Mrs Taylor’s Year 10… developing independence week!

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Hi all, this week is all about increasing independence.

You have two tasks to complete this lesson (complete for homework) and for each, I want you to select a suitable level of challenge. There are four scaffolds attached below with different levels of support. At the end of the lesson, you can always access the easy one and print it out and stick it in if you want to, so use this opportunity to be brave and work slightly above your usual level of independence. Embrace the challenge!  For each task please put the title and date plus which level of challenge you have chosen.

Good luck! (p.s when you have finished you can browse my P&P pinterest board – link on earlier post this week!)

Chapter 8 :  How does Austen present the idea of female accomplishment in chapter 8? (40 minute)

CH8 Challenging

CH8 Easy

CH8 Medium

CH8 Very Challenging

Chapter 10 : How does Austen present Caroline Bingley’s interest in Darcy and his reaction to it in chapter 10? ‘Elizabeth took up some needlework’ to ‘…do them justice.’ (20 minutes)

CH10 Challenging

CH10 Easy

CH10 Medium

CH10 Very challenging

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