Mrs Sharp’s Y11s: revision tasks this week

Dear lovely Year 11,

Your revision/homework tasks for this week are:
1) Print off Mrs Taylor’s guide to Paper 1 and 2 Language and stick it in your exercise book or Language revision folder (Find this at: )

2) Complete the revision grid below to help you gain an overview of links between the poems (much like the one we used for Telling Tales). Use this to help you be more tactical about which poems are versatile across themes and therefore good ones to know really well.

Overview of links between relationships poems (revision)

3) Choose your weakest Telling Tales story and revise for 30 minutes. Test yourself on key details – characters, themes, quotations, writer’s devices.  If you missed any revision sessions on the short stories, make sure you catch up with your peers this week on what was covered so your revision notes are all in place 🙂

Don’t forget I will be with you until the end of the next week so make sure you approach me in good time if there’s anything you need from me before I go on maternity leave and I will be happy to help.

Mrs Sharp x

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