Mrs Taylor’s Year 11 class: revision starts here!

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20170131_132213 20170131_132133 20170131_132205

Ummmmm look at this folder revision organisation…beautiful.

exam-overview what are you being examined on and when?

tables-to-log-revision-progress how are you going to get a handle on your English revision and make a visual record of what you have already done and what you need to do?

Mrs Morgan’s plan – useful for a contrasting approach y11-revision-plan

Mrs Sharp’s revision template for poetry love-and-relationships-poetry-revision-page

Telling Tales revision template for short stories telling-tales-revision-template

Romeo and Juliet – key quotes for your quote bank on Juliet’s relationship with her mother(parents) juliets-attitude-to-her-mother-3-5-key-quotes

Paper 1 Section A revision slides – print and make flashcards or have as a guidance booklet for future practice papers paper-1-section-a-revision-slides

Some revision hacks…..

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