Year 13 Othello revision for the mock Mrs Taylor’s class

Hi all, loved the lesson today; I am finding it really interesting to look at Act 5 again. I also think it would be brilliant to further research production history of the play to see if there are any other intriguing production decisions to bring in as Ao3 theatrical context (the savage cutting of Act 4 Scene 3). Let me know anything you discover!

Here are today’s slides. At the end are critical viewpoint slides relevant to the revision question. revision-on-marriage-January

Also here are Mrs Sharp’s lesson resources that are really good and there for you to ‘magpie’ 🙂 men-in-othello-attitudes-to-love

Thank you very much for your work on the critics – this collaborative homework is now on one drive or here ( for Mrs Sharp’s class , if useful) othello-critical-views-collaboraative-research

Enjoy revising 🙂 Try and watch a couple of different film adaptations before the exam in the summer, here is one






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