Mrs Taylor’s Y11 quote bank headings for R&J and P&P

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Hello Holly F and the rest of my lovely class who are keen to get on with the rest of the Lit quote banks, here are some headings for your quote banks /revision cheat sheets.

Romeo and Juliet:

Fate / honour / hate & conflict / passionate love /  marriage / parenting / gender expectations / minor characters and their role / Juliet’s character development / Romeo’s character development / Exposition / Denouement / Imagery / tragedy genre

Here are some resources that I have found that you may be interested in:…pdf


Pride and Prejudice

Love/ reputation / social class/ Lizzy’s character development / setting / manners / marriage / parenting / sisters / genre / structure / minor characters / Darcy’s character development / expectations for women

Good luck, remember to identify juicy quotes that you can use to discuss A01/2 & 3

Mrs T

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