Mrs Taylor’s Y12 Othello timed essay homework for Thursday


  1. 2016 paper – to attempt timed  in exam conditions. When you have finished, self-assess with a mark /25 and write yourself some next steps. Use the mark scheme to help you do this. Bring this in on Thursday please.

2016 Othello mark scheme

2016 Othello paper

2016 Othello report p.7


3. Here is a word doc with a list of ‘essentials’ for any Othello essay plus a list of other practice questions.

ESSENTIALS FOR ALL OTHELLO ESSAYS (This is not a comprehensive list – just the core ones that should be adaptable. Use your overlay for other A02 devices)

  • As a tragedy it is inevitable that….
  • Othello’s hamartia, jealousy, …
  • The play’s action is compressed, as typical for a tragedy, into a short time frame which emphasises…
  • Acts 2-5 are set in Cyprus, loosely fulfilling the unity of place in classical tragedy, creating a suffocating, claustrophobic mood which adds to….
  • The play’s exposition establishes………
  • The denouement in Act 5 reveals/ concludes that….
  • The play’s pivotal climax in Othello’s switch in allegiance from Desdemona to Iago marks the moment when/ helps us understand why…
  • The stage direction “……………”
  • Iago’s dramatic irony is used to / serves to…
  • Protagonist / antagonist hero/villain
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