7F love to read. Here are their reviews of their most recent reads!
I hope you enjoy their recommendations whatever your age,
Mrs Macey

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3 Responses to 7F

  1. Jessica Ryder says:

    Name: The maze runner- the scorch trials (book 2)
    Author: James Dashner
    Rating: 5/5
    Recommended age rating: 10+

    What’s it about?
    Thomas and his friends have just escaped from the maze and are sent, once again, into another trial. The scorch. The sun flares have hit the earth with a tremendous heat killing loads of people. Then a horrible, contagious disease spreads, with no cure, turning people crazy. Thomas and the Gladers have to travel 100 miles North to the ‘safe heaven’ in 2 weeks, whilst at the same time Group B are doing the same thing but with some extra tasks which will endanger the Gladers.

    What I think of the book
    I think that this is an amazing book jam-packed with action, terror and a bit of love. It really hooks you in and once you start you can’t stop! I would highly recommend this series to people who enjoyed reading, or watching, the hunger games as its similar however you want as many people to survive. James uses a wide range of descriptive language which will transport you to the world in which they have to cope and live in. this is an unforgettable series and I hope that if you read it you will love it just as much as I do.

    By Jessica Ryder, 7F

  2. Helena says:

    Book Review
    Title: How To Train Your Dragon: How To Steal A Dragon’s Sword
    Author: Cressida Cowell
    Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
    Rating: * * * *
    This book by Cressida Cowell is from the famous ‘how to train your dragon’ series, and is set in Viking times where the norm was being big-muscled and less brainy, with dragons who work as slaves for people. The main character is Hiccup, who is a chief’s son, but he’s not muscly, and more intellectual. He is friends with the dragons, and thinks they should be equal. In the book, there is a dragon rebellion, and whereas Hiccup thinks they should let the dragons free to prevent war, others may not agree so Hiccup and his friends must fight before power is in the wrong hands. The book itself is quite fast-paced, with many hooks which make it hard to put down. You can rarely guess what will happen next, and that is one of Cowell’s styles of writing that I like so much. Some parts of the book are directed towards the reader, giving them a closer insight on the story. The book contains humor which would make you think that it is for kids, but it also has parts which can be gruesome. The way Cowell balances the genres out in her writing is very clever, and I would recommend this series to people of all age groups, because the story is engaging, the language is easy to understand, and reading it is just generally enjoyable.
    -Helena 7F

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