8K book reviews

8K have been busy reading this Easter. Here are their reviews of what they have been reading!
Mrs Macey

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5 Responses to 8K book reviews

  1. Alice burnett says:

    Title: Peggy and me
    Author: Miranda Hart

    This book is one of the best books I have ever read. If you are into comedy and books with a lot of humour in then this is going to be perfect for you. This book is all about Miranda Hart (a comedian) and her dog Peggy; it tells you about how she came to write the book and her life with one of the most precious things in her life- Peggy.

    If you are into books about history it made up stories and little fairys, then this definitely isn’t for you. I would say that this book is great for people over the age of twelve because there are some parts of the book that younger readers could find a bit confusing.

    I would recommend this book to so many people because it is just so funny and would make just about anyone laugh. Miranda Hart makes little jokes throughout this book and there isn’t one point where I begin to get a bit bored or decide that I don’t want to carry on because after each chapter I am more and more intrigued.

  2. Ellie Clark says:

    Title: She’s with me
    Author: Avaviolet
    Recommended reading age: 13+
    Star rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    The book “She’s with me” is an online book for 13+ readers with, and i quote, a passion for thrill and emotions.
    It is a fictional story about a teenage girl named Amelia, though she is known throughout America by many different names and personalities. She is always on the run and has no-where to return to where she can talk freely and have someone listen, until she meets a special someone….

    Before she meets this person, she is told she will be leaving promtly, after the FBI realise the person chasing after her knows where she is, and they must move for her safety. As she becomes closer with a group of people at her school, especially this special person, she realises everyone has their own problems and that everyone is in trouble every now and again, whether it is at her extent of danger or not. As the story goes on, her special someone’s name is released, Aidan. She is just falling head over heels for him and just as they decide to tell everyone they are going out, he finds out all about her past, about Amelia, Thea, Harriet, Olivia and every single person she has been. And his decision for what to do will stun you, leave you wondering why, leave you needing more about the story.

    LUCKILY! There is a sequel to this book and although it is still being updated by the writer, it is comparing just as well to the first book.
    I would highly recommend this book to any teenage reader who likes to read emotion wrenching writing that makes you feel everything the writer could possibly feel. It is well written and intriguing to no extent.

    Ellie Clark 8K

  3. Emilia Ives says:

    Author: JK Rowling
    Book: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s She one is about a boy called Harry Potter. The book starts when Harry’s parents are killed by the evil Lord Voldemort and Harry goes to live with his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon along with his horrible cousin Dudley. Dudley is a spoilt brat, given every thing he want and lent on hand and foot whilst Harry is just as important as dirt. As Harry’s 11th Birthday get closer, peculiar letters addressed to him started to flood 4 Privet Drive. Uncle Vernok eventually lost the plot after endless efforts of trying to stop this havoc and moved the family to a remote, abandoned castle in the middle of the rough ocean. On the hour Harry turns 11 a tall giant appears at the door to tell harry he is a wizard and that he is to start at Hogwarts School of Wichcraft and Wizardry on September 1st. On September 1st as Harry tries to make his way to platform 9 3/4 he bumps in to the Weasley family who know who he is as he is the only known person to have survived the killing curse. And much more. I would recommend this book to 9and above however my 8yr old sister read the books in 10months. The book is in a series of 7 leading up tot the battle of hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Dearhly Hallows. I give this book 9 3/4 stars as it ends to soon. 😀😀 m

  4. Lauren Temple says:

    Divergent is the first book in the compelling series by Veronica Roth, set in future dystopian Chicago, where people have been split into five factions according to their personal qualities. Beatrice Prior is faced with the impossible task of choosing whether to betray her family and leave Abnegation, the faction she has grown up in, or take the giant leap to a whole new way of life somewhere else. Divergent is extremely thought-provoking, questioning the meaning behind a nickname, and the idea of compressing a personality in order to fit in with the people around you. With it having been compared to The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter, I was sceptical; however, as soon as I picked up the book, I was hooked.

  5. Emily Smelt says:

    Book: My Family Got Stalked For Four Years (online)
    Author: Nick Botic
    This story, that I came across online, is a fantastic story about a family who had a series of strange things that happened to them regarding their daughter, Katie. They were a normal family who lived in America. The unordinary moments were continuous and started on their road trip. The author uses powerful and intense vocabulary to portray how scary and creepy this storyline is. He also uses amazing structure throughout the story as he builds up the suspense then it drops until another part and he interests the reader by doing so. In my opinion, this story is one of the best written because the author additionally uses sophisticated vocabulary which helps to exaggerate the story and he also describes some of the characters through his use of description. This story is well written as Nick Botic makes the story connect with the reader and makes them feel as though they are there watching it all happen, as this story is written from his viewpoint because this actually happened to his family but he emphasised it to make it more enticing and exciting. Overall, this is my favourite story that I’ve read because it’s very intense as each chapter leaves on a cliff hanger and forces you to want to read on.

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