Year 13 Easter Revision from Ms Murphy

Dear Year 13,

a quick reminder of essay deadlines for the 24th April: Gatsby/ Pre-1900: Compare how the authors of two texts you have studied present marriage as a form of entrapment and Feminine Gospels/ Handmaid’s tbc.

Here are the revision resources for Top Girls: Revision Questions and key terms Top Girls Revision character and theme sheet. Remember to include Topic sentences that create debate, quotes + relevant terms, AO3 and Ao5.

It might also be useful to create a chronological AND non-linear plot time line so that you can consider the impact of the structure on the play.

Suggestions for Gatsby tasks: see different forms of love in your Course booklet (from Year 12) or the DIT slides on the blog. You could:

  • add another column to the poetry revision grids for ‘relevant Gatsby quotes’ and insert key quotes (plus AO1 terminology).
  • fill in this chart: Type of love poetry chart to see which types of love are relevant for each poem.
  • create a cheat sheet with a word wall, key quotes +terminology and AO3 link for each form of love.

There will be more guidance for revision to follow so keep your eyes peeled!

Ms Murphy

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