Year 11 Mrs Taylor’s Thursday p.5 revision lesson

Hi all, please register in room 15 and complete task 1 in the room and then you will be in CR3 for tasks 2&3 and your own revision.

  1. Complete your Blind Assassin Q4 that we started last lesson. Here are the support slides q4-walking-talking-mock-blind-assassin. Please make sure that you have attempted Q1-5 by 20th February. I have further guidance on Q5 which I will share with you next week.
  2. As part of your Romeo and Juliet DIT (from the relationship with her mother task 3.5) did you print off the essays that were uploaded onto the shared area? If not, you can do so now. Secondly, I have annotated the key quotes for this essay with A02 terms to make revision flashcards – print them juliets-attitude-to-her-mother-3-5-key-quotes
  3. Go back to the blog post from earlier in the week – I have uploaded a template for revising the short stories.

Take all your English bokos/revision folders home with you today and find a nice place for them in your bedroom. You have made a great start to revision this week. Finish your English revision timetable (doesn’t have to span all 16 weeks but it is a good idea to have a plan for the next 2 weeks at least).

Great work everyone! Have a lovely weekend. Love, Mrs Taylor. P.S Watch this… it is being referred to the anthem of the anti-Trump marches ….. it is so moving and gorgeous


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