Year 12 revision slides Wednesday 26th April

Here are resources you should read through. This is no small task, be prepared to invest time to broaden your understanding and improve your exam technique. It may be useful to print some slides/ documents and bring to the session period 4 on Wednesday 26th April room 6. All are welcome.

For those 0f you who do not have lessons on a Wednesday, it would be a cunning plan to meet during periods 1-3 and have a study group. You could go print the material and go through it in advance of the p.4 session.

We will start with poetry (3) and then move onto Othello.

  1. Theme of jealousy with specific feedback on the mock DIT question: “paradoxically, texts often present jealousy as springing from the deepest kind of love” Assessment 3 feedback and an example essay Assessment 3 example essay. Oh and a student answer (one of our students) written in timed conditions to give you a sense of what can be realistically achieved 24 mark jealousy love paradox 2017 mock
  2. The Easter revision question for Othello ‘women are no more than hapless victims’ ( Act 3 Scene 4 lines 157-190) Women as hapless victims feedback
  3. The Easter revision question for She Walks in Beauty She Walks in Beauty essay plan She walks in beauty revision grid   She Walks in Beauty

Here is a copy of the Othello exam question ‘overlay’ that you can use to improve exam technique Othello – question overlay

See you there, Mrs T x


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