NEA final draft improvement guidance

Dear all,

Deadline for your final drafts of the NEA: Wednesday 19th April. Bring it with cover sheet/ referencing/ bibliography / word count on a post-it on top. It needs to arrive to the English Office by the end of that day.

  1. Introductions should show an understanding of the significance of the different time of writing to help shape a line of argument. Here is a good example of an introduction:

Here are the new AQA marked examples that we have been sent to standardise our marking (making sure we know the standard set by the board so our marks are in line with the external moderator) They are really useful – please read them and then read the examiner’s comments at the end. We don’t know grade boundaries  but they are all marked /25.

17 marks NEA example from AQA

21 marks NEA example from AQA

25 marks NEA example from AQA

Best of luck, enjoy the process and the final modifications.

Love the English Dept.




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