Year 13 Easter revision schedule

Dear Year 13 English students, we have thought long and hard about how best to structure your Easter revision. We want to make it achievable and proportionate. We also want to give you chance to improve essay technique but without giving you an essay for each text (trying to avoid essay overload).

Please print the attached document and use it to make sure you meet the given deadlines . The calendar is there to help you plan your time – you may wish to save an electronic copy and change it to suit you.

Best of luck with the revision in the Easter; enjoy what you are doing – you should now be gaining momentum and confidence. Soon you will be working at peak performance!

Y13 Easter revision

If you need an incentive, just think….LONG summer holiday …..UNIVERSITY…….GAP YEAR! Work hard now and enjoy the fruits of your labour 🙂

Love, Mrs Morgan, Mrs Sharp, Ms Murphy & Mrs Taylor.


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Image result for university fresher

Image result for gap year

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