11 Mrs Taylor – revise unseen poetry/Climbing My Grandfather

Hi Y11, great work today with the timed unseen. Make sure you complete your poem annotations – this is now your responsibility, we may not have time to revisit this poem.

Here are today’s slides with the unseen ‘indicative mark scheme’


There is a question on the last slide for a part (b) unseen but you could use it for a comparative essay title for the anthology taught poetry question (not unseen).

Here are Mrs Sharp’s resources for you to magpie too


If you want to have another go at an unseen poem. Here is a another poem about feelings to a grandparent  Loving Helena

The chair is her home, her universe now
It is all that her many years will allow
Helena’s elegant beauty once shone
Now her mind wanders a world of its own

Age has changed her body but not her heart
Many great stories she’d always impart
To the wide-eyed grandchild she admired so
A girl who has loved her since long ago

Tales of black velvet gowns in which she’d dance
Soft moonlit beaches where she found romance
Economic hardships that came to pass
The rise and the fall of each social class

Her hands and face are now weathered with age
Accounts of the past still flow from this sage
And though some repeat again and again
I still listen now, just as I did then

I’ve memorized these tales, her gifts to me
And always I’ll remain her devotee
It matters not that my name escapes her
Love from her eyes she can always confer

Grandma brushes fingers across my face
And whispers, “Beautiful,” as we embrace
Though I miss years when she knew me so well
I know in the past her memories dwell

My love for her lingers, it always will
I take comfort knowing she loves me still


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